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Scooby Build by Numbers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Builder's Adventures". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and Willow find themselves left behind when Xander is sent on a mission. This story is set in the same world as Xander and his Angels.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralMistofRainbowsFR1870291,16722779220,66620 Mar 148 Oct 14Yes

Chapter Nine

Bob Munroe scowled at the costumed girl that was blocking him and Officer Duncan from ‘investigating’ the new strip club, “What do you mean I can’t come inside? Do you know who I am?”

The goblin girl mixed a lie in with a couple of blunt truths as she said, “No but you’re bald, fat and ugly and we have a right to refuse service to anyone we want.”

He glared at her and said, “I’m the Chief of Police. We’ve had complaints.”

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so. I’ve got standing orders to take you to the boss. Right this way sir.”

Duncan tried not to laugh at his angry boss as they followed the girl around the base of the concrete tree to something that reminded him of a large hobbit door.

The goblin knocked on the door. “The police chief wants a word with you.”

Elizabeth said, “Show him in.”

The goblin girl opened the door and stepped back a touch so that Bob and his cohort could slip past her and head down the stairs. She discreetly snagged the chief’s gun as he walked past then turned and walked off with a smirk on her face. ‘He should really pay more attention to his toys.’

The chief looked around the expensive looking office as he stepped inside. His gaze fell on the pretty young woman sitting behind an expensive looking wooden desk.

Elizabeth asked, “Is this about the protection money your officer demanded earlier?” She figured that an honest cop would deny her made up story about a police protection racket while a corrupt officer would jump on the chance to make some money.

The chief smiled viciously for a couple of seconds then said, “Things are done a certain way in this town.” in a way that he probably thought was menacing.

Elizabeth looked at Duncan, “You’re all right with this crap?”

Duncan smirked, “Why shouldn’t we get some extra money to keep everyone safe?”

Elizabeth sighed as she reached into her desk, grabbed her throwing dagger and tossed it hard enough to drive the metal blade through Duncan’s skull up to the hilt. “Because it’s your job.”

After a second or two of shock Bob reached for his gun only to find that it was missing, “Shit!” He stared at the girl in shock as she calmly pointed the gun she had been hiding under the table at him. “You’re insane. You can‘t honestly expect to get away with this. I‘m the Chief of Police.”

Two of her goblin warlords grabbed the Chief from behind to keep him from running. “Better stay still before I decide that you don‘t need your kneecaps or your throat.”

Bob gulped and stopped struggling as he felt a knife touch his throat, “Okay.”

Elizabeth said. “We have several options as I see it, one I shoot you and clean up the mess before your friends come looking for you. I’m not really in favor of that option but I’m sure that you could easily change my mind by being stupid.”

Bob asked nervously, “What’s the other option?”

“The other option is you work with me. I want to destroy all of the vampires and demons in town so that we can make it a safe place to live.”

“It won’t work. Even if I wanted to, certain parties wouldn’t allow it.”

“Interesting, you jump to saying it won’t work rather than calling me crazy for believing in vampires. That probably means that you’re part of the cover-ups. Who do you clean things up for?”

Bob snorted, “I’m more afraid of him than I am you.”

Elizabeth laughed for a couple of seconds then said, “I haven’t heard anyone say that in years. Do you know what my side job is?”

“No, why should I care?”

Elizabeth let her cold smile remain on her face a couple of seconds before she lied and said, “Because I’m a necromancer.”

Bob’s face paled as he realized that he was screwed, maybe the Mayor could do horrible things to him but a necromancer could do worse and they were as a general rule, crazy. He blurted out, “The Mayor!”

Elizabeth asked, “You’re saying the Mayor is part of the cover-up?”

“He’s the one behind everything in this town. He’s been the Mayor for decades and no one notices.”

“Interesting, this changes things a little bit.”

“Look, we can fix this, you pay me a small handling fee and I forget that you shot a cop, things can work for both of us.”

