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Dancing Sparks

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Campfire". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Who's up for thirds?!

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Miscellaneous > Surprise Crossover(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR187095,93316779263,18418 May 1429 Nov 14No

Option Ceta

Disclaimer: I own no commercial intellectual property connected to the fic presented nor do I claim ownership of any privately owned intellectual property developed by someone else.

His memory was more than a little fuzzy. In fact, it was downright hairy! And for some strange reason, that thought sparked a memory. There was a battle and an explosion...

Opening his eyes proved to be a mistake as his poor, abused brain was suddenly slammed with a flood of information that he'd never expected to receive from his eyes. If he had to compare it to something, it would be either Terminator or Robocop and he wasn't sure which one he preferred. And now that he noticed it, the heads up display was still there, just more subdued, providing what would no doubt be a lot of very valuable information if he could read whatever language it was in.

A noise outside the room he was in caught his attention and a half formed thought about wishing he could hear it better caused a jump in sound level as if it was right next to him. "-and as an agent of The Office of Fish and Game, I am fully authorized to take possession of the patient," a man's voice said firmly.

"The patient's system has fully integrated hardware in him, that makes him OSI," another man said.

"He has ... the gland. Only we are authorized to have agents with that particular piece of hardware in them," the first voice said.

"And only we are authorized agents with everything else," the second contended. "And you, stop trying to pick the lock on the door, you aren't fooling anyone."

There was a sound like tinfoil crinkling and a third voice asked, "How did you know I was here?"

"I can see and hear you," the second voice replied. "There is a reason you work for Fish and Game instead of the CIA, not that their agents are any better."

"They have to work naked!" the first voice quickly interjected.

"Yes, however they don't need a specific drug to keep from going insane," the second voice pointed out.

"It would be nice if there was a way to keep them from going nuts," the first voice said. "Something about their condition slowly drives them crazy anyway."

"You have a point there," the second voice agreed.

"There are other people like me?" the third voice asked. "Other than the guy in the other room, I mean."

"They don't have an off switch, and like the movie they have to be naked. They start off crazy and just get worse from there," the first voice explained.

"How did you find out we had someone here who fell in your jurisdiction?" the second voice asked. "Operational security is usually pretty tight around here."

"We have access to the same satalites you use to hack the suspect's migratory patterns," the first voice replied.

"Yeah, but the odds of someone seeing the right data... The CIA told you, didn't they?" the second voice asked with a sigh.

"Yeah, you really pissed them off," the third voice admitted.

"Damn it, Fox! Stop giving away department secrets!" the first voice yelled.

"So how'd you piss them off?" Fox asked, unrepentant.

"I lost my temper and ripped the bumper off their car," the second voice admitted.

"You ripped a bumper off a car?" Fox asked in disbelief. "Did someone inundate the local retirement home with gama radiation?"

"Fox," the first voice said in exasperation, "I told you, Austin is like cyborg superman. He can bend steel with his bare hands, leap small buildings, and break the speed limit on foot."

"Bullshit, Hobbs!" Fox exclaimed. "If that were true, why don't we have an army of supermen?"

"Cost, mainly," Austin replied. "Each agent costs millions to manufacture, and that was back in the seventies."

"Plus, he's nuclear powered," Hobbs added. "Which makes him a serious danger if he gets damaged."

"Now-a-days, I'm only called in to deal with incidents that include nuclear bombs or reactors," Austin explained.

"At least with you, they know where the plutonium goes when it turns up missing," Hobbs said with a chuckle.

"I don't run on D cells," Austin agreed.

"So if it costs so much, how'd the kid in there end up all buffed up?" Fox asked.

"Complicated," Austin said.

"What's that mean?" Fox asked.

"Means it's probably some Area 51 stuff," Hobbs told him.

"Area 51 stuff?" Fox asked. "What does that even mean?"

"Means it's classified," Austin said firmly.

"Classified or not, he has a Quicksilver gland which puts him under our banner," Hobbs said.

"What about the whole radioactive superman bit?" Fox asked.

"OK, that may be a problem," Hobbs admitted.

"Heard enough?" a female voice asked, causing Xander to jump, and with a sound like water being poured on frozen metal, he turned invisible. Opening his eyes, he looked around, absently noting the almost colorless world around him, a huge change from what he'd seen just a minute ago.

"What happened?" Xander demanded.

AN: I noticed that The 6 Million Dollar Man and The Invisible Man both used Sasquatch as the source of their powers, so I decided to see if I could combine the two, though I did have to include SG1.

Typing by: Ordieth!
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