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The Search For Melody Pond

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Summary: The Doctor is looking for Melody Pond. Little does he know, he's met her before.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyKrysstiniaFR1516,5112131,04223 Jun 1423 Jun 14Yes
Hey, guys. This is my first published foray into the Whoniverse. Please don't hesitate to give me feedback. I'd love it. On a different note, this story was inspired by a picture posted by cloudleonsgurl in her collection of fan art called The Worlds She Never Walked. The pic in question is in chapter 227.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and Buffy belong to people who are not me. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money is being made. This work has not been Beta'ed or Britpicked.

March, 1996

Buffy ducked the kick that was sent for her head. She was barely in time for the foot to slide over her head instead of into it. She threw a punch that knocked the creature to it’s feet and began to back away from it. Merrick told her that she was a Vampire Slayer, not a Slayer for whatever these things were.

She took a closer look. Whatever it was was wearing a suit of what looked to be leather. It had a forehead that sloped backward and a nasty set of teeth. The teeth bulged forward, barely covered by the thin lips in front of them.

While she studied the fallen creature, a groaning, wheezing sound. A blue box materialized down the alley and a man stepped out of it. He wore a tweed jacket, pants that were just a tiny bit too short, and a bow tie. His hair was brown and constantly falling into his face. “Hallo, who are you?” said the man. His accent was British.

Buffy didn’t need to ask, she knew who he was. This was the man she was trained to kill, before becoming the Slayer and the brainwashing had been broken. The Doctor stood in front of her with a concerned look on his face. “Am I in Cardiff? That’s where I was headed.”

“Then you’ll be disappointed to discover that you’re in Los Angeles,” Buffy replied.

Before either one could say another word, Buffy heard the telltale signs of her previous prey getting to its feet. She turned as the thing started to attack, not soon enough to duck the blow to the head that she turned into. Buffy shook it off and finished the creature off with a swift kick and a twist of her wrist.

As the broken body of the creature slid to the floor of the alley, Buffy turned. The Doctor had retreated back to his TARDIS and the groaning, wheezing was back in the air. Anticipation filled Buffy as she listened to the Doctor leave. She never did believe Madam Kavarian’s tales about the Doctor. She didn’t even believe that he existed. How could a man so perfect exist? Now, she had her proof. She knew that he would find her again, she just had to be patient.


July, 1996

Buffy stared out of her window, tears silently falling down her face. She had been in Pleasantview Mental Health Hospital for almost a month now. She thought her foster family could handle the truth, well part of the truth. Both Hank and Joyce thought that the idea of vampires, demons, and everything else existed only in the realm of movies and horror stories. They didn’t take the news of her being a Slayer very well. They thought she was in the middle of a psychotic break and forced her to go to the hospital.

It took both Joyce and Hank, five cops, six paramedics and a lot of drugs to get Buffy to the emergency room of the local hospital, then again to Pleasantview. Buffy hated it there. Everything smelled too clean and the other patients were a mess.
She was nearing the end of her status in extended emergency involuntary treatment, and she was hoping that Dr. Taylor would release her within the week, when her time was up. Buffy hoped that neither the hospital or her parents had gone to court to get her incarceration extended another three months. She had learned that no one believed her and had quickly hid any mention of the Slayer.

She did what she always did, fall into the same attitudes and beliefs as the natives did in hopes of not being discovered. It was tricky in the hospital because she had to avoid being medicated, something that the staff was a little too happy to do. She tried to keep her head down and ride things out until she left.

Things went well until the day before she would be told if she was leaving, or if she had been committed for further observation.


The wheezing, groaning noise came in the middle of the night. It woke Buffy up. She crept out of bed and down the hall. The noise was coming from one of the two doctor’s offices on the unit. Buffy peeked in the window and there it was, the TARDIS.
Buffy jumped back when she heard a wirring noise and a click from inside the office. The door opened and a man dressed head to toe in black leather came out. His hair was cropped short, ears stuck out prominently from his head. He looked surprised to see her. “Hello!” His accent was also British, but was a bit more polished than the man she met in the alley. He also looked older. “Who are you?”

