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Better Than Wrestling

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Summary: Joyce went out to a club to cheer up, and what she saw.. defintely cheered her. Response to Jinni's Wardrobe Malfunction drabble challenge.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Joyce-CenteredLucindaFR151332022,5785 Feb 045 Feb 04Yes
author: Lucinda
no worse than the comics or series.
main character: Joyce
disclaimer: Joyce is the creation of Joss Whedon. I don't own the fighting guys either.
distribution: Twisting, anyone else just ask.
note: written for Jinni's 'Wardrobe malfunction' drabble challenge. NOT connected to any other BtVS/X-men crossover that I've written.

The night out had sounded like a really good idea. Just go to a club with her friends, relax, have few drinks, and forget the fact that Dave had just broke up with her, and Hank didn’t really know that she was of the opposite sex.

Of course, that was before she’d realized that Carol’s idea was to use her as the designated driver, and Sue just wanted to find a yummy guy to go home with. Joyce leaned against the wall, trying to remind herself that she was not going to cry. Maybe if she just slipped out back for a quick cigarette, or a few moments of relative quiet…

She’d no sooner got outside than what sounded like a small war rolled up. Actually, it was a pair of guys fighting, one this huge blond guy built like a Greek god, and the other a shorter guy with dark hair and muscles to die for. Judging from the way their clothing had been half shredded, they both had knives, and she kept seeing glimpses of flashing silver, and blood, and they were both… growling?

The pair kept fighting, apparently trying to kill each other, and as they fought, scraps of clothing fell away. Turned out that the big blond not only didn’t believe in underwear, but he was… well, that was definitely bigger than the statues of the Greek gods. Slowly, Joyce edged back towards the door, figuring that the unknown men were busy having their fight.

“Wolverine! Where did he go?” Somewhere, a man was shouting, and it sounded like the shouting person was getting closer.

Joyce slipped back inside, her day suddenly much brighter. That had been much better than wresting as shown on television. Wow.

end Better than Wrestling.

ps: in case you didn't know or guess, the fighting guys are Wolverine and Sabertooth, set before Joyce and Hank Summers got married.

The End

You have reached the end of "Better Than Wrestling". This story is complete.

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