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Watcher Effect

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Summary: As things for the new Watchers Council become steadily worse three ultimate powers step in to save them. The Mass Effect universe will never be the same.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyejbelisleFR1814,231131,21319 Mar 1419 Mar 14No
Watcher Effect

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Buffy verse or the Mass Effect series.

Summary: As things for the new Watchers Council become steadily worse three ultimate powers step in to save them. The Mass
Effect universe will never be the same.

Authors Note: Follows cannon for Buffy but ignores the comic series and the last Season of Angel. It deals with the Mass Effect 2 stories. I might tell the Mass Effect 1 story later if enough people want me to.

"You have got to be kidding me." Xander said in disbelieve. Willow sighed as she put her glass down. She had been trying to explain to him for the last thirty minute but he had refused to believe her. They had started off alone but now they had gathered a little crowd. Buffy, Dawn and Faith were sitting there with their own drinks watching them as if they were a sport.

"I told you Xander you have a large talent for magic that you have been neglecting." Willow said.

"And I am saying that you are seriously messed up. Every spell that has even been cast around me have messed up. It's like I have an anti-magic field around me." Xander said.

"Look I told you that's because every spell that has been cast around you is of a certain type. In essence the magic has been of the order type. They are structured and call on deities. You on the other hand are practically chaos personified. Chaos magic would be perfect for you." Willow calmly explained.

"You're wrong. Giles tell her she's wrong."

"Xander stop being an imbecile. She has a valid point. I have often felt an aura of magic around you. If you don't believe me think of the only magic over the years that has actually worked correctly on you over the years." Giles said as he downed the rest of his drink before looking down at his empty cup as if wondering where his drink disappeared to.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Xander said in confusion.

"The Halloween spell right?" Buffy threw in.

"Yes exactly. The spell cast on Halloween that turned you all into your costumes. Now what deity powered that spell?"

"I don't remember. Some two headed weirdo." Xander said with a scowl.

"It was Janus the god of Chaos and change." Willow said with a triumphant smile. Xander looked around for support but found none. The girls were sending them amused looks while Giles had stood up and was stumbling around in search of a drink.

"Fine what does being a man witch mean?" he said in defeat.

"While you won't be able to cast any spells that are even remotely orderly. So that rules out white magic and any magic that calls on a deity since almost all off those require very detailed rituals."

"What does that even leave?" Xander said.

"Well, chaos magic obviously and there's an ancient type of magic that would be perfect for you. It is a field that alters the rules of physics. If you want me to I can teach you everything I know about it." Willow said.

"It would be really helpful with the slaying, Boytoy." Faith said with her own smirk.

"Fine get with the teaching." Xander said in defeat.

"Is it just me or is the world actively trying to end itself." Faith groaned as she lowered herself into a chair. Her arm was bleeding and she had a nasty gash on her forehead. Dawn nodded in agreement.

"Yeah isn't this like the fifth apocalypse this year and it's only March." She said.

"I have to agree with the both of you it does seem like the world is actively trying to die." Buffy said joining in their pity party.

"I think something big is coming." Willow spoke up with a soft whisper. Her hair was almost completely white now and her eyes had faded from their natural green to an extremely pale green that was almost white. Xander couldn't help but send her a worried look. Willow had been losing herself slowly to the magic. He wished there was something else he could do. He had pretty much mastered his version of magic and was able to send people flying and create gravitational pulls and cause chaos with a person's immune system with a wave of his hand.

The thing was that even with his help it wasn't enough for all the crap they had to deal with. He knew that he wasn't the only one that was worried about her. His hand went as if to reach up towards his hair. Lately he had noticed that his hair had been slowly been getting darker. There were patches so dark that they almost looked blue not to mention that he occasionally saw specks of black in his eyes. He slowly put his hand down and looked up. Willow was smiling at him as if she knew what he was thinking.

"What are you talking about red?" Faith asked.

