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Scooby Build by Numbers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Builder's Adventures". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and Willow find themselves left behind when Xander is sent on a mission. This story is set in the same world as Xander and his Angels.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralMistofRainbowsFR1870291,16722779220,33720 Mar 148 Oct 14Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from DC. I also don’t own the Builder concept. It’s taken from several different places, mostly from Katrina’s challenge. I don't own any of the Buffy characters. General warning as the characters are teenagers, they're technically underage. Then again... Buffy was having sex at seventeen with a corpse (in the show not in my story.) So yeah. Consider yourself warned.

~An: I'll make this clear, this is a Response to 7849: Life as a Builder - Builder-Verse Stories Wanted!

Willow twitched as she found herself back in the driver’s seat of her body. “That was weird.”

Buffy looked away from Willow’s cute soap covered behind that her Halloween persona had been staring at, “If we could avoid mentioning this…”

Willow gulped as she realized that she was standing naked in the shower with Buffy, “Ah… maybe we should just hurry up and finish.”

Buffy looked down at herself and realized that she wasn‘t covered with soap, “I’ll let you finish.” She handed Willow the washcloth that she had been using to wash her and made a hasty exit from the shower before she died of embarrassment.

Willow blushed, “Thanks.”

Buffy wrapped a towel around herself, look a last peek at Willow then left through the door, “Okay, get a grip…” She frowned as she heard a growl come from her room, ‘Where’s a weapon when you need it?’ She carefully stalked toward her room only to came to a stop in the open doorway when she saw a red haired version of herself sprawled naked on the bed. Her gaze jumped away from her doppelganger’s larger breasts and over to where a naked Willow shaped girl was stalking around growling. “You’re real…” She hadn’t been completely sure if the copies were some Halloween induced delusion or something else.

Buffy’s copy smiled at Buffy then asked, “Have you seen the boss man?”

Pieces of her memory fell into place, “Xander?”

The Willow copy said, “Exactly, we might have misplaced him…”

Buffy blushed as she remembered watching Xander, Red and Elizabeth going at it like rabbits while her and Willow watched and did the same to each other. ‘I’m so killing Ethan if I get the chance.’ She asked, “Elizabeth? Red?”

Red looked at Buffy, “Are you okay? You look like you‘ve seen a ghost.”

Buffy rubbed her face with the hand that wasn’t holding her towel up, “Not really, I’m still trying to sort out what happened now that the spell is over. I remember dressing up in the dress because I wanted to impress Angel.”

Elizabeth muttered, “Right, corpse boy.”

Red said, “He makes my skin crawl.”

Buffy blinked in surprise, “What?”

“He‘s a corpse with a demon animating him.”

Elizabeth asked, “Can we light him on fire?”

“No lighting Angel on fire.” Buffy stared at Elizabeth, “I thought you were a copy of me.”

“I have memories from you and your costume persona but I’m me, I think it has to do with the boss’s powers. Sadly, he was a bit too busy ravaging us to explain it in detail.”

Buffy shivered slightly as her mind conjured a picture of Angel as a rotting zombie, “Thanks for that image.”

Elizabeth snickered, “Don’t worry, anytime you want to drop the walking corpse like a bad habit we’ll fuck you like a redheaded step child.”

“Bad mutant.” Red stuck her tongue out at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth said, “I’m not a mutant, I’m either an alien or a Builder just like you.”

Buffy sighed, “I’ve got vague memories of that and vague memories of growing up on a caste based piece of crap planet.”

Elizabeth frowned, “Weird, we’ll have to talk after we find the boss.”

“Did he say he was going out?”

Red shook her head, “Nope, he just vanished right before our eyes.”

Elizabeth sighed, “Which is why I’m fairly sure that he’s lost. That and I can‘t feel a direction.”

Buffy frowned, “Feel?”

“When he was around I could feel a connection and I could point in his direction. I can still sort of feel a muted connection to him but I don’t have a direction which is weird.”

Red walked over and sat on the edge of Buffy’s bed, “Now that we know the boss is just missing, do you want to fuck like rabbits or build something?”

Buffy stared at Red, “You’re worse than Harmony.”

Red pouted, “Hey, I have standards. I don’t have sex with nasty people, I don’t fuck corpses and I don’t fuck football players as a general rule.”

