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Ripples in the Water

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Summary: For Buffy Anne Summers, life has been filled with different twists and turns. Twice she has died. Twice she has lived. With the help of a friend she had started her life anew. New identity, new lifestyle, and new love… or so she thought.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Stargate > Buffy-Centered
LadyHealerFR1813,363041,48118 Mar 1418 Mar 14No
Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy, Supernatural, or Stargate.

Warning: This story will be dark and very adult. I almost bumped it up to FR21. I still might.

Author Notes: This was the other story that was stuck in my head. Hopefully now I can focus on Winter’s Child and When the Night Merges and get the next chapters for those out. Please forgive any mistakes I missed. Enjoy and please review.

Chapter one: Dead Again… or Not.

Jessica turned her head to the bedroom door as she heard the timer for the oven go off. Smiling, she finished drying off from her shower and slipped on a small silky white night gown that never failed to have Sam admiring her figure. God, it had only been a few days since he’d left to help his brother find their father who went AWOL during a hunting trip and already she missed him like crazy.

A small frown tugged at her lips as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed an oven mitt. She hoped Sam was alright. She was worried about this trip. She couldn’t help it, she loved him. And the lack of details didn’t help waylaid those fears. For a moment, it had sounded like Sam knew that the supernatural was real.

She pulled the oven door back and took the cookies out before setting the tray on top of the stove. Grabbing the wax paper, she laid down a sheet and leaned against the counter. It was possible that Sam knew something of the supernatural. It’s not like he was going to come up to her and say ‘Guess what honey, every creature you were afraid of in the dark but couldn’t believe existed be the light of day? Yeah, well they’re real.’ Damn, Jessica thought as she bit her lip, she channeled Giles for a moment. She missed him—her old watcher.

But that part of her life was over. Daniel had helped her escape from that life and his team had aided her in creating a new identity. She was the slayer no more. As far as the world was concerned Buffy Anne Summers died in Sunnydale, California back in 2001 saving the world one last time. She closed her eyes and briefly clenched her hand. If only she could say the same for sister.

Jessica sighed, picking up the spatula and transferred the cookies onto the wax paper. One year after her false death, the magic that held Dawn together in human form had unraveled, returning her to her original form—energy. She blinked as the lights flickered. Odd. The lights had never done that before. She shook her head, grabbed a small plate from the cupboard, and stacked three cookies on to it, before grabbing a piece of paper and writing on it: love you, miss you.

The lights flickered again as she set the plate onto the side table in the living room and froze as a foreboding feeling tingled in the back of her mind. She glanced around, slowly turning to check every corner of the room. It was empty, but she knew what that sensation represented--something supernaturally powerful was nearby. Carefully, she backed into the kitchen, checking over her shoulder constantly to ensure nothing was sneaking up on her.

She grabbed the steak knife from the counter drawer, flipped it around in her hand, and brought it up into a ready position. Keeping her back to the wall, she quietly stepped around the corner and headed towards the bedroom. Whatever creature was visiting had to be dealt with before Sam got home--she wouldn’t let him be put in danger because of her. Jessica paused outside the bedroom, wishing for her old weapons in Sunnydale. It would’ve made fighting this thing easier. Hopefully this monster didn’t require a special item to kill it.

She peered around the corner and stopped to stare at the tall male standing in the middle of the room. He seemed normal with his hands shoved into his jeans pockets. His dark blue flannel shirt gave him a slim look--not scary in the least. Human? She frowned and looked into his yellow eyes. Couldn’t be. What was he? “Leave, now.” She ordered, stepping further into the room.

“Well, well. Looks like Sammy’s sweet little Jess is not so helpless after all.” He commented, rocking back on his heels. “You could sense me. Most can’t.” He paused, his gaze trailing down her body for several long moments before he smiled. “Running would have been smarter, but you got some fight in ya. How interesting...not enough to save you.”

This creature was confident. Not a good sign. Did it know that she was the slayer? She frowned and shifted into a fighting stance as he took a step towards her. “It won’t be me who dies.” She warned. It wasn’t likely--she buried her previous identity. Could he sense it?

He winked at her. “Don’t bet on it.”