"Haven't you noticed? There are more slayers appearing every week. How many are there now? A couple hundred, a thousand? Not to mention all the witches and warlocks that have been popping up and trying to join our group. It's like the universe is trying to prepare us all for something to come." Willow said with a sigh.

"Well now I definitely need a drink." Buffy said breaking the silence that had fallen over the room.

"Here, here lets break out the good stuff." Faith agreed. Before anyone could get up to get the alcohol the door flew open hitting the wall with a deafening bang. Andrew was in the doorway looking terrified.

"Guys you have to come see this now!" He yelled before running out of the room. They quickly followed him out of the room. Andrew wasn't the little spazz he used to be. There was no denying the fact that he was now a veteran of the Scooby gang. It wasn't like him to panic like that anymore. They walked into their information head quarters. It was the most high tech platform Xander had ever seen. Dawn, Andrew, and Willow had put it together.

On the big screen was a news station report from what looked like L.A.

"I'm reporting here live from L.A. where these creatures have suddenly appeared. No one has any idea what they are or where they came from just that they are killing everyone that they see." A young woman shouted into the camera as people ran around in a panic behind her.

"Oh my god. What about Angel?" Dawn asked.

"Let's get this meeting over with. We each have twelve other things we need to be doing right now." Buffy said from the head of the table. All of the seat are filled with the veteran members of the Scooby gang. The newer generation had started to call them the Watcher's Council. It was as if everyone had forgotten that the entire organization was called that. Now a day's everyone just called them the Watchers. In some weird twisted way maybe they were the Watcher's Council.

"Faith have you heard back from the team we sent to investigate the Houston Group?" Buffy asked. Every one perked up. The U.S was hit the worst when the new brand of Ubervamps showed up. After only two months a small region in Texas was the only part of the entire country that humans lived safely. A few months ago all communication from the settlement had stopped.

"They just got back. Apparently it was a ghost town. They found no one alive. It looks like we just lost our last foothold in the U.S." Faith said.

"How many continents does that make?" Buffy asked.

"Well, we lost Canada a long time ago so North America is a no man's land." Dawn responded.

"There are still settlements in central and south America. Russia is pretty much a wasteland. France is the only real settlement in Europe. Sure there are a few other small settlements but our estimates show that they will be gone in a few months time. Africa was human free days after they showed up. China and the Middle east are still hanging on. The only places that aren't being to affected are islands like us." Giles spoke up.

"Well, what can you tell us about our forces Kennedy?"

"Our numbers just continue to increase. We have around nine thousand slayers the last time we took a count. Six thousand is stationed here in Great Britain. a thousand are stationed around China helping were they can. The rest are spread out mainly between Cuba, Hawaii and Japan."

"That's great. Ummm, I just have to ask what is with the circle tattoos." Buffy asked. Everyone looked over at Kennedy. She had red circles tattooed up and down her arms. They were different sizes and randomly placed though none of them reached the inner arm.

"It's a tradition that's growing among the younger slayers. Each small circle represents a battle you've survived. The larger circles represent a battle that was successful, one were your team didn't come back smaller." Kennedy said rubbing one of the circles. Buffy tried not to notice how the smaller ones greatly outnumbered the bigger ones.

"I didn't see the harm in it so I didn't do anything to stop it. In a way it feels like we're honoring those that aren't here anymore." Kennedy said refusing to look at anyone.

"No that's fine. It's actually nice." Buffy whispered.

"Yeah, I like it. I think I might give it a try." Faith said with a smile. Kennedy looked up and smiled when she saw only acceptance in her fellow slayers eyes.

"Well, that's enough from the Amazon brigade. Let's hear from our own personal boy club." Buffy said turning to face Xander, Andrew and Giles. She couldn't help but notice the changes they had undergone. Xander's hair was pitch black and his brown eyes were also black though there were still white parts left. Gile's hair was pure white. Sure he was old but not that old. also his blue eyes were becoming paler. Andrew on the other hand was pretty much the same except that his hair was a darker blonde.

