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Good things come in small packages

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Summary: Slayers, Assassins and special forces teams

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredLaraBrFR18827,84663713,96412 Jun 1417 Jul 14No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Stargate SG1 is owned buy MGM Television, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp, Sony Pictures Television
Jason Bourne was created by Robert Ludlum.

A/N: I started to write this story because I'm not happy with 'To Sunnydale with love'. It felt clumsy and more than a bit clunky. I tried rewriting it but it just wouldn't work, which is why I haven't put up chapter 2 which has been written and rewritten multiple times.

I'm setting this at 18 for the moment but it could go up in further chapters because of themes and violence.

Please could you tell me what you think. I hope to have ch2 up in the next few days.

Sunnydale Airport
From the moment Natalia stepped off the plane she could feel the basic wrongness of the town she'd just arrived in. The whole place had a feeling of latent evil.

She headed into the airport's main building and had her passport out and ready to hand it over for inspection but no one was at the immigration desk and the few people that had arrived with her in the jet all seemed a little confused about the lack of airport staff. Shrugging she went straight to the baggage claim area. After several minutes of waiting, her suitcase arrived for her to grab and then head to Customs. Unlike the previous desk this one was manned by what she could only describe as a stoner, unruly blonde hair with a small unkempt goatee that would have done Shaggy and Scooby proud. He just waved her through with a very bored and spaced out expression on his face. She just raised an eyebrow as she walked passed. Making her way through the rest of the airport she came upon a taxi stand sans taxi. She looked around for a public phone with a directory, which of course there wasn't one. Nat then looked around for a sign to tell her where the town centre was and this time she wasn't disappointed so she headed off towards it.

After walking for twenty minutes she heard music coming from a large-ish warehouse like structure. Deciding that this was going to be her best bet at finding a taxi to take her to a hotel she entered the building that proclaimed itself to be the Bronze.

Buffy looked into her rapidly emptying glass and wondered if it was going to be worth getting a refill. Xander was on his road trip and Will had been a no show, Willow was probably snuggling with Oz. Angel had disappeared after the Mayor had been defeated. With a sigh she considered her dating options carefully and came to the conclusion that there was going to be zero date-age in her near to long term future and she was fine with that. Well she could at least help her mom at the gallery during the days and that would give her something to do. It then occurred to her that Willow hadn't been coming around as often as she used to, she wondered if that had anything to do with Xander being away or just a sign that she and Oz were getting closer. Buffy also realised that there hadn't been as many vamps around either this summer, even taking into account the time of year, there was a definite lack of vampires. As she pondered this, the sound of a squeaky wheel caught her attention. She looked up and saw a very pretty brunette pulling a suitcase behind her with a look of annoyance spreading across her face. Buffy watched the brunette trying to get the barman's attention but with the amount of teenagers crowding around the counter it was pretty much a lost cause. It was then one of the jocks of the mindless variety tried to grab the girl's backside, only to have the offending limb snatched and twisted away with practised ease. The jock was quickly on his knees and whimpering like a child. She knew just how painful the wrist lock was that the brunette had on the jock. She couldn't help but grin.

Buffy decided to go and help the jock out and stop him or his friends from doing something else stupid. She walked over to the two of them, bending at the hip the blonde looked into his eyes with a I'm not pleased look on her face. His face went pale at the implied threat held within the blonde's expression. Turning to the girl she said "Hi, I'm Buffy." With that she stuck out her hand for the girl to shake.

"Hi, I'm Natalia, but please call me Nat." she said as she let go of the jock and took Buffy's hand in a firm handshake, She also gave the blonde a bright smile, her ice blue eyes dancing with merriment.

Grinning, Buffy indicated the suitcase and asked "New in town?"

Nat nodded and said "Yep, Just quit my job and a contact of mine said that there was always work going here, so here I am." a smile lighting up her face as she looked the slayer in the eyes. "I don't suppose you know the phone number of a local taxi service do you? So I can get a room at a Hotel."

Buffy smiled back. "Sorry, the taxi's in this town really don't like working after dark and the hotels here don't take new guests after six o'clock at night, sorry to be the bearer of bad news." Buffy internally winced as she thought she'd spent way too much time around Giles. "Tell you what, let me call my mom and see if we can put you up for the night. Is that ok?"

Natalia's smile broadened "Thank you, that would be wonderful."

Buffy smiled and then said "Wait right here I'll be back in a couple of minutes." She then headed for the pay-phone in the hall to the restrooms. The first thought she'd had was how much the girl sounded like Giles, her crisp educated English accent. After hearing the other girl's voice, she'd trusted her. She pondered this while she waited for the phone to become vacant. And the complete lack of any 'I'm better than you are' tone that Gwendolyn Post had in spades. Yep, I trust her mused Buffy to herself as she watched the big biker type, talk on the phone.

While Buffy was gone Nat looked around the club. Seems to be the local teen hangout she thought to herself. Studying the people around her she noticed the guy that had tried to assault her, he was still holding his wrist while he was talking to a few others and occasionally glancing in her direction until he saw her watching him.

