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Nearly Lost My Way

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A few scenes at the Cleveland Slayer House that didn't fit into 'Getting There' and they won't fit in the next fic either. Puck/Artie, Spike/Xander.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter Two

Nearly Lost My Way
Word count: 825

A/N: Finn is alive in my verse...just a reminder. Its the best way I know of honoring the character and the actor. Please don't give me grief for it. Also remember this is just a filler fic.


They weren't expecting the sheer number of people present as the cage elevator came to a stop. It wasn't just the current Glee members peering at them from the living room; many of the past members were there too including Rachel, Kurt...Mr. Shue, Emma, Coach Biest and Sue. Even Karofsky was there...and sort of staring at Xander in shock. Huh.

Sue eyed the elevator as they exited it. “It’s almost like this house was made for you, Wheels.”

Xander snorted. “Trust me, the elevator was there when I bought the house.”

Her gaze zeroed in on him, eyes appraising. “So you own this mini mansion. I like a man with means to support a family. The eye patch is a bit much, but kudos for dramatic flair.”

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Yes I am.”

Xander smirked. “Billy Idol look-alike is mine.”

“I am not a bloody look-alike. Bastard saw me at a party and stole my look! The git.” Spike grumbled, eyes flashing gold. Several gleeks edged away from him. Funnily enough Marley looked fascinated by him.

Sue sighed heavily. “Figures.”

“Nothing personal.” Xander shrugged. “But every woman I've ever dated has tried to kill me at some point either during, or after, the relationship.”

Spike sashayed to Xander and leaned in for a quick grope. “Anya didn't try to kill you.”

“She tried to encourage Cordelia to kill me after the break up Cordy and I went through...and she wanted to kill me after our break up.”

Puck grinned. “But Spike's never tried to kill you.”

“Didn't say that. The only times Spike tried to kill me were before we got together.”

“Oi! When did I directly try to kill you?”

“When you crashed Parent Teacher night and Angel offered me as a you.”

“Was only going to nibble at you.” A smirk graced his face. “You were all long legs then; your shoulders weren’t quite as broad and those lovely chocolate puppy eyes. You were a treat at sixteen luv.”

“That's actually kinda creepy also kidnapped me and Willow Senior year...after you brained me with a microscope.”

“Wasn't that bad.”

“It was a severe concussion. There was blood. You carried my unconscious body to your burnt out lair.”

“I was evil and soulless.”

Xander grinned. “I know. I forgave you years ago. After all.” He tapped at his eye patch. “If you hadn't gotten Caleb away from me...I'd either have no eyes...or I'd be dead.”

“Should have gotten to you faster.”

“Don't worry about it...” Then he glared. “If you start brooding like Angel you're sleeping on the couch.”

“I do not brood!”

Connor cleared his throat; all eyes fell on him...and Unique who was sitting on his lap. “So that's why you hate my dad? Because he gave you to Spike? I kinda just speculated before.”

Xander shrugged. “My issues with Angel go back before that, grabbing me by the throat and shoving me under Spike's fangs certainly didn't help though. I was an emasculated sixteen-year-old. I was bitter that I couldn't compare to a dark, suave Master of Brood.”

“I'm totally telling him you called him that.”

Too many jaws seemed to be permanently dropped due to the conversation, then Artie, clapped his hands. “Listen up yo, Puck is supposed to give you The Speech.”

“Alright kids.” He glared at Xander who just smiled back. “I'm only a Watcher in Training, but the boss insists I do this since you're my people.” He took a breath. “It goes like this. The world is older than you know. Demons are real and they ruled this bitch we call Earth. Until they got stoned out of their minds and fell into a bunch of Hell dimensions and humanity helped them fall into them a bit. One demon attacked a human and mixed their blood. And now instead of the 'Old Ones' we have not so apocalyptic demons running around and vampires. There are only two vampires on our side. Angel, which is Connor's dad, even though Connor is human he can totally rip a car to pieces with his bare hands.” Connor gave them a wave when all eyes landed on him. “And Spike. And no, Spike does not sparkle in the sun...he starts smoking and catches on fire.”

“If Giles heard you butcher The Speech like that his reaction wouldn't be pretty.”

Puck and Xander shared a grin. “Good thing Giles isn't here. The last thing I want is to witness Ripper coming out to mangle someone.”

“But that's so fun.” Spike chuckled. “Rupert scares the hell out of the Director of Homeland Security.”

Puck shook his head and looked over the gleeks. “Any questions?”

Finn raised his hand. “Where do I sign up?”

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