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What Buffy Did Next.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Unaware that her friends are fighting to save the Earth from yet another evil, alien attack, Buffy goes on holiday. Happily vacationing in the world of not having to cope, she gets to be a really naughty schoolgirl.

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Movies > St. Trinian's films(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR181136,9420395,83621 Jul 143 Aug 14Yes

Chapter Eleven.


Grim Dyke Manor early the next morning.

“Wake up,” Buffy said quietly as she shook Virginia awake; the girl opened her eyes and looked up at Buffy questioningly, “It's time, help me wake everyone up.”

Moving between the bunk beds the two young women shook everyone awake. Glancing out of one of the windows, Buffy saw the horizon start to lighten. Guessing that it was somewhere between four and five in the morning, she knew that any guards would be at their lowest ebb and those who were asleep would be sleeping their deepest.

“Okay, quiet everyone,” Buffy called in a loud whisper, “its time for us to leave...”

“We don't want to leave,” a girl called Penelope informed Buffy, “we want to stay and go with our new master.”

“What!?” Buffy had difficulty keeping herself from shrieking out loud, “Are you totally mad or something!?”

“No,” another girl who's name Buffy didn't know came to stand next to Penelope, “We,” the girl gestured to two other girls, “want to go to our master, he loves us and needs us.”

“Great thundering...” for a moment Buffy was lost for words; calming down a little she realised that the girls were under some sort of compulsion spell or maybe whatever was going to buy them really did love and need them, “...whatever,” Buffy sighed heavily, she couldn't risk everyone else's freedom by trying to persuade these girls to come with her, “do what you want, but stay here until we've gone, okay?”

The four stay-behinds nodded their heads before going off to sit on one of the bunks.

“Right,” Buffy held up her homemade lock pick, “anyone else wanna stay behind?” There were no other takers, “Good,” she continued, “okay in a minute I'm going to open the door...” there was a quiet cheer from the majority of the girls, “...when I do I don't want any screaming or a mad dash for the exits.” The girls groaned in disappointment as Buffy explained her plan, “There's probably a guard outside the door, hopefully she'll be asleep and I can take her down.”

Again there was another quiet cheer.

“After that,” Buffy went on, “we head downstairs as fast and as quietly as we can. If you see any weapons grab them but don't stop to fight unless you have to.”

“Wot do we do once we're outside?” Maudie asked.

“I'm hoping there'll be a truck or a bus or something,” Buffy replied with a shrug, “I can drive so I'll get us out...”

“And if there's nothing?” Maudie added.

“We do what we can,” Buffy replied soberly, “whatever happens we've gotta get away from here, are you with me?”

“Sure,” Maudie nodded her head before turning to look at the other girls, “we're all with you Buff.”

“Except those who aren't,” Buffy said to herself quietly as she cast a glance at the girls who were waiting for their 'master'. “Okay,” Buffy took a deep breath as she knelt down by the door, “here goes.”

Carefully inserting the lock pick into the lock, Buffy moved it about as quietly as she could and felt for the levers inside the lock. Her heart pounded in her chest as she eased the lock open, she expected to hear an alarm sound at almost any second. When the lock clicked open, Buffy let out her breath in a great 'whoosh' of relief. Standing up she turned to her classmates and put her finger to her lips signing for them to remain quiet. Turning the door handle, she expected them to be discover or for a guard to be standing just outside the door.

Opening the door and praying like she'd never prayed before, Buffy looked down the corridor outside. There, asleep on a chair not more than four yards away was one of the guard-women. A club lay on her lap but there was no sign of a telephone or radio with which she could raise an alarm. Stepping cautiously out into the corridor ready to launch herself at the guard (Buffy might not be super-strong anymore but she still knew the best places to hit people) there was a great bloodthirsty yell from behind her.

Knocked to one side by the charging schoolgirls, Buffy crashed into the wall. Turning to look she was just in time to see the startled guard being hit by a wave of vengeful girls. Eyes wide in terror the guard found herself picked up and bodily carried along on a vicious tide of oestrogen. The St Trinian's girls carried the unfortunate guard along with them until they came to the top of the first flight of stairs. With a great triumphal cheer the girls tossed the guard over the banisters, cheering again the schoolgirls watched as the guard bounced from step to step until she finally came to rest in a crumpled heap on the landing below. Screaming like banshees the girls made their way down the stairs. Trampling over the body of the guard on the landing they burst out into the corridor beyond.

Regaining her feet, Buffy hurried after the girls, okay her plan hadn't even survived five seconds in contact with her friends let alone her enemies. But she still needed to look out for the girls, she might only look seventeen, but she was still a responsible woman of twenty-six and she had to do what she could to prevent those girls coming to harm. Pausing over the body of the dead guard, Buffy reassessed who needed protecting from whom, shrugging her shoulders she ran after her classmates.

