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Dragon Knight

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Dragon Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things are different without Buffy around, but watching over the Hellmouth without her isn't the only change they face.

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Chapter Four

Dragon Knight
Word count: 2077


After that Spike told him about the Demon Trials, how he went to Africa for them. He hadn't been looking for his soul specifically, just his destiny, and the parts that were missing. The demon that granted his wish sent him straight to Sunnydale after he'd completed the trials.

Xander stared at him across the pillow. “I'm glad he sent you here.”

Spike cupped his jaw and traced his thumb over Xander's cheek. “Even if my destiny takes me away from you?”

Xander felt his heart constrict...oh yeah...he was definitely falling. “...I could always go with you.”

Eyes that were blue again widened. “You'd leave the Hellmouth unguarded?”

“We have a plan in place to break Faith out of prison and set her up with a new identity if we need a Slayer here.”

“So you'd just leave with me?”

“I don't know...but destinies aren't written in stone...and even if they were, stone can be broken.”

Spike leaned closer. “Shall I stay then?”


Spike smiled and kissed him.

So not much changed from their lovemaking...except for the obvious. They were together and Spike had a permanent place in all their lives...and Clem joined their movie nights and helped man the Magic Box when the rest of them were on patrol.


They were all at the Magic Box one afternoon, except for Clem, when Riley, Graham and a woman walked into the shop. All of them were in military gear. Riley strode toward them, where they were scattered between the table and the front counter.

“We're here to see Buffy.”

Everyone's eyes flicked to Xander and he raised a brow at Riley. “She lives in Denver now.”

Riley frowned. “Why?”

“Because that's where Chris, her fiancé, lives...” Xander stared hard at Riley. “But I bet you already knew that.”

“How could I know that Xander?”

Xander ignored the question. “I bet you also know that Dawn and Joyce are in Denver too.”

“Don't be silly.”

“What? You mean you don't have Sunnydale under surveillance?”

“Of course not.” Riley smiled.

Graham, however, looked a little more cautious and Xander rolled his eyes. “We found all the bugs you left behind boys. What was really icky...was the one we found in Dawn's room. Dawn who is a minor.”

At that, Riley's eyes grew surprised. “You got me...but I wasn't aware your homes had been bugged.”

“Yeah...thank god for witches and their nifty spells.”

Giles stepped closer to Xander, a silent show of support. “Perhaps you can tell us why you've decided to come back Riley.”

Riley turned to Giles, dismissing Xander. “I offer our services.”

They all exchanged a look, but it was Tara who put it as a question. “Services?”

Graham answered. “We're here to watch the Hellmouth.”

Willow frowned at him. “No offense; but you guys don't have a good track record when it comes to the Hellmouth.”

Riley smiled. “True, but it will be different this time. It will just be a small group of us. No scientists.”

Spike, who was perched halfway up the stairs to the rare book loft, sneered down at them. “I think we have it covered Finn.”

Riley's eyes narrowed and he took a step toward the stairs. Xander moved to block his path, putting himself between Riley and Spike. Riley glanced at Xander in confusion and Xander nodded. “Spike is right. We've got this.”

“We have orders Xander. Just because you've helped Buffy save the world doesn't mean you get a say in a sanctioned Op.”

“You talking about now? Or before?”


Xander moved a step closer. “Because no way was the SNAFU your people created before a sanctioned Op.”

“No. But this one is.”

Xander took another step, crowding Riley's personal space, making him back up a bit. “You get any of us hurt or killed and I'll escort you out of town myself.”

None of their visitors looked impressed.


Xander started to stress after their meeting with Riley and his people, stressing and needing an outlet. So he started jogging in the early mornings, and though he grumbled about it, Spike joined him, mostly still in awe that he could run in the early dawn light.

Xander also drug out all the 'toys' he'd nicked from the army back in high school and started practicing with them. It took a few tries but within a week he could take apart his M16 and 9mil and put them back together in a flash...he even beat his old record.

Spike had watched the show, a growing heat in his eyes as he watched Xander's hands fly over the guns...which was how he'd ended up against the wall, pants missing and Spike inside of him.

When they were done, sated and redressed, Spike collapsed in a chair and watched Xander clean the guns. “Didn't think guns would get me all hot and bothered.”

Xander smirked. “Maybe it’s just me handling them that does it?”

“Got to be it...where did you learn to do that anyway?”

“Well...remember that Halloween that was all crazy, people turning into their costumes?”

“Yeah. Chaos magic right? That Ethan bloke that turned Giles into a demon had his hand in it.”

“Yep, that's the guy. Anyone who bought a costume or prop from his store turned into their costume. I was a soldier.”

“So now you can do that? Where'd the guns come from?”

“Remember Big Blue?”

“The Judge?” Spike's jaw dropped. “You're the one who got the bloody rocket launcher?”

“Cordy and I stole it, made for an interesting first date. It’s in the basement.”

Spike stared at him. “There's a rocket the basement.”

“And ammo for it.”

“Hell pet.”

