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Halloween, HVulpes Style

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Summary: YAHF. Various Halloween style stories, hopefully, from the mind of me, HVulpes.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredHvulpesFR18610,02502014,58524 Mar 146 Dec 14No

The Amazing T-Xander

Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Josh Whedon/WB/UPN . All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Jackie Chan Adventures or Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Uses dialogue from the second season episode "Halloween". Thank you very much.

The Amazing T-Xander

Chapter One

"I think I'll ace my french test and if I ever need to weave a dress I'll be okay." Buffy said as she commented on what she had gained from the experience of becoming her costume. Willow had mentioned how she kept walking into doors and walls due to her costume. She continued, "I was really hoping Xander kept those superpowers he got. The heat vision, super strength and speed.. was a Superman in a green cape. Who were you anyways, Xander?"

"The cape apparently was from a TV show which hasn't existed yet based on Jackie Chan. The character was a 10 year old girl, so it's a good thing I just got the powers and understanding of it more then her personality. Not sure how, but it was chaos magic...

I was basically a male Xander version of Jade Chan's T-Girl, T-Xan. With the powers of the mystical Talismans of Shendu merged with my body." commented Xander, as Giles eyes became interested in it.

"Mystic talismans? Could you explain what you mean?"

"Shendu was one of eight demon sorcerers, the demon sorcerer of fire. Most of the powers were in the talismans within his body. When the immortal Lo Pei banished Shendu, the Talismans were sent to the four corners of the world to safe guard their powers. At one point a dark chi wizard tried to take their powers and the powers ended up in Jade and therefore me in this case." started Xander, as he expected to get interrupted. However, Giles seemed focused on him and his story, moved to keep the young women (Buffy) from stopping him.

"The Talisman are based on the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. Starting with the rat we have the powers of Animation, Super Strength, Balance between Yin and Yang, Super Speed, Combustion, Invisibility, Healing and/or Renewal, Astral Projection, Animal-based Shape-shifting, Levitation, Immortality and Heat Vision. Which I still have." said Xander as he demonstrated some of his powers by floating into the air, lifting the heavy table with a finger, and moving at super speed.

"Oh, my... This a bit troubling." said Giles as he took off his glasses and began to rub them more.

"What the problem? Xander has superpowers. Heck, Xander is immortality and can heal himself. Nothing to worry about." answered Buffy as she looked a little relieved at the situation.

"It might be a good thing Xander has these powers, if he can keep himself from abusing them... to much. I expect Mr. Harris has tried experimenting with his invisibility and super speed in the girls washroom." Xander looked guilty as Giles said this, as Buffy and Willow developed glares and a 'we will speak of this later' look. The Watcher continued, "What worries me is the power. It is possible it's from the chaos magic itself and the costume of a future TV show Ethan must have gotten from a seer.

The problems is the power might also come from this demon sorcerer, Shendu. "

"Giles? If he's from a TV show, he's not real. So he can't hurt us." answered the red haired young woman, hoping this ended the conversation.

"No, just because something is made up doesn't mean it's not real. It just might not be real here! Both science and magic make clear other worlds and dimensions exist, with endless possibilities. Which means just because something is fictional here, does not mean that in a number of worlds which are infinite there does not exist the same fictional characters. Which is why I want to know what there is to know of Shendu." asked the older man, with clear iron in his voice.

"One of eight demon sorcerer siblings who once ruled the Earth. Po Kong, the Mountain Demoness. Tchang Zu, the Thunder Demon. Hsi Wu, the Sky Demon. Tso Lan, the Moon Demon. Dai Gui, the Earth Demon. Bai Tsa, the Water Demoness. Xiao Fung, the Wind Demon. They were sealed in a prison dimension by the eight immortals and can only be freed using a magic doodad called the Pan Ku Box at their personal portal around the world. However, once opened if the demon is sent back the portal is locked forever.

...And how am I remember this. The Demon Hunt happened after the T-Girl episode." said Xander, looking nervous on how he knew things which he shouldn't have.

"As you said, it could be chaos magic. Chaos being it's nature, anything can happen. This is also a problem as it could bring any number of the same elements to life. Including the demon sorcerers. The problems is the fact we lurk over the Hellmouth, a weak spot between hell dimensions. Which this prison dimension the demon sorcerers are locked up in could be considered. If they exist, they could use it to manifest in this dimension much easier then in the world of this cartoon. They wouldn't need more then one portal to escape from.

If these talisman powers are an example of the powers of these beings, we might be in major trouble." continued the Librarian, as they all looked worried.

From beyond the planes...

The Demon Sorcerers didn't stand as much existed in the void-less space of their prison dimensions. All nine of them, the eight demon sorcerer siblings and a ninth in the form of Draco the son of Shendu. Draco had gathered elements of his aunts and uncles powers to make himself the combined power of the eight. But as he tried to take over the world, his father with all of his talismans had arrived and they had battled for dominance. Only to be imprisoned here by their enemies. Trapped forever...except...

"Interesting. Brother Shendu, you have all of your talismans?" asked the Moon demon as he looked at the dragon-man looking brother.

"Yes, Tso Lan. As much as it can do me here in this so-called world." answered the demon of fire to his brother.

"Yes, I can feel them. A second set of Talismans, in another world... a much better world full of darkness and chaos. Created by demons, long banished by man. Ripe to be ruled by demons again." Mentioned Hsi Wu, as he could feel the connection between the new talismans and the other within his brother.

"Better yet, the barriers between hell worlds are weaker there. The Talismans are over top one big open sore of a portal. The right ritual cast on it would not just release one of us..." Continued the demoness of water.

"...But all of us. Once released, together we will be able to crush all resistance and become rulers of the Earth again. Without the spells of the immortals, they will not be able to banish us. Even if they did, as you have said, the barriers are weaker and allow for easier entry." continued the demon of the wind.

"It will also allow us to gain revenge against the Chans. Once we have built our armies and forces on this new world, we will return to the old one and make it serve us again." finished off Tchang Zu, as they made their plans.

"Yeah, that would be awesome... except we're all stuck on this side of the door. The side without the lock. How do you hope to get on the other side to unlock it?" asked Draco as he was becoming frustrated at the situation.

"Not all of us are locked in here. Right, Shendu?" mentioned Po Kong, as she looked her brother, tiny compared to her when he was larger then the tallest man.

"The power of the Sheep Talisman does give me the power of Astral Projection, which could allow me to leave this world. It was not practical with all of the portals sealed against us, but in a new world with a more powerful gate with weaker boundaries... It should be easier. I expect you will place much of the same limits on me as last time, bound to a single host till the gate is open." asked Shendu, remembering when his siblings had used him imprisoned in spirit form to free them by possessing people. Many times close to success.

"As expected, since you will also be using our powers to guide you. As you are ready, brother." answered the Moon demon, as Shendu moved into position to use his talisman. His spirit was set free and he was zooming into a new world. Passing a sign saying Sunnydale.
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