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Summary: Spellcheck is not a substitute for proofreading.

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersOxnateFR1522151273,1079 Jun 1410 Jun 14Yes

Let's eat Grandpa!

A/N: Thank you to Mcspender for the Recommendation. I really don't know why they would do such a thing, but it feels good anyway.

A/N: Any subsequent chapters do not exist in the same universe as the others, obviously.

Chapter 2.

Darla had brought Angel to meet her sire. It did not go well. Angel was thrown to the ground in front of the powerful vampire for his insolence. But Angel wouldn’t stay down. “You know what? I’m still hungry, love. Let’s eat grandpa!”

The Master sighed. “Young people today have no grasp of propriety or grammar. First of all, I’m trying to teach you a lesson in manners, I’m not about to feed you. Secondly, it’s ‘let’s eat, grandpa!’. There’s a comma in there. Otherwise it sounds like you’re about to try to eat... me.” The Master turned around to see a dozen yellow eyes all fixed on him hungrily.


The End

You have reached the end of "Overdose". This story is complete.

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