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Find me Somebody to Love

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Summary: Odd people have odd definitions of Love.

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Chapter One

Somebody to Love

by Oxnate

Like most of my stories this title is inspired by a song. In this case it's “Somebody to Love” by Queen. I do not own. Also do not own Buffy or Stargate SG-1.

I saw an opportunity to combine my favorite pairing with something that was not your typical “heal-Faith-turn”. Which is my take on the heel-face-turn trope where Faith goes from being badass to suddenly becoming monogamous and all lovey dovey and simply not Faith anymore.

Challenge response: Wesley and Willow Anniversary Challenge

From a topic I started on the forum it came up that Denisof and Hannigan's anniversary is approaching and the idea of a Denisof/Hannigan challenge came up. I'd like to issue (part of) that challenge...

**I am specifically interested in Willow and Wesley AS A COUPLE** as it's much too rare in fanfic.

Also the Waking up in Vegas Challenge.

Prologue OR the AU Buffy/Angel verse: (Selected scenes from Stargate SG-1, AtS Season-4, and BtVS Season-7 that went differently than canon)

AKA Chapter 1.

Angel and Wesley were talking away from the crew. “Sure I can't convince you to stay? We could still use your help against the Beast's Master.” Angel pointed out.

“Something is killing watchers and Slayers the world over. I feel I'm needed more there.” Wesley looked over at Faith. “Besides, you have your redemption to work on, I have mine.” He turn to look where Fred was talking to someone. Saying goodbye to Fred in his mind.

“They're very alike, you know.” Angel said.

“Fred and Faith?” Wesley wondered.

Angel gave him a look and lifted his head at the person Fred was talking to. “No, Fred and Willow. If one had taken up the other's passion for science or magic... I'm not sure we could tell them apart. Except for the hair.”

Wesley widened his vision to include both Fred and Willow as they talked. There were many similarities: intelligent, beautiful, dangerous given the right circumstances. But as a special bonus, Willow wasn't dating Gunn. He wasn't sure if she was dating anyone at all but even if she was, there was nothing left for him here. Lilah was dead and Fred... looking at Fred every day and not being with her was killing him. It really was time to leave.

The first thing Wesley did when he got to Revello Drive was take over the training of the potentials.

“You can't do this.” Kennedy argued. “They're mine. I've been teaching them everything my watcher taught me.”

“Yes, and how many demons have you killed?” Wesley replied calmly. No answer was forthcoming. “I thought as much.” He turned to the rest of the assembled girls. “What I have to offer you is simple. So far you have been taught a fighting style suitable for Slayers. Which you aren't. And hopefully, you never will be. I can teach you a style suitable for human strength, which has been battle tested over the past several years by me, a mere human, as I fought and killed many vampires and demons. And should any of you ever become the Slayer, you will find it an excellent base even with the extra strength. Any takers?”

When everyone but Chao-ahn and Kennedy had raised their hands, the other two girls raised their hands. Though he was pretty sure that the Chinese potential was just going along with the crowd.

“Good. Now we don't have much time, so for now, no more training barehanded. If you ever find yourselves in an unarmed fight... run. As well, you should all be armed at all times from now on.” Wesley pulled out his collapsible sword.

“Cool.” one of the girls said.

“Very. I only wish we had the time or the money to get you all one of these.” he said as he tucked it back in its hiding place.

“Or enough money to arm all the girls.” Kennedy muttered as she crossed her arms.

“We don't have enough weapons for everyone?” Wesley asked.

All the girls shook their heads.

A crate with 50 longswords was delivered that night. Wesley sighed and hoped his personal finances would hold out until the end of this apocalypse. Even good quality normal swords were expensive enough. Never mind the rush shipping.

Once they were called in, Wesley mowed down plenty of Bringers with his alternate weaponry. The potentials also were doing fairly okay with their new swords. At least all of them were armed with something long and sharp. It really helped against the Bringers. Not so much against Caleb. Caleb broke Rona's arm at the elbow and snapped Dianne's neck. At which point, Wesley pulled out his twin pistols and pumped round after round into the preacher to keep him at bay while Xander dragged the last potential from the vineyard. While they didn't seem to be killing him, the preacher did not seem to enjoy being shot with hypersonic lead.

O'Neill was pleased to have finally left Colorado Springs. He'd been planning this road trip for as long as he'd known Teal'c. Security concerns about the possibility of his symbiote escaping had prevented it. But now that the Jaffa had Tretonin to replace ‘Jr.’ and had proved himself a reliable ally, there was no further security related reason to keep him on the base. Their first attempt at a road trip had been delayed by... something in LA. It had turned out not to be Goa'uld in origin and had gone away on its own, but it had put the whole base on alert. Once they'd had permission again, they went North East to visit Mount Rushmore as their first major landmark. Then West to Seattle.

“Why is this called the Space Needle, O'Neill?” Teal'c asked. “It does not go into space. It does not even reach the upper atmosphere.”

Dr. Jackson jumped in. “When it was built, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Also, the shape of this deck is reminiscent of 'flying saucers'. A- ah... type of mythical alien spacecraft reputed to visit Earth every so often.”

Teal'c looked down at a picture on the pamphlet he was holding. “I know of no spacecraft of that shape.”

“Yes... we know. That's why I said it was mythical.” Daniel agreed. “Anyway, just wait until we get to Roswell. I'll be able to explain a lot more about our alien mythologies there.”

“Haven't you, yourself, often pointed out that many of your mythologies turned out to be true?” Teal'c asked.

Daniel nodded. “Partly true at least. Aliens do exist. And one common shape for them does resemble an Asgard. We don't know where the saucer shape of the myth came from yet. The current theory of those on the base is that it was the shape of an Asgard ship that crashed here sometime. Possibly in Roswell but probably not.”

Wesley was certain that with just a few weeks study, Dawn could be nearly fluent in Cantonese. The girl was a natural at learning languages. She had learned several thousand words in Mandarin on her own before anyone told her that there was more than one language that was ‘Chinese’. As it was, his own tenuous grasp of the language had made the Chinese potential, Chao-ahn, into his new shadow. She would not leave his side. Though, at least he had company. Faith wanted little to do with him, Buffy wanted less, and Willow had turned out to be in her own words; 'kinda gay'. Something she had failed to mention in LA. So Chao-ahn was his friend for now and as long as they both talked slowly, and with the occasional use of a Cantonese to English dictionary, they could be understood. Which was a nice change for both of them. Wesley’s understanding helped him teach her English, which she knew a bit of just from western TV programs. In any event, her English was improving much more quickly thanks to his tutelage.

Faith finished knocking out the last of the officers trying to kill her in the alley behind the Bronze.

“Oh. Wonderful. See girls? The Sunnydale Police Department has been kind enough to donate some firearms to our cause.” Wesley said as he relieved the downed officers of their weapons. “Do be good and check their cars for some ammunition. Oh! And shotguns. You can never have too many shotguns.” he said to the potentials, then he turned to Faith. “Are you alright?”

“M'fine.” Faith said. “What about you?” she gestured towards his lip.

He stuck out his tongue and tasted the blood. “It's nothing. The one inside took offense to us exercising our constitutional rights. Girls took care of him though. Kennedy taught them well.” he nodded to the girl in question.

“I thought you were their drill instructor now?” Kennedy asked.

“Perhaps. But I didn't teach them anything they did in there. That was all you.” Wesley gave a little bow. “I think it's time to head back to-”

“Faith? What's going on?” Buffy interrupted.

“But you didn't earn it. You didn't work for it. You've never had anybody come up to you and say you deserve these things more than anyone else. They were just handed to you. So that doesn't make you better than us. It makes you luckier than us.” Anya finished her speech.

“Well, I for one would rather be lucky than good.” Wesley enjoined. “Your idea has merit. There probably is something there.”

“Thank y-”

“However, now is not the time. The girls need more time to train. The newest ones especially so. And I need to hear a plan to keep Caleb away while we attack. Otherwise, it's not worth the risk.” Wesley finished.

“Yeah, Buff. Maybe you're being just a bit rash. Again.” Xander stated.

“How did I beat you?” Wesley asked Kennedy as she laid on the ground.

“You're faster and stronger than me. More skilled too.” she finally admitted.

“True. But I'm only human. Most of the things I've killed were both faster and stronger than me. A few were even more skilled. I've survived because I disregarded the council's teachings and stopped fighting fair. I cheat.” he gestured to his jacket where his shoulder holsters and twin pistols lay. “You. Molly, you're next.” and he started sparring with her. He didn't duck when he heard the blow coming from behind, even though one of the girls shouted a warning. He just looked up at Faith – where she watched from the porch – and smiled even as he was conked from behind.

Once he had recovered from the blow he told Kennedy, “Good job, Kennedy. There are no points for chivalry in this fight and the prize for second place is death. Simple biology means you aren't going to match up against your opponents one on one. And I'm talking more about you being human than being female. So, you need to double or even triple-team them. One girl blocks the blow while another strikes. And then the two of you are free to help others.” Everyone smiled at the thought of how that would snowball.

“Whadaya think?” Buffy asked once she had gone over her plan.

“If I could make one suggestion?” Wesley offered.

“You don't think it's a good plan?” Buffy replied.

“I think it might work. I just want to know why we'd wait until the potentials are already facing off against an army of Turok-han before empowering them? Why not do it before we open the seal?” he asked.

“Oh. Well... umm...”

Faith smirked. “Score one for the watcher.”

“Okay. We do the spell before we go through the seal. Any other suggestions?” Buffy said.

Wesley and Chao-ahn were chosen to guard Willow. Willow chose him because he 'wouldn't hesitate to do what was needed' and Chao-ahn... wasn't really interested in leaving his side. Plus having a Slayer there if the witch went dark could be handy. Wesley made sure he brushed up on how to say 'kill her' in Cantonese.

The potentials circled the seal as Buffy joined them.

“Okay guys. As soon as you feel strong, we go.”

“I feel it!” several girls shouted.

“Let's kick some ass.”

Wesley had his shotgun out and the safety off when Willow started the spell. He got more than a little nervous when her hair turned white.

#”I feel it! I feel it!”# Chao-ahn told him in Cantonese.

“Well done, Willow.” he put the shotgun away. She slid the Scythe over to him and he gave it to Chao-ahn. #“Give this to Buffy.”# he told the new Slayer in Cantonese.

She smiled and left his side willingly for the first time in weeks.

He watched her go before turning back to Willow who had sunk to the floor. “Come on. We need to get the bus ready.” he said as he tried to help her to her feet. When he figured out she was too weak to even walk he threw one of her arms over his shoulder and carried her out of the school.

SG-1's sight-seeing trip finally got to LA. They had business here. A few days back on the clock for Sam to run some tests and figure out what the hell had happened here.

And just when they were about to continue their trip, they had to head back North. A small town called Sunnydale had just collapsed into itself. Jack couldn’t even remember driving through a town with that name but found it on a map easily enough when he knew where to look.

They got to Sunnydale just a couple hours later to assist in the rescue efforts. But there were no survivors. After a few days the number of workers had swelled and it was clear that it was now a recovery effort rather than rescue.

“I'm sorry, Teal'c.” Jack began. “This isn't what I wanted to show you when I said I was going to show you our country.”

“On the contrary, O'Neill. Seeing common citizens unite to help those in need has been inspirational.” Teal'c stated. “It tells me much about the people of the Tau'ri that I could not learn while on base.”

“It's good that we could help but we've done what we can here. We'll be heading out in the morning.” Jack said.

“What is our next destination?” the Jaffa asked.

“Las Vegas.” Jack smiled.

“Man, I can't believe Angel and them actually signed up with Wolfram and Hart.” Faith said. “You got out of there just in time, Wes.”

“Perhaps. Remember that them signing up with Wolfram and Hart was what gave us the medallion that finally closed the Hellmouth.” Wesley offered.

“Whatever. So where we off to next?” Faith asked.

“I thought we could all use a little vacation.” Giles started. “And that green demon-”

“Lorne.” Wesley interrupted.

“Yes, well it seems that he had some contacts and favors from his pre-Wolfram and Hart days that he's cashing in for us before people learn that he's working for an evil law firm. He's booked us a week in Las Vegas.

“Wicked. I could use a vacation.”

A/N: In case you missed it, Wesley was busy pouring hot lead into the preacher at the time when said preacher otherwise would have been poking his finger into Xander's ocular cavity.
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