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Halloween, HVulpes Style

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Summary: YAHF. Various Halloween style stories, hopefully, from the mind of me, HVulpes.

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The Divine Mr. Harris Verison One: LaXander

Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Ed Greenwood/Wizards of the Coast and Josh Whedon/WB/UPN . All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Forgotten Realms or Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Uses dialogue from the second season episode "Halloween". Thank you very much.

The Divine Mr. Harris Verison One: LaXander

Chapter One

Xander arrived in the middle of a discussion between his oldest friend Willow and their new friend Buffy, who happened to be a vampire slayer. When Willow called him with a Hey! He came up to them, where Willow asked the question of the night....

"What did you get?"

He showed them the bag which contained some bits of his costume, like the crown and the cape and the golden body make up. He had originally going to go on the cheap, but the robbery of his manhood on both the Larry and Angel fronts caused him to want to splurge to regain it. They looked at the pieces and asked the question...

"Okay. I'm clueless. What are you suppose to be?" asked Buffy as she didn't quite get it. Willow looked clueless at the same time.

"I'll give you till we meet at your house before going to school to figure it out. But I doubt you will."

"Hey, look, Xander... I'm... really sorry about this morning." started Buffy as he figured she was apologizing again.

"Don't worry about it. I'm overcomposating with my costume. There's a clue for you if you wanted to know." he started, before he saw Buffy get distracted by a costume, walking to it slowly.

Seeing what it was... a frilly, red, and billowy 18th-century gown... causing him to guess that Buffy was planning to use it to get Angel's attention. He and Willow followed as his redhaired friend said, "It's amazing."

"Too bulky. I prefer my women in spandex." he replied as he really would love to see Buffy, who he had a crush on, in spandex. Like Catwoman or Wonder Woman. still it looked like something from Angel's first life, and Buffy was going to get it if she could make a deal. He could tell that given her determination.

'Still, she might look good in it after all.'


Buffy answered the door in her costume of an 18th century lady to see Xander in costume. His skin had been painted in gold and he wore a blond wig. He had a crown, more like a circlet around his head. He wore some make shift armour made of cardboard painted gold as well with a rising sun crudely painted on it, and grey cloak.

He bowed before her and spoke, "LaXander, God of the Dawn and Creativity welcomes the..." He seems to stop for a moment, as he gazed at her in the costume, before continuing, "Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe. I completely renounce spandex."

Buffy curtsied to Xander and answered, "Thank you, kind lord. But wait till you see..."

They turn to look up the stairs at Willow. Who had put overtop the sexy outfit Buffy had created for her, the ghost costume the shy girl had bought at the shop. A ghost sheet with the word Boo! on the front in bold letters. Willow replied, Hi."

"...Casper." finished Buffy, a little annoyed and disappointed all the work had been for nothing.

"Hey, Will. That's a fine boo you got there." commented the boy dressed as a god.

Buffy decided to at least see if Willow knew who Xander was, "Willow, do you know who LaXander is?"

Willow turned her gaze on Xander and gave a little giggle, "I think it's a combination of Xander and Lathander. Lathander was a greater god of neutral good from the D&D world of the Forgotten Realms. Big and powerful deity who hates evil and undead. Jessie, Xander and me played once and a while."

"Well, if something happens to me, it looks like the Hellmouth is in good hands. Ah, Divine lord of donuts." continued Buffy as she ribbed Xander.

Much Later Still...

In a shop one word was spoken, "Showtime!, and true chaos began!

Lathander discovered himself on a strange Prime Material Plane, one with more advance technology then Gond could imagine and magic stranger then Mystra knew. He also had the memories and knowledge of the body who's body he was possessing, even if it was not by will.

'The magics of this world, the energies of this gateway to multiple fiendish realms, and the power of a god of chaos has allowed myself to be merged with this body. A world created by fiends, freed by humans... this is a wrong which needs righting.' Thought the new god as he made some changes with his spells, and sent off a number of Avatars to do his will. Yet he could feel he would soon be needed here.

Soon a ghost came up to him, in the image of a... Willow, yes the young man he was mingling with was friends with this Willow. She explained called to him and he began to explain to her, "I am LaXander, God of the Dawn. I believe divine magics have been cast to make people become what they had been wearing. We will need to be prepared for the darker forces who will take advantage of this.

The following day...

They were gathered in the library, finding out the effects of Halloween. Like Buffy mastering French and having a need to knit. Or Willow walking into doors. Xander's results were a little bit more noticeable.

"Xander... you're glowing. Literally glowing with a halo of light." spoked Giles, as he had dropped his glasses while he had been rubbing them.

"Apparently, Lathander saw the inactions of the forces of good as a sin which needed to be corrected. So he used his magic to permanent transform me into LaXander, with all of the power he had at the time. I know what he knows, I can do what he can do, including answering prayers and spells." Xander gave the answers and knew what they were thinking.

"Okay, but why do try to help the forces of good here. It wouldn't effect a fictional world?" answered Buffy, as she added, "Not that I mind, you know, having a god on my side. Who would?"

"Just because something is fictional in one world, doesn't mean it is fictional in another. With the number of universes which are constantly created, as both religon and sciences seems to point to, means even fictional worlds will become real eventually.

Then there is the problem of ignoring a prolem just because it doesnt involve you. America did that in both World Wars... till problems over there, made it over here. Lathander is afraid a victory of evil fiendish forces here, could come back to haunt him in the realms. So he has strength me here to deal with it." Xander made it known why things had turned out the way they had. Or at least one of him. As a god based on the Dungeon and Dragons mold meant he could create Avatars. Up to twenty versions of himself, each with a smaller amount of his power, but also able to be customized.

Which he could also swap out for the orginal him at any moment. But he had been doing many things at once, the ultimate multitasking. Including a few resurrections. Using his spells, he had found out about Drusilla and her potential which had been stolen by Angel. As one part of his mind spoke with Giles and his friends, another part was with the Avatar with the newly resurrected former vampire seer. He had been fortunate to summon her souls, else he would have killed her with the light of the dawn.

'I use my powers to unite body, soul and life. Banishing the demon. But the pain of her sins were driving her even more mad then Angel had driven her. So I tried to soothe her with my power, to let her see the world from my eyes. It rendered her functionally insane and her body strengthened... and hopeless in love with me. Which yeah, a cute older woman in love with me, cool even if she had been a vampire. But a little crazy. Especially since I have taught her the method to become a cleric of mine, even a Morninglord if she desires.

Also brought back the former Deadboy, and am teaching him how to be a paladin. Fits him. Wonder how he's going to take the modifications I made to his paladinhood. Like making his special mount a celestrial unicorn... bright hot pink in colour, pink as the dawn. Or the personality of the talking 'corn.' Xander had a happy thought on that, even as he knew the Harris luck would turn him being a god as much pain as pleasure.


The Powers That Be didn't like the changes which had occurred but were unable to undo them because of orders beyond them. They were allowed to equalize the effect, merging another with a god from the world of Toril with their permissions. Which is how a certain young robotics genius came to have new green eyes which began to glow, his hand in a black technological gauntlet.

"Look out world, Banren Mears, The Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness, has arrived!"
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