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What Buffy Did Next.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Unaware that her friends are fighting to save the Earth from yet another evil, alien attack, Buffy goes on holiday. Happily vacationing in the world of not having to cope, she gets to be a really naughty schoolgirl.

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Movies > St. Trinian's films(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR181136,9420395,84021 Jul 143 Aug 14Yes

Chapter One

What Buffy Did Next.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 'St Trinian's'. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: The original St Trinian's films.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Part of the 'Grim Up North 2' series of stories. This story takes place at the same time as, 'Faith, Saviour of the Universe'.

Words: 11 Chapters of 3000+ words.

Warnings: Drink, drugs and sex, no rock 'n' roll yet. Some spanking and other violence, surprisingly little bad language; kidnapping and other illegal acts.

Summary: Unaware that her friends are fighting to save the Earth from yet another evil, alien attack, Buffy goes on holiday. Happily vacationing in the world of not having to cope, she gets to be a really naughty schoolgirl.


Buffy's Office, Slayer Central, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, August 2006.

Sitting behind her desk, Buffy tried to concentrate on the paperwork in front of her, she was supposed to be reading a report about serious wood rot in the roof of one of the accommodation blocks. During the months of August and September, Slayer central had no trainee slayers on site going through their basic slayer training. But just because there were no slayers to train for six or seven weeks this didn't mean Buffy could sit back and relax.

No, the summer period was possibly one of the busiest times of the year. It was that time of the year when Xander brought his work crews onto the camp to repair all the damage done during the rest of the year. Buffy had walked around the affected area only a couple of days ago and seen the damage for herself. The Slayer School had four accommodation blocks. One had larger chalets for slayers with families, it was also where Buffy would be going back to live as soon as Olivia came and moved in with Giles and became Mrs Olivia Giles. Buffy had been living in Giles' house for several months after the water pipes in her own chalet had burst and brought the ceiling down.

Although Buffy had seen all the rotting roof joists, Xander still had to send her a written report and a quote on how much it would all cost to repair. This was for the insurance company; if the work wasn't done the block would have to be pulled down. That would leave them with only two spare blocks, although they usually only used one block, it was always nice to have spare capacity in case of an emergency cropping up when they'd needed more slayers on site.

Buffy wondered if the insurance company would pay up, after paying out for the damage done when Central had been attacked by religious fanatics, she didn't think they would. In fact Buffy got the impression that the only reason they'd got the money back then was because the insurance company was worried about newspaper headlines like; 'Heartless Insurance Company Refuses Pay-out to Girl's School after Terrorist Attack!', or something along those lines. Wood rot wasn't something the newspapers were likely to get upset about.

Picking up Xander's neatly typed report, Buffy started to read it only to find herself drifting away into a world of her own where she was a naughty schoolgirl who needed to be spanked! The sound of hail on her window snapped her out of her dream-world before she'd even started her latest fantasy. Breathing a sigh of relief (her fantasies were very disturbing because they starred most of her friends) getting up she walked over to the window. Looking out towards the sea, she saw that the hail had stopped falling and was now steaming gently in the grass and on the paths near by.

“Weird,” Buffy breathed, what she was seeing didn't seem quite possible, “hot hail?”

There'd been a lot of unusual weather effects lately, along with earthquakes, tidal waves and strange craters in the wilderness. However, Willow was looking into it and Buffy expected her old friend to report back to her almost hourly. Heading back to her desk, Buffy sat down again and picked up Xander's report, she really needed to read and sign it, but every time she tried, she found her eyes becoming unfocused and she could feel herself slip away to 'spankiland' as she called it.


Blinking her eyes rapidly, Buffy found herself in the library back at the old Sunnydale High. Looking down at herself she saw she was wearing the short, pleated tartan skirt, white blouse, school tie, white knee socks and black high heeled shoes of her naughty schoolgirl outfit. Reaching up under her skirt she breathed a sigh of relief, today she was wearing panties. Underwear appeared to be an optional extra at this version of Sunnydale High.


Gasping at the sound of the familiar voice, Buffy turned to see Giles come out of his little office and walk towards her holding a long, thin bamboo cane in his hands.

“Giles!” Buffy gasped as she took a step away from her old mentor; she'd tried running away from Giles in her daydreams before. But, it never seemed to do any good as he always managed to catch her 'in the end'.

