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Summary: Summary: Chris and Xander live two different lives but something connects them. No slash.

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Chris HalliwellgoldenspringtimeFR132627,567038,18819 Mar 1425 Apr 14Yes

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed.

Summary: Chris and Xander live two different lives but something connects them. No slash.

"Wyatt do we have any more olives." Chris called to Wyatt who was in the supply room gathering things for that night.

"Yeah," Came Wyatt answer that Chris barely heard. Chris continued to clean the counter because something had gotten stuck on the counter and one of the barkeepers hadn't cleaned it up properly last night. After a few more moments it came off and Chris looked around at the bar for anything else that needed to be cleaned up, before they opened in less than an hour.

Soon Wyatt came up the stairs using telekinesis to bring up all the supplies they needed. Chris rolled his eyes, every time he did that Chris would remind of exposure or personal gain but Wyatt never stopped so Chris had mostly stopped warning him.

"Wyatt hurry up before anyone sees you." Wyatt used his telekinesis to put all the supplies where they were meant to go in half the time it would have taken if they had done it by hand. Chris took one of the stools down by hand and sat down on it. Wyatt used his telekinesis one down and sat on it as well.

"Chris can I ask you a question?" Chris look carefully at Wyatt he looked nervous about something and kept looking between Chris and the floor.

"Sure Wy." Chris said curious.

"Have you ever thought of moving out?" Wyatt look embarrassed to be asking him.

"Yeah sure, but we're safer together."

"Yeah...but eventually... we have our own lives and let's face it we can't live at home forever."

"Yeah we can Mom owns it and one day it will pass to either you or me or the both of us."

"Yeah when we're really old and probably have kids of our own."

"What are you saying?"

"I don't know I'm thinking of moving out and I was wondering if I found a place would you move in with me? “Chris didn't know what to say he had thought of moving out many times, but he had never been faced with the choice before. He didn't know either way what he wanted to do.

"I don't know."

"That's okay Chris just think about it okay?" Chris looked down at his lap.

"kay." he heard the other stools being taken off the counter and set down all together. Chris smiled Wyatt thought he was invincible and was really cocky about how powerful he was but that was his brother.

He looked around the room this club had originally been his mom's, but when they had been children she had someone else manage it for some time while she got back into cooking, and when Wyatt had turned 21 she had given the club to him. When Chris had turned 21 he had joined his brother as co-owner and co-manager of the establishment. Over the years it gone through 2 remodels but still look a good deal like it had when it had first been opened. Chris only knew that from photographs though. His thoughts were interrupted by the employees coming in through the back. He turned towards them and put a smile of his face.

"Jan, Trish, Edgar, Jacob." Chris greeted as they all came in. There were still more employees to come but Chris was happy they were here. Jan and Trish started their own personal prepping. Edgar and Jacob went to the back to put their personal stuff in a safe place to guard them against people who were stupid enough to steal from bouncers.

Chris went to the back room and started looking at their finances like he did every day until Wyatt came and got him because the club was getting full. He got a good way into it when the door opened Chris glanced up and saw it was Wyatt and put all this things away in the safe and followed Wyatt out.They got to the club floor, even after 28 years P3 was still a very busy club and for that Chris and Wyatt were forever grateful for that. They got to doing what they normally, did making sure everything was running smoothly. He was restocking napkins when he heard it.

"Chris!" Chris knew that voice anywhere it was his mom's and she needed him. Chris looked around and found Wyatt looking at him too. Wyatt jerked his head to the side, slightly as a part of a code they had which translated to did it get that too. Chris nodded, Wyatt nodded at him back which Chris knew meant it's your turn see you later. Chris made his way to the back room which no one was in at the moment. Chris closed the door and locked it and orbed himself home. To find his Aunt Phoebe lying on the ground, he immediately went over to her and knelt over her and focused on healing her. As soon as he felt she was okay he stopped.

"OK wanna tell me what happened?" it wasn't often that they went vanquishing only when it required the power of three. That's when he saw Ladybug and Melinda Aunt Phoebe's daughters. Ladybug was nineteen and Melinda was 17 but they both looked about 5 at the moment. The two girls looked terrified and extremely guilty Chris could guess what happened but Melinda seemed intent on telling him.

"It was our fault, me and Ladybug tried to take out a demon who was too powerful for us, it actually needed the power of three but we didn't know that at the time. We're so sorry." Both did indeed look sorry, still they should have known better by now, but it wasn't his place to tell them that. He was sure that someone else would tell them that, and since he had taken care of the family emergency he had to get back to work.

"Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah we're fine thanks Chris, I'll see you tomorrow?" His mother said, Chris looked at his watch it was 12:45.

"Actually a little latter on today." she looked down at her watch as well

"Really it's that late?" then she gave him a hug and a kiss on the check and said.

"Be safe." Chris just smiled and orbed out to the back room and sighed, there was still a few more hours till work was over and he was already tired. For some reason healing seemed to take a lot out of him, not that he'd ever tell anyone that. He didn't want them to hesitate to call him to their rescue just because he wasn't as powerful as Wyatt. He straightened himself out and walked out the door into the club and found Wyatt.

"What happened?" Wyatt asked softly.

"Ladybug and Melinda accidentally got Aunt Phoebe hurt."

"But she's okay?" Wyatt asked concerned.

"Yeah she's fine I healed her, I'm more worried about Ladybug and Melinda at this point."

"It's not like we've never done that before, gotten people we care for hurt because we were arrogant."

"Hey you’re the arrogant one not me, don't lump me with you."

"Are you telling you have never gotten anyone in our family in trouble because you thought you could handle something you couldn’t?"

"Okay when you put it like that I guess I have."

"Yes everyone in our family has it's part of being a Halliwell." they smiled at each other and got back to work.

Author's note: Chris's and Xander’s POV will switch off every chapter at first. Please review.
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