“Let me consider that option for a moment.” Elizabeth scanned the Chief of Police so that she could make Sunnydale minion cops. “On reflection, I’m going to have to assume that the second I let you go, you’ll either go running to the mayor or you’ll come back with all of your crooked cop friends and try to kill me and mine. Girls, take him to the other room, fill him up with truth potion and find out which of his officers are corrupt and if the mayor has other contacts that we should know about. Once that’s done he can either get his soul ripped out or sign a magical contract to work for us.”

Bob gulped as the girls hauled him into the dark room off the side of her office.

Elizabeth sighed as she glanced down at the dead cop on her floor, “I guess I’ll need to have Red look into the Mayor a bit.”


Willow asked, “Why am I doing this again?”

Buffy snickered as she helped Willow to her feet, “Because you wanted to learn to defend yourself and you wanted your minions to get better.”

Willow scowled at the ninja minion that was her sparing partner, the same sparing partner that had just knocked her to the ground with a leg sweep after tossing a small handful of rocks at her to distract her, “I’m pretty sure that was Dawn’s reasoning not mine.”

“Maybe it has something to do with impressing the blond girl that you can’t stop looking at.”

Willow blushed as she looked away from where Tara and a white garbed ninja minion of Dawn’s were sparing, “Ah…”

Buffy laughed, “Relax, I’m not going to glare at you for looking at other girls.”

The white garbed ninja minion in front of her asked, “Are you ready to continue?”

Buffy said, “Yes.”

The ninja minion jumped at Willow, “Ninja attack!”

Willow staggered a step in surprise as she got hit in the back of the head by a basketball. “Hey!”

“Expect the unexpected!” The ninja girl winced as she front kicked Willow in the chin. “Ouch, that hurt.”

Willow landed on her bottom. She looked up at the minion girl and said, “You better run.”

Buffy snickered as she turned and ran toward the white clad ninja girl that had hit Willow with the basketball, “I’ll get the other one.”

The minion girl stuck out her tongue at Buffy then ran toward the instructor. “Tag!” She slapped the instructor’s hand on her way past.

Buffy skidded to a stop as the fishnet clad ninja girl that Red had created looked at her with amusement, “Crap.”

The Ninja Hero grinned as she surrounded herself with energy, teleported behind Buffy and kicked her hard enough in the back to send her into the ground face first.

Buffy swore as she crashed into the ground and tumbled a couple of times before jumping to her feet and looking around for the instructor, “Fucking ninja.” or at least that’s what she tried to say. Some of it was lost in translation as she ended up spitting sand out of her mouth. ‘Do that again bitch and I’m going to ignore the no super powers rule.’ Her thoughts were cut off as two hands slipped out of her shadow and grabbed her feet. Even with her slayer abilities she still didn’t weigh enough to keep the ninja instructor from tossed her off her feet.

Buffy winced as another hand came out of the shadows and hit her in the face hard enough to hurt while she was trying to get to her feet. “Damn it.” She rolled toward an area of the dojo that didn’t have as many shadows. “Try that again.”

The instructor’s voice seemed to come from everywhere and yet nowhere. “Okay.”

“Crap!” Willow shouted as something grabbed her from behind and tossed her at Buffy.

Buffy turned and almost punched Willow as she came flying at her. She managed to catch her friend and set her down on her feet before the instructor jumped out of a pool of shadows, “No more tricks.”

The woman snickered as she did a quick sidestep and tagged her smirking ninja student on the arm, “Tag, no tag backs.” She giggled as she teleported over to check on Tara’s progress.

The ninja minion gulped as Buffy gave her a look at her like a cat that had just seen a really fat mouse. “Crap!”

Buffy launched herself at her opponent.

Willow ran toward the ninja minion that she had been fighting.


Allen Finch was not a happy camper though he suspected that very few people would actually be happy about being woken up in the middle of the night by a stranger chaining them to their bed. He was even less amused by the gag that one of the shadowy people had stuffed in his mouth.

Red smiled down at the deputy Mayor of Sunnydale, “Hello, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re currently chained up.”

