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Escape Velocity: Halloween

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Summary: C/O with Escape Velocity: NOVA. Xander and Buffy decided to dress as characters from a video game. A video game about space travel and combat. What does a slayer need with a capital warship?

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Escape Velocity: Stargate

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire, Stargate, or Escape Velocity nor have I been given permission to use them. This is written in the spirit of fanfiction.

Jack and his team were relaxing at his place. He invited everyone over for a cook-out, somewhat to relax, mostly to give Cassie a taste of life on Earth. Cassie was playing with her new dog that Jack had given her that afternoon. Jack was drinking from a beer bottle while manning the grill, keeping an eye on the steaks. Daniel was keeping Jack company while Sam and Janet were watching Cassie play. Teal'c was observing quietly from a deck chair.

The phone ranged and Jack went to answer it. "Keep an eye on the grill for me," he said to Daniel over his shoulders. The call wasn't too long, but Jack's face was pensive on his return.

"Something the matter?" Daniel asked as he began to move the cooked steaks to a platter.

Jack shrugged. "Nothing that can't wait. More of something for Captain Carter."

Daniel nodded. "I'll get these to the table if you want to get the girls." Daniel nodded towards the yard.

As everyone was sitting and filling their plates, Jack cleared his throat and silence fell. "Alright. We were given time for dinner, but the General wants us back on base after. He wouldn't go into detail over the phone. But while we were busy with Hanka and Cassie, it seems another mystery has posed itself."

"Amazing," Daniel whispered as he examined the grainy enlargement. "What is it?"

Teal'c commented in a grave voice, "It is not a ship design I am familiar with."

"And it just appeared on the Moon?" Jack questioned.

"We're not sure. Some astronomers found it earlier today. The last time that particular sector of Moon was examined was months ago. All we can really tell is that particular dark shape wasn't there before. It could be anything, even just shadows. But it looks like a spaceship."

Jack shrugged. "But what can we do? We can't go to it."

"Has anyone tried hailing it," Sam asked.

"No response. The pentagon has ordered spy satellites to aim their cameras and sensors at it. Problem is -"

"Problem is," Jack interrupted, "they were design to spy in the opposite direction: Earth. It’ll take time to twist some about."

Hammond nodded. "Exactly. As soon as we can get some photos or readings from above the atmosphere, we'll know more."

SG-1, on pins and needle waiting, were once more meeting with the General. "All right team. We were able to get some more readings on our mysterious object. While we can not detect any signal that may be communication, analysis indicates that there is indeed noise in the radio spectrum as well as other electrical and thermal signatures. It has wiring, computing, circuitry, and very likely a power reactor of some sort. It is warmer than the ambient temperature, indicating life support functions and heat dispersal. Confidence that we are dealing with something manufactured instead of a natural phenomenon is above the 95% level. Everyone is up in arms and I want ideas. I want answers. Mostly, I want to know who or what we are dealing with and if they could already be on Earth."

"So, we can't just pilot it remotely? Can't you access the onboard computer?" Willow asked her friend.

Buffy shook her head. "It's not that easy. The ship is designed, on purpose, to only be controlled by the analog inputs in the bridge. This is to keep pirates from hacking the system at a distance. Though, nothing in the game ever dealt with that. So it might be something that the magic invented."

Willow nodded and bit her lower lip. "Oh, right. That makes sense, though. Is there a lot of piracy?"

"Yeah." Xander looked up from where he was levitating a pencil, five marbles orbiting the pencil, and an expired air freshener. "Piracy is one of valid play styles built in the mechanics. A player can choose to disable and board ships. Ransacking it for cash, cargo, or capturing the ship. Captured ships can be sold off. So one form of income and one method of getting the ship you want is to choose piracy. Thus, it is easy to program NPCs to disable and board your craft. Of course, one can choose instead to be a trader, run courier missions, or become an asteroid miner. So, yeah, lot's of pirates as those are one of the dangers present in many of the systems."

"I like the combat and piracy method," Buffy admited. "The other ways are just to boring. They lack action."

Xander shrugged. "I don't know about in terms of time, but I prefer mining for opals. It is easy enough to learn to recognize opal bearing asteroids. You can fill your cargo hold for free, jump a few systems, and sell the opals off at 1500 credits per ton. That’s 1500 credits of pure profit, which is the greatest profitability in the game in terms of selling goods and the greatest profit margin at 100%. Actually, mined metals and ice are also 100% pure profit, but they sell for less. I admit it is kind of boring, and you have to save up to make a good rig."

"Oh?" Buffy raised an eyebrow.

"Well, with a scoop installed, all you need to do is collide your ship with the debris. Thus bigger ships allow you to sweep more space. The ‘miner is ok, but I like to get into a frigate as soon as I can. Thrust forward, turn sideways, and broadside the spreading debris. Better than trying to chase them down. Any huge ships has that advantage. Especially the Sigma ones. But usually, by the time you can afford those, money is less of a concern. Then I like to use other weapons too. Mining lasers take too long. So I also use some Thunderhead Lances and blasters to make short work of it. Especially if you get used to working with the 2x speed on."

