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Sympathy For The Devil.

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Free Fall.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: “We gotta get out of this place,” sang the band as the soldiers joined in, “If its the last thing we ever do...” By this time Buffy was fairly sure that the song wasn't really the national anthem of Vietnam.

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Television > Tour of Duty
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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15925,8235676,90325 May 142 Jun 14Yes

Chapter One

Sympathy For The Devil.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Tour of Duty' or 'Predator'. I also do not claim authorship of any scripted words you might find in this fic. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS, Tour of Duty, Predator.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Post BtVS season five, Tour of Duty season one, Predator, pre original film.

Words: Nine chapters of 3000+ words.

Warnings: None.

Summary:“We gotta get out of this place,” sang the band as the soldiers joined in, “If its the last thing we ever do...” By this time Buffy was fairly sure that the song wasn't really the national anthem of Vietnam.


A/N: This is probably the last story in the 'Freefall' series.

All you need to do is take
One step into the sky.
Give yourself to gravity,
Give death another try.*

*: Free Fall; Hawkwind.

Turning away from Dawn, Buffy paused for just a moment before she started her run towards the rising sun. Her long strides soon took her to the end of the platform; stepping off Glory’s tower, she leapt into thin air and fell towards the portal that glowed beneath her. As she fell she felt the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders, she heard the wind rushing in her ears and a loud, calm, female voice that seemed to fill the entire universe.

“…and now the marks for artistic interpretation…” The voice started to recite numbers. “…Eight point five, eight point seven, eight point…”

Slowly the voice faded away and Buffy found herself caressed by a soft, warm, blackness and for a time a feeling of utter peace surrounded and engulfed her, until…


The first thing Buffy heard was a loud roaring sound a little like surf crashing onto a beach. Listening harder the roaring slowly turned into cheering, a lot of people cheering, a lot of guys cheering. The air felt hot and heavy against her skin and Buffy sensed that she was in fact exposing a lot of skin so she obviously wasn't wearing a lot. Blinking her eyes open a little she winced at the bright lights and the clear blue sky. Blinking her watering eyes clear she looked to see what or who was making all the noise. Because now she thought about it, there did sound as if there were a lot of guys out there who were actually pleased to see her.

Eventually, Buffy opened her eyes all the way to find herself staring out at a sea of faces. Watching, what seemed to her to be, thousands of happy, smiling faces, Buffy let the sound wash over her. The faces were cheering, whistling, shouting, smiling and the bodies that belonged to the faces were all dressed in some sort of green uniform. Soldiers maybe? And what was she doing up here on a stage that was hung with red, white and blue bunting?

The loud intro made Buffy jump a little. Turning towards the sound she saw four guys holding instruments, it took Buffy's confused mind several seconds to work out that the guys were a rock band. The volume of the cheering, already loud enough to make Buffy's insides vibrate increased by a couple of notches as she felt her body start to move in time with the music.

Woolly bully,” cried the lead singer, “Watch it now-watch it,” Buffy found herself moving her arms, legs and body in time to the music without any conscious input from her brain, “yah it!

Okay, Buffy said to herself as her brain started to put the clues together; she'd jumped off Glory's tower and this was heaven, or quite possibly, hell? Was she doomed to spend eternity as some sort of go-go dancer?

Matty told Hatty,” after a short guitar riff the lead singer started to sing again, “About a thing she saw, had two big horns, and a woolly jaw...WOOLLY BULLY!

Okay, what the hell was a 'woolly bully', Buffy asked herself as she let her body move to the beat of the music. It didn't seem to need any direction from her so she decided to let it get on with things while she tried to work out what was going on here. Okay, she began to try and put all the pieces together; first there were a lot of soldiers who all looked really pleased to see her up here on the stage. Buffy really hoped that dancing was all she was expected to do, because there really did look to be a heck of a lot of guys out there.

Right, what else? Buffy listened real hard and tried to blank out the band (who sounded pretty good as it happened, a little retro for her tastes but not bad) everyone seemed to be speaking, or at least yelling in American English too, which was always a big plus in Buffy's opinion. So, finally the big question, what was she doing and why was she doing it?

Looking to her left and right, Buffy saw she was part of a five girl line up of dancers positioned around the group. The girls, all of whom were about her own age, blonde, really 'energetic' and all wearing the same outfits, like some kind of uniform, but not like any she'd seen before. Glancing down at herself Buffy gulped when she saw that she was wearing exactly the same outfit as the other wonder the guy's in the audience were so happy to see them or indeed her!

The first thing Buffy saw as she looked down at herself was a pretty revealing halter-top with a stars and stripes pattern printed on it. Further examination told Buffy she was also wearing what looked like skin tight, shorts or 'hot pants', as her mother might have called them. Suddenly images of her mother wearing hot-pants intruded into her mind and made her shiver and miss a step in her dance routine. Recovering quickly; Buffy noted that she seemed to be pretty good at this dancing and worryingly not very self-conscious judging from the way she was shaking her breasts at the soldier-boys in the audience. To finish off this 'stylish' ensemble her legs and feet were encased in knee length boots, again in silver.

The band came to the end of its song and Buffy and the rest of the girls stopped dancing and started to jump up and down and wave instead. Every time she jumped, Buffy felt like her breasts were going to pop right out of her top. Okay, she wasn't 'big', in fact she wasn't as 'big' (relatively speaking) as she'd been when she was sixteen, but the halter top was so small that she felt she was in danger of showing the soldier-boys everything. Glancing at the other dancers Buffy saw that one of the girls had really large breasts and she had to quickly look away!

“Thank-you!” called the lead singer as the music stopped, “Thank-you very much!” Still the crowd cheered and clapped and generally seemed to be having a good time. “You guys have been great I can't tell you how much we love you.”

Buffy found herself jumping up and down and waving extra hard while the singer spoke; she got the distinct impression that had the singer been calling everyone in the audience an 'asshole', the soldiers would just keep on cheering as long as the dancers kept on jumping up and down.

“I wanna let you guys know we appreciate all the sacrifices you're making over here...” the singer sounded like he was being really sincere, “...covering our butts back in the States...take care of our country, right!?”

Another clue at to where she was, Buffy told herself, obviously the United States was in some sort of war and she'd been sent out to help entertain the troops. That just left the $64,000 question, where? There were far too many trees about for it to be the desert.

“YEAH! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT...I MEAN THAT,” Buffy also couldn't help thinking that the singer was really sucking up to his audience.

By now Buffy and the other girls had stopped jumping up and down and were now confining themselves to waving and smiling. The audience, however, didn't seem to care and just went on cheering like before, obviously these guys hadn't seen any American girls in a loooong time.

“Before we get outta here,” the singer said into his microphone and his voice boomed out over the sea of soldiers, “I want you to get on your feet and sing the national anthem of Vietnam...”

Vietnam!? Buffy almost stumbled and forgot to wave and smile as she heard the name, but her body kept on moving, at least it knew what it was doing. There couldn't be any US soldiers in Vietnam, that war had been over for decades. A horrible realisation started to creep over her, the retro music, the clothes, the soldier-boys in what she now thought were rather dated uniforms. It couldn't be possible but somehow jumping through Glory's portal had sent her back to the Vietnam War...and by the looks of things, back to Vietnam itself.

Finding herself going into a new dance routine as all the soldiers got to there feet, Buffy heard the singer count in the band and the guys in the crowd.

One, two-one, two, three!” the band started to play as Buffy and the girls began a dance routine that appeared to involve making their breasts bounce about a lot.

We gotta get out of this place,” sang the band as the soldiers joined in with the words, “If its the last thing we ever do, We gotta get out of this place,” Buffy got the definite impression that the song wasn't really the national anthem of Vietnam, “ Girl, there's a better life, For me and you....