“I'm very disappointed with you, Buffy,” Giles announced sadly.

“You are?” Buffy replied wondering what her naughty-schoolgirl-self had done now.

“Yes,” Giles shook his head sorrowfully as he continued to advance slowly on Buffy.

“W-what did I do wrong now?” Buffy asked knowing she wouldn't get a straight answer; she never did, so she never got a clue as to why these dreams were getting more vivid (and painful) each time she had one.

“You mean you don't know?” Giles asked as he stood in front of her tapping his cane against the palm of his free hand.

“N-no...?” Buffy replied hesitantly, “...A hint would be totally useful here Giles.”

“Well that just makes it worse,” again Giles shook his head in disappointment. “You're a great disappointment to me Buffy,” he pointed at the research table with his cane, “I can see I'm going to have to teach you a lesson...again!”

“Oooh!” Buffy wailed as she moved slowly towards the big, polished table.

Knowing what was going to happen, Buffy considered running once more; but she knew that Giles would always catch her and the beating she'd get then would be far worse than if she'd stayed where she was and taken her punishment without trying to run.

Hitching up her skirt, Buffy bent over the table presenting her defenceless butt with only her thin cotton panties between her and Giles' cane. Hearing Giles come to stand behind her, she half expected him to pull down her panties. In her dreams she wasn't always being spanked, dream-Giles did other things to her which, while being more fun were still incredibly, mind-numbingly, disturbing. But no-way was it more disturbing than the things she'd done with dream-Willow; Kennedy would kill her if she ever found out about those dreams.

“This is going to hurt me just as much as it'll hurt you,” Giles announced.

“No,” Buffy replied miserably, “I'm pretty sure that this'll hurt me way more than it'll hurt you.”

“I'm not angry,” Giles explained, “just very, very disappointed...”

Before Buffy could ask once again what she'd done wrong, she heard the cane cut through the air as Giles took his first swing at her butt.

“OWWWWW!” Buffy wailed as what felt like a line of fire cut across her butt cheeks, she gasped for breath before another stroke landed across her defenceless behind.

Luckily for Buffy's burning butt today's beating stopped after only six strokes. Waking from her living day-mare, she found herself still sitting in her chair, only her bottom felt like it was on fire. Jumping to her feet she rushed over to the full length mirror on the wall by her door. Pulling down her jeans she turned so she could examine her butt. As usual there wasn't a mark on her skin and the pain stopped almost as soon as she'd proved to herself that she hadn't actually been caned.

Wretchedly Buffy pulled up her jeans and walked back to her desk. Sitting down again, she knew that she wouldn't be bothered with any more daydreams for another couple of hours, she also knew that this had to stop as it was disrupting her work. Having talked to Willow about it, the witch had assured her that no one had put a spell on her. When Buffy had been in prison (on totally bogus burglary charges) a demon had put the whammy on her that had made her have some very graphic erotic dreams (which all sounded like fun, until you found out that the demon was feeding off them). But Willow had noticed the spell and broken it as soon as Buffy had come home.

However, there was other things Buffy wasn't so sure weren't connected to her current problem. There was Willow and Kennedy 'The Queen of Pain'. Willow, so it appeared, liked Kennedy to tie her up and whip and spank her. Her own sister, Dawn; Buffy had recently discovered, enjoyed being chained up by her girlfriend, Faith. Of course there'd been the 'everyone's gay now' incident before Buffy had gone to jail. That had never been fully explained and it had taken Willow almost a year to find the counter spell.

To Buffy it seemed that someone was trying to get at the Slayer Organisation through their sex lives (or in her case) lack of a sex life. When Buffy had put her suspicions to Willow, the mega-witch had laughed at her misgivings. In fact Willow had even suggested that deep down, somewhere in Buffy's subconscious she was having these dreams because she really did want to be spanked and caned and have Giles and herself do...'stuff'.

Okay, Buffy told herself, she could admit to wanting to having inappropriately erotic thoughts about Giles, but she was getting over that. Anyway, Giles had never noticed her lovelorn looks and he was going to marry Olivia now. But the spanking and canning? No that wasn't Buffy Summers, she'd never once had fantasies about being spanked, even when she was 'doing' Spike. No, if no one believed her she'd have to work this out by herself.

