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Start and Stop

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Buffy discovers that Glory's a god, she decides to call in the experts.

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Chapter One

Author's note: this story is part of my series "Scoobies & Stargates". It won't make a great deal of sense unless you've read the preceding stories.

I do not own Stargate SG-1 or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are owned by the people who do own them. None of which are me. So don't sue me for using them.

Set in the middle of Season 5 for Buffy and late Season 5 for Stargate SG-1.


When you spend a fair amount of your time off-world, having regularly scheduled conversations with your best friend is difficult at best. It’s even harder when said friend is the Vampire Slayer, and therefore likely to be dealing with her own problems.

Nevertheless, Buffy and Willow somehow managed to talk, albeit not nearly as regularly as they would like. They rarely talked about the latest apocalypse, or whatever Goa’uld System Lord was planning to wipe out the people of Earth once and for all. Despite that, they occasionally had to vent. That was why Willow knew that Sunnydale was currently plagued by an absurdly powerful woman known as Glory, who was looking for something called the Key, and why Buffy knew that a Goa'uld known as Anubis had shown up, and was apparently one of the badder bad guys.

So, when Willow found herself on Earth during the time that she and Buffy normally had their talk, she expected to just have an ordinary chat, like they normally did. This assumption was entirely incorrect.

It began innocuously enough. “Hey, Will. What’s up? No alien invasions in the works?”

“Nah. All’s quiet on the Anubis front. How’s stuff at your end?”

Buffy sighed. “Not great, actually.”

“Glory still giving you trouble? I wouldn’t worry about it, Buff. You’ll Slay her eventually. Once you, you know, figure out how.”

“Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. See, the Council turned up and gave me some info on her.” Buffy said. She didn’t sound nearly as pleased by the news as Willow would’ve expected. “Apparently, she’s not just your run-of-the-mill demon. She isn’t some demon robot thingy like Adam.”


“The Council says she’s a god.”

Willow sat up straight. “You’re kidding, right? Does she have creepy glowing eyes and a weird voice?”

“No, Will, not a false god like the Goa'uld. Apparently she ruled over some Hell dimension. Apparently they figured out how annoying she was and kicked her out. Now she wants to go back.”

“Well, that’s good, isn’t it? Can't you just let her go?” Willow asked. “I mean, if you have the Key, can't you just give to her and let her go home?”

“Yeah, no. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. See, I can’t exactly hand over the Key. Because, um, she’s my sister.”

Willow burst out laughing. “Oh, very funny! You had me going there for a minute.”

“Uh, Will? I know that it doesn’t really communicate over the phone, but I'm serious. I'm looking serious and everything.”

“Okay. I’ll play along. How is your kid sister somehow this mystical ball of energy that just happens to be exactly the thing that Glory is looking for? Scratch that – how did your mom even give birth to her if she’s made of energy? That’s just wiggy.”

“Thanks for that image, Will.” Buffy said drily.

“You’re welcome.”

“Anyway, it’s a pretty long story, but the short version is that some monks took the Key, turned it into a human and made her my sister so that I would protect her. Apparently all the memories of Dawn up until a few months back are just implants. They never happened.”

Willow pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to grasp the new information. “So, back when Dawn got hit by the Ferula Gemini, that big ball of energy that showed up – that was her?”


“Aw, hell. Couldn’t Caelus have said something, rather than lying through his teeth?” Willow muttered.

“I don’t think he knew. I thought about it a lot. If you remember, he only said that his theory was possible. He probably didn’t know any more than I did.”

“Wow. I let some genocidal Goa'uld who didn’t know what he was doing inject me with something. That’s just great.”

“Well, it’s not like it stuck. Besides, he was right about that part, at least.”

“True. So, what’s the play? What does Dawn say?”


“Oh, come on! Buffy, you have to tell her!” Willow exclaimed.

“She’ll just freak out! And with some Hell Goddess on the loose, I can't really afford that right now.”

“Dawn, I know she’s your sister – well, kind of, at least – but you should still tell her.” Willow said. “I’d want to know, if it were me.”

“Whatever. I'm not really calling you so that you can lecture me. I need your help.”

“Well, I’d say advice on telling Dawn is pretty helpful.” Willow said sarcastically.

“Oh, yeah, that’s great.” Buffy shot back. “I’m sure I can stop Glory with that info.”

“Fine. What do you need?”

“You guys. You are the experts on killing gods, after all.”


Sometime later, once Buffy had made her case (several times over) as to why she needed SG-1 as backup, Willow went down to Hammond’s office and knocked on the door. “Come in.”

Willow stood there a little nervously, shuffling from foot to foot. She rarely spoke to the General one-on-one, and if she didn’t really know the protocol. Generally she only saw him for briefings, or when she and Sam came in to reveal some knew tech they'd figured out together. Even then, she normally let Sam take the lead. “Uh, hi.”

Hammond looked at Willow. He knew that she wasn’t really that comfortable around people she wasn’t friends with, and that had only gotten worse since her ability to use magic had been substantially lessened after the loss of her Ancient gene. If she was overcoming her predilection to stick with her friends, then something important was going on. “What is it, Ms Rosenberg?” he asked gently.

“Um, well, what if I told you that someone was planning on ending the world? And, um, kind of destroying the universe at the same time?”

“I don’t think the R&D department is working on anything like that at the moment.” Hammond replied drily. “Who exactly are you talking about?”

“Someone in Sunnydale. Glory, her name is. Or Glorificus, if she’s feeling formal. Except that’s not really relevant. She’s after something that will break down the barriers between dimensions and, you know, suddenly there are Apocalypses around every corner.”

“Well, as unfortunate as that is, Sunnydale is hardly our jurisdiction. I had to pull a lot of strings to get you down there last time, and that was when the ‘gate was shut down and we had a member of the race that built it telling us to go there. I don’t think I can swing it this time.”

“Right, um, of course. Only, I'm a civilian. Sir. I can go there without bothering about jurisdiction. It’s kind of important.”

“The end of the world usually is.”

“Yeah, exactly. So, if I can, sir, I’d like to go down there. I’ll even go alone, if you don’t want the rest of the team to come.”

“As it turns out, SG-6 recently opened dialogue with a race with some rather interesting technology that they'd like to share. I was thinking that your team should make first contact, given that Dr Jackson is the closest thing to a diplomat we have, and you and Carter basically run our research team here. But, truthfully, Kelowna's not hostile. I don't need to send more than Jackson and Carter. So, if you were to take some leave and visit your family, I couldn’t stop you.” Hammond said blandly.

Willow smiled widely. “Thank you, sir.” She said effusively, before turning to leave.

“One more thing.”

Willow turned back. “Yes?”

“Do try and convince Colonel O’Neill to finish his reports before you tell him about this latest crisis, won’t you? Otherwise he’ll be in just as much of a hurry to take some leave as you are.”
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