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Symmetries - From Pandora to Panem

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Summary: In the future state of Panem, Katniss and Peeta are in the midst of the 74th Hunger Games. Unbeknown to the two tributes from district 12, they will receive help from a world far away. A force that will bring them together and help them fight to survive.

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Katniss was dreaming. Dreaming of another land in another time.

He is flying, flying high in the sky on a winged beast; an ikran. He glides over the canopy of the forest, a sea of green stretching endlessly below him. He flies between two mountains of rock and foliage that seem to be floating in the air far above the ground. The flying beast squawks and flaps its wings as he steers it through a massive arch of rock that rises up high into the sky. Gliding gently through the air, he looks down upon a massive tree of silver nestled in a large basin of rock, glittering magically in the sunlight. The Tree of Souls.

The beast squawks again as he steers it back towards his home, a massive tree rising out from the forest in the distance. Kelutral. His Hometree. In the distance, the outline of a massive gas giant fills the daytime sky, its surface tinted in hues of blue and purple. He feels the wind on his face. He hears the air gently rushing past his ears and the occasional flap of the ikran's wings. He feels free. He feels alive. He is living happier times.

Another rider flies towards him. Her ikran squawks as she turns it in a wide spiral to position herself alongside him. He looks at her and sees a beautiful female warrior. He knows her. Like him, she is Na'vi. She has blue skin, wears tribal clothing and is equipped with a bow. She smiles gently and nods to him a formal greeting. He smiles and shouts her name. It is a name that pains and comforts his heart in equal measure. "Neytiri!"

Katniss awoke to find herself lying hidden beside a large fallen tree trunk in the forest. She sat up and found that someone had attached leaves to her arms. Someone had tried to camouflage her.

She was sure she could have not done it herself. The last thing she remembered before falling unconscious was stumbling through the forest; her mind assaulted by visions and hallucinations caused by the tracker jacker venom.

Then her thoughts turned to the image of Peeta telling her to run. Was that real? She wasn't sure, but she thought it was. She wanted to believe that vision was real. If it was him, he had saved her. He had not betrayed her after all and took a great risk for her. She wondered where he was and found herself desperately hoping he was alive and well.

Then she thought of the dream she had when she was unconscious. There had been no sense of the danger, pain and urgency she had experienced from the visions caused by the tracker jacker venom. Instead, the dream had been warm and comforting. She remembered flying through the sky over a beautiful untouched land of forest and mountain. It seemed like a place of fantasy and mythology. But Katniss was sure that the place was real. She was also sure that the blue warrior she dreamt of was also real. She smiled remembering the feeling of happiness she had felt in that dream. Yes, it was a dream of happier times. Happier times that did not belong to her.

Katniss looked around her. Her bow, arrows and backpack were lying beside her. The remains of a fire smouldered on the ground. Someone had made their camp here.

Katniss looked around. She saw movement behind a tree about ten yards in front of her. A little dark-skinned face peered round the tree trunk and then disappeared again.

Katniss got up on her feet, picked up her belongings and slowly approached the tree. She reached the tree and said three words.

"I see you."

When there was no reply, Katniss spoke again gently.

"I know you're there Rue. You can come out."

Rue poked her head out from the other side of the tree. She had an apprehensive expression on her little young face.

"It's OK." Katniss smiled at her. "I'm not going to do you any harm."

Rue came out of her hiding place and Katniss offered her hand in a sign of friendship. Rue smiled and accepted it. The two girls walked hand in hand to the tree trunk where Katniss was lying before and sat on the ground.

Katniss looked at the small frame of Rue beside her. She looked so innocent, just like Prim, Katniss' little sister in district 12.

He sits beside a young Na'vi girl. She smiles up shyly at him. He looks down tenderly at her pretty face. She is not a warrior. She is too gentle a soul for that. He looks fondly at her. She is like a little sister to him. He puts his hands tenderly on her cheek. She puts her hand on his and smiles.

Katniss was surprised to experience another vision. She had assumed that they were caused by the tracker jacker venom. However, she found that this time the vision was neither disagreeable nor intrusive. If anything it was quite pleasant.

"How long have I been out" Asked Katniss.

"A couple of days." Replied Rue. "I changed your leaves a couple of time a day."

"Thank you." Katniss smiled at Rue. She was genuinely grateful. She looked in wonder at the young girl who had shown so much courage to aid her.

"Was anyone killed when I was unconscious." Asked Katniss.

"The girl from 1 and the boy from 10." Answered Rue.

There was no one from district 12. That meant Peeta was still alive, at least for the moment. However, she was still unsure about her feelings for Peeta. She believed he had helped her before, but she was not sure. She needed to find out if he was still with the careers.

"And what about the boy from my district. Is he still with the others?"

"No. He is not with them." Answered Rue. " I think he is down by the river."

Katniss breathed a sigh of relief. She was pleased Peeta was still alive. But she was even more heartened that he was no longer working with the career tributes. Perhaps she could trust him.

"Is it true?" Asked Rue teasingly, leaning against Katniss. "You and him?"

Katniss did not answer. She just blushed and gave an embarrassed smile. She was not completely sure of her feelings for Peeta. She certainly was not going to deny anything in front of the hidden cameras when she and Peeta were supposed to be the star-crossed lovers. That could ruin her chances of receiving gifts from sponsors.

She wondered if it would be a good idea to go and look for Peeta down by the river. But, despite the fact that he was no longer working with the careers, she was still not completely sure she could trust him.

Also, Katniss had to think of Rue. She realised that Rue had shown a lot of trust and courage in helping her. Katniss knew that she could trust her in return. She turned to Rue.

"They are not the only ones who can make allies, you know." Said Katniss, referring to the career tributes. "Do you want to be my ally?"

Katniss offered her hand to Rue again, this time in a symbol of solidarity.

He holds out her hand. The young girl looks up at him and smiles. She takes his hand in hers. He looks into her young innocent eyes. She gives him something to fight for. Something to defend. She represents the beauty and innocence of his people. And he swears he will protect her whatever the cost.

Rue took Katniss' hand and smiled shyly again. They looked at each other uncomfortably. There could only be one winner. They both know that no alliance could last.

Katniss did not want to think about that unpleasant fact for too long. She was feeling hungry after being unconscious for so long. It was time for her to go hunting.
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