Pushing Xander's report to one side, Buffy decided she'd try and read it later, her eye fell on a business card lying next to her computer keyboard. Reasoning that Willow must have left it for her thinking it might help her explore her sexuality, Buffy picked it up and read it. There in bold, black lettering were the words;

Miss Tanya Hyde, Headmistress.
Strictest Discipline enforced at all times.

Call; 0800-1642-77265.

Buffy remembered that Willow had mentioned this Tanya Hyde woman before, she dealt in school fantasises leaning heavy towards corporal punishment. Buffy suspected that the woman's usual clients were businessmen who'd gone to public schools, but it seemed she was happy to discipline women too. Well, thought Buffy, what would it hurt if she made an appointment? It'd prove one way or another whether she subconsciously wanted to be spanked or if there was something more to her present problem.

With her heart pounding, and her fingers trembling, Buffy reached for her phone and pulled it towards her. Taking a deep breath she started to dial the number on the card. The phone rang once...twice...three times and Buffy was just about to replace the receiver when her call was answered and a strict sounding voice said;

“Miss Hyde.”

“Oh!” Buffy replied slightly surprised that someone had answered, “Erm, hi, my name is Bu...” Buffy wondered if it was wise to give her real name; what the hell, she told herself, she was 'The Slayer', what did she have to fear? “Sorry, I'll start again, my name is Buffy Summers and I'd like to make appointment?”

“Summers you say?” the voice replied, “Well then Miss Summers, leave me your telephone number and I'll call you right back.”

Leaving her number, Buffy hung up and sat and stared at her phone waiting for it to ring. Just as she thought that no one was going to call back the phone rang making her jump a little.

“Buffy Summers,” Buffy said after snatching up the phone and putting it to her ear.

“Miss Hyde here,” replied the voice, “you checked out, Miss Summers, I have an opening for you at two o'clock this afternoon,” Miss Hyde gave Buffy an address in Middlesbrough adding, “Don't be late.”

Before Buffy could say anything Miss Hyde had hung up. Checking her watch Buffy saw it was just before one o'clock. Typing the address she'd been given into her computer she printed out a map so she'd be able to find her way to the address. Standing up Buffy cleared her desk and switched off her computer, checking her wallet she removed all but one of her credit cards and placed them in her desk drawer before locking it shut. Walking over to the door she picked up her jacket and headed on out towards reception. Pausing in reception, Buffy told Sheila, the Australian receptionist who also acted as her PA, that she'd be out for the rest of the afternoon and wouldn't be available. Giles, Faith and Willow would have to deal with any apocalypses that happened along.



Parking her battered old VW Beetle at the side of the street, Buffy looked up at the house that matched the address she'd been given. Frowning at what she saw, she'd half expected the address to be in one of Middlesbrough's more run down areas, not in this rather nice road with its pleasant houses and gardens. Looking at her watch again Buffy saw it was almost ten-to-two.

“No time like the present,” she told herself as she climbed from her car and headed towards the house.

As she walked up the garden path, Buffy noticed the neatly mown lawn, the tidy flower beds with their rose bushes and other flowering plants she didn't know the names of. The window frames and guttering looked freshly painted as did the front door with its polished brass letter box, door knocker and house number. Arriving at the door Buffy couldn't find a door bell so she used the knocker instead; she only had to wait a couple of heart beats before the door was pulled open.

“Miss Summers?” Asked the woman who was maybe three or four inches taller than Buffy and perhaps ten years older.

“Y-yes,” Buffy replied feeling unaccountably nervous.

“You're early,” Miss Hyde replied, she was of average build with long, dark brown hair that did little to soften her sharp features, “in future you will be a maximum of one minute early, no more, no less. You will not arrive late because lateness will not be tolerated.”

“Yeah, right, sure, of course,” Buffy found her words rushing from her mouth in their eagerness to be spoken.

“Well,” Miss Hyde looked down her elegant nose at Buffy, “you'd better come in.”

Miss Hyde stepped aside to let Buffy enter the house and closed the door firmly behind her. Once inside the house, Buffy took a moment to look around, it all looked so normal. It was nothing like what she'd expected, although to be honest Buffy wasn't sure what she'd been expecting. Whatever it was it wasn't this.

“Come along you silly girl,” Miss Hyde clapped her hands, she was obviously getting into her part of strict school principal straight away, “up the stairs, first door on the right.”

Going up the stairs ahead of Miss Hyde, Buffy caught a glimpse of a bedroom (no sigh of whips and chains there), a bathroom, something that looked like an office and a closed door that was the 'first door on the right'. Opening the door Buffy stepped into the room beyond, now this was something like what she'd expected.

The room had once been a bedroom, probably the master bedroom judging by its size. The floor was bare boards and there were four desks of a type Buffy had only seen in old books and another larger desk that obviously belonged to Miss Hyde's. There were heavy net curtains over the window and Buffy doubted if anyone would be able to see in unless the lights were on in the room. On the walls were maps and school posters and on the wall behind Miss Hyde's desk was a large chalk board. Hanging on hooks next to the chalk board were a selection of canes, leather straps and wooden paddles. Walking further into the room Buffy saw what looked like a doctor's screen blocking off one corner of the room.

“Right, Summers,” Miss Hyde had dropped the 'Miss' to Buffy's name as she gestured for Buffy to follow her over to her desk, “There's some paper work that needs to be done.”

This surprised Buffy, she'd not expected there to be any writing, but there was. As it turned out it was a simple agreement that stated that Buffy was here of her own free will, that she was over eighteen and she'd agreed to go along with whatever Miss Hyde did to her. Buffy doubted that 'Miss Hyde' was the woman's real name, but she was plainly very organised.

Finding that a basic one hour session, without extras (Buffy wondered what the 'extras' were) cost £250; she put her name down for the one hour introductory session which would cost her only £150. Miss Hyde seemed happy to accept Buffy's credit card but explained that if Buffy came back for another visit, she'd need to pay in cash. Next came the choices of what Buffy wanted to experience, it was sort of like a menu in a Chinese restaurant with boxes for her to tick. After scanning the list, Buffy ticked the boxes for 'Light Bondage and Punishment', without any sexual humiliation or 'touching'. Miss Hyde smiled and nodded her head apparently approving of Buffy's choice.

“Did you bring a uniform?” Miss Hyde asked.

“,” Buffy replied, it seemed like the form filling was over now and they were getting on with the 'main event', “Should I have?”

“No,” Miss Hyde shook her head, “but if you come back on a regular basis you will be expected to supply your own school uniform and any sex toys you might want to use or have used on you. In the mean time,” Miss Hyde pointed to the doctors screen, “I have a selection of girl's uniforms, you can change behind the screen and be quick about it!”

Hurrying over to the screen, Buffy stepped behind it to find a selection of sexy schoolgirl uniforms, she chose the one that matched the uniforms from her fantasies the closest. Kicking off her shoes Buffy started to get changed. Five minutes later and attired in her uniform, she stepped out from behind the screen, she was already starting to feel turned on by her outfit and when she saw Miss Hyde standing there playing idly with a leather strap, her heart began to race, she felt her skin flush and her mouth fill with saliva.

“Much better,” Miss Hyde smiled, she pointed with her free hand, “come here and bend over my desk Summers, you've been a very naughty girl, you arrived far too early and you didn't have your uniform with you.”

But...” Buffy was about to point out that neither of those things were her fault, but Miss Hyde interrupted her.

“And you're always talking back with your foolish excuses,” Miss Hyde sighed, “it's probably because you're why aren't you bending over my desk?”

Quickly, Buffy moved to obey, bending across Miss Hyde's desk she held on to the opposite side with her hands. As soon as she was in position, Miss Hyde lifted the hem of Buffy's skirt and tucked it into her waistband before slowly pulling down her panties until they where around her ankles.

“I won't pretend this is going to hurt me more than it hurt's you,” Miss Hyde explained, “because we both know that this is definitely going to hurt you a lot more than its going to hurt me!”

Before Buffy could wonder what she'd let herself in for, she screamed as the strap landed across her bottom.

“AAAAGH!” Buffy cried, almost before she could fully draw a breath, another blow landed and she found herself crying out in pain once again.

As the strap rose and fell, drawing loud cries from Buffy's throat, she found herself drifting away, it was like this was all happening to someone else. Through her blurred eyes, Buffy noticed that the world was starting to flicker like an old movie. As she blinked her eyes in an attempt to clear them of the flickering light, she was only vaguely aware of her own screams and the smacking of Miss Hyde's strap as the world turned black and white for a moment before the lights went out.

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