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Girl In A Bar

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Red Raider". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy meets someone during a trip to London. A tale of unexpected meetings. (set in a Post-Chosen Alternate Universe)

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Ginny Weasley(Moderator)acsFR15825,24243733,5435 Feb 0425 Feb 06Yes


Disclaimer: See chapter 1. Additional characters owned by Eidos and others are briefly mentioned in this chapter.
AN:This is the end of this story. Thanks for all the feedback. See the 'Red Raider' series index for additional stories in the series.
[25-Feb-2006] Note: This is NOT really a new part. I've simply moved the epilogue to its' own chapter and added a few words.

--- --- ---
Several Months later (mid-February)

Dawn attempted to ignored her surroundings. The slayer normally on door duty had taken a quick break, leaving her briefly in sole possession of the front desk. The Cleveland office was in an uproar with Willow and Kennedy engaged in their annual Valentines Day fight, and having just gotten back from a month at the Tokyo Council office, Buffy seemed intent on sleeping through it. She wished she could follow her sister's example.

Buffy had stumbled in the night before, mumbling something unintelligible about the Chinese and the French and saying that the next time they needed extra help in Tokyo they could have Faith, or if she wouldn't go they would get Riley, if she had to track him down herself in whatever jungle he was currently hiding in. Before going up to their apartment in the main building, she'd threatened to tear anyone who dared to disturb her into tiny pieces and mail them to Giles in London.

Even Xander stayed away from Buffy when she was in that kind of mood. He'd flown in from L.A. earlier in the week to check up on the work on the armory and adjoining library. Though he had an excuse, Dawn suspected she wouldn't see him until he was ready to leave. The last Cleveland apocalypse had spilled over into the Council office and had proven how insecure the main building really was if anything actually made it inside. This was just the first step in renovating the office to improve its security.

Until it was finished, Dawn was left scrambling to find a quiet corner she could use while translating the most recent prophecy someone had sent them from the London office. Watching the front entrance had seemed like the perfect plan at the time. With all of the new spells and alarms Willow had put around all of the entrances to the Council buildings in Cleveland there was no real chance of being surprised.

It also kept her away from Kennedy, who'd been in a bad mood for weeks, even before the immanent approach of Valentine's Day. Since finding out that no slayers, including herself, were allowed to go with Willow on an important quest for the Devon coven she'd made life miserable for everyone.

Sitting at the front desk, with her head buried in a Greek translation of an ancient Sumerian text she was using to cross-reference the prophecy, Dawn was startled by the loud buzz of the doorbell on the front door. They weren't in the middle of an apocalypse so it was too early for a pizza delivery. They also weren't expecting any visitors, and demons didn't usually ring the bell in broad daylight. The coven had promised to send them someone to help out while Willow was on their quest but she wasn't expected for at least another week.

Looking up curiously, she saw a woman approximately her height standing in the entrance, bundled up against the brisk cold of a Cleveland February. With none of Willow's alarms, even the magical ones, going off, Dawn let her into the lobby.

"I was told you needed a witch," the woman said, unbuttoning her coat, pulling off her woolen hat, and shaking out her red hair.

--- --- ---


Additional Notes:
1. This story is continued in A Girl and Her Toys
2. At least one of Buffy's adventures during her Tokyo trip mentioned in this epilogue can be found in China Blonde
3. How Ginny Weasley ended up in Cleveland is detailed in Rock-n-Roll Girl

One final/last note: The character of "Arthur Dent" who appears in this story and future stories in this series is not the character conceived of and brought to life by Douglas Adams, though the name belongs to his estate. Just doing my bit to keep his memory alive with the occasional HHGttG reference .

The End

You have reached the end of "Girl In A Bar". This story is complete.

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