Buffy came back into the night club proper she noticed that Natalia was scanning the other people in the room. She seemed alert to her surroundings and from how she'd dealt with the idiot she obviously knew how to defend herself. Thought Buffy as she closed the distance between them. Walking up to the brunette's side Buffy said "Hey, mom's gonna get the fold away out and put it in my room if that's alright?"

Nat gave Buffy a thousand watt smile. "That would be wonderful, thank you."

She smiled back and said "Your welcome. Anyway this place is dead tonight, wanna head back now?"

The brunette nodded. "Yes, lets." and with that she grinned to her rescuer. The two girls then headed out of the Bronze and set off towards Buffy's home.

The two girls chatted as they made their way from the club to Buffy's house. Unknown to each other they were both on the alert for demonic attack and both working out strategies of how to protect the other if they did indeed come under attack.

Damn, I like this girl thought Buffy as she kept a close eye out for any vampires that were dumb enough to attack the slayer. I really don't want to see her get dead, with a sigh of relief she turned the corner on to Revello Drive. "Not far now, it's that house down there." Buffy said as they walked the last hundred feet to her home.

The slayer pulled out her keys and opened the front door for Natalia but didn't tell her she could enter. A small smile crossed Buffy's lips as Nat walked in through the door. Following her in Buffy shouted "Mom, we're home."

Joyce came down the stairs and smiled as she said "Hello, It's nice to meet you. It's Natalia isn't it?"

Nat smiled to the older looking woman "Yes, but please call me Nat, everybody does. Thank you for letting me stay on such short notice."

Mrs. Summers smiled at the girl's politeness and briefly wondered if Natalia attended the same school of etiquette Rupert had. "Well Nat it is then, please make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?"

Buffy watched the by play between her mom and Nat and could immediately tell that they had instantly liked each other. A part of her was relieved but she couldn't figure out why because Nat was only going to be staying the one night. It occurred to her that she'd missed Nat's response because she'd been lost in her own thoughts. Joyce continued talking as she headed into the kitchen. Buffy brought herself out of her thoughts as she listened to the tail end of what her mother had been saying.

"...I've put the fold away bed in Buffy's room and I've made it up with fresh bedding, Buffy could you show Nat where your room is and where the bathroom is while I get Nat her coffee?"

Buffy responded "Sure mom." Turning to Natalia she said "sorry, I zoned out there for a sec, if you will follow me." The last part was said with a grin on the slayer's face.

Chuckling, she picked up her suitcase and then said "I'd follow you anywhere." She preceded to follow Buffy up the stairs with her eyes on Buffy the whole time.

Buffy turned around and grinned at Natalia and then continued up the stairs, completely unaware that she was smiling. For some reason she wanted to make a good impression on this girl but she couldn't quite figure out why.

Once they'd entered Buffy's room Nat put her case in the corner. Looking over the room she said "It's lovely, the room really suits you" her smile brightening when she saw the happy expression on the slayer's face.

From downstairs Joyce shouted up "The coffee is ready."

Buffy answered. "We'll be right there mom." In a normal voice Buffy said "Shall we?" Natalia nodded.

Just outside Colorado Springs
Jack O'Neill got into bed, reaching over to turn the bedside light out, he realised for what must be the hundredth time that he hated snakeheads whether they be Goa'uld or Tokra, they were a pain in his backside. He idly wished he could just go through the gate and not get shot at and not see so many trees, it would almost be a treat to see some grassland for a change but then it occurred to him he'd have Daniel complaining about the lack of artifacts that he could ponder over for hours. With a sigh he settled down to sleep with the day's events playing through his mind. Oh he could do without alien bounty hunters too. Luckily he and his team had been given a couple of days leave. The first thing he was going to do was take advantage of sleeping in and then catching up with watching the Simpsons he had taped while he was off world

Buffy's house
Natalia cradled her coffee in her hands as she talked to both Buffy and Joyce. The two Summers women sitting on the couch which left her the very comfy armchair. Kicking her shoes off she then curled her legs under her to take advantage of the soft chair.

Joyce sipped her coffee as she studied the young woman her daughter had brought home because she didn't like the idea of a stranger to Sunnydale having nowhere to spend the night. She was always proud of Buffy, but the kindness her daughter had shown had warmed her heart. So she figured she'd get the hard questions out first. "So..what do you do Natalia?"

Nat Immediately recognised the more formal tone that Joyce had used and decided to act like she hadn't heard it, with a beaming smile she said "I'm a crisis eliminator...An executive troubleshooter without portfolio, but at the moment I'm between employer's and I'm not really sure what I want to do at the moment. Other than get a place to live and see what Sunnydale has to offer."

Joyce nodded before saying "What made you leave your last employer?" And then added "The reason I'm asking is that there could be a position opening up in my gallery."

Natalia nodded and smiled while she thought, oh your not so dumb or uninformed, you know exactly what I am. "I could not remain with the policies that were being employed by the current administration." Nodding she continued "That's good to know. I've always had an appreciation of fine art but modern art leaves me less than satisfied."