Allen nodded.

“I’m glad that you asked. You’re here because your boss is an evil magic user that has been running things since the start of the town. Now normally I really wouldn’t care but my friends are here, my family is here and the city is located on the hellmouth which could be a very nice mystical power source for some of my more interesting buildings and toys. You’re probably asking yourself what you can do to help so that I don’t kill you, am I right?”

Allen nodded vigorously.

“I’m glad you asked. I’m planning on killing the Mayor because he’s an evil scumbag but mostly because he’s been sacrificing people to demons for over a hundred years. Once I do that you’ll be the mayor, at least for a little while. In exchange for us not just killing you I expect you to help us clean up the council. Are you willing to sign a magical contract or should I shoot you in the head?” She reached over and pulled the tape off Allen’s mouth.

“I’ll sign.”

Red said, “Excellent.”


Dawn mock glared at Buffy as she hugged her ninja minion to her chest, “You get a perverse pleasure out of beating up innocent minions don’t you?”

The ninja girl in question stuck her tongue out at Buffy.

Buffy grumbled, “She’s fine, my back on the other hand still hurts from where the instructor hit me.”

The ninja minion said, “The Boss Lady told me to get creative and put up a challenge. You’re too fast and strong for me to fight so I found someone that was a challenge.”

Dawn ran her fingers through her ninja’s green hair, “You did good.”

Buffy sighed, “Next time I’m sticking to point sparing.”

Willow said, “I doubt the vampires you run into on patrol will be that polite.”

“Point taken.”

Tara walked up with the ninja minion she had been sparing with, “Are you ready?”

Dawn smiled at Tara then said, “Yep.”

Buffy asked, “Ready?”

“We’re heading off to the hotel to grab some dinner, then we’re going to work on some homework for our Magic Theory class.”

Tara said, “You’re welcome to come.”

Willow blushed, “I’d love to.”

Dawn said, “The more the merrier.”

Buffy grinned, “I could use a snack before I rush off for patrol.”

Dawn let go of her minion, “You should probably see the nurse.”

“Okay Boss.” The ninja minions ran off toward the infirmary to get a couple of scrapes looked at.

Willow said, “We should work on the shrine after dinner.”

Buffy looked at Willow, “Huh?”

“The shrine might give us a healer, if we’re going to continue training like crazy people, we’re going to get injured or the minions are going to get injured. I’d rather be able to heal them than discard them.”

Buffy said, “I’d forgotten that we don’t actually have a magical healer yet.”

Dawn placed an arm around Tara and an arm around Willow, “Let’s go.”


Tara clutched Dawn as they flew through the air toward a large mound of sand. “How often do you do this?”

Dawn said, “The whole flying thing is still a bit new. It’s a lot of fun and a glamour or two makes it so people won‘t spot us flying around.”

Tara said, “I’m g-glad that you’re willing to share the experience.”

Willow flew down and landed on an open spot of sand.

Dawn slowed down and came to a gentle stop in front of the sand dune by Willow, “See, safe and sound.”

“Yes.” Tara looked around the empty desert landscape, “Now what?”

Willow said, “Now Dawn and I see how much we can absorb and turn into crystal blocks for transport.” She reached out with her magic and started deconstructing the large sand dune in front of her.

“Just watch.” Dawn giggled as she went to work deconstructing another pile of sand.

Tara watched as a sea of sparkles flowed into Willow and Dawn, “Pretty.”


Mayor Wilkins looked up as the Chief of Police walked into his office, “To what do I owe the interruption?”

The Chief of Police said, “You said to tell you if anymore people were ripped apart by zombies.” as he walked over to the Mayor’s desk and set a file down on the desk. He had a weird feeling that he was forgetting something but he couldn’t place it.

The Mayor frowned slightly, “Dreadful business.”

“Twelve of my officers were ripped apart by something…” Whatever else the Chief was going to say was lost as the explosives concealed under his coat exploded with enough force to shred him and the Mayor as well as destroy a large portion of the Mayor’s office.

