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Faith's new sword

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Summary: What happens when you give a slayer a brand spanking new magical weapon

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralLaraBrFR1812,044031,14230 May 1430 May 14No
Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy.

A/N: The other night i was having trouble sleeping so i grabbed a pen and paper and let my mind wander and this is the result. At the moment i have no idea which crossovers if any will be featured here but i will adjust the story details as it progresses.

July 10th 1997 - Somewhere in Nevada
Faith hopped out of the trucks cab calling "Thanks for the ride.", as she headed towards the truck stop's diner she closed the door with a gentle push of her hand. Walking into the building the first thing she saw was just how crowded it was. With a sigh she headed for the only seat available and asked "Is anybody going to be sitting here?"

The man's eyes flicked up from the book he was reading and replied "The chair is yours, it has been yours since the beginning of time." and with that his eyes went back to the book he had been reading.

A harried looking waitress came over and asked Faith what she wanted. The slayer ordered a fried bacon and waffles as well as a cup of coffee.

The man looked up and said "I have a gift for you Faith Lehane." With that he pushed a fifteen inch parcel that was wrapped in a rich dark blue cloth. Faith looked up sharply at the sound of her name, her body going tense, getting ready to fight when her mouth dropped open as the man simply vanished before her eyes and then she noticed that the diner had suddenly become both empty and derelict. She was sitting at the only whole table in the place. She looked back down, the cloth wrapped parcel was still there. She looked around again before reaching out and taking hold of it. She pulled the cord that held it together. Inside was the most beautifully crafted dagger she had ever seen. and tucked under neath it was a small brown leather pouch. Placing the dagger down carefully on the table she opened the leather pouch. Inside was a small piece of tan coloured paper, she put the pouch down and unrolled the piece of paper.

You are the direct descendant of one of the
greatest warriors that has ever lived. Whether
you became the slayer or not you would have
been a warrior on the side of light. This
is just who you are. So with that in mind i
decided that you needed a weapon that was
fitting for one with your ancestry. The blade
in front of you belongs to a group of weapons
wielded by warriors like you. You are the only
rightful owner of this blade, no other can
wield it and survive. In this universe it is one
of a kind, just like you.

P.S Be careful when you use the inbuilt armour
it can get a bit drafty.

P.P.S The one that created this weapon for you
might get a bit curious. What ever you do, do
NOT mention Legolas if he comes for a visit.

After reading it twice all she could say was "What?!" she shook her head as if to clear it from a non existent fog. Looking back to the dagger she shrugged her shoulders and then reached for it's hilt.

As her fingers closed around the hilt she felt a huge surge of energy flow through her, her body quivering as the power enveloped her and became one with her. The dagger in her hand grew into a beautiful, two handed double edged longsword. To Faith the blade radiated power on a scale she had never before dreamed of let alone encountered. She could feel the blade's essence in her mind, it was like unlike anything she had experienced before. Knowledge of how to use it slowly trickled into her mind as if the sword was being careful not to overwhelm her. The information told her that the sword was both alive and not, all at the same time and it's goal was to protect the innocent and it's wielder. The blade was hers and no others until the end of time and beyond.

With a huge smile she twirled the blade and then sheathed it into a pocket dimension that existed just behind her right shoulder. Faith looked around the derelict diner and said "Thank you". She thought she heard a reply that had said "Your Welcome".

July 14th 1997 - 9pm
Faith stepped off the bus and wrinkled her nose as the smell of stale urine and stale beer hit her like a sledge hammer. The place also wreaked of death. Looking around she noticed that the bus station also lacked the usual hangers on that she would have expected to see.

It occurred to her that one of the downsides of the sword she had been given was that it had enhanced all her senses and right now the sense of smell wasn't helping her mood. She'd been stuck on a bus that had seemed to have a good cross section of America's sanity challenged, she was amazed that she hadn't hit anyone during the ride. With a sigh she started walking out of the station and kept an eye open for a public phone box that still had a directory.

Once outside of the bus station she was surprised to see just how clean and tidy the town of Sunnydale was. She'd never have known this place was a Hellmouth just by looking at it. It was the subtle feel of oppressive darkness that resided at the edge of her senses that told her she was close to the mouth of hell. Her Watcher Diana had told her about the place and about Buffy Summers, the strongest slayer in living memory.

Faith grinned to herself as she spotted what she wanted and headed over to the public phone, she flicked through the directory until she found the listing for motels, she ripped the page out and then looked around for a taxi. Only there wasn't any, looking up she noticed a map and it had a list of places, and rather helpfully it had an arrow on the it that said 'you are here'. As she was planning a route to the motel she'd found in the directory a familiar feeling washed over her.