“Buffy Summers.”

“Nice to meet you, Buffy Summers. Why are you here? This is a mental health hospital, right?”

“I’m a patient.”

“I see.” The Doctor’s face scrunched in confusion. “This is a bad time to be in this hospital.”


“Because this hospital isn’t run by people. It’s run by aliens who feed on psychiatric energy from the insane.”

“Huh,” Buffy said. She scrunched her face in concentration. “That makes sense.”

“You’re not worried about aliens then?”

Buffy shook her head. “I’m the Vampire Slayer. It takes more than aliens to scare me.”

The Doctor nodded. “These aliens are called glandavores. They feed on the fluid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord. I’ve never come across such a large group of them before.”

“So, they’re feeding on the brain fluid of crazy people. The medicine that they’re giving people?”

“Most likely making them worse,” the Doctor said absently. He raised his hand, bringing Buffy’s attention to a device in his hand that she hadn’t noticed yet. He pressed some buttons and it began to whistle quietly. “You’re not as insane as every other patient.”

“I’ve been pocketing my meds,” Buffy said quietly. “I wanted to be discharged. They weren’t going to let me go, were they?”

The Doctor looked at her. The one thing Buffy saw was pity, above all else. “No, they weren’t. But now, you’ve got a Doctor to help you.”

Buffy laughed, but cut it short when she heard footsteps coming toward the office. “Damn. They’re going to find that I’m out of bed. I need to get back to my room. Then we can make a plan to take the hospital down.”

The Doctor nodded and followed Buffy out of the office and to the resident room three doors down. Buffy pushed the Doctor into the bathroom and hurried to her bed. The tech opened the door seconds later, then left again after a minute.

Buffy let out a relieved sigh and slumped on the bed as the Doctor came out of the bathroom and sat on the foot of her bed. “How often to they do rounds?” he said in a whisper.

“About every fifteen minutes. They’re not supposed to keep a routine, but Luke comes around almost like clockwork and he’s on tonight,” Buffy said. “What are you planning to do?”

“We need to take down the glandavores, and they’re impersonating the medical staff, at least that’s what they were doing the last time I tracked them down. The ones both prescribing and dispensing medication.”

“The nurses and the doctors,” Buffy said, nodding. It made sense. The doctors were constantly trying to press meds on her, ones that she didn’t need. She was above the age of consent for psychiatric care in California, but that didn’t mean that the doctors didn’t try to pressure her into agreeing to take meds that she felt she didn’t need.

“I’ll need to investigate the doctors and the other staff members. What unit is this?”

“The adolescent ward. I’m too young to be where they want me to be, thank god,” Buffy said.

The Doctor nodded again. Buffy couldn’t tell if it was because he agreed with her statement, or if he was just showing that he heard her. “I’ll see you again.” Then he left the room.


Buffy didn’t see him again for another two days. She saw him next when she was brought into treatment team, where those working on her case talked about her progress and decided her fate and the fate of the other patients. She was surprised, but happy, to go. She would be able to talk to her doctor and see if she was going home. She didn’t expect the Doctor to be sitting there too.

She cocked her head when she saw him, but he put his index finger to his lips, the universal sign to be quiet. Buffy nodded and turned her attention to the rest of the people in the room. They asked her questions about how she was doing and how she was integrating into the unit after a month.

Buffy answered the questions in three words or less, keeping her eye on the Doctor. He didn’t disappoint her. “After overviewing her case and talking with Buffy, I believe that she should be able to be discharged on Tuesday,” he said.

“Tuesday is plausible. All I have to do is make a few calls and we’re good to go,” Helen, Buffy’s case worker, said.
Buffy’s doctor, Dr. Taylor, shook her head. “She’s not ready to leave. She’s still convinced that she’s some kind of killer of the supernatural.”