Xander grinned at him and put the 9mil back together, the grin slipped and he put the gun down. “Hey...Willow might have a spell that will-”

“I rather not be a guinea pig for Red, thanks.”

“Let me finish?”


“She might be able to remove the chip.”

Spike stared. “What?”

“You want to try it?”

“Why now?”

Xander shrugged. “Because you can't defend yourself against Riley and his people. They're human.”

“That the only reason?”

Xander bit his lip. “I don't...You...” He sighed. “I need you to be safe as the Hellmouth will let you be.”

Spike smiled. “Fallen for me have you?”

“You know I have been, still am...and it scares me.”


“Because the last time I told a lover that I was in love with them they ran away.”

Spike move from the chair and sat on the edge of the coffee table, avoiding the guns. “She got scared luv. I don't scare so easy.”

“She kept the ring I gave her.”

“Shit. You proposed?”


“And she just left?” Spike took Xander's hands in his and kissed the knuckles.


He pushed Xander back into the couch and crawled into his lap, straddling Xander's legs. “Not going anywhere. You've got me as long as you'll have me.”

Xander smiled and reached to squeeze Spike's ass through his jeans. “I'll have you forever.”

“Works for me.”

The next day Willow did her spell to remove the chip, with Tara and Giles to help and anchor her. The celebratory sex they had afterward in the back of Xander's car was mind blowing and for the first time Spike was able to bite him back. That bite over his heart as he came, was the most intense moment Xander had ever experienced up to that point.

Until they did it all again when they got home.


Just after daylight the next morning they woke to hear yelling in their front yard. A shared frown had them scrambling for pants and running down the stairs and out the front door.

And there on their front lawn, was a team of commandos, tasing Clem until he was unconscious, and then they started to restrain him. Spike dove toward them with a roar...and got tased for his trouble.

And that...made Xander see red...then his vision blurred and the ground was suddenly further away than he remembered. A roar escaped his throat and it shook the earth. The commandos, lead by Riley stopped and stared, and before they could attack a shining tail lashed out and knocked them all to the ground, sending them and their weapons in all directions.

The first to their feet were Riley, Graham and the woman. Xander snarled at them and moved forward so that he was standing over Spike and Clem. Spike was staring up at him in absolute shock.


Spike stared, he could do nothing else. Xander stood above him, a shining scaled deity, his colors shifting in the growing morning light. His scales shifted color with every movement, blue, green, and lilac. The pair of horns on his head were curled like a ram's and looked like they were made of silver. He couldn't take his eyes from the sight; he knew exactly what it meant that Xander changed to save him.

He sat up and managed to get to his feet. “Hell pet, looks like I'll be the one following you.” He reached out to touch Xander, and the moment his hand touched those warm scales Xander changed back. “Not set in stone huh?”

Xander gave him wide eyes. “Did I just do what I think I did?”


His eyes stayed wide. “We don't have to do anything you don't want-”

Spike kissed him. “I want. Not leaving you.”

Xander grinned at him...and then pulled a gun out of the back of his jeans and held it on Riley and his cohorts. “Get the rope please Spike.”

“Will do...though I never saw you grab that gun.”

“I'm just that good.”

“Yeah luv, you are.”


They managed to get Riley and his team unarmed, restrained and stashed in the basement, and then while Spike was seeing to Clem Xander made a call to Denver. More specifically, to Buffy's cell phone.

“Hey Xan, what's up?”

“We need to make a trip to DC and have a little chat with the President...and maybe get a certain Mr. Travers to back us up.”

“What? Why?”

“Because Riley came back and was up to his old tricks.”

“How bad did it get?”

“They were in my front yard tasing Clem and putting him in shackles.”

“Is Clem okay?”

“He will be...also...I'm a dragon.”

“...Congratulations...wait...who brought on your change?”


“Oh...what with his soul and all.”


“ was it? The bonding?”

“Our sex is always great.”

“Oh, so the two of you were already...”

“Yeah Buff.”

“Congrats anyway.”

“ I have a team of Initiative Commandos in my basement all trussed up. Think I can get an armed escort to DC?”

“I'll talk to Chris, see what we can do.”


They hung up and Xander went upstairs to check on Clem. Spike had him tucked into one of the guest rooms. Spike gave him a nod. “He'll be alright.”

“Good. Think the soldiers will be okay on their own for a while?”

“Should be. We've got them locked up tight in those ropes the witches enchanted for us. Why? Have something you need to do?”

Xander grinned and dragged Spike out of the guest room and into their own. “Just one very important thing.”

“Yeah? And what would that be?”

“Forever with you.” And he pushed Spike to the bed and followed him down.

A month later after several talks with the President, with Quentin Travers in attendance; the Dragons were given special status and diplomatic immunity. Mostly because of the services Buffy, Xander and the others had done for their country and the world. Saving the world once a year finally had a few perks.

The only thing Xander was concerned with however, was that he and Spike would have forever together. What else did a dragon need?”


The End

You have reached the end of "Dragon Knight". This story is complete.

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