"Well, we lost the Devon coven. Which we kind of expected. They refused to listen to us. Ever since this disaster started magic based on Deities have been fading and white magic is all but gone. Being a coven made mainly of women it was kind of inevitable that they would lose their magic." Xander said.

"What does being a woman have to do with this?" Dawn asked sounding offended.

"We don't really get it but it seems that women seem to be predisposed to White magic and ritualistic magic. Giles thinks that it's because women have a more intimate connection to the earth than men." Xander finished.

"If magic's fading away what are you doing?"

"Not all magic is fading away Buffy. The chaos magic that Willow taught Xander seems to be stronger than ever. For some reason this kind of magic seems to come extremely easy for men though it isn't impossible for women to learn it though. We actually have a few women in our ranks still." Giles spoke up.

"Right, anyways let's get back to the point. How are your people doing?" Buffy asked.

"My branch is currently in the thousands. We have multiple strike forces deployed all over the world. We aren't taking that much losses. Though we are seeing a slightly disturbing trend." Xander responded.


"Well, if you haven't noticed my hair is permanently black and my eye color has suddenly changed. It seems that the amount of magic our forces are using is causing us to change permanently. Some of my forces have pitch black eyes now. Besides that there seems to be little more changes. They might be more aggressive and violent, but it's kind of hard to tell with all the fighting and killing they have to do." Xander said leaning back.

"My group also has thousands. They are posted in all major cities and have helped strengthen their defenses exponentially. While we're still using chaos magic I've discovered a way to use it defensively and it involves a lot less blood. It seems that we have the opposite changes. Everyone seems to be going white. It's very similar to the changes that Willow went through before she left us." Giles said.

"Is that something we have to worry about?" Buffy asked.

"I don't think so. The physical changes are a manifestation of a buildup of magic. When a magic user continuously uses it there body slowly gains the ability to store more and more magic inside. This allows the user to cast more before they have to start using energy in the environment. Xander's group is turning black because they are using destructive types of magic while mine is changing because we are using protective magic. What happened to Willow was because she gained so much magic that her body became inconsequential. She basically outgrew the need of a body." Giles responded.

"Well, try not to get to that point. We need you guys too much for you to join Willow." Dawn said. Giles smiled and nodded at her, while Xander just looked at her with his coal like eyes.

"Alright what about you Andrew?" Buffy asked trying to break the awkward moment that had broken out.

"Well, my group is composed of the men that while having the ability to use magic don't really have the talent. We've been trying to find a way to integrate our magic with technology. We've been able to create a personal shield that is able to stand up for a few minutes. It regenerates thirty minutes later. We're currently trying to find a way to make them regenerate faster." Andrew said.

"That seems useful how fast do you think it will be ready for use." Faith asked.

"Well, our rough estimate is that it should be ready in a month."

"Good keep working on it. Dawn how's our information network?" Buffy asked.

"Our network is running perfectly. All information is filtered through here. We know when an attack is happening three minutes after it happens and are able to send the closest teams to respond in ten. We're trying to find a way to shorten our response time but we haven't had any luck. More cities are joining every week. The remaining countries are hearing about us and want our help." Dawn said.

"Fred what have your people been up to?" Buffy asked with a smile. Fred was the only survivor from the Angel gang. The others had apparently died trying to save as many as they could. Fred had been close to death when they had found her.

"My people have been working on new weapons. We've successfully built a gun that can kill the monsters. Apparently slayers are just as good with guns as they are with swords. I've also been able to build faster and more dangerous transportation. We've upgraded our factories and are mass producing them. I've also been working on a kind of spotlight that emits a wavelength that will disintegrate anything on contact. I'm thinking that once it's ready we can have them installed on the perimeters of all major cities." Fred said.

"That's great. Keep up the great work. If no one else has anything else to add I think we can call this meeting to an end." Buffy said standing up.