Jessica gasped as an invisible force slammed her against the wall. She frowned as she yanked her arms, straining to free herself. Nothing. It felt like someone had glued her to the wall. She glared at the smug man in front of her. “What are you?”

“Sammy did pick a smart one.” He chuckled, stepping closer to her. “I’m a demon, sweetie.” Slowly, tenderly he trailed his hand down the left side of her face. She barely prevented herself from shuddering in disgust. Snapping her head towards his hand she bit him, drawing blood as she grounded her teeth together.

“Feisty.” The demon purred, yanking his hand away. “You’re a pleasure to bed. Sam certainly enjoys it.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in horror. Had she just turn him on? Dear god, kill her now. She spat the blood back into his face as he pried the knife out of her right hand. “You’ll never find out.”

He laughed softly as he leaned forward and slowly licked the blood from her chin. Jessica grimaced and turned her head away in attempt to avoid his touch. It didn’t work. He followed and placed a small kiss on the corner of her lips before whispering in her ear. “Who says I didn’t ride Sam during your many love making sessions? I’m sure you remember that time on the kitchen table…”

She clenched her eyes close, desperately trying to prevent herself from throwing up as the implication threatened to overwhelm her. “No.” She shook her head. Breathe, she ordered herself. “No.” Demons lie. She would’ve known if Sam had been possessed--would have sensed it. Jessica glared at the demon. “You’ve never been in Sam and that isn’t your body either.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” He countered as he glided his hand down her arm and slowly crept up her torso. She fought not to shudder. Sam had made that same gesture the day they made love in the kitchen. She bit her lip hard, ignoring the copper taste of her blood as it entered her mouth. The demon was trying to psych her out. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of winning. Never. He paused slightly under her breasts, looked into her furious hazel eyes and chuckled. “You’re right; I’m just wearing a meat suit. This one should last me a couple more years.”

Again she struggled against the power that held her. If she could just break free, she would so kick this thing ass. Jessica cursed as the invisible force began to pull her up the wall. “What do you want Sam for?”

“Sam could’ve sent me.” He countered, leaning against the wall with his face tilted up. She would rip his rib cage out of his body and use it as a hat once she got free if he was looking up her gown. Might do that anyways. “A little deal between him and me.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Please. What type of an idiot do you take me for? Sam doesn’t have it in him to be a cold hearted murderer.”

“You have me there.” He conceded, shrugging, before giving a low appreciating whistle. “Nice panties. Your little red and black number is better. Sexier.” Jessica gritted her teeth. She was going to kill him. Slowly. Painfully. And then she’ll use his skull for a serving bowl. “But don’t you worry; he will be when I’m done with him.”

“I’m in your way.” Jessica stated through clenched teeth. Her fingernails scraped the walls as she tried slowed her ascent to the ceiling. She bared her teeth in a soundless snarl as she shoved with all her might against the ceiling in the hope of freeing herself against the power that held her. It failed.

“Exactly.” The demon snapped his fingers, grinning. “Wrong place. Wrong time. Well...” He paused and made a stop gesture with his right and her movement halted on the ceiling directly over the bed. “Wrong person, really. You see, I need Sammy strong. Sharp. Not gaining a beer gut by settling down with you and have two-point-five children. He was about to do that—was even looking for rings.”

“Is that even possible?” Jessica questioned absentmindedly as she continued to push against the bonds that held her. What good was slayer strength if she couldn’t free herself from a telekinetic hold? “Having two-point-five children? But I bet he picked out a beautiful ring. He has so much better taste than you. I’m mean, really? Those clothes, not the best combo, it makes you look like an old man who was dress by his mother. ”

The demon shook his head, chuckling. “You’re amusing. It’s a shame I have to kill you.”

“You don’t have to.” Jessica reminded him.

“I do.” He countered, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Sammy is like his daddy. When you’re dead he’ll be obsessed with revenge and go back to hunting. Getting all that wonderful experience I need him to gain.”

“You won’t win.”

“Who’s going to stop me? You?” He asked, pushing against the wall. “You’ll be dead.”

She glared at him. “I’ll find a way back.”