Following them along a corridor, Buffy almost tripped over the bodies of two more guards. They'd both been seriously beaten and wouldn't be causing anyone any problems until they came out of hospital in two or three months time. Going through the door at the end of the corridor, Buffy found herself at the top of another flight of stairs. Below her she could hear her schoolmates chanting some tribal warcry as they beat on half a dozen hurriedly dressed guards. The guards held back the St Trinian's tide for a minute maybe two. But it was all for naught; one of the shorter girls ducked down below the level of the main melee. Crawling forward she came to a guard's legs, bravely the schoolgirl sank her teeth into the guard's thigh.

Screaming in agony the guard broke ranks and fell backwards as she beat ineffectually at the girl attached to her leg. This was all the encouragement other girls needed, with another blood curdling cheer they forced themselves into the gap left by the bitten guard. Within seconds two guards were down and being trampled into the carpeted floor while the survivors ran for their lives chased by the baying schoolgirls.

Reaching the scene of the last stand, Buffy found several dead or dying guards scattered along the corridor. More than a few girls were either kicking the already dead or soon to be dead bodies as others tried to pull off lumps of hair or bite off ears as souvenirs. Thinking it unwise to disturb the girls just now Buffy cast her eyes along the wall.

“WEAPONS” Buffy yelled pointing excitedly at the displays of swords axes and spears that decorated the corridor walls.

Bloodthirsty cries of joy rang in Buffy ears as the girls heard her call and started to pull the weapons from their mounting. Reaching up, Buffy pulled a short handled, wide bladed spear from its place on the wall, hefting it in her hand, Buffy smiled her most scary smile and imagined herself as a gladiatrix going out to battle her foes. Walking through the crowd of girls, Buffy was cheered to the rafters and slapped on the back by girls who were grateful for her ability to pick locks. Coming to the front of the feminist warband, Buffy found her way blocked by a large, red haired girl who waved a broadsword above her head.

“They can take our homes,” the girl announced in an upper-class English accent, “but they can not take our FREEDOM!”

Hell obviously had no Fury like a pack of St Trinian's schoolgirls so no demons rose to confront the girls as they surged through the building like a horde of marauding, Goths, Visigoths and Vandals all rolled into one. The few guards still on their feet were quickly dispatched with economical thrusts of spears or swords. On the girls ran with Buffy at their head, onwards and down through the manor's ancient halls and towards freedom.


Being startled awake by the sound of high-pitched female voices raised in blood-lust is never a good way to start the day. Sitting up in his bed, Canford switched on his bedside light and looked at his alarm clock.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered angrily, “its not even six o'clock yet!”

Leaning back on his pillows, Canford ran his hand over his face as he tried to work out what had woken him up. It was then that he heard it, the sounds of high-pitched girlish voices raised in an orgy of death and destruction. But what frightened him more was the sound of a multitude of feet thundering along the corridors and getting closer and closer to his room. In a flash he realised what must be happening. Somehow the girls had escaped from their prison and were even now wreaking bloody vengeance on their oppressors.

Quickly working out that if the girls caught him his life wouldn't be worth even a brass farthing, Canford sprang from his bed and hurriedly started to put on his clothes. Locking the door, he put on his jacket, after checking that his revolver was still in his pocket and his wallet with the bank draft for £18,500 was still in his inside breast pocket. He strode over to the window, opened it and looked outside.

Good, he told himself, his luck was holding, not only had his room been situated on the ground floor, but the girls hadn't found their way out of the building yet. Swinging one leg over the window sill, Canford climbed out the window. Outside he crouched down in the flower bed outside his room and pulled his revolver from his pocket. Checking for hostile schoolgirls and gripping his revolver more firmly, Canford ran in a crouch towards the safety of the moors not one-hundred yards away.


Coming down the last flight of stairs into the entrance hall of the manor, Buffy was greeted by the cheers of jubilant schoolgirls as they waved their blooded weapons in the air. Smiling and waving, Buffy moved through the crowd as they cerebrated their victory. Pausing, she looked down at the beaten and bloodied body of O'Reilly; he'd been pinned, spread eagled, onto the wooden floor, held down by spears and daggers through his hands and feet. For all his 'power' and 'magic' he'd not been able to stop a bunch of teenage schoolgirls from crucifying him and cutting his heart out and his penis off.

