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Prodigal Daughters

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Summary: Basically, Tara and Willow have been fighting, and Tara walked out because Willow violated her with a spell, so she goes back to her family.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaVorchanFR1322,5000039727 Apr 1427 Apr 14No

Meeting an Old Friend

Chapter 2.) Meeting an old friend again.

Tara Maclay had slept rather soundly, but she was still upset over her girlfriend's treatment of her. She had, however, been awakened on and off due to nightmares of her rather nightmarish treatment by her lover… the alleged rape was gentle, not forceful, but the thought that she couldn't have truly consented to the sex was very upsetting, and the cause of her bad dreams. She didn't, however, remember any of her dreams when she awoke in the very early morning. After her father and brother had talked with her, and she with them, Donny and Mr. Maclay were enraged, but let the woman get some sleep for the night. When she awoke, she yawned, stretched, walked to the bathroom and combed her hair so it was straight and smooth 'pretty' she thought of it; and that made her somewhat happy. Tara had the attitude that could be described as "love is beautiful, whereas anger and fighting are ugly." and to have to fight with her friends really made her upset.

She checked the thermometer, and it read in the low 40s Fahrenheit, the time was about 5:45am and it enabled her to watch the sunrise over the plains and woods, something that made the woman happy- that was always beautiful in her eyes. She was also delighted that her family was so supportive of her in this crisis… it just upset her again that it took a crisis to get them to treat her right! 'Why can't my family treat me right without some fight outside of the home?' the young woman thought with tears welling up behind her eyes, angry again. 'none of my other friends have this problem., Oh Guardian Spirit, why me?' she prayed, hurt again. She really was a loving Dame actually., in all but having been declared so by royalty.

At about 5:54 am, she was wearing her flannel shirt, woolen skirt, thick stockings, favorite hiking shoes, and scarf, and had a rather large mug of hot chocolate with milk in her hand, when she heard a voice say "Hello, Tara, slept well?" "Dad?" she turned. "Man, you're looking exactly like your mother did when we first met, not the clothes; those are yours, she was always into formal dresses, by the way, but the overall looks." her father appraised. Tara was a bit creeped out. "Dad, you know I am gay, right?" she asked. "You're still my child, and that's how it's going to be forever, Tara." Mr. Maclay said to reassure his child. It was then that she realized that he was complementing her on her looks: he wouldn't have fallen in love with her mother if he didn't see her mom as beautiful., and that cheered her up. "Thanks Dad, if you don't mind, I'd like to sit in the cool of the early morning and just try to work through some of what's happened to me recently." "Not a problem at all." Mr. Maclay responded with a look of compassion to his suffering offspring.

She walked out and sat on the porch-swing, crossed her lower legs, started rocking in the chair, and sat in the cold morning air, trying to come to grips with what had happened to her recently. A fellow she remembered from some few years ago came by on a bicycle, and as the cold grey light of pre-dawn hours started to lift, she recognized him: a friend of hers from school days- elementary school days, named Matthew Hart. She even went so far as to consider him a potential boyfriend, and loved him as a friend; but love had betrayed her recently, and she didn't know if she could trust her heart's desires again. What had broken up their relationship was her need to get away from the abusive home life of her childhood and teen years, she had not heard from or seen him since, and wondered if he'd be angry with her for this. She did find the cold air quite pleasant to endure, and it was quite comfortable for the woman.

As Matthew approached, she saw he was wearing black jeans, a dark flannel shirt (looked like black plaid), and gloves, with hiking boots, his face had a neatly trimmed beard for a 20 something young man (he was about 22), as well as a distinguished mustache. "Tara?" he asked as he approached "Tara Maclay?" he said again, delighted. "What brings you here? Last I heard from you, you were leaving for a place in California, was it? I think you said it was called "Sunny Dale". Why are you back here? What happened?" "Got in a fight, needed time to sort things out." she responded, then spilled her story about what had happened, after, of course, making it very clear to Matthew that she felt that she should be the one to decide when to do what about what had happened. "and the worst part isn't that my girlfriend practically forced me, it's that she didn't even try to change her ways!" Tara said, upset to tears. 'If I wasn't gay, he'd be a marriage candidate!' she thought, trying to cheer herself up as the tears overtook her while he held her to his shoulder and she sobbed in anger and frustration over her horrible treatment. 'he really is quite charming.' the woman thought.

Mr. Maclay happened to look out the front window about then and saw his gay daughter in the arms of a young man, it at first upset him that anybody would embrace his child without his permission, but then, he realized she was crying again, and that the young man, Matthew Hart was comforting her., that made the 'medicine go down smoother' as he'd say. (not that his child was crying, but that somebody was comforting her.) 'She must really be upset for this to happen!' the eldest Maclay male thought to himself, then he was happier, because Matthew guided Tara back to the bench that she'd been seated on and, sitting next to her at her left, he placed an arm around her as a friend, and she quietly sipped her hot chocolate, and cheering up, watched the sunrise. Their conversation wandered from this topic to that, covering 'everything under the sun' as the saying goes… and it did make the young lesbian feel better to get her mind off of what had happened to her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Prodigal Daughters" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 14.

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