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The Torture Lovers.

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This story is No. 8 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Grim Up North 2 Story: Stifling a groan of disappointment as yet another night was ruined by death and destruction, Buffy made her way down to the lobby; where she could see at least half a dozen burnt and smouldering corpses lying on the floor.

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Television > Ultimate Force
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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151031,4420193,24824 Mar 144 Apr 14Yes

Chapter One

The Torture Lovers.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ultimate Force or Call of Cthulhu. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with, Ultimate Force (TV) and The Call of Cthulhu (RPG).

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Early July 2006.

Words: Ten chapters each of around 3000 words.

Warnings: Death, destruction, mayhem plus a little light sex.

Summary: A Grim Up North 2 Story: Stifling a groan of disappointment as yet another night was ruined by death and destruction, Buffy made her way down to the lobby; where she could see at least half a dozen burnt and smouldering corpses lying on the floor.


Monday Morning.

“Hi Giles!” Buffy and Willow chorused as they burst into the library shattering its peace with the noise of their arrival.

Pausing in mid-stride, Buffy looked around and very quickly realised that she must be dreaming, it'd been very nearly ten years since she'd been a pupil at Sunnydale High, yet here she was back in the good old library again. This was obviously one of her really vivid slayer dreams, so it might be important, or it could just be her mind taking her on a trip down memory lane. However, she couldn't remember having any really vivid dreams like this since Willow had broken the spell that had been put on her by 'Genial' Harriet Grout. The demon had used dreams to feed on people's minds and Buffy's dreams had started to make the demon Harriet worry about her weight!

“Erm...good morning girls,” Giles called from his little office beyond the counter, “Can I make anyone a cup of tea?”

“Erm, no thanks Giles,” Willow replied as she headed for the computer on the research table, “Not for me.”

“I'm good,” Buffy called as she dumped her school bag on the big, polished, work table, she glanced towards the library; Giles still hadn't appeared to greet them properly, she looked back at Willow and noticed for the first time what her friend was wearing.

The short (and Buffy meant really short) pleated tartan skirt, white knee socks, white blouse and school tie were so not what Willow had normally worn at school. With a feeling of mounting trepidation, Buffy looked down at herself to see what she was wearing; her worse fears were confirmed, she was wearing her old yellow and red, Sunnydale High cheerleader outfit.

Just at that moment, Willow was sitting behind the library's computer going through the start up procedure. Unlike Buffy, Willow didn't appear to have noticed that anything strange was going on. Which, when Buffy thought about it, was how it should be, because unless things were even weirder than she thought they were, this was her dream and Willow was only there because her subconscious told her she should be.

“Oh-my-god!” Buffy groaned quietly, “I'm dreaming about being a sexy cheerleader, that can't be good...” another thought entered Buffy's mind on the heels of the first, “...I wonder if I'm the sort of 'naughty' cheerleader who needs to be spanked?”

“Hey,” Willow looked up from the computer screen and straight at Buffy, “You feeling okay?”

“Oh, yeah, I'm totally fine...why, don't I look fine?” Buffy replied as she looked down at herself again; as far as she could see nothing had changed, like she wasn't standing in the nude waiting for Giles to check in her library books or anything.

“Oh,” Willow frowned with concern, “you look a little pale is all.”

“Pale?” Buffy shook her head as she reached up under her skirt and started to pull down her panties, “No I'm fine.”

Stepping out of her underwear, Buffy stuffed them into her school bag before hitching up her skirt, bending over the table and spreading her legs as wide as she could. It was like being a passenger in her own body, she just couldn't do a thing to stop herself. However, none of her actions felt in anyway strange or inappropriate for the school library, Buffy looked back at her friend only to see Willow slip her hand inside her blouse and start to caress her own breasts; Buffy couldn't help thinking that that was so unlike Willow.

“Sorry Buffy,” Willow said as she started to unbutton her blouse, “but you definitely look ill, but don't worry,” Willow smiled as she slipped her hand inside bra, “Giles'll be here soon to make you feel okay again.”

“Erm, he will?” Buffy tore her eyes away from what her bestfriend was doing and glanced over her shoulder, “Giles!” she called, not knowing what was making her say these things, “Hurry up I'm waiting!”

“Sorry,” Giles came out of his office, tea cup in hand.

