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Coming Home

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Summary: The Team unknowingly becomes the target of the Vampire Queen and two turned former agents, forcing them to rely on the aid of the suspected Hemery High Vampire Killer, Buffy Summers.

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Chapter 01

Disclaimer: All BtVS characters are owned by Joss Whedon and all Criminal Minds characters are owned by Mark Gordon and CBS. Crunchysunrise owns the original idea of Buffy as a suspected unsub. The rest is mine.

I wanted to hurry and get this chapter up because I was afraid I might forget. I may have to put a pet rabbit I’ve had for almost seven years to sleep in the next few days. Because of this, I was afraid I might forget I promised to update by this weekend. Be gentle with feedback please. Thanks for Reading.

Four and ½ months later

October 08, 2013, The FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau walked briskly across the crowded lobby of the FBI academy, headed for the elevators that would take her to up to where she worked, in the Behavior Analysis Unit, or BAU. It was a typical Tuesday in October outside. The air was growing colder with the gradual approach fall and winter, and the trees were full of multi-colored leaves, painting the wooded areas around the academy a wide array of reds, yellows, and oranges.

JJ was running a little late. Will, her husband of a year and a half, had been called in to work early, leaving her the task of getting her young son to his preschool. Usually, if such a thing happened, their neighbor would gladly have taken Henry, since his preschool was near her own child's school. However, both her neighbor, and all of her children, had come down with the flu, despite the fact that each had been vaccinated. Apparently, they'd caught one of the rarer strains of the virus. That had left JJ in a bind, forcing her to take Henry to school herself, thus making her late for work.

She'd felt bad about it, at first. However, when exiting her car in the parking lot, she'd met her boss, Aaron Hotchner, who was also arriving late. Though his reason for his tardiness was actually planned: a parent-teacher conference at his son, Jack's, school. It still made her feel better about her own lateness. It meant that their team had yet to get down to business for the day.

Walking in together, the pair of friends/teammates discussed the most recent adventures in their sons’ lives, sharing a chuckle over a humorous event that Jack had been involved in the previous day. JJ had also broached the topic that Henry was wanting to spend some quality time with his favorite cousin, and was hoping that in the near future, Jack might be able to spend the night. He also wanted Jack to come out with him and his parents on Halloween in a few weeks. Hotch had answered that he would discuss all those things with his young son, but barring any unforeseen issues with work, they probably could arrange a sleep over for the boys soon.

As they were walking in, another of their fellow agents had called over to them, wanting to speak with Hotch about some issue tied to a recent case their department had shared with the BAU. Telling JJ he'd be along shortly, Hotch stopped to speak to the other agent, leaving JJ to continue on, on her own.

As she approached the elevators, JJ caught sight of a familiar face up ahead, also appearing to be heading upstairs. This person was someone she hadn't seen in almost two years; ever since she'd chosen to leave her position at the Pentagon and return to the BAU. The blonde woman was still dainty, and she still didn't look all that threatening. It still struck JJ as bizarre that this young woman, could be so deceptive in her appearance. She in no way looked capable of handling what she dealt with. The things she had saved JJ's life from, one night in the deserted garage near the Pentagon, where JJ had parked her car.

Shuttering at the memory of the monstrous creature that had pinned her against her own vehicle in the dark garage, JJ pushed down her discomfort, and called to her friend.

"Buffy," JJ said as she approached, drawing the other blonde's attention. "Buffy Summers."

"JJ," the other woman exclaimed, apparently happy to see her. "Wow. How are you?"

"I'm good," JJ told her, as the blonde reached over to hug her. Immediately, she gasped at the tight embrace. She'd forgotten how hard the other woman tended to hug. "Can't breathe."

Pulling away sheepishly, Buffy muttered an apology. "Sorry. Still have trouble with that."

"It's okay," JJ assured her, even as she reached up to rub her ribs.

"My sister's always telling me I gotta be careful, cause someday I might accidentally pop somebody like a balloon," the other blonde continued, still looking embarrassed. "So what have you been up to?"

"Well, I took the classes, and am a profiler, now. And, I'm married now, too" JJ informed her, immediately earning her a squeal of delight from Buffy. Now it was JJ's turn to be embarrassed.

"To Will?" Buffy asked, clearly happy for her friend, when JJ nodded yes to her question. "Oh, that must be exciting. Any more kids?"