The band played the chorus over several times as Buffy and the other girls gave the guys a show they'd be remembering in their dreams for quite some time. By now, Buffy didn't feel at all self-conscious or degraded by the way she was dancing or by the reaction of the soldiers. It felt like she was doing her patriotic duty in some small way. Eventually she stopped trying to over-think it and just went with the flow, after all this seemed like fun and so much better than being dead.

“Alright! Alright! Thank-you very much!” The singer yelled as the band stopped playing and the girls started another round of jumping up and down, “Yeah alright! We've had a good time with you boys,” the singer continued, “Y'all take care of yourselves...we love you!”

With that the singer lead the band off stage. Too busy enjoying herself bouncing up and down and waving, Buffy almost didn't notice the other girls leave the stage too.

“BUFFY!” yelled one of the girls over the roar of the crowd, “Come on, we'll be late for our lift!”

Late? Buffy thought as she turned away from the happy looking soldiers, giving them once last wave and bounce before she headed towards the side of the stage. Okay, they were in danger of being late and there was a lift waiting for them...which had to be way better than having to catch a bus or something she told herself. Running off stage to join the other girls, Buffy found them giggling excitedly and lighting cigarettes, they sort of reminded her of a bunch of unhealthy cheerleaders what with the revealing outfits and the cigarettes.

“Miss Summers,” a male voice registered on Buffy's slightly numbed ears; obviously her name was the same here as it was back home, from the way the guy had said it it sounded like she was also in charge.

“Y-yeah?” Buffy turned to see a tall, heavily built soldier with a gun on his belt and the letters 'MP' painted in big white letters on his shinny black helmet.

“I'm sorry, Miss Summers but the chopper you and the band came in on has had to be re-tasked,” the soldier explained.

“Oh!” Buffy tried to sound as if she knew what was going on and what the soldier was talking about, “Does that mean we have to walk?”

From the look on the soldier's face Buffy realised she'd said something wrong or stupid, she smiled brightly to cover her mistake.

“Joking!” Buffy cried out over the still loud cheers of the crowd, “What do we have to do now?”

“We've got a couple of Hueys to pick you up,” the soldier explained while Buffy wondered what the heck a 'Huey' was, “but the band will have to go on one bird and you an' your girls on the other...”

“Bird?” Buffy was really confused now, too many things had happened to her in too short a time and it was making her brain hurt.

“Helicopters?” the soldier made a circular motion above his head with his finger before glancing at one of his buddies and rolling his eyes, he then looked back to Buffy, “If you'd come with me and my guys, we'll get you outta here.”

Following the big soldier, Buffy noticed several other MP guys moving into formation around them. It was only then that Buffy realised that she and the other girls might be in some sort of danger. Whether that was from some unseen enemy or the over excited crowd of soldiers remained to be seen. Walking out onto a big, dusty field, Buffy saw two helicopters sitting on the thread bare grass, their rotors turning slowly as the engines started up.

“Hey!” Buffy pulled on the sleeve of the big soldier to get his attention, “If we're going up in those things,” she indicated the helicopters, “couldn't we get changed first?”

“Not enough time,” shouted the soldier over the noise of the helicopter's motors, “but I'm sure the crew on the chopper wouldn't mind you changing once you're aboard!”

“Yeah,” Buffy rolled her eyes at the guy, “very funny...erm,” Buffy made a guess that the girls and herself hadn't just turned up like they were dressed now, “what about our stuff?”

“Already aboard,” the soldier called as he ducked low and lead Buffy and the dancers towards the chopper, “keep your heads down.”

Running crouched over, Buffy followed the soldier towards the chopper, as she ran she checked over her shoulder to make sure that none of 'her' girls had got lost. Arriving at the helicopter, Buffy was the first to climb aboard. Looking around she saw there were no seats, but someone had placed some small suitcases (obviously belonging to the dancers) against the rear wall of the chopper and between where the pilots sat and the cargo area. This was hardly first class accommodation, moving around the little compartment, Buffy spotted a case with her name on it, she quickly went over to it and sat down.