“Buffy hasn’t talked about vampires or demons since the second week here,” Helen said. “Frankly, I’m unsure why she’s still here. She’s been doing wonderfully here and is more than ready to go.”

Maureen, the charge nurse, also shook her head. “I don’t agree. She’ll attack someone as soon as she leaves.”

As the people in the meeting continued to argue, Buffy noticed that the Doctor was making note of those who protested her leaving and those who were advocating it. His hands were under the table and working on something that she couldn’t see. The arguments lasted for fifteen minutes without Buffy or the Doctor interrupting.

He casually pulled his hands on top of the table and pulled something out of the top. A light purple gas came out of the grenade. Helen and the other case manager slumped onto the table, unconscious, as well as the manager of the unit and the medical director. Buffy, the Doctor, Dr. Taylor, and Maureen were the only ones who were still awake.

You’re more than you seem, Doctor…” Maureen started, pausing for the Doctor to give his name.

“Just the Doctor,” he said, a wide grin on his face. Maureen and Dr. Taylor’s face drained slightly of color. “I see you’ve heard of me.”

“Why are you here?” Maureen said.

“You’re preying on the minds of young children, even if it’s not in the traditional sense,” the Doctor said. “You will leave peacefully, or I will be obligated to remove you by force. You’ve heard of me, which means you know my reputation.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of your reputation. If we leave, where do we go?” Dr. Taylor said. “Our main feeding planet had been lost.”

“You have other feeding planets,” the Doctor said, “and you also know that there are some planets that have treaties with yours where you can feed on the populace with their permission. This is a class five planet, and your mere presence here is a violation of the Shadow Proclamation.”

“We didn’t have a choice!” Maureen said, her voice going hysterical. “We crashed and had no way off the planet! We needed to eat!”

“Then I will take you to the planet of your choice. There doesn’t need to be any bloodshed, unless you refuse to leave.”

“What about her?” Maureen said, pointing to Buffy. “Where does she come in?”

“Let me go home and I’ll not say anything about this to anyone,” Buffy said. “I just want to go home.”

“Deal,” Dr. Taylor said. “We will sign the girl’s discharge paperwork and you will take us to a planet where we can feed in safety.”
The Doctor nodded and visibly deflated. “Good, that’s good.” Buffy got the impression that not many people took the easy way out as these creatures did. “Set your affairs in order. We leave tonight. Buffy leaves today.”


Buffy picked up the paper bags that held her belongings and followed her foster mother out of the hospital unit. She saw the minor trembling of both of the creatures as she left. A blue phone box she had seen once before in an alley way in Los Angeles was sitting along the walkway outside the unit. The Doctor was going to keep his promise. She hoped he would give her the same consideration when he realized who she was and what she was brought up to do, before she managed to break free.
“Until next time, my dear Doctor,” she whispered, and hurried to catch up with Joyce.


April 2000

“What do you mean, you don’t know what they are?” Buffy said. She was sitting on her bed in her dorm room.

“Just that,” Riley said, his frustration palpable. “They aren’t human, just walking around in human suits, and they’ve taken over the Initiative!”

“You’ve been working for them for six months and now you think that they are demons in disguise as people?” Buffy said, rephrasing his argument, trying to make sure that she understood what her current placeholder boyfriend was saying.

Riley shook his head. “I know it sounds crazy, but you’re the one that deals with crazy, and no one else would believe me.”

“Who exactly do you think is actually a giant green demon?” Buffy said, struggling to keep a straight face.

“Dr. Walsh, General McNamara, and a couple of my teammates.”

Buffy nodded. She got off her bed and pulled a chest out of her closet. She rummaged around for a minute before finding when she was looking for, a long, nasty looking knife and a stake. “Let’s go look for your monster.”

Riley and Buffy didn’t find anything out of the ordinary for three days. There were no people acting suspiciously or anyone out of place. There were no suspects and those that Riley identified acted like normal people. Buffy was about to call Riley’s call of suspicion a false alarm when something caught her eye. It was a blue police box, sitting near the fountain in the middle of the quad. Buffy’s lip curled in half a smile. If the Doctor was here, it meant that something indeed was going on. It didn’t confirm Riley’s fears, but it meant that he wasn’t completely wrong.


“We had an interesting class today,” Willow said, sitting down beside Buffy and placing her tray of food down. “He was a British man obsessed with physics.”

“Aren’t you taking a physics class?” Buffy asked. “Doesn’t sound like it should raise any alarms.”

“Yes, I am, but I’m not in love with the subject like this guy is.” Willow said. “He went into more detail and was better able to explain things than the usual professor.”

“Ah, Ms. Rosenburg, I was looking for you!”

Buffy looked up. She could tell by looking at him that this man was the Doctor. He was the only man she could imagine would wear a pinstriped suit with converse sneakers. His tie matched the blue of his suit and his mop of brown hair was sticking up all over the place, as if he never ran a comb through it. His sideburns were carefully clipped, however. The man was bouncing on the balls of his feet, rocking backward and forward. “I wanted to ask you about that assignment you volunteered to do for class.”

“You mean quantum mechanics?” Willow asked.

“You look familiar,” Buffy said, bringing his attention to her for the first time.

His eyes showed little signs of recognition, but widened after a few minutes. “Ms. Summers, what a pleasure.” Buffy nodded. “What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here,” Buffy said. “Why do you look different?” She knew the reason, but he didn’t know that she did.

“That’s not something I can talk about here,” the Doctor said.

Buffy took a napkin off of Willow’s tray and scribbled on it before offering the napkin to the man. “Come here tonight. I think I may be able to help you find what you’re looking for.”

“You don’t even know what that is,” the Doctor protested, taking the napkin.

Buffy tipped her head at him. “You'd be surprised. Come or not, the choice is yours.”


“I don’t understand what we’re waiting for,” Giles said, wiping his glasses clean and replacing them on his nose. “How do you even know this man, or that he can help?”

Buffy smiled softly at her Watcher from her place near the living room window. “Spoilers. You going to come in, Doctor, or are you going to continue to watch from across the garden?”

Giles, Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, Riley, and Spike watched with varying degrees of surprise as a man came out of the shadows, followed by who could possibly be an older version of Willow. The woman was in her mid thirties with long red hair, pulled back so it wouldn’t fall in her face. She was wearing a black pants suit with a red shirt under the jacket and block heels. The Doctor had only added a long brown trench coat to his outfit from earlier that day. When the man and woman walked into the apartment the man stopped in front of Buffy and pouted. “How did you know I was there?”

Buffy grinned at him. “Spoilers,” she said. Turning to the others in the room, she added, “Please meet Giles, Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, and Spike.” She pointed to each person as she named them. “Finally,” she said, pointing at Riley, “meet Riley Finn. He’s the one that pointed out to me what I’m certain you’re after.”

“What can he know about this?” Riley demanded, tone growing angry and defensive. “He’s just a man!”

“This man helped me escape aliens who were trying to kill me when I was sixteen,” Buffy said. “If you’re problem isn’t mine to deal with, then it is certainly his.”

“What problem are we dealing with?” the red headed woman asked.

“Doctor, you haven’t introduced your companion,” Buffy said.

“Donna,” the Doctor said warningly. Buffy couldn’t tell of the warning was for her or for Donna.

“I’m not going to bite, you know,” Buffy said. “At least not until you give me permission.”

The Doctor sighed. “I don’t remember you being this forward or this cheeky.”

“I was new at the job when we last met, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was scared. I grew out of it.”

The Doctor nodded and sat down. “However, Donna’s question still stands. What problem are you dealing with?”

Buffy turned to Riley. “It’s your issue, you tell him.”

Riley cleared his throat. “I think the organization I work for has been compromised. My commanding officer was recorded on security footage pulling a zipper on her forehead and turning into a giant green creature.”

