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Inner Voices

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Summary: Will and Seraphin do a spell to clear their mind for exams after a rough week of killing demons but what they didn't know was how clear they got.

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AragonLadyOfTheRingsFR1532,324011,73625 Jan 0325 Jan 03No

It's The Things You Hear

Title: It's The Things You Hear
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I own nothing of the the series. Only the original characters.
Feedback: Yes! It's the air I breathe.
Rating: R
Pairing: (mentioned) Buffy/Spike, Seraphin/Spike. Willow/Aragorn Seraphin/Legolas

Summary: Will and Seraphin do a spell to clear their mind for exams after a rough week of killing demons but what they didn't know was how clear they got.

Spoiler: What little I know of S6 of Buffy and The Fellowship of the Ring.

A/N 1: Spike doesn't love Buffy as much as he use to here. He has Seraphin living with him cause of his handicap. Dawn is here but Tara never was Willow was only with Oz and just moved on after their break-up. Giles is still there and they still meet at his place or the Magic Box. Buffy does not have a fast food job.

A/N 2: Seraphin comes to see everyone at Buffy's house. Seraphin is Will's long lost sister who she never saw till she was a second year in college. She knows about the evils of Sunnydale and helps out every once in a while. She's fond
of Spike. As she actually lives with him. Willow and Seraphin have a family secret.

"" Speaking Thoughts // Mind Speak


Chapter III:

Seraphin woke up in the room will let her sleep in. She was walking to the bathroom when she grabbed her head. "Ow" she said softly as she walked into the bathroom to freshen up. Willow was downstairs eating her breakfast when she saw Seraphin holding her head. "Headache?" She asked. Seraphin looked at Will and nodded. "Yes It's like this sharp pain that won't go away" She said as she was looking for the asprin.

"Here I know how you feel I had the same feeling this morning when I woke up so I dulled it with pain killers" She said as Sera swallowed the pills Will gave her with some water. "Ugh! Okay on another note are we free today cause all I want to do is sleep" She asked hoping her day was not going to change.

Will looked at her "Sorry to ruin your day but Giles wants us over at his place to do some catch up" she told her as she was reading her paper. "Okay fine then when do we meet?" She asked already for this meeting since she can't have her day and sleep. "At 4:00" she said partly paying attention. She just walked of the kitchen "Might as well take me a shower then" she mumbled to herself.

Everyone was at Giles' just waiting not really doing anything yet till Giles came out "Alright now before we start is there anything that is needed to be know?...Buffy?" he asked. She looked up "No I haven't run into anything all that new or weird besides the norm" She said as she picked her nails.

"Alright then let's get started" said Giles as he walked to his study as the others starting picking up books and reading on booting up their computer for the internet. Three house in the day and the others were taking little breaks and at the moment it just happen to be one of them. The guys were laughing and talking Willow was with Giles in the Study and Seraphin was just surfing on the net when she heard something.

She looked up at the guys "What was that?" she asked they looked at her "What was what?" Xander asks. "I heard something what was it?" They still kept looking at her "We don't hear anything" said Buffy. "I thought I heard something" She said softly. "Maybe your just tired that's all" Buffy suggests. Sera Shrugs "Maybe" then they all go back to what they were doing.

Will was walking out of the Study into the room with the guys when she said "Did you guys heard that?" They just smile and say "Maybe your tired like Sera here she was saying the ame thing too a little while ago." said Buffy. Will just went to Sera "You heard something?" She looked at her "Yeah I don't know what it is though" she said to her. "Well figure it out" she reassured her. They went back to reading for two more hours.

Will was reading a book when /This man thinks that this is a gift this is. He's mad everyone knows the ring answers only to Sauron/ She looked up "What?" she said as she head something. Sera looked at her "What's wrong?" She looked at Sera "I thought I heard something?" She looked around "Just now, out here?" Will shook her head "No it sounded clear like I was just thinking but it didn't sound like me" she said. "What did it sound like?" she asked. "More like a man's voice" then it happened again but this time to Sera.

/This man has no respect for his people or kind, he thinks that a man can contain and control the ring of power/ She was looking at Will wide eyed. "What? What's wrong?" Will asked. "Will something's wrong I can hear a man's voice inside my head." She looked at the others then back to her. "Let's go talk to Giles" She said as they got up and went to the study.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Inner Voices" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 03.

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