Walking briskly across the library Giles placed his cup on the table near Buffy's head before standing behind her. Resting her chin in her hand, Buffy didn't think that anything at all strange or in anyway 'wrong' or unusual was happening, if fact it felt like she did this almost every day. Frowning and wondering what was keeping Giles, she looked over her shoulder again.

“Hey Giles, what are you doing back there, like, you're totally taking forever, much!” Buffy complained “Y'know, there's totally a draft and its blowing right up my...”

Waking up with a scream Buffy sat up in her bed clutching her duvet to her chest.

“That was like so disturbing in so many ways,” Buffy told herself as she swung her legs out of bed, “I totally need to find myself a boyfriend...”


Buffy had first realised that she loved Giles (in a more than a, 'I love you Giles because you're my friend' way) after she'd been caught up in a more than usually bizarre series of events. This voyage of discovery had started with her bathroom ceiling collapsing on her while she was trying to take a shower one morning. After calling Xander in, Buffy discovered that all the water pipes in the block where her chalet was situated needed replacing making her homeless for at least four weeks. Seeing Buffy's dilemma, Giles had invited her to come and stay at his cliff top house while Xander and his friend, Bob (who was a builder) put Buffy's plumbing to rights.

However, fate hadn't finished with Buffy Summers yet. On her very first night in Giles' house, unable to get to sleep, she'd gone down to the kitchen to make herself a hot drink. Seeing light coming in under the back door she'd opened the door and taken a step out into the garden, only to find herself transported to Germany in April 1945. After many adventures, Buffy bumped into Giles' father who at the time was an officer in the British army. Once again, many adventures later and after fighting insane SS officers who were trying to save the Reich by bringing monsters through magic portals. Plus there had been all the werewolves and zombies to deal with; Buffy had realised she was in love with 'her' Giles.

Of course, Buffy being Buffy hadn't moved out of Giles' home as soon as she'd returned from her little time travelling trip to the Third Reich. No, that would have been way too easy. Instead she continued to live with Giles as they slowly turned into a 'couple', but without all the fun sex stuff. This of course was Buffy's own very special way of torturing herself with unrequited love. It was fairly obvious that Giles would never see her as a prospective sexual partner and looked on her as a much beloved daughter, which from Buffy's point of view was all very nice, but not quite nice enough.

As a 'life partner', Giles had several things to recommend him to Buffy; firstly her relationship with Giles was her longest running and, so far, most successful relationship she'd ever had with a man. He'd never hit her (except in the course of training where it was pretty much expected) they'd only argued infrequently. Giles had never once turned evil or had to be killed to prevent him from destroying the world. He'd never tried to kill her or any of her friends. He'd left her once, but had came straight back just when she needed him the most. He'd also never tried to rape her and he'd certainly never left her to fight demons in South America and then come back unexpectedly with a new wife.

Then there was the age difference of course, Giles was much younger than two thirds of Buffy's 'serious' ex-boyfriends had been, but she was sure that she could get over that. In fact, as Buffy washed and dressed that fateful morning, she thought that Giles would make such a good partner that she'd better snap him up before some other woman got her hooks into him. A thought came to Buffy's mind that almost made her break out into a cold sweat; what had happened to that Olivia woman who'd visited Giles a few times in Sunnydale? Were they still in contact, should Buffy put a 'contract' out on her? Was Kennedy available to do the hit?

Sighing as she pulled on her jeans, Buffy sat down on the edge of her bed and told herself to stop acting like a silly schoolgirl with a crush on one of her teachers. Giles would never see her the way she wanted him to see her and she should grow up and act like an adult. Unfortunately the adult she wanted to act like wanted to 'act like an adult' with the man who was in the bedroom just down the landing from hers. Buffy would be quite happy if acting like an adult meant she got dressed up like a 'naughty' cheerleader/schoolgirl.


“Morning Buffy,” Giles called as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hi Giles,” Buffy smiled as she imagined Giles coming over to her and giving her a hug and a 'good morning' peck on the cheek, “Breakfast?”

“Please,” Giles poured himself a cup of tea before going and sitting at the breakfast table.

“Coming right up,” Buffy called cheerily as she broke two eggs into the frying pan on the stove and checked the bacon under the grill.