"Not yet," JJ answered, smiling. "But, there always still could be."

"Well, I'm happy for you," Buffy confirmed, hugging her again, though this time not as hard. "We'll have to do lunch sometime, now that I'll have a more permanent job in DC."

"I saw in the paper, where you finally were able to finish construction on the east coast branch of your school," JJ commented. "Congratulations. I know that you were being given a hard time by the Joint Chief's over having it in Washington."

"Yeah," Buffy answered, her nose wrinkling at the memory. "No matter how many times the President told us that he approved of our presence in DC, he apparently couldn't make his cabinet agree with him. I was starting to think we were gonna have to move the location. I so hate politics."

JJ couldn't help but agree.

"So, what are you doing at the Academy?" JJ asked, curious as to the other woman's presence. She'd always been hesitant about the idea of coming here.

"I've been pulled in for a meeting with the FBI Director, a couple of high ranking generals, and a few of the FBI section chiefs," Buffy explained, not giving too much detail. "With the shutdown taking place in the government, the President's asked if we would consider taking over some of the military's HST control operations. Nothing I can get into here. There's just a lot of worry from all the bigwigs, about us handling what they likely wish we never did. You know how these politicians are. Personally, I think that someone with more, tolerance for these guys, like Willow, you remember her, should be handling this stuff. But since I'm the big cheese, I gotta deal with it."

"Just try to remember not to break the table by throwing it through the wall this time," JJ joked, remembering one meeting she'd attended with Buffy. The blonde known by the title of slayer, had gotten angry when one of the congressmen who was sitting in on the meeting, had tried to tell her how to do her job. Buffy had angrily told the man off, and in truth, had probably scared the thundering windbag to death. Afterwards, she'd stood up, shoving herself away from the large conference table, and had in the process, shoved the table into the wall, shattering the drywall, and breaking three legs off the table itself.

"I will," Buffy assured her, again looking sheepish. "I just wish the rest of my party would hurry up, before I run into...." she stopped mid-sentence, looking over JJ's shoulder. Her face immediately slipped into a completely impassive, emotionless mask, stunning JJ. She wasn't used to seeing the other blonde so controlled.

Turning to see what had caught Buffy's attention, JJ froze at the sight of her boss, standing not even ten feet away, eyes locked on the woman behind her. His own face was a blank mask, but JJ recognized the hardness in his eyes. Cold distrust, that he usually only reserved for the unsubs they pursued. And it was directed at Buffy Summers.

"Agent Hotchner," Buffy greeted politely, seeming to suddenly have forgotten that JJ was there.

"What are you doing here?" Hotch asked harshly, his eyes never leaving the young woman.

"Well, I was in the neighborhood," Buffy joked, her defenses slipping into place, as though she was about to face down one of the Hostiles she usually dealt with. This took JJ by surprise. As did the fact that Buffy and Hotch apparently knew each other. She hadn't been aware of that.

Hotch was unimpressed by Buffy's attempt at humor, narrowing his eyes at the blonde. Yet Buffy, for her part, remained calm. If anything, she seemed more amused by Hotch's death glare than intimidated. Which wasn't actually a surprise to JJ, given what she knew about the things the younger woman hunted for a living.

"Guess that hasn't changed," Buffy said to no one in particular, chuckling softly under her breath.

JJ looked between the two, becoming more confused by the moment.

"Why do I feel that I've missed something important?" the blonde profiler tried to ask her two friends, mystified by their behavior.

Hotch started to answer, still not taking his eyes off of Buffy, but before he could reply, someone else arrived that JJ recognized. Though she didn't know this young military officer as well as she did Buffy, she knew he was involved in the unit she often worked with on cases that involved the frightening things she hunted.

"Buffy," the young man said, drawing Hotch's attention away from Buffy a moment. "They're ready for us."

"Okay," the blonde replied, not taking her gaze from Hotch.

The military officer looked as confused as JJ felt when he noticed the staring contest between the two alphas.

"Everything all right here?" he asked, turning to actually assess Hotch.

"I'll tell you upstairs," Buffy answered, before turning from Hotch back to JJ. "We'll have to catch up later. It was great seeing you again, JJ."

"You too," JJ replied, still clearly puzzled by the strange confrontation her boss and her friend had just had.

Buffy and the Army officer both turned, entering the closest elevator. JJ watched as the doors closed, and then turned to Hotch, hoping he'd explain what had just happened.

"What was that about?" JJ asked.

Behavior Analysis Unit, Fifteen Minutes Later

A knock on the door to his office drew SSA David Rossi's attention away from the report he'd been reviewing, just in time to see his fellow profiler, and best friend, Aaron Hotchner opening the door without waiting for an invitation. The glum look on the unit chief's face immediately told Dave that something was wrong.

"Problems with Jack?" Dave asked, remembering Hotch had mentioned he had a parent-teacher conference that morning.

Hotch just shook his head, moving to look out the large window overlooking the grounds of the academy. Seeing that his friend needed a moment before he could explain what was bothering him, Dave went back to his report.

"Well, something is bothering you, if the first thing you do when you arrive, is come to my office, only to give me the silent treatment," Dave commented, sounding amused.

Hotch sighed, clearly frustrated. Turning to fully face his long-time friend, he simply told him what was on his mind.

"I just ran into Buffy Summers in the lobby," Hotch told him, immediately earning him a look of complete surprise from his fellow profiler.

"As in the suspected Hemery High Vampire Killer, Buffy Summers?" Dave asked, stunned when Hotch nodded his response. "What the hell is she doing here?"

"I don't know," Hotch answered, moving to sit in the chair across from the senior agent. "She didn't say. She was speaking with JJ when I walked up. I almost didn't recognize her, Dave. She's come a long way since LA."

"Well, it has been almost twenty years, Aaron," Dave told him, understanding why Hotch would have been so flustered by the appearance of the young woman who was suspected of murdering over thirty of her fellow students, before setting fire to her school gym. "I imagine she has likely grown in to her psychosis by now. What did she say when you saw her?"

"Not much," Hotch answered, turning to look out into the bullpen. "Just made a slight comment under her breath, suggesting she wasn't surprised I still believe she was the killer. She sounded a bit amused by that, actually."

"And JJ?" Rossi asked, concerned that JJ could become a target of the deranged woman, simply because she was an associate of theirs.

"JJ said she met Buffy while she was at the Pentagon," Hotch replied, turning back to Rossi. "That she was working as some kind of consultant with the Special Projects Division of the US Army. However, JJ said she couldn't discuss what exactly Miss Summers work entailed, due to the classified status she apparently holds."

"Great!" Rossi replied sarcastically. "Sounds like she's a paid assassin. Wonderful position to put a serial killer in."

Sighing, Hotch leaned back into the chair.

"You know," Hotch said, remembering when he and his fellow agents had been discussing Buffy on the return trip to Quantico, "Jason never did believe that Miss Summers was responsible for the killings in LA. That was the only real major thing he and I clashed on while he was my training agent."

"I remember," Rossi acknowledged. "He believed that she was the true killer's intended target, and that all the killings were simply his way of trying to gain Buffy's attention. He even explained that he felt that the fire she was accused of setting in the gym, was simply her attempt at frightening away or perhaps dealing with the killer, as she couldn't believe that her parents or the police could or would help protect her. However, I still say that was a bit far-fetched. Especially after her father told us about the delusions she appeared to be suffering from."

Nodding in agreement, Hotch let out a frustrated sigh, before moving to rub his temples.

"So what do you want to do?" Dave asked.

"Well, unfortunately, there's still no evidence linking Miss Summers to the murders in LA," Hotch replied, "and even if there was now proof of her committing arson, we've lost our window on that case. No deaths occurred as a result of that fire, according to both medical evidence, and eye witness reports, so the case would more than likely now be viewed as vandalism, rather than an attempt on anyone's life. That means the statute of limitations ran out on the arson charges long ago. I believe at this point, unless we find evidence of any recent crimes being committed by her, Buffy Summers may very well get away with everything she did back then."

"And if she's a valuable asset to the government," Rossi added, becoming just as frustrated as his friend, "They could very well circle the wagons to protect her if we did."

Letting out his own sigh of frustration, Rossi decided, "Why don't we have Garcia run a background check on our little serial killer? Maybe she can come up with something we can use to get charges filed against her."

"Good idea," Hotch agreed. "However, we'll have to have any investigations into her be low-key, unless we come up with concrete evidence of her guilt."

"Hotch," Rossi scolded, sounding amused. "Nothing involving Garcia is ever low-key."

Chuckling, Hotch agreed.

"I need to go," Hotch finally acknowledged. "We're running a little behind as it is, and we still need to get today's briefing out of the way. Afterwards, I'll ask Garcia to run Summers name. See if anything crops up."

"And I think, that I'll try my luck with JJ," Rossi announced. "Maybe if she knew our history with Miss Summers, she'd be more likely to discuss what she knows about her work with the Pentagon."

"Good idea," Hotch complimented.

FBI Academy, 12:30 PM

"Please tell me you aren't serious," Major Riley Finn almost begged of his one-time girlfriend and still good friend, Buffy Summers. The two of them had only just been released for lunch, from the long, tedious meeting they'd been in all morning, listening to the different heads of varying departments, both from the FBI and the military, drone on and on about how they expected Buffy's agency, the International Council of Watchers and Slayers, to handle the large number of HST operations currently open across the country. While Riley's unit, considered the best the US Army offered in handling the non-human threats often faced in specific areas across the world, would still be in operation during the government shut down, all other units were being placed on standby.

This was because, in order to hide the specifics of those operations, they were often listed as more mundane cases, and clerical work. Which meant that the budget crisis, currently being debated by those in congress, if one could actually call the grand standing taking place between the members of Congress, and the President a debate, would leave all the other units without funding to operate with. Buffy thought it appeared more like they were playing a game of chicken, and unfortunately, none of those hot-winded politicians seemed to notice the fox, in the form of a potential collapse of the US as a whole, was creeping into the proverbial hen house while they postured. Once again she was very glad that her organization was not receiving funding from the government, cause if they had been, there was no doubt that something would have already opened the gates of hell and destroyed the world by now.

"I am totally serious," Buffy answered, as she sat down across from the Major. "They actually thought, or rather think that."

They had just returned to the conference room, from the Academy cafeteria, at Buffy's insistence. Riley had been puzzled initially by her insistence that they eat, where it would be less likely they'd run into the agent from the lobby again. However, hearing her explanation Riley couldn't blame her. No wonder the blonde had almost thrown a tantrum when O'Neil had said he wanted her at this meeting, as opposed to her sister, current CEO in training, or Willow.

"God, that's ironic," Riley said with a shake of his head. "Them believing you, of all people, to be a serial killer."

"Well," Buffy admitted. "If you think about it, I kinda am. At least as far as the demon community is concerned. Does that count?"

"Not as far as I'm concerned," Riley told her, chuckling a little at the notion. "So how exactly did they come to this conclusion?"

"Somebody, and I'm thinking that law firm Angel took out in LA," Buffy replied, purposely ignoring Riley's grimace at the mention of her vampire ex-boyfriend, "tipped the police off that I was technically involved in all those killings that took place in my high school. Although not in the way they suspected. And I'm betting they did some kind of low-key magic spell, to influence most of those beliefs."

"That was just after you'd found out what you are, right?" Riley asked for clarification.

"Yep," Buffy acknowledged. "And I didn't exactly handle telling my parents what was going on at that time well. Kinda turned ugly pretty fast. They put me in the hospital for those six weeks, and I had to play nice-nice with the doctors in order to convince them I wasn't nuts. And then, almost as soon as I get out, I get hauled in to the police station on suspicion of killing my classmates. I tell you, it almost made me wish Lothos hadn't been dead, just so I could kill him again."

"So what happened when they questioned you?"

"Well, they tried that whole, good cop, bad cop stuff that you always see on TV," Buffy told him. "And truthfully, I was scared at first. I mean, who wouldn't be, being as how I had one of the founders of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, sitting across from me, basically telling me he knew that I was the killer, and that it would be better for me and everyone else if I just admitted it. But then, the younger agent with him, also the guy from downstairs, said something to the effect that he and the other agent knew me, better than I did. That they understood what caused me to be the way they were sure I was, and I just couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, right there in the middle of the interrogation room. They really thought I was nuts then."

"I'll bet," Riley agreed. He'd heard her hysterical laugh after all. "So, obviously, they had no proof that you were involved. So, what happened?"