With a great shout of triumph, Buffy led the girls out into the early morning sunshine. Dancing with joy on the lawn outside the front door, Buffy and the girl's didn't at first notice the figure making for the safety of moors; at least not before the first bullet cracked above their heads. Some of the girls screamed in alarm while others took up a low frequency rumble of anger that even made Buffy frightened. Crouching over, the girls started to spread out as they ran to surround the fleeing figure. More shots rang out and a girl screamed and fell as as bullet hit her in the chest, she slid across the wet grass before eventually coming to a halt her blood staining the grass.

The other girls and Buffy stopped in shock as they looked down to where one of their own lay dead. Making a loud, incoherent shriek of anger, Buffy was the first to start after the gunman. Spreading out in a long line the girls ran to surround the gunman as they raised their bloodied weapons ready for the kill.


Firing at first only to frighten the girls away, Canford was shocked to see the girls start to spread out as the continued to advance towards him. Making a sound like angry bees as they moved the girls ran out to either flank as they closed the distance to where he crouched. Realising that they'd soon surround him, he fired twice more before continuing his headlong flight towards the supposed safety of the moors. Running as fast as he could, Canford soon found himself gasping for breath. Glancing over his shoulder in mounting terror he saw the girls closing in on him.

Coming to a halt, he turned, raised his revolver, aimed and fired. A bright red flower bloomed on the white shirt of one of the lead girls. Running on for a step or two the girl dropped the spear she'd been carrying before falling to the ground and sliding to a halt in the wet grass. Smiling in relief, Canford saw the other girls come to a shocked halt. He laughed, that would stop them, turning once again he ran on. After only a few more yards he sensed the girls start out after him. Stopping once more, Canford turned and saw the girls were right behind him and in the lead was that troublesome, blonde, American girl; she came straight at him a spear held in her raised right hand.

Raising his revolver once more, Canford aimed for Buffy's head, pulling back the hammer with his thumb he squeezed the trigger and felt the pistol buck in his hand. Watching over the top of the barrel of his revolver, he saw Buffy's head disappear in a cloud of gunsmoke. Laughing once more, Canford congratulated himself on bringing down the ring-leader of this monstrous regiment. Shifting his aim to another charging girl he pulled the trigger only to hear the hammer fall on an empty chamber. Shocked and horrified he looked at the revolver as if it had turned into a serpent that was about to sink its poisoned fangs into his neck.

Stumbling over his own feet, Canford fell sprawling to the ground, looking up he saw the blonde American girl appear out of the little cloud of gunsmoke. As she stood over him her spear raised ready for the final thrust, Canford couldn't help but look up Buffy's very short skirt. The last thing he saw in this life was a glimpse of her white panties as she brought her spear down. The sharp, wide blade easily penetrated Canford's stomach. Crying out in pain he screwed up his face in agony as Buffy ripped open his belly. Gurgling as his own blood rushed into his lungs and drowned him, Canford went from this world to one where his pain would be never ending.


Raising her spear above her head, Buffy danced for joy as all around her girls screamed and laughed and danced and hugged each other. Turning in her victory dance, Buffy was nearly knocked off her feet as Virginia hit her with a rugby tackle of an embrace. Dropping her spear, Buffy wrapped her arms around her friend's body. As Virginia answered Buffy's embrace with one of her own, Buffy's lips searched out Virginia's, finding them the girls kissed passionately as the other girls danced and cheered around them.

Losing herself in Virginia's kiss, Buffy felt herself detach from reality. Suddenly she found the world starting to flicker like an old movie changing rapidly from monochrome to colour and back again. Moaning with desire, Buffy felt herself slip away down a long, black tunnel towards a bright light at the far end.


Middlesbrough, 2006.

Waking to the sound of her own moaning, Buffy found herself tied firmly to a school chair as Miss Hyde beat the tops of her breasts with a thin leather strap. Each stoke of the strap stung her breasts and helped turn her skin to a warm, rosy pink colour. Unable to cry out because of the gag in her mouth, Buffy squirmed in her bonds as she tried to press her clitoris harder against the vibrator that buzzed between her legs. Her muffled cries of pain and pleasure increased in volume as she neared her orgasm. Crying out as she jerked about uncontrollably on her chair, Buffy climaxed again and again until she slumped exhausted in her seat.

“Well done Summers,” Miss Hyde stopped beating Buffy breasts and reached down between Buffy's legs and switched off the vibrator before removing it and putting it to one side. “Our session is almost over, your timing is impeccable.”

Breathing heavily through her nose, Buffy looked up at the dominatrix, she had about a million questions that needed to be!

“Here,” Miss Hyde unbuckled the gag and pulled it from Buffy mouth, “There you'll be able to breath more easily now.”

“What...the...hell...?” Buffy panted but was shushed into silence by Miss Hyde.