"Hey Xander what's wrong?" Faith asked. Xander was staring to his left and his eyes were now completely black. He stood up ignoring the question. He walked over to the window.

"Something happening." He said looking up. Buffy walked over to the window along with the rest. The sky was falling. There was no other words for it. Fiery ball were falling to the ground. Giles lifted his arms and sent out a pulse of blue light. She watched as one of the meteors head towards her. It hit a force field sending it away.

"What is that?" Fred asked.

"Their angels." Xander said. He lifted his hand and sent out a ball of energy. It flew through the sky before colliding with one of the meteors causing a huge explosion. It was so strong that it shook the windows.

"What the hell are you doing?" Dawn yelled. Xander ignored her raising his hand to attack again. Faith grabbed it and roughly lowered it.

"The girl asked you a question." She growled.

"I thought it would be obvious. I'm killing the son of a bitches." Xander growled pulling his arm free as his body glowed with blue energy.

"Their angels isn't that a good thing."

"No it isn't. Those things are angels warriors of god. This planet is filled with monsters from hell. That seems to be a recipe for a war if you ask me. Anything that gets in their way will just be collateral damage." Xander said.

"You don't know that." Buffy said.

"Look outside Buffy. One of those things was coming our way. Do you really think it was going to magically stop before it crashed right into us. If those fires are anything to go by I would say they weren't." Xander yelled. Buffy looked outside to see smoke filling the skies. Something told her things had just gotten worse.

"Have you heard anything from France?" Buffy asked as she entered the information center. She wasn't surprised to find the entire council there waiting anxiously for any news on the only other remaining human colony left on Earth. Faith and Kennedy were pacing behind the working technicians. Their arms were completely covered with the circle tattoos and even went up to their neck. In Faiths case they were even on her face. Buffy herself had tattoos, in some ways more than Faith.

Xander stood near the window looking out. His eyes were now completely black all the time and he had black marks in the shape of lighting around his skin. They kind of resembled the veins that appeared on Willow when she turned evil. Giles stood next to him his eyes were pure white his skin was pale but lacked the marks Xander had.

The techs were running around trying to get the information they needed. Dawn suddenly stopped reading something on one of the screens.

"It's gone. Our scouts are reporting that the France cities are ruins. It looks like angels clashed with the monsters there." Dawn said standing up. The room was silent as the stark truth finally hit. They were alone now. They were the last group of humans on the entire planet.

"How many people are actually left?" Buffy asked.

"Well considering that the only settlement that's left is here. I can safely say that the human population is down to a million and nine hundred people." Fred said.

"Really that many people?" Buffy asked.

"Well, most of the refugees from Canada and Japan came here. we have 245,000 slayers, 355,000 warlocks, 400,000 techs and the rest are civilians." Andrew responded.

"Alright Dawn tighten our network make sure you know the status of all of our teams at all times. Fred I want those spotlights around our perimeters. Andrew I want those shield armors mass produced and ready for our people as soon as possible. Xander I want your forces to accompany the slayers to any sightings of the monsters. Giles I want you to rotate the guards. I want people always on the perimeter. If we're the last of humanity we're going to make them work for us." Buffy said sending them running to carry out her commands. She had to keep up a strong face. She was the leader of humanity now. She couldn't give in to the part of her that wanted to curl up and cry on the end of human kind. No one here was delusional enough to actually believe they were going to make it out of this battle of good and evil alive. They were just treading water now.

"They're not going to make it." Willow said looking over at her companion. Cordelia sighed in frustration. She was the only Higher Power left now. All of the rest had fallen to the Earth and was now fighting the Ubervamps. So many things had gone wrong and she couldn't even do anything about them. She had been forced to watch as Angel and the rest of the gang had died.
She had practically broken out in cheers when they had been able to save Fred.

She had been forced to watch as Xander and Giles had slowly given into their magic. Watched as all of her old friends and allies slowly became cold blooded veterans of a war that they were doomed to lose.

