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Reconcilation or Annihilation

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Summary: Xander and Buffy had a falling out some years ago. Years later Buffy tries to mend the fences but finds out that Xander has something that he didn't have before

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Supernatural > Xander-CenteredgoldenspringtimeFR151122,32101312,36615 Apr 1427 Aug 14No

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Buffy.

A/N: Small Charmed Crossover.

Xander woke up with a start. When he realized that he wasn't in his usual bed it came back quickly to him that he was at Sam and Dean's house. He sat up and looked over to the love seat where Em was still sleeping he let out a breath of relief.

He got up and walked around the house until he found the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror. He looked old and worn he had more scars on his face and on his entire body then he had before since he didn't have slayer healing. He sighed at his reflection He wasn't that much older than when he had been with Buffy, but he looked a lot older. Plus now he had two eyes. He traced the outline of his eye and got lost in memories.

Two years ago he had been on the trail of a demon, the Hellmouth sort who was killing lots and lots of people. He had tracked it down to a series of mossy caves that had smelt like arm pits and onion a very overpowering and smelly odor. Xander had searched the smelly caves for a while before the he had heard something, only his experience made his reaction so fast. He had turned around, just in time to see a demon who had charged him. The demons had been one of the weirdest demons he had ever seen before in his life. The first thing he had noticed was that the demon had had tusks. Then he noticed his skin was the same color and texture as a normal human except it was twice as thick. That and everything was webbed.

Of course his musings had been interrupted by the tusked man who had charged at him. Xander had sidestepped him barely, the tusked man was fast. The tusk man had come around again for him and he had barely managed to evade that one as well. He had lifted the sword he brought with him because when in doubt cut of the head was his motto, not much could live without its head. The tusk man had come for him again and Xander had rushed at it with his sword. Which had turned out to be a mistake when his sword had missed but the tusked demon had skewered him with his tusks. Of course since the tusks were attached to the demon while he was being skewered, he had had another chance to run his sword through him, which he had.

Several thoughts had run through his head. The biggest on his mind was that he was going to die in a smelly cave. That Em would be alone, oh and the pain, the pain was getting worse. Then he felt tingling all over he opened his eyes not even realizing that he had closed them. The cave was still Mossy and smelly but it was also glowing. Was he dying? Was that the light at the end of the tunnel? Xander had watched the light hazily since his vision was starting to blur. He still wasn't sure to this day exactly what it was he saw. It looked humanoid but it was glowing that about when he had to close his eye because it was too heavy to keep open anymore.

Later he had woken with a start; he had looked around to try to figure out what had happened. The fight had come back to him. Xander had felt his chest which was whole, like nothing had ever been in there nearly killing him. About was about at this time he had also realized something was different. It had taken him a few minutes to pinpoint it but he had, his vision was different. He had taken off his eyes patch and had realized his vision covered more than it had before. He had covered up one eye, the eye he had before and realized he could see out of his other eye. He had been dumbfounded he had had no idea what happened and to this day he still had no idea.

"Xander! Em! Breakfast" he heard. He smiled and pushed all thoughts of his eye to the back of his mind. He was among friends, whatever else had happened and whatever was happening now he had to remember to take joy where he could find it, and he knew he should take it while he was here.

"Save me some bacon." he yelled and hurriedly opened the door and ran to the kitchen.

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