"Well, not long after that, the third agent, whom they didn't know I knew was there, tapped on the glass, wanting to talk to his buddies. About an hour later, the cops released me into my mother's custody, with a recommendation from the Senior Agent Rossi, that I begin receiving intense counseling. However, my mom and dad decided their problems were more important than mine, and they totally blew his recommendations off. After that, except for when the government sent that third agent, Jason Gideon, out to Sunnydale to talk to me after the Initiative collapsed, and a couple of Agent's Rossi's book signings and guest lectures, I haven't seen any of them since. And at the moment, I'm wishing that it had been that last agent I'd run into, instead of Agent Hotchner, cause I just know, he and Agent Rossi are gonna want to get back into trying to prove me the Hemery High Vampire Killer again. But I think Gideon retired, so I guess that would have been too much to hope for."

"He did," Riley informed her, as he was familiar with the name of the man seen as perhaps the greatest criminal profiler in the bureau's history. "From what I know, he had a series of very difficult cases, which spanned about a two year period, and it just became too much for him."

"Everyone has a breaking point," Buffy commented sadly, remembering Gideon's words to her that night twelve years earlier. "Guess he found his."

Riley just nodded. At that moment, Riley's cell beeped, indicating he had a call. Immediately, he answered it.

"Finn," he spoke into the device.

"Major," the person on the other end spoke. "We need you for an HST clean up in the warehouse district of DC."

"Situation?" he asked.

"No hostile's currently present," the man told him, "but the victims are a former FBI agent, and his wife. It's a pretty brutal scene here, sir."

"Acknowledged," Riley answered. "I'll be there in twenty."

Hanging up the phone, he gave Buffy an apologetic look.

"Sorry I gotta leave you to face the jackals alone," he told her. "Please try to refrain yourself from scaring the shit out of anyone. You are in the FBI academy, after all."

"Pooh," Buffy pouted good-naturedly. "You always ruin my fun."

Standing, Riley shook his head, and moved to leave. However he stopped, at Buffy's next comment.

"You know Riley," she said somewhat thoughtfully, turning to him. "Faith and the girls dealt with a case in Cleveland about four months ago, also involving a former FBI agent. They tortured and mutilated the agent, her husband, and their two teenage kids. We didn't find the vamps either. Just their victims. And written on the wall, were the words, 'We're coming home soon'."

Riley's face was grim, not liking the similarities.

"Let's hope that's a coincidence," he told her, though he clearly didn't sound like he believed that. "Just to be safe, I'll have Chris run her pattern recognition program, to search for similar cases. I'll keep you posted."

Turning to leave, he called over his shoulder, "Good luck with the rest of the meeting."

"Thanks," she replied, then muttered under her breath. "I'm gonna need it with this bunch."

Garcia's Lair

Garcia had only just returned to her lair, following her usual lunch with Morgan and Reid, when the sound of a knock at her door drew her attention from her screens. Turning to greet her visitor, she was only slightly surprised when her boss and good friend, Agent Hotchner, entered the room.

"Greetings, El Capitan," she greeted him with her usual exuberance. "What may your humble servant do for you this day?"

"Garcia, I need you to run a back-ground check on someone," he told her. "However, this is not an official case yet, so I need you to keep this between you, myself, and Dave for now."

"Of course sir," she immediately agreed, sensing the seriousness of the situation. "Just tell me the name of this scaly perv, and you shall know everything there is to know about them by days end."

"Her name is Buffy Anne Summers, age 32," Hotch informed her. "She's formally a resident of Los Angeles, California."

"Oh," Garcia cooed, turning to her computer, "A female psycho. Nice to know that the world of deranged killers is becoming an equal opportunity playing field. Just give me a bit, and I will dig up everything there is about this little California not-so dream girl."

"Be sure to let me, or Rossi know if you find anything important in her background," Hotch asked her, before adding. "However, JJ told me that Miss Summers is currently working at the Pentagon, as a classified consultant. If that is the case, I don't want you breaching those files, unless specifically asked to by me."

"If such things exist," Garcia assured him, "I shall be sure to seek my Liege's approval before any such breech."

Nodding his acceptance, Hotch turned and left, going to see if Dave had had any luck getting information on Summers from JJ.

Jennifer Jareau's Office

JJ had just returned to her office after warming up her lunch in the break room, when a knock at her door drew her attention. Looking up from the reports, she was greeted by the sight of Dave Rossi at her door, a folder clutched in his hand.

"Something smells good," he commented, giving her a warm smile.

"Will's homemade gumbo," JJ informed him, motioning him into the room. "It's an old family recipe, he learned from his father. We got in too late last night for him and me to sit down to dinner, so he had a bowl waiting for me to bring for lunch today."

"That's nice of him," Rossi complimented, sitting in the chair across from her.