Looking around she spotted the vampires as they spotted her. A smile grin appeared on her lips as they drew closer, she dropped her backpack onto the ground and then prepared for combat.

The three vampires laughed and joked about the girl they were about to dine on. None of them had any clue as to how much danger they were really in.

Faith stretched her neck as she waited for the undead.

The lead said "Oh look, they do deliver after all."

Faith rolled her eyes, "Do you guys go to some group to learn really lame lines?"

The leader growled and threw a punch to Faith's head. The slayer lazily ducked under the vamp's punch and with lightning speed punched him just under his rib cage. Which launched the Vampire into the air. The other two vamps stopped dead in their tracks as they watched their leader fly nearly thirty foot behind them. Looking at each other they both came to the same conclusion and ran away as fast as they could.

Faith looked at her fist and then at the vamp she had just punched, shaking her head she grabbed a stake from her waist band and headed over to the unconscious vampire, she stabbed him through the heart and watched him turn to dust. She then went over what had happened, she hadn't intended to hit the vampire hard, she intended to simply set the vampire up for a series of attacks that would have allowed her to get closer to his companions and take them all out with a minimum of fuss, she did not intend to give him free flying lessons. Faith immediately knew what was different, it was the sword, she wondered what it had done to her? Faith knew she had to find out and find out fast and the only way she could think of was to meditate. She was now grateful that her watcher had made her learn how. After grabbing her backpack she took off at a run towards the motel she'd found out about.

Faith unlocked the door of the motel and headed into the room and suddenly wished she hadn't, the various smells coming from the room combined into something that was truly disgusting. She could identify cockroaches, rats, blood and other bodily fluids she didn't want to think about, oh and a not so subtle smell of mold. In short the room made Faith feel sick. She knew she couldn't stay here but she really needed to find out what the sword had done to her.

Growling to herself she sat down cross legged on the floor, resting her hands on her knees she settled her mind into a place where she could begin to meditate. After a short while she found a peaceful place within her mind and as felt her body lighten and relax she saw two lights in her mind. One was of the purest silver that seemed to have wisps of silver fire around it's edges and the other was of a crisp, deep purple that gave off the feeling of safety and security. In her mind Faith headed into the purple as fast as she could. She felt her body jolt slightly, she automatically opened her eyes and looked around herself. She found that she was in a place that was totally purple, the same shade as the light she found in her mind.

Standing up she looked around almost expecting something to come out of nowhere and attack her. After a few minutes of nothing happening she relax and allowed her senses to tell her what was around her. Faith took a deep breath and calmed her mind further, stamping down on her normal impulse to hit first and ask questions later attitude. Especially since there was nobody to hit.

Faith wished she had something to hit and then a Wing Chun dummy appeared in front of her. She took a step back, bringing her hands up into a defensive posture, only nothing happened, The dummy just sat there. After another moment she shot her fist forward in punch with all her strength behind it. As her fist hit the dummy, the dummy it exploded, wooden splinters flying out ahead of her hand. She examined the dummy carefully and discovered that the top part where her fist had landed had shattered. The shock on her face was complete.

After a moment of staring at the remains of the wooden dummy she settled her emotions again and thought back to what she was thinking before the appearance of the dummy and she realised that she'd wished for something to hit. With a bit of caution she wished again for something to hit and again an identical dummy appeared in front of her. She then wished they were gone, both dummies vanished.

Faith thought for a bit then mentally wished for a 1969 mark I ford Mustang and less than a second later one appeared in front of her. Faith's eyes went wide and then she walked around it, tapped it and then opened it's hood. She found an engine. Heading to the driver's seat she got in only to discover that there wasn't any keys. She wished for a set of keys for the Mustang and a they appeared in her hand, she grinned as she used them to start the car. It growled to life, she gave it more gas and the growl from the engine increased. Faith turned off the car and got out of it, she then did a dance because she realised that she could have anything she wished for. It was at this moment it occurred to her she didn't know where she was or how to get back to Sunnydale.

Faith closed her eyes and took a deep breath and settled her mind, controlling her emotions she went back to what she originally wanted to know and concentrated on what had happened to her when she had grasped the dagger in the blue cloth. Her mind was flooded with information. In short she had been enhanced all around. Faith then addressed another problem, how to get back to her motel room which also came into her mind.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Faith's new sword" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 May 14.

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