"Well, screw this. I'm tired of sitting here while our friends fight and die down there." Cordelia growled.

"Are you sure about this. If you are I have an idea but it's a long shot." Willow said.

"Stop holding out on me Rosenberg tell me already."

"Well, this dimension is done for but we can still save humanity. If we combine our powers we can move them to another dimension. One where there is no demons."

"Alright that sounds good let's do that." Cordelia said looking excited.

"It's not that easy. It's going to take everything we have to do this. I mean we not only have to move every human to this new dimension but we'll have to alter the very history of the dimension to include them. It's well a pretty large task." Willow said. Cordelia stood there quietly for a second before responding.

"I don't care, I'm tired of watching everyone else put themselves in danger while we are safe here. Lets do this."

"We're going to need help to do this. Someone with experience in altering reality."

"Who?" Cordelia asked.

"D'Hoffryn did you hear that?" Willow called out.

"Yes I did." the demon responded. Cordelia turned to face the new person in their domain.

"I thought all of the demons besides the Ubervamps were dead." Cordelia said.

"They are. I'm the last one." D'Hoffryn told her.

"Are you willing to help us?" Willow asked.

"Yes, sending the humans to safety is the best F you I can think of to both sides of this war."

"Great than let's get this done with then." Cordelia said impatiently.

"There's just one last catch." D'Hoffryn said.

"Oh my god! What now?"

"I'm a vengeance demon there has to be a negative side to this spell. I think I can limit the bad aspects down but it will still be pretty big though." D'Hoffryn responded.

"Look I don't care. Anything is better than this. In a few months nothing's going to be left beside the douche bags that started all of this. So for the last time. Let's get this shit over with then." Cordelia said.

"Commander are you sure that picking this Xander up is a smart idea?" Joker asked looking uncomfortable. They were in the conference room with Miranda, Garrus and Mordin.

"We need all the people we can get for this mission Joker." John Sheppard responded.

"Ah come on. I thought we agreed no more Watchers after the last time."

"I'm sorry am I missing something here what's wrong with Watchers?" Miranda asked.

"Have you actually ever met one?" Joker asked.

"Of course not. Their species are very isolationist. They have an embassy on the Citadel but are rarely seen there." Miranda said.

"Well, we had the pleasure of working with a Watcher before a Slayer named Faith." Joker said with a smile.

"You worked with an actual Slayer. I heard they were some of the most deadly warriors in the universe." Miranda exclaimed.

"You should have seen her. Watching her fight was a work of art." Garrus said.

"Yeah and terrifying. That woman downright lived for the bloodshed that inevitably followed her." Sheppard told her.

"I do not see the actual problem here. Watcher warriors are entirely female. They compose the Slayer corps. the military force of the species. This Xander is obviously a male of the species. The Watcher species is one of the most fascinating I've ever run into." Mordin said.

"Why does it matter that we're dealing with a male of the species?" Sheppard asked.

"That is what is so fascinating with the species. There is a great amount of dimorphism between the genders. The female of the species are extremely strong for their size. They have red spots on their arms and face. The males of the species are all naturally biotic. What you really should worry about is if he is a black eyed or white eyed male of the species." Mordin responded.

"Why does his eye color matter?" Garrus asked.

"Another oddity of the species is that the color of the males eyes indicate their skill set in biotics. Having White eyes show that the male specializes or have a talent for protective talents such as barriers, stasis and singularity. Those with black eyes have a predisposition for violent abilities. The common talents they use are warp, lash, and reave. I have also heard that it isn't uncommon for them to know flare. These males also show a tendency to enjoy battle more." Mordin told them.

"What eye color does this Xander Harris have?" Sheppard asked. Miranda looked down at her omnitool flipping through the dossier the Illusive Man had sent them.

"His eyes are black." She told them with a little smirk.

"Great something tells me it's going to get even more crazy around here." Sheppard sighed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Watcher Effect" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Mar 14.

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