Ever since she'd moved in, Buffy had cooked for Giles as a way of paying him rent (she'd have willingly paid rent another way, but that would only lead to heartbreak and insanity when Giles refused her 'payment') it would also lead to her having to find somewhere else to live. Anyway, Buffy enjoyed cooking, she'd learnt to cook while she was in prison (on totally trumped up burglary charges), she'd found it relaxing and it was something she was good at that didn't involve killing monsters, plus cooking in Giles' kitchen with all its mod-cons was a pleasure.

“So,” Buffy placed a plate of bacon, eggs and lightly buttered toast in front of Giles, “what does the weird and wacky world of watching hold for you today?”

“I thought I'd try and find out more about this Teotwawki, fellow,” Giles replied as he tucked into his breakfast.

“Still looking for this Tea-up-wanky guy, huh?” Buffy asked with a grin; she knew that her deliberate mispronunciation made Giles slightly cross (maybe she could make him cross enough that he'd want to spank her!) “Oh my...” Buffy sipped her tea to cover her blushes at the thoughts going through her mind, “...I mean you're still on that? I thought you'd decided that it was myth and not something we needed to worry about.”

“Well,” Giles shrugged, “I decided to give it all another look, you never know I might have missed something,” Giles finished eating and placed his knife and fork neatly on his plate before picking everything up and putting them in the dish washer. “What about you?”

“M-Me?” Buffy dragged her eyes away from Giles hands; she'd been imagining them spanking her defenceless, pink bottom, plus she'd never noticed before what big hands Giles actually had.

“Are you all right?” Giles asked solicitously, “You seem a little distracted.”

“Oh!” Buffy laughed off Giles' concerns, “I'm just trying to remember something I needed to do is all.”

“So...?” Giles left the question hanging.

“So...?” Buffy looked at Giles with a slightly confused expression on her face before remembering what they'd been talking about, “Today!” Buffy smiled, “Yes, right...what am I doing today...RIGHT!” Buffy cried out as she finally got the images of Giles spanking her out of her mind and remembered what she was supposed to be doing today. “Yes, its the last intake of trainees final day today, so I'll be overseeing tests all day.”

“Oh good,” Giles nodded as he poured himself another cup of tea, “I'm glad you took my advice to take a more hands on approach to the girl's training.”

“Yeah,” Buffy agreed, wishing Giles would take a more hands on approach with her, “its fun and this is the last intake before the summer break.”

Through August and into September the training side of Slayer Central closed down so that Xander and his work crews could repair any damage done by teenage slayers who hadn't learnt to control their strength yet. Closing the school also meant that the workmen could get on with their work without being pestered by super-strong, teenage, hormone bombs.

“You'll be taking them out tonight then?” Giles asked as he sipped his second cup of tea of the morning.

“Oh yeah,” taking the girls out on their end of training outing was one of Buffy's favourite things, “late night shopping, food and a movie at the Cleveland Shopping Centre, maybe go dancing; they've not decided what they want to do yet.”

“I'll expect the phone calls complaining about all the damage tomorrow morning then,” Giles sniggered from behind his tea cup.

“Oh that was one time, Giles,” Buffy replied eager to defend 'her' girls, “and there were extenuating circumstances.”

“Of course there were,” Giles stood up before clearing the table and putting everything that needed to go in the dish washer into its cavernous maw, “I'm taking the car to work this morning,” Giles, like Buffy, normally walked along the cliff top path to Slayer Central, “I need to go into South Shields later today, do you want a lift?”

“No thanks Giles,” Buffy got up from the table, “I'll walk.”


It was only a five minute walk along the cliff top path from Giles' house to the fence surrounding Slayer Central. However, Buffy liked to take the few minutes that the walk offered to marshal her thoughts before plunging back into the world of slayers and monsters. This morning it seemed she had a lot to think about, perhaps too much for one short walk. To begin with she needed to deal with her lusty feelings towards Giles. If they ever got out of hand it could ruin her relationship with him forever. Of course now there were these new lusty thoughts that involved Giles spanking her, just thinking about it made her feel...well...lusty!

The next thought that struck Buffy made her pause in mid step; weird she told herself as several pieces of information apparently slipped into place. This was really odd and if she didn't feel too embarrassed about talking to someone about it, she might mention it to Willow. First, Willow and Kennedy were heavily into all the bondage and whipping and spanking stuff. Buffy was pretty sure this had a lot to do with Willow still feeling guilty about turning to the 'dark side'. However, Buffy had also found out recently that, Dawn liked to have Faith chain her up. Buffy didn't know if Dawn liked to be spanked or not but... But now, she was having these really vivid imaginings of Giles spanking her; Buffy wondered if there might be something in the water, or, more likely, was there a spell involved somewhere?

