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Whoa, Wait A Minute

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Summary: response to Jinni's 200 word wardrobe challenge

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-CenteredJmariaFR151225041,7914 Feb 044 Feb 04Yes
Disclaimer: Joss owns all things Buffy, J.K. owns all things Harry
A/N: response to Jinni’s 200 word wardrobe malfunction challenge and also cuz tonight’s Angel’s 100th epi. No pairings. Tell me how I did.


Whoa, Wait A Minute

“Hey now, that’s just not right.”

“I see nothing wrong with it.” The man said

“Oh, puh-lease! Look at that. What were you thinking?”

“I -”

Cordelia Chase eyed the young man carefully. Nope, he wouldn’t do. Not at all. She slowly circled him. Nope. She couldn’t save him from this. She frowned. Maybe? Nah, that wouldn’t work

“Dear PTB, what were you thinking?”

“Come now, he doesn’t look that bad. The -”

“If you say procedure, you can shove procedure up your -”

“Language, Ms. Chase.”

“Brain cells, Mr. Lupin.”

The sandy haired man spluttered a bit about her comment. She looked at him. She shook her head sadly at the predicament he was in. She turned around to get a better look at the disaster before her.

“How can you even let him go out like that? Were you bitten by the stupid bug? I might have been comatose for a few months, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind! Hello! Seer here, and I can see that this - this here? Big honking no-no.”

Harry looked down at his dress robes, then back at his aunt.

“Not only is this a wardrobe malfunction, it’s a fashion disaster too.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Whoa, Wait A Minute". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking