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The kindness of Janus

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Summary: Buffy and Xander go to Halloween as part of the Bat Clan

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. A Time Warner Company. The Original characters are mine.

A/N: This story came about because I'm currently suffering from writers block with my other stories but I was in the mood to write. I'm not at all familiar with Batman and the various plot-lines from the comics so I will be basing this on the Batman films, DC AU, Wonder Woman and various info from wiki's.

Ethan's Costume shop

Xander stood in front of the costume, his mind lost in thought about how cool it would be to escort his favourite blonde around town during the trick or treat session that Snyder had forced them into, with the costume in front of him it looked good enough to instill a little fear into the munchkins and maybe with a bit of luck they would be better behaved, that thought put a grin on his face. He then Looked down to the plastic toy rifle in his hands and sighed, the rifle was all he could afford. He sighed again when he compared the rifle to the Batman suit in front of him.

Across the shop Harmony bit her lip in frustration at that loser Summers for getting to the dress before she could, she wondered briefly how it was right that Buffy was able to get the dress instead of her. She growled under her breath as Ethan finished wrapping up the 18th century style dress for the pretty blonde.

Ethan glanced around the shop and noticed a young man studying the Batman costume, Buffy noticed that the Englishman's eyes had wandered over to where Xander was standing, she looked from Xander, back to Ethan again. The Englishman smiled and said "If you will excuse me." He headed over to the young man. "Ah, I see you have found one of the best costumes I have in my collection, I was luckily enough to acquire. It comes from a movie that lost it's funding just before they started filming."

Buffy wandered over to Xander and looked at dark suit that had gotten his attention and for some reason her heart skipped a beat when she realized it was a Batman costume. her own costume forgotten as she headed over to Xander. She placed her hand on Xander's shoulder to give him some support, he turned around and smiled to his friend.

Harmony's eyes lit up as she watched the Slayer head over to the dork and leaving her dress on the counter unattended, she quickly headed to the counter and grabbed the bag containing the dress. Just as she was about to leave she looked over to Buffy, something told her that it would be a bad idea to just steal the costume so she quickly grabbed a fifty dollar note from her purse, dropping it on the counter before she made a hasty retreat for the door.

The sound of the bell over the door drew Buffy's attention and she looked over to the counter only to discover that her costume had vanished. Heading back to the counter she found the fifty dollars. "My costume was stolen!."

Ethan frowned "Please, excuse me." he said to Xander as he headed back to the counter. looking at the upset girl it then occurred to him that he could add to the chaos and if all went well he would get a measure of revenge on the Mayor of Sunnydale. Ethan smiled and said to Buffy as he approached "I'm sorry but I do not have another dress but I do have an idea to help you and your friend." he indicated towards Xander.

Buffy looked quizzically at Ethan, asking "How so?" She was intrigued despite being upset about the theft of her dress. Ethan grinned "I happen to have one of the other costumes from the film I mentioned earlier." Ethan indicated that they return to where Xander was still examining the Batman suit.

Ethan then pulled out a very similar costume to the Batman suit but it was very obviously made for a woman. Chuckling to himself at Buffy's reaction to the suit, he said "Its made to the same high standard as the other one. I was told that the armour of the two suits were made to help protect the actors from harm during the stunts." He smiled this time as it became obvious that the young man had heard his words.

Buffy looked at both costumes and then sighed before saying "I really don't think we could afford one of the costumes let alone both."

Ethan seemed to think it over carefully, before saying "Well since you had your costume stolen and it's getting close to closing time. And I don't think anyone else is going to buy them, I'll make you a deal. I will accept fifty dollars for them both."

Xander's and Buffy's eyes seemed to bug out at Ethan's words, then smiles lit up their faces.


Janus twirled his finger in the scrying pool as he felt another wave of boredom start to wash over him. He then decided to see what his few worshipers were doing. Starting with Ethan Rayne. Not his favourite, the human had too much of a cruel heart but he had always been devoted. Finding him at the hellmouth. A frown crossed over his face, looking deeper into the area, he immediately disliked what he found. Ethan was preparing to cause chaos but it would cost the lives of some of the innocent people of that small town.

Janus thought for a moment then changed the view to watch the Powers That Be. They appeared to not be happy at the turn of events within Sunnydale. He knew instantly that the PTB's wanted to end the life of the Slayer. Anger flared in his ancient heart for the way they were treating their Champion.

Looking back to the Slayer and her young friend, Janus immediately did some research on the costumes the two young ones were examining. After a moment a huge smile spread across his faces as an idea of how to help the young warriors and save innocent lives formed in his mind.

Janus found he couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he prepared to visit an old friend. He opened a portal to Mount Olympus.

Ethan's Costume shop

Buffy looked to her friend with a big smile on her face she said "Done."

