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A Corporate Friendship

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Summary: This is a Kennedy/OMC self-insertion story, don't worry, since it's a Self-incertion the author has automatically given his permission to be here.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralVorchanFR1311,0360021318 Mar 1418 Mar 14No
A Corporate Friendship is Established and Growing.

By James Carmody

Pennames: Cotto, Vantiri, Krulos, Thrawn.

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer story.

Disclaimer: This is Buffy fanfiction, and as such, I will NOT be accepting anything of the monetary category, BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon- NOT ME… I do this for fun and to classify my views on certain characters ONLY. Thanks.

Author's notes: This is a Kennedy/OMC-Self Insertion story, it sort-of resulted from conversations I had a little while ago with another fanfic author on . I tend to get the general opinion that Kennedy is bullied alot by many fans of the series (true, what she did is profoundly stupid- in my views), but this is, in a way an attempt to assuage my conscience… in short, I don't like bullying in any form. I also believe in attempting to reach out to people such as herself- though not in the way that such people would think. It's also designed to be a friendship story.


Timeline: Takes place after Kennedy founds 'Deepscan'- she took many disenfranchised slayers and made a 'bodyguard corporation'. So, around 'Guarded' (Season 9 volume 3).

Context: Starts out from narrator's eyes, a.k.a. first-person-pov.

I walked into the hiring office of a bodyguard corporation called Deepscan, and was quite floored to find that I landed the job almost immediately- they didn't even ask to see my credentials! Many businesses ask that you watch a promotional video, but the CEO, a young woman who goes by the name of Kennedy, just showed me to the clerical office (the job I'd signed up for), apparently, they were rather desperate- either that or they just didn't have a promotional video.

First few days went great, I've always had a skill for paperwork… and a unusual ability to handle desk-job stress. She was quite surprised to find that I'm an avid reader- and genuinely seemed to get along well with me. "I always find that reading is a 'feast for the mind', that is that it provides 'meat and potatoes for the mind'" "Now you have me curious, what do you mean?" she asked during a talk after the paperwork was done for the time- and she apparently had the time, and liked to get to know her employees,, as it turned out. "Ever try flying a long-distance heavy attack fighter-craft without any fuel or oil in the system?" I began "So, literature gives you…" she guessed "Something to both distract myself and focus myself at the same time." I explained. Then she told me something that really surprised me: "Come by my office after work, I have an idea to help us get along better."

Some three hours later: When I had first met her, her hair was in a combination thick-pony-tail and braid on both sides, now it was loose and over her shoulders… Took me awhile to see that I thought. She also had a friendly smile on her face, and asked me to sit down across from her desk. "Look:" she said "I like you, for someone who hasn't worked successfully in any full-time job, or, really, for several years, you've done a phenomenal job!… To be honest, I'm inviting you over for sort-of a business supper." This is working out spectacularly, Thank you Professor (meaning as a student to his teacher) (I genuinely think of myself as a disciple of the Holy Spirit)! I prayed silently, then said to her "You know, I really don't think its at all appropriate for any romance between an employer and an employee." She kind of laughed, and said "You think I'm interested in a date?! No, this is just to get to know you… and besides, you're a guy and well, I'm gay." was her response. "So, no chance of you coming-on to me?" Now she was really surprised: "Don't get me wrong, but… What Were You Thinking?! You know how much trouble I could get into."

This could be an ideal opportunity to advocate for the Culture of Life- which I'm really involved in! "Alright, I'll take it!" I said happily "I'll be taking us to my place, just feel free to read in the break-room, you probably don't know where I live anyway." was her response. Good thing that she's driving, I'm a lousy navigator! were my thoughts on the situation.

Kennedy, meanwhile, was reviewing the encounter in her head and remembered a lapel pin on his collar's left side; it looked like a silver shield with something etched in it… an insignia. After her work load was done for now, she went online and shortly found out what the piece was, A Shining-Armor Award! He's in Knights of Columbus- how interesting. she thought.

Kennedy exited her computer, and headed to the break-room "You ready?" she asked me, at which point I put my book in my bag, got up and started walking with her. She pointed to a vehicle and said "That red car over there." I got in the passenger's side front seat as soon as it was unlocked. "I notice you only go by one name…" I began. "It's stupid." she said, meaning the situation, then she began, continuing "But, truth be told, and you'll probably laugh, but… both my names, first and last, are the same thing." she said "Ah, I see." I said with a now rather weird (and slightly goofy) grin on my face. 'What were her parents thinking?!' was what passed through my head. Some maybe 105 minutes later we arrived at a rather large house, set far back from the road, with a gate… "We're here, I'll get the gate." she said, then entered in a code. "One of my family's homes." she said- it turned out that this gal was quite wealthy.

As we entered in the front door, I saw several religious statues over the fireplace, statues of members of the Holy Family 'Either this gal likes statue art, or I happily have missed something about her.' I thought, then my latter idea was confirmed when I saw her kiss the tips of her right: index, middle, and ring, fingers at the same time, then place them on a statue of the Blessed Virgin. 'I genuinely think she's trying.' I thought.

Slightly after that there was a dinging noise "Ah, supper… I'll get it." she said. I looked around and saw that the house seemed decked for Advent… it was currently January. "So what do you think?" she was asking, as she brought in the dishes… she had prepared a delicious looking dish "It looks like the stovetop casserole my family often has- very tasty." I noticed also that she made the Sign of the Cross before she started eating (that was a dead giveaway of her beliefs).

The dinner topic became about relationships, past friendships, and such… "… my ex-girlfriend, Willow, now has a job as a computer programmer somewhere in this country… and, her best friend, Miss Summers, is, while quite unconventional, still sort of my role model." Kennedy told me., All the while I was analyzing her, trying to find where to begin the campaign.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Corporate Friendship" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 14.

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