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Pandora's Bint

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Summary: Two people are hiding from big trouble.

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Harry Potter > General > DrabblesechoFR131220051,9174 Feb 044 Feb 04Yes
title: Pandora's Bint
author: echo
rating: 11
disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Whedon and Rowling.
notes: 200 words exactly without the header and footer on here. I so should be working on other things, but I just couldn't resist Jinni's 200 word odd couple challenge. See if this is odd enough.


She was yanked into a closet.


"It's your own fault!"

Locking charms were muttered.

"I'm sorry!"

"Sorry? Sorry! 'Let's open this... what does this do?' Stupid bint!"

"Don't call me stupid, you big meanie!"

"Who opened the box reading 'Awakens demon army. DO NOT OPEN.' ? I believe I've earned the right to call you stupid."

Arms folded, she pouted. "You don't have to be so mean."

"You unleashed a demon army, woman! Not a few demons... an ARMY!"

"Well, Dumbledore or someone should be along soon to help."

He glared. "Merlin! If I had known redemption involved enduring you, I'd have stayed EVIL. You are the bane of my existence, did you know?"

"Don't be mad. At least we get to hide together."

"If you think that means I'm going to get cozy, you're a nutter. I'd sooner snog Filch."

"Eww, Marky! Filch? I'm way cuter. Dirty."

Marcus glared. "Shut up... and don't call me Marky, Harmony. I'll stake you."

"Willow's right. You ARE campaigning to take Snape's cranky pants. If you were still evil, you know, I wouldn't have accidentally knocked your teeth out that time. You'd still have the funky ones. "

Marcus glared at her.


end super mini-ficlet

Yes. That's right. Marcus Flint and vampire Harmony.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pandora's Bint". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking