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A Shinigami in Sunnydale

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Summary: Another story. Ichigo moves from Karakura Town in Japan to good old Sunnydale. What's the worst that could happen?

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Anime > BleachfmfanFR1555176,62232517,33214 Jul 1415 Dec 14No

Woman in a Red Dress

Unknown Warehouse, Sunnydale, 10 minutes ago

After Buffy had conducted a spell at home, she found that there could be something wrong with Dawn, that maybe she was the one who was making their mother sick by giving her these deliberating headaches. As she entered the warehouse silently she remembered how she put her sister, or whatever Dawn was, against the wall and threatened her.

"You are not my sister" she told Dawn coldly as she shoved her against the wall. Buffy remembered how shocked Dawn looked before she became furious and stormed off. Before Buffy could even follow her, she received a phone call from Giles about an object that a night watchman at the warehouse picked up from the ground and handed it to her the previous night, as he thought that it was Buffy's property. That night when she was patrolling the area, she came across a guard who gave her a circular object which Giles later found out was known as the Dagon Sphere, it was an object that was meant to reject or repel what Giles had referred to as 'ancient primordial evil'.

'Thanks Giles' thought Buffy to herself sarcastically, 'That really does help me lots'

That was the reason why she returned to the mysterious warehouse where the Dagon Sphere was found, as earlier that day, she found that the security guard who had handed the sphere to her had gone insane. She met him in the hospital as he was being taken to their special care wing. She was terrified after he told her that someone would be coming to get her through her family.

'Could it be Dawn?' thought Buffy to herself as she entered the warehouse, 'Why was she fading away from the pictures in the house during my trance, why was she fading in and out when she was standing just inches from me? Is she the one that's dangerous? Could it be this Soul Reaper thing that's supposed to come after me through my family? So many things going on all at once'

Slowly Buffy went up the flights of stairs until she reached the top floor which was brightly lit when compared to the other floors. Walking cautiously forward, she noticed that there was an entire wall that was shattered from the outside. Looking down at the floor, she shone her torch light at the battered and destroyed blast door and then looked up when she heard a noise. She saw someone sitting on a chair in the far end of the room. Looking closely, she could see that he was bleeding and bruised.

'That guy was tortured' though Buffy to herself as she ran to him.

"Hey guy" said Buffy as she started to untie the ropes that held his arms and legs together, "It was you who planted the Dagon Sphere right? I found it and don't worry; I'm much, much stronger than I look"

Buffy looked up at the man and saw abject fear in his eyes as she sensed someone or something walking up right behind her.

"Don't worry" said Buffy as she tried to alleviate some of his fear, "I've had experience with this type of stuff before and best of all, no matter how I look or sound….".

"I'm not stupid" said Buffy coldly as she stood up and turned around before grabbing the throat of a mysterious woman wearing a red dress.

"Oh" said the woman, "nice reflexes"

Buffy then looked on as the woman wrenched Buffy's hand from her neck and backhanded her with such force that she flew a few feet back until she hit a side wall made of concrete, cracking the hard substance. Once Buffy fell back onto the floor, she looked back at the woman surprised.

"You really sure about that?" said the woman as she walked towards Buffy and picked her up by the neck.

Struggling, Buffy pushed the hand that was grabbing her neck before she turned and launched a kick at the woman's torso, effectively knocking the woman back. Buffy then walked towards her and launched a punch at the woman, her knuckles connecting with the woman's face.

The woman punched Buffy back, leading to her being flung against another wall which cracked from the force that was used.

"Wow" said the woman as she rubbed her cheek, "it looks like you have superpowers"

Just then both the woman and Buffy looked up as something crashed through the skylight and rained broken pieces of glass in between them. Buffy looked surprised as there was nothing there in front of her, although she felt some force that put pressure on her.

"What the hell?" said Buffy as she struggled to get up.

"What the hell is right" said the woman as she glared at Buffy "looks like you've got protection"

"What protection you crazy… person?" said Buffy, unable to come up with a more creative term to call this woman.

"You don't see them?" said the woman, "oh you're missing such an interesting sight"

"What?" said Buffy as she finally managed to overcome the pressure that held her down and was now standing up in an offensive stance, ready to attack this woman.

"Ichigo" whispered Rukia as she glanced back, "that woman?"

"Yea" said Ichigo, "she's a fighter but the one right in front of us; I have no idea who she is"

"Wait" said the woman, "the both of you are Soul Reapers and you don't know who I am?"

"Soul Reapers?" said Buffy as she stared at the woman, "Reapers? As in more than one?"

"Are you deaf?" said the woman as she stared at Buffy.

"Who are you?" asked Rukia as she held up Sode no Shirayuki.

"My name is a holy name" said the woman, "you aren't worthy to even hear it".

"Ok" said Ichigo as he held up Zangetsu, "that doesn't really tell us anything"

The two Soul Reapers saw a hint of a smile on the woman's lips as she moved at super speed in front of Rukia who, to her surprise, was unprepared to evade the punch that was coming towards her from the woman. The punch launched Rukia backwards into Buffy who was also knocked back.

"What the hell?" said Buffy as she felt something hit her hard and in turn made her fly backwards into the wall.

"Damn it" said Rukia as she slowly got up from the floor after hitting the ground. She looked back at Buffy and saw that she was injured from the force of the impact and immediately started on a healing kido spell.

"Ichigo" said Rukia, "just hold her back for a few seconds while I heal her"

The woman then used her speed to come up behind Rukia as she was healing Buffy.

'This woman took a beating, and is still alive and healing incredibly fast' thought Rukia to herself, 'who is she?"

"Behind you" said Buffy softly as she opened her eyes and saw a greyish, hazy outline of a human body. She looked on as the figure seemed to emit a greenish light, from what seemed to be hands, on her chest.

"You can see me?" said Rukia just as she sensed danger from behind her and slowly turned her head only to see the crazy woman from before move into position to kick her down. Rukia had a split second decision to make, either continue healing Buffy or move aside in which case the crazy woman's kick would hit Buffy.

Just as the woman's kick almost connected with Rukia, there was a rush of air right in front of her and Buffy as Ichigo flash stepped in front of Rukia and used the flat side of Zangetsu to block the kick.

"Rukia" said Ichigo and he used Zangetsu to push the woman away, "is she alright?"

"Yes" said Rukia, "who is she?"

"Explanations later" said Ichigo as he launched himself into another attack against the woman.

"Who are you?" said Buffy as she stared at the hazy figure in front of her.

"You can't see us?" asked Rukia as Buffy slowly stood up.

Buffy looked on as the woman was getting continuously hit by an invisible force, 'no not invisible, I can see something, like it's there but then again it's not there. It's like the figure with the green light in front of me' Buffy thought to herself. Then the woman blocked an attack from the other hazy figure, held her hand out and grabbed what Buffy guessed was a neck and made a throwing gesture to the other side of the warehouse where she suddenly saw the wall crack and debris fall from the roof.

Seeing how the woman was slightly dazed, Buffy quickly ran towards her.

"Hey wait" said Rukia just as Buffy connected a kick onto the crazy woman's stomach.

"Whoa" said Rukia as she saw the woman in the red dress move back a few feet. Rukia looked on as Buffy pressed her attacks on the woman, kicking and punching for all it's worth and even pushing her back a few feet. Rukia grabbed her sword just when the woman grabbed Buffy's arm and swung her towards the same area that she swung Ichigo.

"Ichigo!" shouted Rukia

Ichigo quickly got up from his own impact and used his body as a cushion as he caught Buffy before she hit the wall.

"What the?!" said Buffy once the other hazy figure put her down after preventing her from impacting the wall, "Who are you people? Why can't I see you clearly? Why can't I even hear you?"

"I'll explain everything I swear" said Ichigo, even though he knew that Buffy couldn't hear him, just as the surrounding air started to get vary chilly. Buffy turned around as she saw the other figure land right next to them carrying the injured man who was previously in the chair.

"Hey" said the woman in the red dress as she started to walk towards the group, "give me back my monk, he knows where my key is"

"Rukia" said Ichigo.

"I know" said Rukia as she stood up and held out her sword, "Dance, Sode no Shirayuki"

Buffy looked on as the hazy figure seemed to turn an object in a clockwise direction. Buffy then wrapped her arms around herself and shivered as she felt a stinging cold wind mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Suddenly the cold was considerably lessened as she saw the other figure that moved to stand in front of her, taking away the brunt of the cold wind before it finally abated and he moved back to the side.

"Oooooo..." said the woman, "nice sword, I like it better in red…"

"What sword are you talking about?" said Buffy.

"You still don't see them do you?" said the woman as she turned to Rukia and Ichigo, "Come on, just hand me my monk and then I'll be on my way. I just want to go home, and to do that I need my key"

Ichigo and Rukia looked at each other confused, "What's this key thing you keep on babbling about?"

"You know, it's a little green energy ball" said the woman.

'Green energy?' thought Ichigo to himself, 'Something about that… I think Kon said something the first day I got here…. Oh no! Dawn!'

"Ichigo?" said Rukia as she saw her friend deep in thought.

"Nothing" said Ichigo.

"Alright" said Rukia, "Concentrate on this fight"

"Sure" he replied.

Ichigo saw that the woman was ready to run at high speed towards them so he swung Zangetsu down towards the woman, "Getsuga Tenshou"

The mysterious woman looked on with her eyes wide open as the wave of blue energy hit her and threw her back.

"What the hell?" said Buffy as she stepped back. She saw the hazy figure swing something as a bright blue energy crescent shaped energy wave appear and hit the woman in the red dress head on. She then saw the figures appear to turn towards her and she immediately went into an offensive stance to protect herself.

"So you took care of her and now you're coming after me?" said Buffy, "is that it?"

Buffy then looked behind them with her eyes wide open.

"Buffy?" said Ichigo as he and Rukia quickly turned around, only to see the mysterious woman slowly stand up again.

"How?" said Ichigo as he brought up Zangetsu.

"Tsugi no mai, Hakuren" said Rukia as she instantly flash froze the mysterious woman just as she was prepared to make a run towards them.

"That should stop her" said Rukia as she turned at looked at Buffy, "this woman seems to be special"

"She is" said Ichigo as he looked at Buffy.

"Wait" said Rukia, "don't tell me you left Inoue for her"

"You dumbass" said Ichigo, "the whole long distance thing troubled both of us so we mutually decided it would be better to take a break, maybe we'll get back together again sometime; but this really isn't the best place to be discussing all of that"

Suddenly, Ichigo saw Rukia's eyes widen in surprise as she turned around and brought up her sword for another attack.

"Ichigo!" said Rukia as she stared at the waved of frozen water that encapsulated the woman.

"What?" said Ichigo as he turned around.

"Look" said Rukia as she point to several cracks that were forming in the ice.

Buffy too was looking at the frozen wave of ice that covered the mysterious woman as it started to slowly crack from the inside.

'Seriously, what the hell is going on here' thought Buffy to herself, 'first a blue energy thingy appears out of nowhere, and now a huge block of ice that's covering the woman. And she said Soul Reapers, are these the powers of a Soul Reaper? Are we in danger? How the hell can I fight a crazy woman who's powerful as hell and Soul Reapers that have this kind of power? I hope Giles and Willow have news, or else we're in the pooper'

"What the….?" Said Ichigo just as the ice exploded. He covered Buffy to prevent the ice debris from hitting her while Rukia covered the monk.

"How could you?!" said the Woman incredulously as she stared at the group of people who were staring at her in surprise, "Do you know how expensive this dress is? It's wet, you ruined it. Even my make-up's running onto it now. And my hair, what the hell did you do to my hair. Why you…."

Ichigo and Rukia stood protectively in front of Buffy and the monk respectively as they held their swords up for another round. The three of them looked on as the woman make one step forward and tripped.

"My shoe" said the woman, "you crazy people broke my shoe!"

The woman then started to stamp her foot onto the ground and Rukia could see that cracks were beginning to form on the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

"Ichigo, we need to get out of here now" said Rukia as she grabbed the monk and flash stepped outside of the warehouse and waited for Ichigo on the roof of the next building.

"Buffy" said Ichigo as he carried her, "let's get out of here"

Buffy saw as one of the hazy figures seemed to grab a hold of the monk and vanish.

"What the?" said Buffy before she realized that the other figure had her in what seemed to be arms. She looked at the figure that was carrying her, trying to make out some distinguishing feature about it so that she could tell Giles. But before she could do any of that, she felt her entire world around her go blurry before she found herself on another building's roof that was right across from the warehouse.

Once they had reached the other roof, Buffy felt the figured holding her put her down onto the solid structure of the roof and she walked a few steps back looking at the figure that was looking at her. It was then she realized that there was another person with her, the one that woman said was a monk.

She turned around and saw that the second hazy figure had put him against the side of a wall and had stepped back. Buffy quickly ran over to him as the two figures stayed back.

"Soul Reapers" said the monk.

"You can see them?" asked Buffy as she crouched in front of him.

"Please" said the monk as he looked at Ichigo and Rukia, "you must help her protect the key"

"What key?" Rukia asked Ichigo.

"What key?" asked Buffy as she moved her head into the monks line of sight.

"The key is energy" said the monk as his eyes settled on Buffy's face, "It's a portal, it opens the door"

"The Dagon Sphere?" asked Buffy

"No" replied the monk as he stared at Buffy, "for centuries it had no form at all, we were its only keepers. And then the abomination found us. We had to hide the key, gave it form, molded it flesh and sent it to you"

"Dawn" said Buffy stunned, "you sent that thing to me?"

"We knew that the Slayer would protect it" said the monk.

"Slayer?" said Rukia as she looked at Ichigo

"Yea" replied Ichigo, "Urahara said that they're female warriors who fight vampires and demons and other stuff"

"I've heard of them" said Rukia, "never met one until now"

Ichigo noticed that Rukia's face got much more serious.

"You know what this key is? This Dawn?" said Rukia.

"Yes" replied Ichigo, "her younger sister"

"What?" said Rukia as she turned to Ichigo in surprise.

"Please" said the monk as he moved his eyes between Buffy and Rukia and Ichigo, "she is an innocent, help the Slayer protect her. She does not know who or what she is. Please protect her. I beg of you"

"Wait" said Buffy as the monk slowly closed his eyes and breathed his last, "please, help me"

"Please help her" said the spirit of the monk who just slipped out of his now dead body with his chain of fate already cut.

"Who is that woman?" asked Rukia.

"My brethren call her the Beast" said the Monk

"That really doesn't help" said Ichigo.

"Others call her Glorificus" said the Monk, "or Glory"

"I see" said Rukia as she stepped towards the monk and took out her sword and stamped the hilt onto his forehead, "we would need your help in Soul Society if we are to defeat this monster"

"I will do what I can" said the Monk smiling as he slowly sank into a bright blue light, "thank you for agreeing to protect the Key."

"We'll do what we can" said Rukia as the monk disappeared and in his place appeared a black butterfly that flew up into the air and vanished.

"You'll need to tell her about yourself" said Rukia, "this Glory saw her, she can now attack her at anytime. She could even use her family against her"

"I know" said Ichigo as the both of them watched Buffy stand up and turn around and stare at them before she turned around and ran as fast as she could.

"She's a strong fighter" said Rukia, "for a human"

"Yes she is" said Ichigo.

"Anyway, I should get back and report this" said Rukia.

"Rukia" said Ichigo, "please don't tell anyone about Dawn? At least not yet"

"Ichigo" said Rukia.

"Right now, no one knows she's this Key" said Ichigo, "if Shinigami start to protect her or come after her, then Glory will know and she could strike first before the Gotei 13 has a plan in motion"

"You're right" said Rukia, "I'll mention the Key but won't say who it is. That way we can have a plan of attack should the need arise"

"Thanks" said Ichigo as he noticed Rukia turn around and stick her sword straight into thin air before turning it in a clockwise direction.

He squinted his eyes against the bright light of a Senkaimon appearing and opening its characteristic Japanese style doors.

"Oh" said Rukia, "I found that woman you were looking for, and you have permission from the Captain Commander to bring the female, through Urahara's special doorway, to Soul Society"

Rukia reached into her uniform and took out a piece of paper which she handed over to Ichigo.

"Go with her to that address tomorrow" said Rukia, "Urahara should have the doorway ready by then"

"Thanks" said Ichigo.

"This is highly unusual just for a friend Ichigo" said Rukia

"She helped me out a lot since I came to Sunnydale" said Ichigo, "more than the others actually. Plus I think everyone deserves to see their deceased mother every year during their birthday, don't you think?"

"True" said Rukia as she walked through the doors, "Good luck, I'll come by again soon to visit you, maybe bring Renji along"

"Thanks Rukia, would be nice to see him again" said Ichigo as the door closed and disappeared.

Ichigo then turned around and faced the way that Buffy ran, "I'll help you protect Dawn Buffy. I may not reveal myself yet.. But I'll still help you however I can"

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