"Yes, I have to agree, though there are some recent artists that have recently come on to the market that do show some promise. Have you ever come across the Treadstone Collection?" responded Joyce to the younger woman's reply.

Buffy listened to the conversation about art but had the feeling there was an entirely different conversation going on underneath that she was missing, but she most certainly got the vibe that the adults were talking.

Nodding to Joyce's statement "Yes I believe I have come across one or two pieces but from the research I did into the collection as a whole, I was left with the impression that the older pieces should have been retired and the artist replace them with more vibrant pieces, that could raise the standard of the collection in it's entirety."

Standing up Joyce said "Yes I have to agree with you on your assessment. Anyway, I'm glad we have the same out look on art but I really do have to get to bed, I have an early start in the morning. It was nice to meet you Natalia."

"And you, Mrs Summers" replied Nat.

The elder Summers then headed to her bedroom.

Buffy stretched and yawned in her seat then got up. Yeah I think I could use some sleep myself, the talk of art has relaxed me too much." The bright good natured smile she had when she spoke took away any of the unintended sting the words may have had. She then followed her mother up the stairs with Natalia, switching off the lights as she went.

Once they were in the room Buffy grabbed her nightwear and headed for the bathroom. Natalia took the opportunity to change into her own night-ware which was one of her best friend's shirts. Just as Nat was about to slip the nightshirt over her head Buffy came in the room. Seeing Natalia completely naked was a bit of a shock because as nice as she looked in her clothes it was nothing compared to how she looked out of them. The blonde was surprised at just how good Natalia looked to her. Buffy shook her head to clear the thoughts and headed to her bed.

Once inside she looked back over to the Brunette who as about to get into the foldaway and as soon as she put her body weight on it there was a muffled snapping sound and the bed gave way underneath her.

Nat quickly tucked her feet under her body so she wouldn't fall on her backside. Buffy started giggling and that set her off as well. "Well I guess I won't be sleeping on that now." As she looked at the broken foldaway.

After Buffy had stopped giggling she said "Nat, there's plenty of room in here, it's easily big enough for two." and with that she pulled the covers back to allow the brunette to get in.

Smiling gratefully Natalia climbed into bed with Buffy. "Thanks, Goodnight Buffy"

With a grin Buffy said "night Nat."

Early morning Just outside Colorado Springs
The phone rang loudly beside the sleeping figure, he groaned then lifting his head just enough to see the offending item, he reached out and pulled the receiver to his ear and croaked into it "This had better be good!"

On the other end a nervous lieutenant said "Sir, General Hammond wants you to come in this morning."

The graying figure sat up in bed and wiped his face with his other hand. "Right, what's this about?"

Level 27 - Cheyenne Mountain.
The younger man nervously fidgeted before saying, trying to keep his voice as even as possible, without squeaking. "I can not say Sir." On the other end he heard the Colonel mutter "Yeah, sure you betcha...right! I'll be in in thirty minutes." and with that the line was disconnected.

A pretty dark haired girl dressed in an Air force uniform asked "How did he sound?"

"Pissed off, he didn't sound happy." replied the Lieutenant.

Summers residence - early morning.
Buffy felt herself slowly come out of the layers of sleep and as she did so she realised that she felt incredibly comfy and content to hug her pillow. She really didn't want to move. Hugging her pillow closer to her she felt something tighten around her body in the most delightful way. As she snuggled in she started to remember the events of the previous day and then it occurred to her that her pillow was in fact another person. Buffy made sure her body didn't tense up, in fact she did the opposite as she started to take a closer examination of her surroundings. Head pillowed on breast..check, arms wrapped around the pretty English girl...check, Nat's arms wrapped around me...check, hands not in naughty places...check. Potential for embarrassment if I screw up the next couple of minutes...monumental. Buffy thought about what to do, well if I leap out of bed and run to the bathroom then I will embarrass myself royally, If I stay where I'm both comfortable and deliciously warm, chances of embarrassment drop considerably. So she did the only sane thing she could think of for this situation...she snuggled in closer.

Natalia was awoken by the feeling of being cuddled, she let the feeling of closeness to another soft body wash over her and she couldn't help but smile. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so snug and warm. It had been years since she'd felt this simple contact. Opening her eyes enough to see, she looked down her body to see the Buffy's head resting on her breast. another smile came to her features as she felt the other girl snuggle in. Ok Nat, don't mess this up she thought to herself. She tenderly pulled the blonde closer and cuddled her close, the blonde responded to this buy snuggling even closer. Don't say anything and don't do anything, just let it happen she thought to herself. Closing her eyes she reached out with her other senses, Buffy was awake and she didn't seem to want to move, a small spark of elation crept into the brunette's heart as she held the blonde in her arms. Another smile came to her lips as she recalled the events of last night, when the girl had first approached her she couldn't get over just how beautiful she was and completely blown away by her grace as she moved across the night club. Nat could not remember seeing anyone else other than her family that moved like Buffy had. Nat my girl do not screw this up.
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