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Heritage by Sibling - Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: Screen Capture Manipulation ***Final Elements Posted***

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Television > Avengers, The(Recent Donor)kvkFR1351,244175,1314 Feb 0412 Feb 04Yes

Final Art for Heritage by Sibling


by Sibling

Screen Capture Manipulation


Additional chapters will show the progression to this final picture.


"A BtVS Crossover with The Avengers"

Heritage by sibling brings together two breakthrough universes with the undeniable internal logic necessary to a true fan of either show. Both shows dealt with the extraordinary, always had a woman who could take care of herself while saving the world and, to my mind, the most important thing for longevity; characters built more through witty dialogue and interaction than through exposition.
Knowledge of The Avengers is not a prerequisite to enjoy this marvelous fic. It's just a bonus to those who are already fans of Emma Peel and John Steed. I hope that new fans will be drawn to investigate this classic TV series by the same hints of their adventures that so intrigue Xander.

Thanks to sibling, not just for the great fic but for being my "beta" for this art. It's much, much better than my original effort due to his input.
BtVS screen caps are from
Picture of 'Catherine' Peel from
All work done in Adobe Photoshop for pleasure not profit.
Component words and pictures remain the property of their original creators and assigns.
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