Buffy blushed, “Angel and I haven’t… and he isn‘t…”

“Good thing, because yuck! And he totally is a demonically animated corpse.” Elizabeth made a disgusted face.

Buffy stared at her doppelganger speechless.

Willow poked her head in, “What’s… oh.”

Red smiled at Willow, “We’re trying to figure out if we should fuck like demented rabbits or if we should go build something before you forget how.”

Willow blushed, “Building something sounds new and interesting.”

Red pouted, “Does this mean you don’t think I’m cute?”


Elizabeth snickered, “Give her a break, not everyone is used to your warped sense of humor.”

Buffy pulled herself together enough to ask, “Clothes?”

Elizabeth pouted, “If I have to.”

Buffy glanced back at Willow, “I think they’re a bit crazy.”

Willow admitted, “My doppelganger is sort of cute.”

Buffy wondered if their dislike of Angel was a carryover from Xander creating them, “I’m surrounded by insanity.”

Elizabeth grinned as she jumped up and floated over to Buffy’s closet. “Let’s see, oh I like that one and ooh that works.”

Buffy glanced away from Elizabeth’s behind, ‘Stupid Halloween costume.’ She said, “We should probably call Giles.”

Elizabeth giggled, “Or we can blow that off and go build a better club than the Bronze.”

Willow smiled as she watched Elizabeth‘s bottom wiggle as the other girl looked for clothes, “Do you think we can still build stuff?”

Red shrugged, “Probably, I mean I ate your homework so I know that I can still absorb junk.”

Willow jerked her head around and stared at her copy, “You did what?”

Red giggled, “I’m just kidding about the homework bit. I just ate the pizza box.”

Buffy asked, “Like with your magic or?”

“With my amazing building powers silly. Cardboard doesn‘t taste all that good. Xander proved that back in grade school.” Red looked over at Elizabeth, “We’re going to have to build them some tool belts, maybe a couple of expanded pockets for blueprints.”

Buffy frowned, “I don’t remember any templates… wait I know the layout of my house and I think I could rebuild it, that’s weird.”

Elizabeth snickered as she pulled one of Buffy’s dresses on, “The ability to create a home seems to be rather standard for builders. I can still feel most of my templates floating around in my head so I think we’re good.”

Willow sighed, “I can’t, I‘ve got a basic home blueprint and something called a minion factory.”

Buffy asked, “You can make something that makes monsters?”

Willow grinned, “Apparently. I‘m not sure it will work but I remember the plans for it.”

Red shrugged, “We’ll have to have you scan a farm and a couple of stores on the way.”

Buffy asked, “What types of monsters can your monster factory make?”

Willow said, “I don’t know, I won’t know until I build it.”

Buffy looked at Red, “What types of monsters does your factory make?”

“Nymphs. That doesn’t mean that Willow’s factory will create the same types of monsters.”

Buffy looked at Elizabeth, “Can you build anything that will help us find Xander?”

Red shrugged, “Probably. I have the plans for a couple of magic buildings that might help. It’s not going to be all that quick.”

Buffy pouted, “How come you both have better powers?”

Red said, “I’m assuming it’s because we were copied before the spell faded. You got your powers because the spell couldn’t completely reverse the changes it made to you.”

Elizabeth said, “Once a builder, always a builder.”

Willow asked, “So if Xander had copied something dangerous like Darth Vader…”

“That would have been bad.”

Elizabeth tossed Buffy a dress then grabbed another dress for Red, “Get dressed. I want to set up a home base before we’re attacked by demons.”

Buffy caught the dress, “Are you still a Slayer?”

“I’m not sure. You and Willow went as super strong nearly indestructible kinky builder aliens for Halloween. The Slayer part might be in there or it might not. Giles should be able to do a spell to find out if we’re still Slayers. Either way, I’ll still help you on patrol.”

Buffy added that to the list of things to talk to Giles about. “Thanks.”

“This is going to be so much fun.” Red pulled her dress on with a bit of an extra wiggle for Willow’s benefit.

Willow blushed as she looked away from her duplicate. ‘Last time I let Xander pick the back story on a costume and steal my ghost costume and my backup ghost costume. Hopefully I’ll get everything sorted out in a few days.’