Okay, yeah, Dawn had always got herself kidnapped and chained up in dark, dank caves. Then Buffy would rescue her and take her out for pizza and ice cream to help her get over the trauma. Buffy could see now how an impressionable teen could come to associate being chained up with something 'good', because her sister always rescued her and took her out and bought her stuff afterwards. Also, hadn't Willow complained that one time about everyone being spanked except her? Plus there was another thing, how come she was surrounded by lesbian couples (although Faith and Dawn sort of denied they were real lesbians as they only felt attracted to each other). Sighing, Buffy continued along the path. Perhaps she should get Willow to turn her gay again, find herself a girlfriend who was into all the spanking and bondage and start triple dating with her friends and family...they could have sex fueled, bondage orgies.

“Oh my god,” Buffy muttered, “what am I thinking of?”

Finding herself at the cliff entrance to Slayer Central, Buffy looked up at the camera that watched the gate and waved. There was a buzz as the duty slayer unlocked the electronic lock and the gate swung slowly open. Walking onto the old holiday camp where Slayer Central had its home, Buffy looked up at the sky. As usual there was a fresh breeze coming in off the North Sea; she loved the smell of the fresh, salt air, it really helped her wake up in the morning. However, this morning the breeze wasn't so welcome. Turning and looking out over the silk-like grey sea she saw clouds on the horizon.

“Looks like rain,” she smiled; Buffy guessed that by the time the trainees were on the outdoors part of their tests it would be pouring down, “Good!” she said to herself as she headed along the path towards the admin block; if it was raining the trainees would really have to work to pass their fitness test.


Walking into the admin block Buffy called a cheery 'good morning' to the duty slayer who was still sitting at the reception desk waiting for the full-time receptionist to arrive. Walking along the corridor further into the block, Buffy went through the open door and into the main conference room. It'd had to be completely remodelled after it had been hit by a mortar bomb during an attack on the camp by religious fanatics. Xander had done a fantastic job getting all the repair work to the camp completed in only a couple of weeks; luckily the camp's insurance covered attacks by religiously motivated terrorists.

The memory of the attack reminded Buffy to find out what had happened to those defence lasers she'd ordered some weeks before. Too many people seemed to be able to just walk into Slayer Central and do what they pleased. If it wasn't people planting false evidence in her chalet or religious fanatics attacking the camp, it was CIA spies trying to steal her bathroom; it had to stop.

“Hi-de-Hi!” Willow greeted Buffy with a big grin on her face; Willow liked test days, they reminded her of school and she loved playing the school ma'am.

“Ho-de-Ho!” Buffy gave the traditional reply.

Buffy didn't know how the 'Hi-de-Hi/Ho-de-Ho' thing had got started; she had two theories. Either it was started by some of the first British girls to come to the camp or (and Buffy thought this more likely) it had been started by Dawn who appeared to have a deep love for old, British TV sitcoms. However it always started, within hours of a new intake of trainees turning up, Buffy found herself being greeted with cries of 'Hi-de-Hi, Ms Summers!' Buffy had tried to ignore the calls at first, but the girls had looked like kicked puppies when she didn't give the traditional reply of 'Ho-de-Ho'. Eventually she'd relented and joined in the 'fun'. As it turned out the 'Hi-de-Hi/Ho-de-Ho' greeting and reply had become a useful way for slayers to identify each other once they'd been released back into the wild. It also gave the young slayers (whatever their background) who'd gone through the Slayer Central training régime something in common, it was a little like a secret handshake.

Walking over to the coffee and doughnuts (another training day tradition), Buffy poured herself a cup of coffee before turning to look at her oldest and bestest friend in the whole wide world.

“You're looking disgustingly smug and pleased with yourself,” Buffy grinned before sipping her coffee and asking, “Kennedy get you pregnant yet?”


Authors note: Now you've got this far its time to come clean! The first two chapters of this story are sort of a 'Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer'; or me saying stuff about the characters and how the Slayer Organisation is run. Plus there are some thoughts on other stuff and how it affects the slayers. The death and destruction really starts in chapter three, so I'm posting the first two chapters together.
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