"2x speed? I didn't know I could speed it up!" Buffy huffed.

Xander rolled his eyes. "You don't read the instructions much, do you? Just hit cap locks to toggle speeds."

"Still sounds more boring than ship to ship combat."

Willow rubbed her forehead, like she was getting a headache. "Back on topic. So there is no way for you to access your ship from Earth?"

Buffy shrugged. "I don't think so. It never was needed in the game."

"What good is it if you need to get to it first?" Willow mused.

"Xander can fly me to it," Buffy said. She was given a happy nod by Xander. "See!"

Willow frowned. "Are you sure you should trust a spaceship that is imaginary?"

"Psychic, Willow, not imaginary," Xander chided.

Willow pouted. "It doesn't exist. It comes from your head. You have to think it up. That sounds imaginary to me."

Xander rolled his eyes. "I'll show you imaginary." He then got up and strolled out of the Bronze with his friends following. In the parking lot, after checking to see that no one was around, Xander sat on the ground cross-legged. Immediately, a small glowing form coalesced around him. Willow shrunk back from it, but Buffy only smiled and approached the craft.

"Permission to come aboard, Captain?" She inquired in a bright voice. In reply, a boarding ramp opened from the belly and Buffy climbed in. As she was entering, she waved at Willow to board.

"Wait!" Willow cried. "It might not be safe."

Buffy stuck her head out. “Come on Wills. We will leave you behind.”

With a start, Willow reluctantly boarded the nearly translucent ship. Once she was in, the ramp snapped closed and the ship took off.

SG-1 were once more called into a meeting with General Hammond. "At nineteen-hundred hours seventeen minutes, what appeared to be a shuttle docked with the alien artifact on the moon. Is it a mothership? A station on the moon? Or something else? We do not know yet. However, the shuttle came from Earth and about a half hour later it returned to Earth. Radar couldn't pick it up, so we're not sure where it went exactly, though visual tracking places it someplace in or near the Pacific. The White House has upgraded the priority and urgency and this base and all of NORAD is going into full red alert. You have had all day to think about this. Give me ideas."

“What if they’re peaceful explorers. Perhaps we could try communicating with them?” Daniel mused.

Jack snorted. “I suppose we could just take an ad out in all of the west coast periodicals. ‘Lonely Anthropologist seeking Earth-Bound alien. Likes translations, adventures, and first contact.’ Hopefully they read English.”

Daniel shook his head. “If they have already made planet fall, they may very well be learning our language. Actually, that isn’t a bad idea. We don’t know their intentions. So why not invite them to contact us? If they mean us no harm, they have no reason not to talk with us.”

“We very well can’t go public with this,” General Hammond admonished.

Daniel shook his head. “I know that. Though with a spaceship visible on the moon to anyone with a telescope ... maybe we can get them to park it elsewhere? What I meant was, we could couch it in vague terms that they would understand. Have them radio us or something. They haven’t shown any hostile intentions yet. They may be friendly.”

“Or, they’re not the conflict type. More of a take down from the shadows type. Meaning, we won’t see any obvious hostile intentions as they keep on the down low,” Jack mused.

“If so, they pick the wrong coast. Our political power base is on the other side of the country.” Sam rubbed her chin. “Of course, they may eventually work that out themselves and then cross the country.”

“How would we get their attention? The president would want to be present if they do take us up on our invite. How can we insure his safety?”

“What if, in humor, the President invited all non-humans to visit the White House? Call it E.T. Day? It is not like there’s a large population of non-humans running about trying to pass as Earthlings,” Jack offered.

Daniel groaned. Sam shook her head. General Hammond rolled his eyes. "We need to be more discreet than that. The main concern is their intentions. If any of you can figure out a good way to invite contact without causing mass hysteria, I am open to suggestions. Meanwhile, we need to be planning a defense. The Joint Chiefs are pushing for us to provide the technology to do such. We will be stepping up our schedule, we need to find something on some other planet that can help us out here should they prove to be hostile. SG-1, pick a planet. You'll be going through the gate in an hour."

Author's Note: Well, not sure yet what to do next. Feel free to join in on the insanity. There are resources on the web pertaining to the video game, Escape Velocity: NOVA. You can also play a demo version of it for free. But I imagine the wiki ought to be enough to get by. After all, this is really a Stargate / Buffy cross. The only thing EV:N adds is psychic ships, the Kestral, and tech. Since the SG-1 episode that played on Halloween the same year as Buffy's Halloween episode was the one where they find Cassie, I decided to line the two series up there. Which means, eventually, Go'auld's will be attacking. Good thing Buffy and Xander will be itching for a space fight. ;) I set it up so that any author can add on, so dive in and have fun.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Escape Velocity: Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 14.

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