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A Parting Of The Ways

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Summary: A ending and rest for one a New start for two & a new adventure for the other.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralOddshotFR1321,9990111,20812 May 149 Jun 14No

Chapter 2 - A Parting of the Ways.




Special Note: I have made some changers to Chapter 1 so you might wish to reread it before continuing on with Chapter 2.

“And I am one of the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 “continued Sayid.

“What but 815 was lost over nine years ago” replied Dave.

“No we crashed here twelve days ago” said Sayid.

“That air-pocket we hit could have been a temporal portal” speculated Dawn.

Sayid looked on at them oddly as they discussed this.

Dawn finial said ‘Well we can’t find out one way or the other till we get of this rock”.

Looking at Sayid, Dawn said “Where are my manners my name is Dawn Summers She is our pilot Julie Drake & this is Dave Jones the Co-Pilot”. Sayid nodded to each as he shook their hands.

“Well lets strip the jet of all we can & Dave you continue to bury the dead” said Julie.

“Right’ said Dave, as he moved off to bury their three lost friends.

Sayid was surprised that apart from suit cases & backpacks in the cabin & cargo hold there was a trunk filled with weapons, and what a odd selection there was Four Crossbows, Two Longbows & Three Double headed Axes plus Four Short-swords a lot of Knifes and what looked like Wooden Stakes.

As Dave returned after laying the dead to rest, he saw Sayid raised a eyebrow at what he was seeing.

Dave said “We work in a lot of out of the way places with very little law or order and it’s easier to get that lot though Customs than trying to bring in guns to most countries.
Dawn looked at Sayid an asked “ Well Mr Jarrah will you be willing to take us back to your group”.

Syaid looked thoughtful and said “ Yes it should be for the best for all of us to work together” , # I doubt this lot are others but, I am not sure what their deal is but between Locke , Jack , me and Sawyer we should be able to work it out # Thought Sayid.

So the group pick up their loads and followed Sayid back the way he came.


Xander knocked on the train compartment door, as the two boys inside looked to the doorway he said “Got room for one more”.

“Yes I suppose we do, I’m Ron Weasley and he is Harry Potter” answered Ron.

“Well I’m Xander Greythorn” replied Xander as he moved his trunk & bird cage to the rack above bench seats, Then pointing to the cage he said “This is Shadow”.

Harry smiled and pointed up and said “That’s Hedwig”, “And this is Scabbers” said Ron holding up his rat.

“So your American” asked Harry.

‘Yes and No I was born here but raised in the USA” replied Xander.

Just then a girl entered the compartment “Hi do you mind if I join you lot, the House Prefects are doing the rounds of the passageways” she said.

“No come on in” said Harry then he continued on “Well let me introduce everyone that’s Ron, I’m Harry and this is Xander’.

“Nice to meet you all my name is Hermione Granger” she replied.

“Now as I was saying” continued Xander “So the Ministry has me registered as a British citizen and Half blood heir to my family title”.

“Half blood?”queried Hermione.

“Ah yes the Ministry of Magic has a tradition of dividing Witch’s & Wizards in to three class’s, Full bloods – Half bloods & Muggle born, So the Ministry would list Ron as a Full blood as both his parents are Full blood magical, now Harry if the stories I have heard are true is also a Full blood as his father was a Full blood & his mum was a Muggle born Witch so both his parents are magical, Now me my dad is a Full blood Wizard & my mum is a Muggle so I am regarded as a Half blood, So with a surname of Granger you could be either a Half blood like me or a Muggle born Witch like Harry’s mum” finished Xander.

“Well as you have laid it out I’m a Muggle born Witch” answered Hermione.

“Don’t worry about it, some may make a lot of noise about it, but in my family for the last five generations we have had Half bloods & Muggle born witch’s and just plain Muggles marry in to the family.

“Why is that” asked a confused Ron.

“It’s a long story if we get sorted in to the same house, I will tell you all about it”said Xander.


Major Carter is walking down the corridor were she runs into Colonel Jack O’Neill & Dr Daniel Jackson.

“Hi Sam why the dress blues” asked Daniel.

“I have a lecture & meeting at the academy today” said Sam.

“Don’t tell me you found us another Prodigy “asked Jack with a smile.

“Could be” replied Sam as she continued with” She’s great with computers & programing and is sailing though her training at the academy”.

“So what their name” teased Jack.

“2nd Year Cadet Willow Harrison” said Sam.

“Oh I have her in my Ancient Languages Course” stated Daniel.

“What, what course “asked Jack the a start.

“Jack you know that General Hammond has had my giving lectures at the academy from time to time, I know for a fact he E-Mailed you about it” said Daniel.

“Well I might still be behind on my paperwork” replied Jack.

“Jack I started giving those lectures at the academy over 4 months ago” stated a flabbergasted Daniel.

“So what do you think of Cadet Harrison, Daniel” asked Sam.

“Brilliant she has very strong grasp in Latin and Ancient Greek also shows promise in Sumerian” replied Daniel.

“So Sam what’s your approach going to be” asked Jack.

“Well after reading her reports & grades, if our meeting today goes well I will become her official mentor” said Sam.

“Interesting I think that could work” said Jack # Well Jennifer Hailey is working out well with SG5, so the SGC will get another Carter special # thought Jack.

As he Daniel & Sam turned the corner at the junction of the hallway.

Slayer Central – Cleveland USA - 2014

Faith & Robin Wood rushed in to Giles’s office.

“What’s with the red alert page G-Man” asked Faith, as she and Robin sat down in front of his desk.

“Is there a new Apocalypse” asked Robin.

“No I don’t believe so but I just got off the phone with the Devon Coven they have lost their trace on Willow and as powerful as she is that should be impossible” replied Giles.
“So what now” asked Faith.

“Robin call all our contacts in the U.S. Military & Intelligence Communities & find out what they know also if they can help, Faith go to the communications room alert all Slayer Houses and have them check with our Demon & Magical contact’s, While I will call our U.K. Contacts” stated Giles.

“Right we are on it” said Robin as he & Faith stood to leave.

Giles picked up his phone to call England.

TBC if my muse allows.
AN 1: Please note I have made some changes to Chapter 1.

AN 2: As you have seen in C2, I have decided to make willow & Xander both Original Characters in their respective reality’s but Dawn is still Dawn .

AN 3: Time wise Harry Potter is set by the Book release so its 1997, for Stargate SG1 its Season 6 aka 2003 two years after Jennifer Hailey made her 1st appearance.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

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