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Renewing Old Acquaintances

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Fixing The Future". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The newly enlightened Scoobies and their visitors now have the problem of trying to implement the changes they intend to make, if they're going to ensure that the human race and their allies survive what their various enemies have planned.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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GreywizardFR1838,8021339,1912 Aug 1416 Aug 14Yes

Chapter Three

This is entry #16 in the August 2014 Fic-A-Day challenge.


Sunnydale, California

January 29, 1999

Following their meeting with the Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak to set up their new business, WBY Unlimited (which, Xander was entirely too pleased to explain to anyone who inquired, was an acronym for Wild Blue Yonder, since it seemed YoYoDyne had already been taken), Hiro had then teleported himself, Claire and Xander back to Sunnydale.

With the basic groundwork taken care of, the trio quickly began emailing detailed specifications for all of the equipment, as well as copies of papers detailing every scientific discovery or development for the next half-century, which they'd brought back with them. Emailing them to pretty much everyone who'd done any work in any branch of science or engineering in their timeline's past fifty years, as well as every major university, college or research institute, as well as every United Nations member country and every major Internet server they could access served to occupy them for a few hours.

After all, their purpose in returning to this time period wasn't to give any single government sole access to the future knowledge they possessed – no, it was to ensure that as much of the world as possible survived the upcoming disasters which were coming, and the only way they could ensure that that could happen was to give everyone access to that information.

The fact that WBY Unlimited (and any subsequent daughter companies that would soon be spun off from it) had a head start on taking advantage of the various scientific and engineering miracles in question was just a minor advantage that they felt they were entitled to, given everything they'd already sacrificed to keep the good ol' world spinning.

The fact that as soon as the emails were sent, and the questions started flying and pandemonium soon exploded throughout the world – and where Wolfram & Hart was concerned, beyond the world – was not something Xander, Hiro and Claire concerned themselves too much with.


Sunnydale High School
The Library

January 30, 1999

Late afternoon

"So, you, uhm, you intend to, to have Buffy and Faith incorporate these, ah – devices – as part of their, their arsenal for Slaying?" Giles inquired as he evaluated the various weapons laid out on the mahogany table the Gang normally used for research with a critical eye.

"Well, actually, while I personally wouldn't mind seeing the Buffster and Faith use these babies to drop anything that so much as gives them a nasty look – I really don’t think that either of them are gonna be all that interested in doing so," Xander answered the question, at the same time as he shook his head 'no'.

"Well, at least, not initially," he qualified his response a moment later.

"Uh, why, why, why would you think that, Xander?" Giles, asked, a perplexed expression on his face as he considered the younger man's answer.

"Well, there's a couple reasons, actually, Giles," Harris admitted as he looked over the array of pistols and other exotic devices before him.

"To begin with, as far as Buffy's concerned? She's still got too much of your typical California cheerleader 'guns are bad' attitude to be comfortable enough to use any of these things. At least, not without a good bit of training and some mental re-conditioning," Harris explained as he picked up one of the exotic-looking pistols and began breaking it down and inspecting the individual components of signs of wear or contamination.

"And at present, Faith enjoys the fight and beating up vamps and demons too much, to want to cut it short by using one of these," Xander continued with his evaluation of Faith's likely preferences of the 'new toys' the time travelers had brought back with them.

"And apart from two isolated exceptions, none of these things have actually been field-tested against the various types of demons you usually find around a Hellmouth," he went on, as he continued his scrutiny of the pistol's various parts.

"I know for certain that none of the stun weapons have any worthwhile effect on vamps, although the particle magnums work just fine against them," Xander noted as he paused a moment to wipe down the contacts of the pistol's power cell.

"Now, as for me – even though I can handle myself just fine in any kind of dust-up I might run into," the Immortal said as he expertly reassembled the pistol and slipped it into a holster on his hip, "I have absolutely no problem using any of these little toys when the situation calls for it.

"It might have taken me a while to learn all the rules, Giles, but once I learn them, I don’t ever forget them," Harris said, a sharp smile on his face as he turned to look over at his former father figure.

