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Marque and Reprisal

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Summary: When the Stargate goes public, and its dangers are revealed, some old fighters plan to take the fight to the enemy... Originally posted to a round robin, now deleted.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Current Donor)MarcusRowlandFR131836291,55119 Mar 1419 Mar 14Yes
Stargate crossover with... well, quite a few things, see end notes for details. All characters belong to their creators, grasping media corporations of doom, etc., and there is no intent to infringe on copyright. This chapter may not be distributed on a profit-making basis. This was originally written in 2010 for Methos' "The Truth is Out There" round robin, which was deleted without warning - fortunately the Wayback Machine site was able to find it for me.

The back story is that the existence of the Stargate has been revealed to the public, and various groups react to it in their own inimitable fashions. I hope that others who originally contributed to this round robin will post their chapters if they haven't already done so.

Marque and Reprisal

Marcus L. Rowland

"It's been a powerful long time," said John. "Naming no names, but some of us here has been out of the water far too long. Sometimes I wish we'd never found the Fountain of Youth."

"You know why, just as well as any of us," said Jack. "We're too damned stinking rich, and too good at what we do; there was no joy in it any more."

"So we left it to the Somalis and Libyans and all the other riff-raff," said a voice from the shadowy end of the room. "Or some of us did."

"What are you implying, Roberts?" said John.

"We've all heard about you and the Colombians," said Roberts. "What did you do with the cocaine, John?"

"If ye must know," said John, "I made some fishes powerful happy."

"Where's the profit in that?" asked a blonde woman, looking up from the throwing knife she was sharpening.

"Profit be damned, Adams. It were a favour for a friend, that lad Franks, him and young Gibbs."

"So if there's no profit it doesn't count?" asked Jack. "Well, what if there was some profit in it, and more of a challenge, would you still be interested?"

"We're all seen the news," said Roberts, "and I'm guessing we've all had the same idea."

"We'll need a leader," said Jack. "Elizabeth's gone, of course, but there's the great-great-grand-daughter, she might be interested. Even uses the same surname, more or less."

"I don't sail with vampires," Roberts said flatly.

"Fair point. What about you, John?"

"It'd be an honour, but it's one I'll have to decline. My name's too well known, and for all the wrong reasons. That little bugger Hawkins made a fool out of me, and everyone knows it. We need someone whose name still has a little gravitas."

"That lets me out too," said Jack. "One thing nobody can accuse me of is any damn grav... gravity. What about you, Adams?"

She shook her head. "To make this work we'll need more than one ship, and I'm not cut out to be an admiral. I'd sooner command my own ship."

"Hooky," said Jack. "You haven't said much."

The gaunt one-armed man turned from the window and slammed his hook into the table, splintering the wood. "I'm in the same damned boat as John. That little bastard Pan made my name a laughing stock. As for that damned crocodile…" He picked up his tankard and drained it. "No. I'll join you, and command my own ship if we get that far, but I can't be leader. Nobody would take us seriously."

"That leaves you, Roberts," said Jack.

"It's a big responsibility."

"You're up to it."

"Well," said Roberts, "I have given it some thought. And of course it helps that I know a head of government, that'll be useful."

"Head of government?" asked Jack.

"Buttercup's President of Florin, now they got rid of the Communists. And it just so happens that there was a citizen of Florin killed by the Wraith the last time they attacked Atlantis."

"That wouldn't be posthumous citizenship, by any chance?" asked John.

"Not in the least. Or at least not that anyone will be able to prove. But it's enough to issue letters of Marque and Reprisal."

"I call for the vote," said Adams.

"Seconded," said Jack. "In alphabetical order, then… Captain Adams?"
"Captain Hook?"
"Captain Roberts?"
"Captain Silver?"
"And Captain Sparrow votes for Roberts too. By four votes and one abstention, I hereby declare that the Dread Pirate Roberts is elected Pirate Lord of the Milky Way. Agreed, brothers?"


"And may God have mercy on the Goa'uld, the Wraith, and the Ori…"


Long John Silver - Pirate leader in Treasure Island (and see the recent Black Sails series)
Jack Sparrow - Captain of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean.
The Dread Pirate Roberts - Captain of The Revenge, The Princess Bride
Morgan Adams - Captain of the Morning Star, Cutthroat Island.
Hook - Captain of the Jolly Roger, Peter Pan
Also mentioned:
Franks and Gibbs - NCIS
Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean
Bella Swan - Twilight etc.
Buttercup - The Princess Bride

The End

You have reached the end of "Marque and Reprisal". This story is complete.

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