"It was," JJ agreed, easily reading that he hadn't just stepped in to inquire about Will's gumbo. And she had an inkling as to what it was about. "So, are you here to let me in on this secret you and Hotch have, regarding my friend from my days at the Pentagon?"

"You really have become an excellent profiler," Dave told her, before passing her the folder. "Back in '96, Hotch, Gideon, and I all traveled to LA, to investigate a series of brutal murders. More than thirty students of Hemery High, freshmen to seniors, were all found dead during a six month investigation. Police had been reluctant, to classify it the work of a single unsub. However, during the investigation, our attention was drawn to Buffy Anne Summers, eldest daughter of Joyce and Hank Summers."

"You suspected Buffy, was involved with these killings," JJ said knowingly, opening the folder Rossi had handed her and scanning the reports.

"Not at first," Rossi answered, crossing his legs as if wanting to be comfortable during what he assumed would be a long discussion. "At first, we suspected a single male offender, or possibly a male/male team. However, after Miss Summers was accused of setting fire to her school gym during a dance called the spring fling, we began to suspect that our team, might actually be a male/female partnership. And after speaking to Miss Summers' father, who disclosed that his daughter had recently been institutionalized, suffering from some form of mental delusions, Hotch and I were quite certain that we had found one half of our killing team."

"What kind of delusions?" JJ asked, skipping to the photos of the victims in the back of the file. Rossi noticed immediately when her eyebrows shot up as she took in the apparent manner of death."

"According to her father, Buffy had come to him and his wife, with a very elaborate tale of being chosen by fate or god or destiny, to rid the world of vampires and demons," Rossi informed her, believing her reaction to the photos to be simply connecting what he was telling her. "As you can see by the wounds to the victims' necks, each victim would likely have appeared to be the victim of a vampire attack."

"So you deduced that, Buffy's delusions meant that she at the very least, had some knowledge about these killings?" JJ concluded, fighting everything within her not to admit what she knew about the blonde's calling, as it was known. It was almost absurd to consider, knowing what she knew about Buffy. But then, she knew that Hotch and Rossi had no knowledge, firsthand or otherwise, about the secret world the younger woman happened to live in. In truth, she wasn't even supposed to know. Given that fact, it was no longer a mystery why Buffy had at first been wary of her, when she'd told the other woman she'd worked at the BAU, and why Buffy had never wanted to visit her at the academy, after she'd left the Pentagon. She had likely been afraid what was happening now, would occur.

"Hotch and I both believe that Miss Summers, is one of the killers of the students at her old high school," Rossi replied. "Possibly even the alpha of the pair. Her personality suggested that she was and is the dominant in whatever she does. So, I'm sure you can see, why Hotch and I might be concerned about you being an acquaintance of hers."

Knowing that she'd have to humor him, JJ nodded.

"What do you want to know?" JJ asked.

"How did you meet her?" Dave asked, sensing her hesitation.

Leaning back in her chair, JJ replied, "She saved my life."

This caused Rossi's eyebrows to shoot up, as he hadn't been expecting that admission.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I was jumped by a couple of thugs in the parking garage, where I would park my car," JJ said, giving him the watered down, official version. "They were armed, and caught me completely by surprise. They wanted to kill me, one of them spouting off how the government had wronged him and his family, so he planned on getting them back any way he could. But before they could hurt me, Buffy appeared, out of nowhere, and promptly proceeded to kick both their asses, despite how much bigger than her they were. After knocking them out, she called for security, as we'd still been on government property, and then she checked on me."

"She helped me back inside, and then waited with me, until her apparent supervisor showed up. After explaining what had happened, he asked that I not pursue official charges. The Pentagon didn't and doesn't want Buffy's cover blown, so instead, they offered to prosecute them under FISA, being as how both had been foreign nationals with connections to organized crime and terrorism."

"And you agreed to that," Rossi realized, secretly not happy with JJ's decision.

"I didn't want to," JJ told him. "But Buffy's work for them is highly classified. And as such, they hinted that they wouldn't make her available, if the case went to trial. They didn't actually say that out loud. They just suggested that she had a lot of work to do, and would be very busy overseas in the coming months. And before you say it, Buffy wasn't happy about that either. She said she was more than willing to testify in court if she was needed to. But her bosses wouldn't risk it."

"So they prosecuted your attackers under FISA," Rossi accepted. "And you and Buffy became friends after that."