Elizabeth said, “You should probably try to claim the house before we leave.”

Buffy was relieved when she found that she could still remember how to do that. She was less relieved when she discovered that it wasn’t working. “Nope, nada.”

“Try claiming just the room.”

Buffy reached out and tried to claim the room. She felt a connection form. “That worked.”

“Let’s head to the dump and get some raw materials then I’ll show you how to build a couple of things.”

Buffy asked, “How are we getting there?”

Elizabeth snickered, “Flight.”

Buffy sighed, “What happens if I lose control?”

“Then you hit the ground and bounce.”


Red said, “Relax, you’ll do fine.”

Willow just hoped that Xander was doing okay.


Elizabeth giggled as she ‘ate’ a large trash pile at the dump. “This is so much better than mining.”

Buffy stared as she watched six large twenty foot piles of trash turn into motes of light and flow into Elizabeth and Red. “That’s crazy.”

Red snickered, “Nah, crazy is what we can do with it.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do once I learn a couple more blueprints. You can make blueprints for me, right?”

Elizabeth smirked, “I’ll give you a couple of basic blueprints for tools but after that you’re on your own for a while. If I just give you stuff then you won’t have as much incentive to improve.”

Buffy sighed, “I guess I can see the logic there.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be around to help if you run into problems.”

Red said, “Eat up, you’re going to need the materials for your various projects.”

Buffy reached out and deconstructed the small pile of trash in front of her. While she could vaguely remember deconstructing objects before thanks to her Halloween memories it was still neat to actually see it happen in the real world, “Okay, that’s neat.”

Elizabeth said, “Another five minutes then we should head out.”

Willow worked on deconstructing as much of the trash as possible.

Buffy looked over at Willow, “What are we going to build first?”

“I want to try claiming my house as a base.”

“How? I couldn’t claim mine.”

Willow sighed, “I spend more time at my house than my parents do. They might legally own it but there is a decent chance I can claim it because I‘m not sure they consider it home. If not then we‘ll look for some unclaimed place to build.”

Elizabeth said, “You can probably build a magical workshop in your room.”

Buffy smiled, “Because it’s mine.”

“Probably, sometimes the legal determines what you can claim and sometimes it’s more spiritual.”

Half of Buffy‘s pile vanished leaving the rest. “I think I’m topped off for what I can hold.”

Willow sighed as her own pile merely shifted rather than vanishing, “Same.”

Red laughed, “The first thing we’ll work on once we get a workshop set up are some enchanted storage bags so that you can hold more.”

Buffy scowled as she heard the sounds of people or animals coming. “We should get out of here.”

Red snickered as she floated off the ground, “Up up and away.”

Buffy sighed as she hesitantly floated off the ground, “I still don’t trust my new powers yet.” She was really hoping that her flight power stuck around as it would make sneaking out of the house and getting around town a lot easier.

Elizabeth whispered, “Just stay close to the ground.” as she floated up a couple of feet off the ground.

Willow followed the others as they flew back toward Buffy’s house. ‘Flying is so much fun.’


Buffy looked around her room, “Okay, I’ve got material to burn, any suggestions?”

Red looked at Elizabeth then over at Buffy, “This is where we get to be quest givers, right?”

Elizabeth laughed, “Sure, why not.”

Buffy frowned, “What?”

“Scan five things with your scanning ability and turn them into blueprints and I’ll make you a magical blueprint bag.”

Red looked at Willow, “Same thing goes for you.”

“Okay.” Willow grinned as she started scanning various objects with her new ability to see the nature of something.

Red said, “After that we’ll see about some basic tools.”


Giles opened his door, “Yes…” He trailed off as he got a good look at the four girls standing on his front porch. “What happened to your hair?”

Willow stared at Giles, “That’s what you get out of this?”

Elizabeth snickered, “So which of us looks better?”

Giles wasn’t going to go there, “There is no safe answer to that…”

Buffy grinned at her watcher, “Not a one. Can we come in?”

Giles stepped back from his apartment door without giving an invitation. “Can you?”

Elizabeth stuck her tongue out at Giles as she stepped over the threshold. “Yep.”

Red stepped into Giles’s apartment and said, “They’re our slightly evil clones.”

