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Just a Dash of Hope

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Summary: “There is a place – another dimension – that does not view prophesy in the same manner we have done. There is no inevitability – they fight the Fates. And,” she looked positively dumfounded, “they have often won.”

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DC Universe > Teen TitanssmolderFR1844,2781208,61525 Mar 145 May 14No

chapter one: beyond reach

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Teen Titans belongs to DC (although this is the cartoon version of things) and BtVS/Angel belongs to Joss Whedon.
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-Birthmark for Teen Titans and Post-Series for both Buffy and Angel
A/N: This is a Challenge fic (7886: Raven gets some help) for the lovely SongBirdie whom I have always loved talking to (and writing for) in the past. I am writing form memory (and wiki recaps of things) so I apologize if I have a few things a bit off.) Hope you like it!
A/N 2: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

chapter one: beyond reach


He comes awake suddenly with the sound of his own name said firmly in his mind. And Robin supposes he should be startled to see her perched there upon the edge of his bed in the middle of the night but honestly – who else could it be? Because of the bond between their minds he is always very aware of her presence, and while that closeness should be scary to one like him, brought up by someone as intensely paranoid as Batman, instead it's almost comforting.

Yes, Raven? he responds back teasingly knowing she'll mentally pick it up, but she doesn't even smile – he doesn't even feel a hint of her amusement. She simply stares at him for a long moment, and it is then that he starts to worry, then that unease over the oddity of this situation curls in his gut. He is still oddly aware of her fragility since her birthday - has nightmares of getting there seconds late: just in time to watch her fall, smash upon the ground. And even though he caught her: hair long, clothes in tatters, and those marks like brands on her pale skin - there had been a shaken look in Raven's eyes that held a difference far greater then any of the outward ones (not broken but bruised - badly - on the inside where it was much harder to heal), that had made Robin hate Slade more then he ever has before.

“I have to leave, Robin,” she says out loud this time, scattering his morbid thoughts, her deep purple eyes impossibly solemn.

“Leave?” he blurts the words, sitting up abruptly, trying to stay calm, not to simply panic as a part he now hopes she can't hear just repeats on a loop: please don't go. No; no, not you too. Please, don't leave us. Don't leave me.

“I received a message from Azarath. It was urgent,” she does not plead – her voice remains monotone – but he can still read in her that she wants him to understand this. That this is something that she does not necessary want to do, she needs to. And Robin understands loyalty to a place, to a people, you have long since left – know that one phone call would have him off to Gotham.

So he swallows down what he wants to say and simply asks, “When will you be going?”

“Now,” is her one word response and she stands to leave right then. a portal forming on his formally plain grey wall. “Tell the others goodbye for me,” and again her tone does not change, only his link to her gives Robin enough information to worry.

“Wait,” he yells after her and she looks over her shoulder back at him, while she is already half way through the swirling darkness “when will you be back, Raven?”

But she does not hear or chooses not to answer - either way her shadows curl behind her and the portal closes, cutting her off from his eyes. Leaving him behind in a room utterly alone.

You are coming back? Aren't you, Raven? his mind whispers, but again there is no answer, she is already to far beyond his reach.
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