“Won’t that be a trick.” He smirked and glanced towards the door. “Sammy is home. Show time.” He grinned at her and made a sharp horizontal gesture with his hand. She screamed in pain as an invisible forced ripped into her stomach--like a knife was cutting her open.

She clenched her eyes shut and bit her lip, willing herself to ignore the pain. She had to warn Sam. She had to. This thing couldn’t get him too. “Sam!” Jessica yelled. “Run!”

An invisible hand squeezed around her throat and she gasped as she struggle to breathe. “None of that, little girl.” The demon ordered, shaking his finger at her. She glared at him. She would find a way out of this and then she would beat him to death. “We don’t want the ruin the surprise for Sammy. He gets to watch his girl die like his mommy.”

“Hello?” She heard Sam called out. “Jess? Are you home?”

Run Sam, she mentally cried as she struggled against the force that held her to the ceiling. She couldn’t move an inch. Tears clouded her vision as she glanced down. Desperately, she searched for a way to warn Sam, but the demon was gone and took the knife with him. There was nothing out of place to make Sam suspicious.

“Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us.” Jessica blinked in confusion. Why was she hearing Willow’s voice? She scanned the room. It was empty. Was she losing her mind—so frantic for help that she lost it? “Before time and after. Before knowing and nothing. Accept our offering.” That offering better not be Sam or her, Jessica thought darkly.

Jessica frowned as Sam stepped into the bedroom. She wanted to shout at Sam to leave, to go back to his brother, but no sound left her mouth. Damn it, Sam, she yelled in her mind. Pay attention. Couldn’t he hear Willow? Why wasn’t he freaking out and checking the shadows?

“Know our prayer. Osiris! Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross. Osiris, let her cross over! Aah...” What the hell was Willow doing? Why was she the only one hearing her? Jessica pushed the thoughts of Willow to the back of her mind and glared down at Sam as he collapsed onto the bed. Damn it Sam! She mentally cursed as she willed Sam to get up and run. She glanced at the door. Where the hell was Dean? If something happened to Sam because he wasn’t there to drag Sam’s stubborn ass out, she was coming back to haunt him.

Sam face flinched as drops of blood landed on his face. “No!” Sam cried in horror as he opened his eyes. “Jess!”

Fire exploded around her and pain flared throughout her body. She clenched her eyes closed. Run Sam, she mentally pleaded.


“Sam!” Dean yelled and she forced her eyes opened to see him yank Sam off the bed and pulled Sam’s struggling form out of the room.

“Jess! No!”

She smiled through the pain, her vision dimming. Thank you, Dean. Jessica closed her eyes as the fire engulfed her.

“Osiris, release her!”

She couldn’t breathe. Her eyes wouldn’t open. The pressure was pressing in on her from all sides. It was like hundreds of hands were pushing her in one direction while simultaneously yanking her in another. “Someone help me!” She screamed, but no sound left her lips. A sharp flare of pain pierced through her mind like a bullet, leaving behind a path of carnage. Memories slipped away like blood from an open wound. Soundlessly she cried, “Don’t go,” as she desperately grasped at the fading memories.

“Who are you and where are we?”

“I’m Daniel Jackson and we’re in your mind.” The blue eye stranger informed her as he pushed himself off the tombstone and took a step towards her. She tensed and he paused, putting his hands up in the classic ‘I mean no harm’ hold. “I want to help.”

“Help how? Can you close the portal?”

Daniel shook his head. “No. I can’t. But I was watching and—”

“You were watching?” She raised an eyebrow. “Wow, stalk much?”

His eyes widened as his mouth opened in shock. “What? NO! God no!”

It burned like fire was engulfing her from head to toe. Oh god, it hurt! Make it stop, she mentally sobbed as the memory of the blue-eyed angel fled to the corners of her mind. She struggled against the invisible hands, trying to move away from the burning heat. But they held her unyielding. “Help me!” She screamed, “Anybody! Please!” Frantically, she clutched at the edges of a memory, praying to find some type of sanctuary.

He looked pained at the thought of someone mistaking him for a stalker. Like a wounded puppy. It was kind of hot, she thought as her eyes trailed down his form.