The abandoned factory

A wail issued around the building from a panic stricken Drusilla. " BATS...NO JUSTICE..!. Spike...make the THEM go more bats..."

Somewhere out of space and time

A brown haired man grinned as he watched the discussion between Janus, Zeus and Athena. He turned to another viewing portal to where the Powers That Be prepared to nudge events so that Buffy Summers was put in more danger than she'd normally have experienced. Anger flashed across his features. Lifting his hand he released a burst of energy through his viewing portal. The energy crackled around the PTB's pool and then exploding outward destroying the viewing pool in a most dramatic way. The explosion blasted on through the room blasting the various PTB's and their cohorts the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart through multiple adjacent dimensions.

Buffy's room.

Buffy Adjusts the cowl of her suit as she looks into her long mirror. The suit hugged her body as if it had been designed solely for her.

Willow asks "Where're you meeting Angel?" As she enters the bedroom.

Buffy replies "Here. After trick-or-treating. Mom's gonna be out."

Willow stands there with her mouth open as she takes in the sight of Buffy wearing the figure hugging suit.

Turning around Buffy smiles when she catches sight of Willow wearing boots, a short, black
leather skirt and a burgundy, long-sleeved, V-necked, midriff-baring top.. "Wow! You're a dish!"

Feeling uncomfortable Willow quickly steps over to her ghost sheet and picks it up. Trying to hide herself with the sheet, but Buffy takes it from her and tosses it on to the bed. The red head then covers her midriff with her arms.

Buffy then walks over to willow and guides her to the mirror and says to her best female friend sand says "Halloween is the night that not you is you, but not you. Y'know?"

Down stairs the doorbell rings.

Buffy grins "Oh! That's Xander. Are you ready?"

Willow replies nervously "Yeah. O-o-okay."

Buffy's grin turns into a smile "Cool! I can't wait for the boys to go non-verbal when they see
you!" Heading to the door she turns to take a last lingering look at Willow.

After Buffy leaves to go downstairs Willow continues to try and cover herself.

Buffy grins as she opens the door to Xander and then she stops dead in her tracks. Xander in the Bat-suit looks stunning. A huge smile crosses her face "Wow, Xander you look amazing!"

Xander barely hears Buffy's words as he takes in the sight of of her in Batwoman's suit. All he can manage is a "Wow!"

Buffy grins and says "Thank you Dark Knight. But wait till you see Willow."

Turning at the sound of someone coming down the stairs, they see willow coming down the stairs wearing a ghost sheet with 'BOO!' on the front in large black letters. In a meek voice she says "Hi."

Buffy is momentary lost for words but comes out with "...Casper"

Xander gives Willow a comforting smile then saying "Hey, Will! That's ah fine boo you got there."

An hour later

Ethan's Costume Shop - Back room

Kneeling in front of the bust of Janus. Ethan says "Janus, evoco vestram animam. Exaudi meam causam. Carpe noctem pro consilio vestro. Veni, appare et nobis monstra quod est infinita potestas."

Janus smiled as he released the power to Ethan Rayne. Then he reached out and aimed a little extra power to both Buffy Summers and Xander Harris.

A street in Sunnydale

A wave of magic flows over the town from Ethan shop and as the wave hits Xander Harris he crumbles to the ground holding his head, a scream issuing from his mouth. The pain vanished as if it was never there, and Batman stood up, looking around he tried to locate where he was. His demeanour not changing as he quickly came to the conclusion that he was no longer in Gotham and from the architecture he was in Southern California. With a growl he mutters "Magic!"

Activating his communicator "Batman to Watchtower, come in." All he got in return was static. It was then he noticed that his suit was different as well, it looked more advanced with more protective armour.

A scream brought Batman out of his thoughts.

Mount Olympus.

Janus arrived in front of Zeus via a portal.

Zeus smiled and said "Are we ready to perform the transportation?"

In response Both Athena and Janus smiled. They turned towards the scrying pool, which showed a small Island that looked liked it had been the sight of a huge war.

Janus summoned all the power that he could and created a gigantic portal over the ruined Island.

Zeus raised his hand and the Island slowly began to raise out of the water and into the portal. And as it rose the island started to reform, the city rebuilding it's self.

Athena closed her eyes and summoned the Amazons that had been scattered around the world, placing them back on their island as if they had never left. The only sign was that all the Amazons were unconscious and scattered around the island.

Buffy fell to her knees as pain hammered into her head. Then as if someone had thrown a switch Batwoman stood up searching her surroundings for any clue as to why she wasn't in Gotham City.

A/N: Some of this chapter was created with the help of the transcripts from
Xander's suit comes straight from film: The Dark Knight.
Buffy's suit comes from:
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