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The Slayer, The Wizard, and The Key

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Summary: **COMPLETE and REVISED** Read A/N in Ch 1 The Scoobys go to Hogwarts to teach and protect the students. While they are there, someone discovers an inner power, but will it be enough to save them all?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)polgaraFR184292,97728132129,50324 Jan 0313 Oct 03Yes

The Slayer, The Wizard, and The Key

The Slayer, The Wizard, and The Key
By: Polgara
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon would be the genius behind that show. Nor do I own Harry Potter, that would be J. K. Rowling. I also don’t own Lord of the Rings.
Rating: R Just to be on the safe side, mostly for language and of course for the violence.
Spoilers: Through Season Six on Buffy, although I have changed certain events to serve my own purposes. They are as follows: Tara did get shot, but did not die; Willow did go on her evil rampage; Spike did not almost rape Buffy, he left after his one night with Anya to get his chip out, the Scoobies do know of this, all will be explained later; Anya is still a demon, she just doesn’t grant wishes anymore. As for Harry Potter, spoilers go through Goblet of Fire. For Lord of The Rings it just goes through the Silmarillion with just hints of later events.

This story takes place one year after Grave, and in the HP gangs sixth year at Hogwarts. OOTP never happened in my story! Nor did the final season of Buffy or season four of Angel!!! Connor never existed either.

This is the revised and final version of this story. I have gone back through and cleared up typos and grammar. I believe that I caught all the problems, but may be mistaken. I also added a few scenes along with clearing others up so they are easier to understand. I also used suggestions from reviews in all of this.
For those who have already read this story once, I suggest reading this again cause I added a few things that might be important in the sequel, Two Worlds Collide. I have outlined most of the sequel already so I’ll start writing really soon. I will post the first chapter of the sequel, Two Worlds Collide, on Sunday Nov. 2. That should give me plenty of time to finish outlining the story and write the first chapter.

For those who have never read the story.....
~telepathic conversation~

As always, thank you to all of my wonderful reviewers and to those who have yet to review. You guys kick ass!!!!
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