“No questions now,” Miss Hyde said as she started to release Buffy from the rest of her bonds, “they can wait until after you've changed.”

Free at last from the leather straps that had held her firmly in the chair, Buffy got unsteadily to her feet, turning towards Miss Hyde she aimed a punch at her jaw. The woman easily caught Buffy's fist and deflected the blow with her hand before pushing Buffy to the floor.

“Miss Summers!” Miss Hyde cried out angrily, “There is really no call for that sort of behaviour,” Miss Hyde softened a little as she saw the look of panicked confusion on Buffy's face. “Don't worry,” the dominatrix reached out her hand to pull Buffy to her feet, “your slayer strength will return in a few minutes, but...” Miss Hyde frowned down into Buffy's face, “...I will warn you, although I might not be as powerful a witch as Miss Rosenberg I'm quite powerful enough to deal with a slayer.”

“You're a witch!?” Buffy gasped while at the same time telling herself that it certainly explained a few things.

“Of course,” Miss Hyde smiled letting her face soften as she did so, “how else do you think I did all this?”

“Then...?” Buffy stood in confusion not knowing what to do or think; one thing was sure, next time she saw Willow she'd give her a damn good talking to.

“No more questions,” Miss Hyde turned towards the door, “get changed into your normal clothes then join me down stairs for a cup of tea.”


Ten Minutes later.

After stripping off her borrowed school uniform and getting back into her normal clothes, Buffy felt a lot more like her old self. Leaving the faux classroom behind her she made her way downstairs. As she moved she felt her slayer powers returning from their holiday from the 'Land of Buffy'. She felt her accustomed strength return as her senses sharpened, once again she could see and hear in a way that she'd thought normal since she'd changed. Now it was time to find out what the hell had been going one.

“I'm in here,” Miss Hyde's voice drifted up the stairs from the direction of the kitchen.

Walking down the stairs, Buffy turned and walked into the kitchen were she found Miss Hyde sitting at the breakfast bar a tea pot, two cups, plus milk and sugar on a tray in front of her.

“Sit down dear,” Miss Hyde gestured to a stool next to hers before pouring Buffy a cup of tea, “Willow says you like two lumps...”

“Wha...?” still confused Buffy sat on the offered stool and watched as Miss Hyde dropped two lumps of sugar into her cup before stirring it and passing it to her.

Lifting the cup to her lips, Buffy sipped the hot, brown, sweet liquid and felt some of the muddle leave her mind.

“What...?” Buffy tried to ask what had been going on but was interrupted by Miss Hyde.

“You want to know what happened to you don't you dear?” Miss Hyde asked; Buffy nodded her head.

“Well, its probably best if you let me explain,” Miss Hyde smiled kindly into Buffy's eyes. “First let me assure you that only,” Miss Hyde glanced up at the kitchen clock, “two hours and twenty minutes have passed since you arrived at my front door. The time you spent at St Trinian's, all four months of it, were in a different time and reality...” Miss Hyde studied Buffy's worried face for a moment longer, “...don't worry, you've not even aged those four months either, its the magic you see.”

“Magic, right,” Buffy nodded before taking another sip of tea: Giles was right (as usual) tea was calming. “Magic, witches, Willow?”

“Yes, Willow,” Miss Hyde smiled, “I've known Willow for a couple of years, she and Kennedy used to come around and...”

“Please,” Buffy held up her hand to stop Miss Hyde from saying more, “I don't think I want to know why they were here.”

“Suit yourself,” Miss Hyde shrugged, “the long and short of it was that Willow and I kept in contact even after we'd stopped seeing each other professionally, she told me all about your special little problem...”

“She did?” Buffy gulped; Willow had told this woman all about her fantasies about Giles.

“Indeed,” Miss Hyde nodded her head, “it was only when you started to get the spanking fantasies and they began to intrude on your real life that I suggested she sent you to me.”

“Yeah, right,” Buffy still didn't feel comfortable talking about her sex fantasies, “that explains all the spanking and the tying up and the dressing up and...well the other stuff...”

“You mean the orgasms?” Miss Hyde asked mischievously.

“Yeah those as well,” Buffy admitted, “but what about the other stuff? The court case, the school all those demons...”

Buffy's voice faded away as she looked into Miss Hyde's eyes and wondered why those eyes looked so familiar.

“Don't you recognise me Buffy?” Miss Hyde asked quietly.

“I...I...I don't know...” Buffy replied slowly.

“My real name is Virginia,” Virginia explained.

“Gini!?” Buffy said in shook, “How...why...?” Buffy took a deep breath, “But you look so young you should be your fifties now.”

