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Harris Heresy

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Summary: Series of YAHF One Shots: These are just a few crossover ideas I've had about WH40K and BtVS, I hope you enjoy.

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Games > Fantasy > Warhammer 40,000HarbingerFR1544,86811710,46827 Apr 1428 Jul 14No

I: Deadboy,
 eat you're heart out!

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, all Warhammer and Buffy characters and property belong to there owners, GameWorkshop and Mutant Enemy's respectively.

AU Notes: Hello, before we begin I would like to say that this is my very first published story so please, while I'm alright, in fact I welcome constructive criticism with open arms and will glady listen to you're advice, please no flaming.

==Thought for the day==
"Never Forget, Never Forgive! The Fallen Must Repent!"
— Deathwing Catechism

He had thought it would be funny at the time, was the only thing he could say in his defence. Just a little inside joke that he could laugh at to amuse himself for the night, something he could smirk to himself. Just a little pot shot at Deadboy, to show he wasn't the only dark, brooding super powered warrior with a dark past and compulsive need for atonement of crimes that technically he shouldn't need to feel sorry for.

And so with a little help from Jonathan, who was kind enough to help him with a few of the finer details, he was a Dark Angel, a member of the first legion of the Adeptus Astartes, more commonly know as the Space Marines or for the more pious followers of the Imperial Cult the Angels of Death. A genetically engineered super soldier designed by the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind to unite all of humanity under the galactic spanning Imperium of Man.

There was of course two considerable snags with that...

One, was that an old friend of Rupert Giles, the chaos Mage Ethan Rayne had came to town and decided to play a rather malicious prank on Giles and Sunnydale at large by casting a spell on all of the costumes he was selling from the store he had set up so that when the spell was cast they would in fact turn into the costume the trick or treaters had selected, or made for themselves from anything at Ethan's.

Second was that Xander himself only had a passing knowledge of the Dark Angels Space Marines chapter, which was why he asked Jonathan, a consummate sci-fi geek at heart to help. He had decided to go with the Primarch of the Dark Angels, one of the twenty Genetically engineered sons of the God-Emepror, demigods designed to wage a galactic crusade of conquest and who's genetics were used to create the Space Marines.

They were giants that towered over mortal men physically, mentally and spiritually.

Truly, beings of unparalleled power and intellect.

And so for the night, the Lion El'Jonson walked upon the streets of Sunnydale, California.

But the after effect of that night left Xander Harris a changed man in body, reborn into a body of a Primarch was one of the changes, the other...

Well, the other was that he had gained some new friends...

Xander Harris stared down at the small, white robed creatures that just came up to his knees in height -thanks in part to his new body, and there already small stature- that surrounded him, gobsmacked. Dozens, possibly hundreds of the fabled Watchers in the Dark were all standing around him, there heads bowed low in respect and servitude to there new master.

Well, Xander thought dazedly, at least Giles will have more help with research.
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