The Doctor’s expression changed immediately from vague interest into sharp concern. “What kind of organization do you work for?”

The answer came, most unexpectedly, from Spike. “They take anything that’s not one hundred percent human and experiment on it. They captured me and shoved a behavior modification chip in my head that prevents me from harming anyone human.”

“How barbaric!” Donna said. “That terrible.”

“You work for these people?” the Doctor said.

“I don’t,” Buffy said. “I’ve been investigating them.”

“I can’t believe that you would do that to another creature!” the Doctor said.

“He’s a vampire, a creature that’s killed hundreds of people since he himself was turned into a vampire,” Riley said. “He deserves it!”

“No one deserves something like that,” the Doctor said, pulling something small and cylindrical with a blue end out of his inner breast pocket. He fiddled with it for a moment before pointing it at Spike. It whirled for a second and the Doctor put it back in his pocket. He turned his attention back to Riley. “You work in a place that creates behavior modification chips for extraterrestrial creatures?”

“No, subterrestrial creatures,” Riley corrected. “Vampires, demons, werewolves, and the like.”

“They would want that kind of technology,” Donna said to the Doctor. “They would be able to do much with that.”

“It does seem that they have given up taking over or destroying the planet,” the Doctor agreed.

“What?” Buffy said eagerly, though the descriptions of the zipper in the foreheads gave it away.

“The Slitheen,” the Doctor said. “A family in exile, that I have encountered several times. Traders mostly, but a great many of the family have taken to illegal means to make money.”

“You think that these Slitheen have taken over my chain of command?” Riley said, disbelief evident in his tone. “They are more than capable of killing…”

“Those creatures you’ve captured originate from Earth, and therefore abide by Earth’s biological laws. The Slitheen do not,” the Doctor said. “Earth life is carbon based, they are calcium based, for instance.”

“So?” Riley said, not getting the point.

“Your team of creature capturers has been infiltrated by a gang on intergalactic criminals masquerading as your leaders,” the Doctor said, “who are not human themselves. We’ve got to get to them before they finish whatever research they’re doing on your behavior modification hardware and run off again.”

“This is insane,” Riley said.

Buffy shrugged, nor really caring what Riley thought. The Doctor was here, doing his thing. She was happy. For the moment.


The first thing the Doctor wanted to do was infiltrate the base. His desire didn’t surprise Buffy, but it did cause an enormous uproar from her little gang. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” Giles had insisted when the cacophony had died down and each person could once again make themselves heard.

“Nah, no I won’t,” the Doctor said.

“It takes much more than aliens to kill the Doctor,” Donna said, “and believe me, more than a few have tried. Just doesn’t stick.”

Buffy smiled to herself. She had been one of those who had tried, a long time ago. “After you get down there, what are you planning to do?” she said.

“And where do we come in?” Willow said, sitting up straight and determined.

The Doctor’s answer didn’t satisfy anyone. “You’re going to be my backup, in case I need someone to come get me. Donna and I can handle this one.”

“No way in Hell,” Xander protested. “This is our town, and this is our problem. These demons are under our jurisdiction.”

“If they were demons, you’d be right,” the Doctor said, looking around the living room at all the angry and upset faces. Only two weren’t showing those emotions. Buffy’s face was a mixture of pride, arousal, satisfaction and fascination. The blonde vampire’s expression was a mixture of loathing and triumph. The short exposure to the group lead the time lord to conclude that no one but Buffy had shown the creature any kindness. He felt guilty about that, though he knew the guilt was misplaced. He had no reason to feel that way toward the vampire. “These are aliens, and it’s my duty to stop any alien threat to Earth.”

“What can we do to help?” Buffy said.

The Doctor beamed at her, silly grin and all. “I need access to the sprinkler system.”