He shook his head. “I didn’t mean to imply that…” He paused, spotting the smirk across her face. A spark of annoyance flared in his eyes before he chuckled. “You remind me of Jack.”

“Jack? Who’s that?”

“He’s a good friend of mine.” Daniel smiled before he took another step forward. “But that neither here nor there. What is important is that I can help. Not by closing the portal, because I can’t, but I can help you by teaching you to ascend.”

“World of no.” Ascend? Was he kidding? Her and snakes were unmixy things. And become one…Ewwww.

He blinked confuse. “Why not?”

“Green scale and slimy is so not my look.”

“Green scale and slimy… ok…” Daniel looked lost as he stood before her. “What are you talking about?”

She snorted in disbelief. Wasn’t he the one talking about ascension? “Ascension. Becoming something else like a 60 foot demonic snake thing like the mayor turned into when he ascended.”

“Someone really turned into a 60 foot snake? You sure it was ascension?”

She nodded.

She was drowning. She jerked away from the hands as the scorching flames were smothered by an icy cold liquid. Her arms shook, pain racked her frame as she tried to reach for air. A coarse material was wrapping around her, pulling her down. She wrenched away, only to be pushed deeper into the liquid by the returning hands. “Stop! Please!” She mentally begged them. Her cries went unheeded as the casing was bound tighter and tighter.

Daniel’s eyebrows rose. “Wow. That’s interesting, not sure why anyone would want to be a snake though. To each their own, I suppose.” He shook his head. “That not the type of ascension I’m talking about.”

“It’s not?”

Daniel shook his head. “No.”

“You’re sure?”


She raised an eyebrow. “Really?”


Her lips twitched in amusement. “I don’t know you could be lying. I was always told not to trust strangers. It’s hazardous to my health and all that.”

“And jumping off a tower into a portal of energy to close it isn’t?”

“True.” She crossed her arms. “So enlighten me, what is ascension?”

It was getting harder to hold onto the memories. She couldn’t move. The casing was hardening around her, sending sharp needle size anguish piercing through her body. She screamed. It was too small--like someone was forcing her into a mold that was two sizes down. The hundreds of hands released and she lashed out, hitting cloth cover walls from all sides.

Her eyes snapped open as the pressure disappeared. She glanced around, gasping for air. She had to get out. She had to, before that thing returned. She hit the white walls of the box, again and again. Nothing. Her breathing quickened as panic started to rise. She had to get out. She had to warn him. Had to save him from that monster. She yanked on the white cloth above her. It loosened from the walls. Gasping, she pulled on the fabric until it ripped. Hastily she patted the uncovered wood before slamming her fists into it. Again and again she punched the wood, ignoring the pain in her hands and the blood that was coating them.

The wood broke and she flinched as the dirt hit her face. Quickly she pulled herself through the opening, clawing through the soil towards freedom. Breaking the surface, she scanned the surroundings, stopping to stare at the tombstone that stood before her.


Was that her? She wondered as she tilted her head slightly to the side. Had she been dead? Was she still? Was this Hell? She closed her eyes as the pounding in head flared.

“Daniel, where are we? She questioned, glancing around the house that she found herself in before turning her attention back to her companion.

”About that…” Daniel started to say as he crossed his arms. “I figured since you decided to descend and restart your life anew that I could at least send you to someone who could help you get started, rather than simply allowing you to pick up the reins of your old life. So with that in mind, I brought you here to…”

“Daniel?” A male voiced interrupted them from behind. Spinning around, Buffy spotted a tall man with graying hair stepping slowly towards them. “What are you doing? Who’s she?”

Daniel smiled. “That’s Buffy, Jack. And she’ll need your help when she descends.”

“Daniel.” Buffy whispered hoarsely as the memory settled to the back of her mind. She hadn’t been dead. Not really. She had ascended with Daniel’s help and then later resumed her life under a different name. What was that name? She shook her head slightly and pushed herself to her feet. She couldn’t remember most of her life before ascension. Whatever had happened must had repressed them, but she still had a handful of memories. She just had to hope that it would be enough to buy her some time to get her to safety and figure out who she had been so desperate to save.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ripples in the Water" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 14.

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