"Yeah," JJ admitted.

"So, do you know, what exactly Buffy does for the government?" he asked, clearly already assuming that she was some type of hired killer.

Sighing, JJ closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, before answering.

"I do, Dave," she answered. "But it’s not something I can discuss. Even with you and Hotch. I was given clearance, because Buffy had lost confidence in her government liaison. However, she did trust me. So I was made her temporary liaison, until a more permanent one could be found. I won't lie and say that they didn't want me to remain on permanently, since she and I had a good connection, but I couldn't stay. But leaving didn't have anything to do with Buffy, or her work. It was the politics behind the job that made me want to come back here."

"JJ," Rossi told her. "We're just concerned. And what you've just said, doesn't really reassure me."

"I know, and I'm sorry," she told him. "But, I can't give you any back ground on her. You'll have to make a formal request of the Pentagon if you want to know what she does. But I do know, Dave, that she wasn't your killer. You might not believe me, but I know it to be true. And not because she told me she wasn't."

Rossi frowned, clearly concerned that JJ was allowing her friendship, as well as her loyalty cloud her judgment. However, he could tell that she likely wasn't going to change her mind.

"All right," Rossi answered, standing up and reaching for the folder he'd given her. "Just be careful, all right?"

"Of course," JJ assured him, not mentioning that she was probably safer being in Buffy Summers' presence that she would have been with anyone else in the country.

Rossi nodded, clearly still unhappy, but he didn't push. He knew that without substantial proof that her friend was involved in any crime, JJ wasn't going to risk her job, revealing Buffy Summers' secrets. The government after all, wouldn't take too kindly to someone revealing its dirty, and possibly illegal activities, even if it was to catch a serial killer.

JJ watched him leave, before releasing a sigh of relief. Gods, she would have hated trying to explain to Dave that everything Buffy had likely told her parents, just prior to her hospitalization had been in fact true. Rossi was all logic and science when it came to solving cases and catching unsubs. She in fact, clearly remembered his skepticism when the team had relied on a psychic's input during one of their early cases together. Based on that, she had no doubt that Rossi would likely think she was delusional, if she explained that the two Buffy had saved her from, had been actual vampires, rather than armed thugs.

He and Hotch clearly had already come to the conclusion that Buffy had been the killer in LA., and truthfully, had she not known what Buffy was actually involved in, she probably would have believed it too. Without the knowledge that the world of the supernatural, was in fact real, Buffy's story about being a hunter and slayer of vampires, would have suggested she'd been involved in the killings of her classmates. So, in truth, her colleague's beliefs weren't unreasonable.

However, because Dave had not mentioned that Gideon had believed what they did, that suggested that he could possibly have been aware of Buffy's very secret position as the Slayer, and had likely expressed, in his own way, that the teen was in fact not the killer. He probably wouldn't have risked exposing the truth, any more than she could. However, he likely did try to steer the investigation away from Buffy, so that the blonde teen could continue her job, without fear of ending up in jail. It was too bad that no one had heard from Gideon since he'd left the bureau. Because JJ would have liked to consult with him on how to get Hotch and Rossi off this whole, 'Buffy Summers was a serial killer' thing, before they unintentionally put themselves and the team in between Buffy's group, and one of the HST's they dealt with.

So that basically left JJ with three choices. The first, tell her old colleague from the Pentagon, who now happened to be their new section chief, that Hotch and Rossi were in danger of exposing the Army's Special Projects Division. The second, she could call the person who'd replaced her as Buffy's official handler, also something she didn't want to do. So instead, she opted for her third choice.

Picking up her cell phone, she dialed a number before putting the phone to her ear. It rang three times, before someone picked up.

"The Anyanka Jenkins Memorial Academy," the bubbly voice on the other end answered.

"Hello," JJ replied. "My name is SSA Jennifer Jareau of the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit. I need to get a message to Buffy Summers. It's an urgent matter."

"Miss Summers is in meetings this afternoon," the secretary explained. "She won't be back in the office until likely tomorrow. However, you may leave her a message on her voice-mail if you'd like, Agent Jareau."

"That'll be fine," JJ told the woman, already knowing that Buffy would likely call her back later that night, no matter how late her meetings ran. Now all she had to do, was loose her annoyance at her friend for not telling her that the BAU had once investigated her on suspicion of being a killer.
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