Buffy laughed when she finally understood what the Doctor was planning. He was replacing the fire retardant in the sprinkler system with vinegar and other things that ate away at calcium. It was Buffy, Donna, and the Doctor’s job to get the aliens to reveal themselves and to take off their body suits. The Doctor didn’t know if the acid would be effective through the suits, but he didn’t want to risk it. When the aliens were vulnerable, the Doctor would flip the switch to turn on the system and the aliens would be killed.

Buffy agreed, much to the frustration of the rest of the Scooby gang. She understood how the Doctor worked and she didn’t want him to be disappointed in her when he finally realized who she was. She wanted him to be proud of her and was doing her best to ensure that. Giles did understand why trying to settle the takeover with as little bloodshed was necessary, but no one else did. Spike was surprisingly silent while the gang was arguing.

“I’m doing this the Doctor’s way, and that’s final,” Buffy said. “There’s nothing you can do to get me to change my mind.

“How do you know this man?” Giles said. This was the twentieth time in five minutes, and Buffy hadn’t answered any of the previous times.

Buffy picked up the pack the Doctor was handing her and turned to Giles. “He is a good friend, and the first to believe in me. Not even Merrick did that. He rescued me from the hands of aliens who ran the psychiatric hospital I was in after I tried to tell my parents the truth. I trust him as much, if not more, than I trust anyone else in this room. Does that answer your question?”

Buffy turned her back and walked out of the apartment, leaving Giles, Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, and Riley watching her in varying degrees of surprise. The Doctor, Donna and Spike watched her go with admiration.

“Time to go!” the Doctor said. “Don’t want her to get too far ahead. Come on, Donna!”


“Is this what you’ve grown up to do?” the Doctor asked as he and Donna caught up with Buffy. “Kill others and let people be experimented on?”

“I kill when I have no choice,” Buffy said. “More often than not, it’s kill or be killed. I fight to survive. As for letting people be experimented on, I have been looking for this organization for several months. Riley discovered what I was and told them. When he discovered what they were, he found us and defected. We’re lucky he was willing to tell us how to get in.”

“How long have you known the Doctor?” Donna asked.

“Since I was fifteen,” Buffy said, not mentioning that she had met him twice. “Haven’t seen him since.”

“I had hoped for better,” the Doctor said.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “You always expect better. I haven’t shut this down yet because I didn’t know where it was or how to infiltrate it. You’re here to help, now, so let’s get this done.”

“If I wasn’t here, what would you have done?” the Doctor asked.

“Taken it out, though it would take me longer than it will take you,” Buffy said. Despite not being Spike’s biggest fan, she didn’t think that caging him with a chip was the best thing to have happened. She saw it as cruelty, comparing it in her mind to her incarceration in Pleasentview. She was alive, but she wasn’t allowed to do her duty, couldn’t hunt, couldn’t protect the innocent. Spike’s situation was similar, if on the opposite side. “I don’t like people honing in on my territory.”

The Doctor studied her face as the three of them walked onto campus. The Slayer was serious and he felt a small hint of pride in her. He had helped her become this way by not killing the aliens in the hospital, and giving them a chance.

“Buffy! Wait!” Buffy, Donna and the Doctor stopped and turned around. Riley was running toward them, Xander, Willow and Giles on his heels. “Let me show you where to go.”

Buffy and Donna turned to the Doctor. He shrugged. “Sure. Where are we going?”


Riley led the group to the house of Omega Delta, the highest profile fraternity on campus. “The staff entrance is through the elevator, here,” Riley said. “All of the facility’s utilities are managed from down there. I’ll lead you to the boiler room, where you can pour the vinegar into the sprinkler system.”

“I can cast a spell so they won’t see you coming,” Willow said.

“No, thank you,” the Doctor said. “Don’t need it. Got something better.” He pulled out three chains with keys on them and handed one to Donna and Buffy before putting on the third. He didn’t explain what the necklaces were for or how they worked. “Wish us luck!” He walked in the elevator, followed by Donna and Riley.

“I’ll be back soon,” Buffy said, feeling slightly guilty at the hurt looks on Willow and Xander’s faces. “I promise. I know what I’m doing.”