Across the street on the roof Elizabeth pocketed the small remote detonator then flew off toward her tree house strip club. She wanted to check on things, catch part of a show and grab dinner for Joyce before Buffy got back from patrol and the girls started on the shrine.


Buffy finished deconstructing the church and absorbing the material she hadn’t set aside, she felt full and ready to burst with all of the material she was holding. “We’re good as soon as the girls get here.”

Giles frowned as he looked at the pile of metal stacked neatly to the side of the empty area. “It still seems a bit sacrilegious.”

Willow said, “We built it, we’re allowed to take it down.”

Dawn said, “It’s not like it worked anyways.”

Elizabeth said, “Or was even a real church.” as Red, Joyce and her walked up to where Tara and Giles were standing.

Buffy said, “I guess that means we’re ready.”

Willow asked, “Did you get the box?”

Red snickered as she tossed the box of Twinkies she had picked up from the store to Willow, “Good luck.”

Willow caught the box of Twinkies, “Thanks.”

Buffy said, “Willow, you’re doing the statue. Dawn, you’re on the arches and the crystal dome while I work on the pools.”

Willow poured some mana into the box of Twinkies and kept Xander and Jesse in her thoughts as she used her magic to change the box into part of the statue. She pulled from the crystal she had absorbed early and went to work.

Dawn smiled at Tara then turned and started working on the crystal pillars that would hold the dome up.

Giles stared as the construction cloud went over the area where the church was. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.”

Elizabeth said, “It’s weird looking at it from the outside.”

Red smiled, “It’s even stranger when you’re used to just building things with magic.”

Tara asked, “Are they going to have enough magic to finish the structure?”

“That’s why they’re splitting things up. If they don’t have enough the project will stall and they’ll have to come back to it tomorrow.”

Elizabeth said, “They’ll be fine, I have faith.”


Willow blushed as the construction cloud faded and she got a good look at what she had created. “She’s going to kill me.”

Buffy stared at the eight foot tall pink crystal statue of a naked Cordelia Chase that was squatting on a crystal pedestal and ‘peeing’ into the surrounding pool. “That’s not who I was expecting you to create a statue of.“

Elizabeth snickered as the pedestal started to slowly spin, “Epic success or epic blotch?”

Red stared at the statue‘s uncovered breasts and upturned hands, “No clue but the detail is amazing.”

Buffy looked between the statue and Willow, “Should I be jealous?”

Willow herself out of her shock, “She’s not who I was picturing either, I just let my mind drift as I worked. I‘m blaming Jesse for this one.”

Joyce looked the lovely if slightly naughty statue over and said, “The detail work is incredible.”

Giles took his glasses off and worked on cleaning them on his shirt, “Will it work?”

Dawn yawned, “I’ll tell you when I have enough mana to test it out.”

Elizabeth said, “My turn, you got to test the dojo first.”

Red said, “Go for it.”

Elizabeth reached out and connected with the statue, “We should check the magic shop, I have a feeling the shop might have a couple new items for sale.”

Red asked, “Does it work for minion creation?”

“Yeah, it can make two mystery minions.”

Buffy said, “Pick the first one, we can try the second one tomorrow. It can’t be worse than the priest unit.”

“Hopefully not.” Elizabeth poured half her pool of mana into the statue to create the first minion. “Done.”

Joyce said, “In that case we should get home.”

Tara yawned, “Thanks for letting me watch the construction.”

Dawn gave Tara a hug and said, “You’re welcome.”

Giles yawned, “That’s a good plan. We can look at stuff tomorrow when it‘s light.”


While most of the town was talking about the assassination of the Mayor the students in Sunnydale had a much better reason to celebrate, Snyder had decided to retire effective immediately or at least that was the official word. There were a bunch of wild rumors floating around the school, everything from him being a suspect in the Mayor’s death to him being on a tropical island somewhere. Most of the students believed or at least hoped that he was in a shallow or not so shallow grave somewhere.

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