"And the most important rule I learned is that when you're fighting a war for survival, there aren't any rules."


Mayor's office
Sunnydale Administrative Building

Later that afternoon

"Good afternoon, Mayor Wilkins. I hope I'm not disturbing anything too important, but I have an important message that I need to give you."

Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third (and the First and Second, also – although not very many people still alive knew that fact) looked up from the sanitation office's projected budget requests for the next three months. He then frowned as he saw a vaguely familiar-looking youth, wearing a raincoat, standing in front of his desk, smiling down at him.

It took him a moment to recognize the young man as one of the Slayers' support group, but then the Mayor frowned with annoyance at the interruption.

{ Harris? } Wilkins thought to himself. { { Oh, yes, that's it. Alexander Harris. Somewhat of a slacker and a layabout, from what I can recall Principal Snyder saying about him. }

"Young man, I must tell you, it is quite rude to simply burst in and interrupt me while I am in the middle of official business," Wilkins declared, giving the youth a stern look of disapproval.

"The proper way of doing things requires that you first speak to my secretary, inform her of exactly what business it is that you'd like to discuss with me, and then request that she make an appointment for you to see me," Wilkins said firmly, all the while wondering why Shelley had allowed this young ruffian to just walk in and interrupt him in the middle of the workday.

"Well, I do appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to tell me that, Dick," Harris answered him with what he thought was a rather insolent grin.

"And since I'm now a registered voter, I hope you won't be too upset with how I just barged in past your secretary that way," he went on, the same smirk still on his face. "You could say she just went all to pieces, when she tried to stop me coming to see you."

{ The boy obviously considers himself to be quite the smart aleck, } Wilkins decided with a small grimace of distaste. { And the fact that he recognized Shelley as a vampire – and most likely staked her, since he's in here bothering me – would indicate that there's a bit more to him than outward appearances would suggest. }

Before he could respond properly to the boy's comment, young Mr. Harris continued with his commentary, surprising Richard greatly as he said, "Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're gonna have a little bit of a problem with that Ascension you're planning for the high school graduation ceremony this year."

"And what sort of problem might that be, exactly, Mr. Harris?" the Mayor asked, even as he sat back in his chair and contemplated on exactly how the boy might have discovered what it was he was planning.

He didn't really need to start worrying yet, Wilkins realized immediately. Harris clearly hadn't mentioned anything about his plans to either of the Slayers or their Watchers – since they hadn't come bursting into his office yet, trying to either kill him or capture him, in order to ascertain the extent of his preparation

"Well, I'd say it's the fact that you're gonna be dead, long before Graduation comes around. Dick," Harris smiled at him again, even as his right hand slipped inside his jacket, to reappear an instant later with a large, dark-metaled pistol reminiscent of an old-style revolver.

"Ah, the young are so predictable," Wilkins smirked, as he calmly ignored the weapon Harris was pointing at him. "I'm quite delighted to tell you, young man, that I've taken pains to insure that firearms of any type won't work inside any of this Administration's buildings."

"Yeah, well, knowing the kind of guy you are – and I'm using the word 'guy' kinda loosely here, you understand – I kinda figured you'd do something like that, Dick," Xander agreed with his own smirk.

"Which is why I'm equally delighted to tell you that this isn't any kind of firearm you've ever seen before," the Immortal explained, as he leveled the particle magnum pistol at Wilkins' head.

The Mayor's eyes were just beginning to widen with uncertain apprehension when Xander pulled the trigger of his pistol, and a low ZZZT! sounded throughout the room.

"And the best part, Dick," Xander added as he gazed at Wilkins' corpse and fired his weapon a second time, incinerating the body, "is that these things are just fantastic when it comes to clean-up, too."

Had anyone been present, they would have Harris mutter to himself as he left the now-vacant Mayor's office, "Now that I've taken care of the garbage, we can get started on taking care of the really important things."


The End

You have reached the end of "Renewing Old Acquaintances". This story is complete.

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