“We’ve always done these things together,” Willow said quietly.

“I know, but this is different. I trust the Doctor, you should too. I’ll be right back, and this whole situation will be taken care of before you know it.” Buffy hugged both of her friends and stepped into the elevator. The doors closed and Willow and Xander’s hurt faces were the last thing she saw before the doors closed.


The elevator doors opened with a soft whoosh and the Doctor led the way out, Donna and Buffy flanking him and Riley trailing behind. “Where would they set up base?” he asked.

“The main command is most likely,” Riley said.

The Doctor nodded to himself. “And the boiler room?”

“Take this right,” Riley pointed to a corridor, “and follow it down the stairs. Left at the stairs and it’s the door with the window.”

“Right. Donna and I will fix the sprinklers, while you lead Buffy to the aliens.” The man turned and headed down the corridor without a backward glance, Donna’s hand firmly in his, each holding a large gas can of vinegar.

Riley watched them go in surprise. “What are you waiting for? Where are we going?” Buffy said, pulling him out of his surprise.

“This way,” Riley said, and led her down another hall.


There were only three of them, to Buffy surprise. From the Doctor’s description of the criminal family, she had expected more than three. Even the aliens that had taken over her psych hospital had more than three in their party.

“How are the chips coming along?” The only male in the room asked. He was wearing a middle aged man who had begun to loose his hair. “We shouldn’t be here more than necessary.”

“The initial tests have gone well so far,” a small woman with steel grey hair said. “We’ll need to change subjects to get a more accurate result.”

“What are we waiting for?” a tall, thin, black woman said. “Get some humans to test the chip on. We’ve got more than enough subjects with all the soldiers around.”

Riley and Buffy glanced at each other. Riley had a following in the soldiers, if he volunteered, then so would the rest of his platoon. “I’ll keep an eye on you, trust me. You won’t end up with a chip in your head.”

Riley nodded before stepping out of their hiding place. “Do you tale volunteers?” he said.

The three disguised aliens jumped and turned around in surprise.


While Riley kept the aliens distracted, Buffy pulled out a squirt gun from her pack that was already filled with vinegar. The Doctor told her that their suits would protect the aliens as long as they knew an attack was coming. The suits served as a gas exchange and compression field and could shield as long as they knew they were under attack. The goal was to attack from both the fire system and the ground at the same time. While walking over, the Doctor handed Buffy a cell phone that could fit comfortably in her hand and explained how to send text messages. She was to message them when she was in position and ready to shoot.

Buffy sent the text message to Donna and waited for the Doctor to signal that she was ready. Donna acknowledged it and sent the standby. The Doctor would give the signal when he arrived out of no where and started lecturing, like he usually did, and gave them the option of leaving on their own without any problems on either side. Buffy had her doubts about how successful the Doctor would be. He had said that aliens rarely take the option to leave that he usually gave, the aliens in the psych hospital being one of the rare ones.


“You don’t want him,” the Doctor’s voice said from the shadows. The three aliens and Riley looked around, not seeing who had spoken. The Doctor stepped into the light, his trench coat fluttering around his legs and his brown eyes as cold as steel. “What you want to do is leave. You’re not allowed to enslave this planet. It’s a fully developed level five. They’re to be left to their own devices.”

“We’re not here to enslave the planet, thank you very much,” the grey-haired woman said. “We’re just interested in stealing their technology.”

“By testing the technology on it’s indigenous species?” the Doctor said, tilting his head to Riley.

The three aliens looked at each other, then all nodded, as if they all had come to the same conclusion. As one, all three raised their hands to their forehead and started to pull. A blue light lit up the room as the top of their head started to pull away from the rest of their body. “You won’t live to tell on us!” hissed the alien who had once been the black woman.

“Now!” the Doctor shouted.

As one, the sprinkler system went off, and Buffy started shooting. The three aliens started screaming and hissing. Quickly, one after the other, all three exploded. Green goo was all over the room and all over the Doctor and Riley. Buffy was spared the brunt of the explosion when she ducked behind the wall she had used for cover.