“About fifty-six or seven,” Virginia explain, “Time passes at a different rate were I've been since the sixties, I'm actually still in my early thirties.”

“Okay,” Buffy sighed, “I'm never going to work this out...explain.”

“After you'd killed Canford and vanished...” Virginia began.

“I really did that, right?” Buffy asked.

“Oh yes you did, and the kissing and hugging and...well, anyway,” Virginia poured more tea, “After you disappeared I was a little confused and sad. While the other girls headed for the nearest town I went back into the Manor. I was wondering what I should do when Meenbov appeared and asked where you were.” Virginia sighed sadly, “I think he always liked you the best...”

“Whatever...” Buffy shrugged off the demon love, “...get on with the story.”

“Well, when I told him that you had vanished he looked so sad that I offered to go back to his realm and volunteered to be his slave girl.”

“You what?” Buffy gasped.

“Yes I know,” Virginia sighed, “the impetuousness of youth. Anyway you were right about Meenbov, he was quite a sweetie really and the sex was fantastic.”

“I'm glad,” Buffy said shortly, “but why was I there?”

“Ah I'm just coming to that,” Virginia explain, “when I was in Meenbov's realm and we weren't screwing I got interested in magic and I found myself doing some research into time travel and travel between different realities. That's how I stumbled on why you were there and why you'd vanished”

Buffy gave a heartfelt, 'Huh?'

“It was one of those predestination paradoxes you see,” Virginia frowned, “I hate those.”

“I'm sorry I flunked 'predestination paradoxes 101' at collage,” Buffy replied.

“Put at its simplest” Virginia continued, “if you'd not travelled back in time to my reality and saved all those girls I'd not have gone off with Meenbov and learnt magic and about time and reality travel and then be able to send you back in time to save everyone!”

“Huh?” Buffy groaned.

“Oh don't worry,” Virginia took pity on Buffy, “Willow can probably explain it so much better than I can.”

“So how come you're here?” Buffy asked, “This isn't your reality, right?”

“Well, after poor old Meenbov died of old age, that's why he wanted to buy us you see, he was getting too long in the tooth to go out and just jump into bed with young girls...”

“Of course...” Buffy agreed with a shrug, “...that's obvious to me now!”

“So...” Virginia frowned, “...where was I?”

“Meenbov, jumping into bed with young girls,” Buffy supplied helpfully.

“That's it, right, I couldn't stay in his realm and there was nothing for me in my reality and I had to find you so I could send you off to rescue everyone...biscuit?” Virginia held out a plate of chocolate Hobnobs to Buffy.

“Thanks,” Buffy took a biscuit, all the time thinking that she needed a long talk to Willow when she got home. “One thing,” Buffy nibbled her biscuit, “what would have happened to all those girls if you hadn't brought me into your reality or whatever?”

“Oh most of them would have lived rather short, horrible lives as the sexual playthings for demons,” Virginia sighed sadly, “not many demons are as nice, or as good at sex as Meenbov.”

“Yeah I get that,” Buffy nodded her head slowly, “so they'd all have died after being tortured and raped by demons, right?”

“Most of them, yes,” Virginia agreed.

“Right,” Buffy sat up straight, “I can live with that and the not killing humans thing is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule these days.”

“So you have a clear conscience?” Virginia asked.

“Mostly,” Buffy nodded, “and that bastard Canford did shoot at me after he killed that girl and what did happen to everyone else anyway?”

“Oh,” Virginia smiled, “they mainly ended up marrying old, rich men who mostly died happy leaving their young widows lots and lots of money.”

“No one got murdered then?” Buffy asked.

“Not as far as I”


“So, can I pencil you in for the same time next month?” Virginia asked.

“What?” Buffy shook her head and looked at Virginia in disbelief.

“Well,” Virginia smiled, “you did seem to be enjoying yourself...I counted five or six major orgasms...”

“Meep!” Meeped Buffy.

“So I'll put you down for two o'clock on the afternoon of the second Monday of each month,” a diary appeared in Virginia Hyde's hand, she opened it and started to make notes, “Don't forget the next session will cost £250 and you'll need to buy yourself a uniform if you want to continue with the schoolgirl fantasy...oh and you'll want to get yourself some sex toys.”

Buffy stared at the woman in shock...but as the shock and surprise wore off a little, she found herself thinking that a monthly visit to Miss Hyde's 'School' might be fun. Buffy became aware that Virginia was still talking.

“...and maybe when we've become more used to each other,” Virginia made her diary disappear, “some of your friends might like to join in...or you could ask your sister...” Virginia smiled, “...I do a 25% discount for groups!”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "What Buffy Did Next.". This story is complete.

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