Willow said, “Hey, that’s my line.”


Giles reached up for his glasses when he realized that he had left them on the table with his book, “How did this happen?”

Buffy said, “Xander’s Halloween costume had the ability to copy people or bring forth alternate versions of us.”

Giles glanced out of the door, “Speaking of Xander where is he?”

“We’re not sure, he’s went missing. That‘s why we‘re here actually.”

Red said, “We were hoping you could do a locator spell or something to find him. I’m fairly sure that he’s not on Earth anymore.”

“That complicates things…” Giles moved to shut the door when a red haired teenager in a blue Hawaiian shirt and beach shorts stepped up to the door, “Hello?”

Loki smiled at Giles, “Greetings mortal,” He swept his gaze over the girls, “and mortal like creatures. I was sent by Loki to explain that he had to borrow your Xander shaped friend, you’ll get him back in a couple of months.”

Buffy reached out, grabbed the teenager’s Hawaiian shirt and pulled him into the apartment, “What did you do to him?”

“He was needed to save an alternate Earth, he needed a vacation from the hellmouth, it was a win for both of us.”

Buffy asked, “Is he going to be safe?”

“Probably safer than he would have been here.”

Elizabeth gulped as she scanned Loki and realized that he wasn’t just some messenger, “Let’s play nice.”

Willow said, “But we need him.”

Loki snorted as he slipped his shirt out of Buffy‘s grasp, “Hardly, don’t get me wrong, Alexander Harris is a decent fighter for someone that hasn’t trained extensively for years but you don’t need him on a short term basis.”

Giles asked, “Short term?”

“He brings more to the table long term than he does as just another fighter. Short term you have expendable minions like Angel.”

Buffy glared at the person saying that Angel was expendable, “He can fight. He‘s a champion.”

“I’ll admit that he’s moderately skilled at fighting for a centuries old monster but you’re wrong, he’s not a champion. He’s a love sick cursed corpse that pulled himself out of the cutter where he was eating rats so that he could try to impress you.”

Buffy winced, “He’s trying to do better.”

Loki shrugged, “I’m not saying he’s not trying. I’m just saying that his motives aren’t pure. He seeks to impress more than help. If he really wanted to help he would offer to help train you in a sword. Something that he is particularly good at. He’s a demon that was cursed with a soul by a couple of gypsies back in the day.”

“So that he can atone for what he did…”

Loki snorted, “Nope, they cursed Angelus so that he would suffer. Liam was a drunken lout half the time but he was a product of his times. He was happy in the afterlife until the gypsies pulled his soul out of its rest and bound it to a demon. The worst part is the gypsies left a clause in the curse, one moment of perfect happiness and his soul goes back to the afterlife.”

Willow asked, “How likely is a moment of perfect happiness?”

Loki smiled at Willow, “For you or me, we could try for years and not find that one moment. Angel on the other hand is rather shallow. Sex with a girl he thinks he loves…”

Giles said, “Dear god.”

Loki scowled, “Something like that yes.”

Buffy glared at the strange teenager, “Do you have proof?”

“Talk to your gypsy computer hacker. I’ve delivered my message, I’ll see you around.”

Buffy scowled as the boy vanished, “Lies…”

Willow gulped, “Computer hacker? I’m not a gypsy.”

Elizabeth said, “Maybe not, what do we really know about Angel.”

Buffy looked at Giles, “Giles?”

Giles didn‘t want to crush his Slayer but he didn‘t feel like lying either, “It might be true, he was a horrible monster and the records talk about him getting cursed by gypsies, even Angel has admitted it.”

Buffy muttered, “Leaving a flaw like that would be insane.”

“It would also take less magic to pull off than a full soul binding. If they did the curse for vengeance, they would want him to suffer. The best way to make sure he suffered would be to make sure that he would want to suffer.”

Buffy scowled, “But that’s unfair.”

“Life isn’t fair. Do you know how long the doubles are going to stick around?”

Red said, “Oliver said that we’re permanent.”

Giles winced, “Are there any other side effects of Halloween?”

Willow said, “Sort of…”

Elizabeth giggled, “Maybe.”

Buffy said, “It’s…”

“Like I was saying, it’s all Xander’s fault.” Red launched into her story of the events since they put on their costumes.

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