The Doctor rubbed one hand down his face, clearing the majority of the goo off, and shook his hand to get the goo to fall to the floor. “That was a little more messy than I had expected.”

“Mr. Finn,” a cold voice said from behind the Doctor and Riley. The two men turned around and Buffy peeked her head around the corner to see who was talking. It was Dr. Walsh. “What’s going on here?”


Buffy let out a deep sigh of relief as she and the Doctor left the underground base where Dr. Walsh and Riley were still talking. Walsh was so focused on the soldier that Buffy and the Doctor were able to slip out of the room without her notice. They met up with Donna and the three of them managed to slip out of the base without anyone knowing they were there.


Buffy followed the Doctor and Donna to an alley near the Bronze. “It was nice to see you again, Doctor,” she said, pulling the man into a tight hug.

“Take care of yourself, Buffy.” The Doctor gently pulled away with a soft smile on his face. He leaned in and kissed her cheek before stepping away.

“Thank you for all your help,” Donna said, pulling Buffy into another hug.

“It was nice to meet you,” Buffy said. Donna pulled away and both she and the Doctor slowly walked toward the TARDIS. “I’ll keep an eye out for you, Doctor.”

The man pushed open the door with a soft creak and paused before going in further. “Travel with me. There’s plenty of room.”
Buffy smiled softly. “It’s not my time yet. I’ll go the next time you run into me.”

The Doctor’s face fell slightly, and he walked in. Donna followed and waved goodbye as she closed the door. The TARDIS started disappearing with its familiar wheezing noise as Xander, Willow, Giles, and Riley rushed to her side. She refused to answer any questions.


May 2003

The crater was bigger then she had expected. Buffy stood by the edge, gazing into the gaping pit where the town had once been. No one had died. For once the inhabitants had followed their instincts and fled months before. Buffy closed her eyes and listened carefully. Ever since she had been resurrected, she had access to the Time Lord parts of her that had been locked away before. She supposed she owed Willow for that.

She felt both her hearts thudding in her chest as she thought of all those she had lost. Spike, countless Potentials turned Slayers, Anya, her foster mother Joyce, all had given their lives and had helped her ragtag band of people survive.
This had been one battle that she wasn’t sure that she would survive. Dawn stood by her side and slightly behind. Willow, Faith, Xander, Giles, Wood, and a handful of Potentials that had survived were standing in a semi-circle around her as she gazed into the pit.

“What are we going to do next, Buffy?” Dawn asked.

Buffy didn’t answer. She didn’t even turn around. Dawn stepped forward to ask again but was stopped by a wheezing, groaning noise coming from beside the bus. Buffy started to smile softly, though no one could see it.

The noise stopped with a soft thud, followed by a soft creak as a door opened. Buffy heard the approaching footsteps of three people, but still didn’t turn around. The footsteps came to a halt just behind her. “Hello, Melody Pond.”

Buffy turned around and came face to face with the Doctor. This was the same man who she had briefly met when she was fifteen, and trying to accept that she was the Slayer. He wore a tweed jacket with elbow pads, suspenders, and a bow tie. To the Doctor’s left was a sandy haired man with blue eyes. He wore blue jeans and a tee shirt. The woman to the Doctor’s right was tall, with long bright red hair and almond shaped bright green eyes. She wore a sand colored jacket over a tee shirt and a mini skirt.

“Hello, Doctor,” Buffy said. “You’ve finally realized who I am.”

The red headed woman pushed the Doctor out of the way and pulled Buffy into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you.” The man pulled Buffy and the woman into a three way hug. “We both have.”

“You found me,” Buffy said softly. She looked over at the Doctor, some confusion in her gaze.

“Amy and Rory, this is Melody. This is your daughter.”

Buffy smiled brightly and pulled Amy and Rory in turn into a powerful hug. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you.”

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The End

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