Watching as the other girls climbed aboard, Buffy looked around the chopper, there were two guys up front, obviously the pilots and one guy who must be the operator for the guns that pointed out of the helicopter's side doors. As the last of the dancers climbed aboard and found somewhere to sit, the machine gun guy yelled at everyone to buckle up and hang on tight as the noise of the engine, already loud, increased in volume. Buffy felt a lurch in the pit of her stomach as the helicopter almost jumped into the air. Swinging around and away from the stage area the chopper began to gain altitude as it started to fly off over the jungle below.


The big MP stood with his buddies as he watched the choppers fly off into the distance, he chuckled quietly to himself.

“What's so funny?” one of his buddies asked.

“Californian girls,” the MP smiled, “you hear about them but you never quite believe it's true 'til you meet one!”


The noise made by the helicopter effectively prevented even shouted conversation, so Buffy took the opportunity to recap what she thought had happened to her; she'd jumped from Glory's tower and then she'd fallen through the portal, she'd died to save her sister and the world and what was her reward? Well, she appeared to be the leader of a troupe of go-go dancers who supported a rock band as they went around in helicopters entertaining the troops in Vietnam of all places.

Okay, Buffy started to ask herself, when was the Vietnam War? History had never been one of her strong subjects at school and was the Vietnam War even history? Buffy felt fairly safe in saying that the Vietnam War was in the sixties, possibly the late sixties? Most of her recollections about the war seemed to concentrate on the anti-war demonstrations at home and the unkind way people had treated the soldiers when they'd returned to the States. Wherever she was and whatever she was doing it sure beat the hell out of being dead...a thought struck her; hadn't her mother been born in the sixties? Wouldn't it be fun to go and see her mom when she was a little girl?

Thinking about her mother in happier times, Buffy found herself looking out at the countryside as it slipped by under the helicopter. There appeared to be an awful lot of trees, more trees than she could remember seeing in any one place before. Looking closer she noticed that it wasn't all trees, there were clearings every now and then and sometimes little rivers. After awhile Buffy started to think that it all looked quite beautiful in an untamed sort of way. Smiling she thought she might like it back here in the sixties, a chance for her to start over. No doubt there was another slayer alive in the world somewhere so she wouldn't have to worry so much about the world of vampires and monsters, maybe she could have a shot at being 'normal' after all.

A loud thudding intruded on Buffy's thoughts as the pilot started to make wild evasive manoeuvres, she saw sparks fly from the metal skin of the chopper as holes started to appear all over the place. Buffy knew instinctively that they were being shot at, the pilot put the aircraft into a dive heading for the tree tops as the machine gun guy started to shoot into the jungle with one of his guns. All around her the dancers screamed in silence as guns fired and engines roared.

Grabbing hold of the terrified girl next to her, Buffy tried to calm her by hugging her tightly. Looking out of the front of the chopper, Buffy saw a trail of smoke head towards the helicopter carrying the band. The smoke trail struck home and the chopper exploded in a great ball of fire as pieces of flaming wreckage fluttered to the ground like burning leaves. Almost before she could fully comprehend what had happened, the helicopter she was in juddered frighteningly as if it was being hit by handfuls of metal hail. Buffy screamed as the gunner's head exploded in a spray of blood, bone and pieces of green, glass-fibre helmet. One of the pilots slumped across his controls as the remaining pilot fought to keep the chopper airborne.

The compartment started to fill with smoke as all around her girls screamed in terror and the chopper plummeted towards the ground. Looking out of the shattered windscreen, Buffy held on to the girl in her arms as the remaining pilot fell back in his seat his chest a mess of blood and bone. The trees rushed towards them and Buffy found herself cursing her luck. In just a few seconds she'd gone from thinking about how cool it could be to restart her life back in the nineteen-sixties to watching death rushing towards her in the shape of a very large tree.


Words from; 'Woolly Bully' by 'Sam The Sham & The Parohs'.
Words from; 'We gotta get outta this place' written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and recorded as a 1965 hit single by The animals.

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