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A Parting Of The Ways

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Summary: A ending and rest for one a New start for two & a new adventure for the other.

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Chapter One

A Parting of the Ways by Oddshot

Summary: An ending and rest for one, and a new start for two also, A new adventure for the other.

NOTE: This is my 1st try at doing a Crossover.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Source material, I & my Muse are just taking the Characters out for a spin so please don’t sue me.

Note: “Words Spoken “& # Words Thought #.

Chapter One


The Gulf-stream jet flying from L.A. to Auckland N.Z., While the two crew were alert the four passengers in back were dozing off when the plane hit an air pocket with massive amount of lighting around the plane and it dropped 19,000 Ft in just a couple of minutes, The four passengers in back were tossed around the cabin, meanwhile the Crew were fighting to regain control of the jet out the front window the crew could see an Island in the distance.



Four people appeared from a bright white light into a waiting room, As they looked around the other person present spoke up.

“Long time no see guys “She said.

Xander looked stunned, Willow shocked, Dawn was nonplussed & Buffy just said “Cordy your looking good for a dead girl”.

“So do you Buffy & yes you have just died again “Replied Cordy.

Willow & Xander were shaking their heads when Cordy went on “Yes both of you also died in the plane crash but not you Dawn“.

“Then How “Started Dawn as Cordy went on “You’re here so you will know that your loved ones have moved on and are safe“.

“So what’s the what “then said Buffy.

“Well you have died for the last time for you see GOD has a place for you in heaven that you have earned more times than I can count “ replied Cordy.

“Xander, Willow you two have also earned your place’s in heaven but GOD has a couple of missions pending and would like you two to handle them” continued Cordy.

“Where would we be going & what would we be doing “asked Willow.

“Well there are these two alternate earths, One has many magic uses and is going to need help fighting a big bad , The other alternate earth has a problem with aliens and will also need some back up” replied Cordy.

“Interesting so do we just show up or will we be pulling a Dawn & be inserted in to these reality’s with a Life-Family-Memories”
Ask Xander.

“A bit of both like Dawn you will have a history , memories of that life but you will also keep your old memory’s and skills” Answered Cordy.

Willow and Xander looked at each other nodded and said “ Where in”.

“Great now Buffy of you go to heaven” stated Cordy, As Buffy Glowed and faded away with a smile & a wave.

“Now Dawn you will be waking up back with the jet you were on” went on Cordy as Dawn Glowed Green and Vanished.

Looking at the last two Cordy said “Have fun you two’, As Xander & Willow shimmed out of sight.



A 11 Year old Xander Harris is pushing a Cart loaded with a Trunk, Cauldron & with a bird cage on top with a Black Owl in it he stumbles as ahead he see a red headed women telling a dark haired boy with glasses to walk swiftly at the column between Platforms 9 & 10 to reach Platform 9 3/4.

# What the hell Cordy you made me a kid again and a Half Blood wizard to boot in the Harry Potter universe # thought Xander.



Willow Rosenberg a 2nd year cadet awakes with a start # Good God I am in the Air-force and I have a meeting with Major Carter in the morning about her becoming my Officer Sponsor also I am in the Stargate universe how cool is that # Thought Willow.



Dawn awakes near a plane wreck as the Pilot & Co-Pilot look on “Finial awake are we” said Julie the Pilot.

“Yes Oh my head what happened” ask Dawn.

“We hit an air pocket with lighting and crashed” said Dave the Co-Pilot.

“The others” asked Dawn though she already knew the truth.

“I am sorry but the others are dead” said Julie.

“Any clue where we are” ask Dawn.

“An uncharted Island by the looks & possible deserted “said Dave.

As Dawn looked down the beach at the approaching bearded man, “Not as deserted as you thought” Pointed out as she nodded at the man.

As he approached the man asked “Are you three all right”, the three of them nodded “Oh, my name is Sayid Jarrah” he said.


AN: I may post more Chapters if my MUSE allows.
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