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Inner Voices

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Summary: Will and Seraphin do a spell to clear their mind for exams after a rough week of killing demons but what they didn't know was how clear they got.

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AragonLadyOfTheRingsFR1532,324011,73225 Jan 0325 Jan 03No

It's The Things You Hear

Title: It's The Things You Hear
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I own nothing of the the series. Only the original characters.
Feedback: Yes! It's the air I breathe.
Rating: R
Pairing: (mentioned) Buffy/Spike, Seraphin/Spike. Willow/Aragorn, Seraphin/Legolas

Summary: Will and Seraphin do a spell to clear their mind for exams after a rough week of killing demons but what they didn't know was how clear they got.

Spoiler: What little I know of S6 of Buffy and The Fellowship of the Ring.

A/N 1: Spike doesn't love Buffy as much as he use to here. He has Seraphin living with him cause of his handicap. Dawn is here but Tara never was Willow was only with Oz and just moved on after their break-up. Giles is still there and they still meet at his place or the Magic Box. Buffy does not have a fast food job.

A/N 2: Seraphin comes to see everyone at Buffy's house. Seraphin is Will's long lost sister who she never saw till she was a second year in college. She knows about the evils of Sunnydale and helps out every once in a while. She's fond of Spike. As she actually lives with him. Willow and Seraphin have a family secret.

"" Speaking Thoughts // Mind Speak


Chapter I:

Willow was in the kitchen getting something to eat when the back door came open and in came Dawn. "Hey what's up?" She said to Will. "Oh Anya and Xander are in the living room fighting ....again." She rolled her eyes and put her jacket on the rack. They both walked in the living room.

"What happened?" "They made up and decided to go home and have some sex" Buffy said with a disgusted look on her face. Will just giggled "So where's your new honey?" Buffy's face lit up " Oh he said he was coming to get me so we could go see a movie"

"Tonight?" Will asked. "Yeah...why?" She asked not sure she should. "Oh nothing it's just remember that brief meeting we have to have at the store" Buffy's face fell.

"Oh yeah I forgot" she paused "We'll we could do it here if were not going to research anything then we could have it here and I can still have my date" She said smiling. "Sure we can do that it makes sense I guess, well I'm going to change tell me when the guysare here kay?" She was walking up the stairs halfway. "Kay" Buffy said from the couch.

Everyone was present and they were talking about what there plans were. "So what you doing for the rest of the free time we have?" asked Anya. "Well I was thinking of just spending time with my new beau Josh" Buffy said smiling.

"How about you Wills?" "I don't know I could see if Seraphin is busy and do something with her"

"Seraphin is ALWAYS busy she lives with Spike for crying out loud and they do go together" said Xander. "Yeah they have a lot of sex I mean come on it's Spike he's sexy in itself" "Thanks so much An" Xander said a little hurt.

"But I love you I think your sexy too that's why I like you" she said trying to cover her mistake up.

As they were discussing Seraphin in she comes with Spike in tow. "Hey guys why we meeting here instead of the shop?" She said. "Cause Buffy chose for us to be here since we were not going to be researching." Will replied.

"Oh alright I guess so what is the subject topic?" Xander looked up and said " You and your living arangements" And Anya elbowed him "Ow!" She just smiled "I already told you why I'm living with Spike"

"And we all said okay we give on the subject it was just Xander and Anya being themselves that's all plain and simple" Said Willow. "Kay anyway Will's I found some infomation on this spell that the we could do" She said.

Will was smiling all excited when Buffy asked "What spell?" "We'll it's a harmless spell to clear your brain after a stressful evening or week like last week" After hearing that everyone groaned.

"Who could forget last week I'm so beat I'm glad I'm not going to school with you guys" Buffy said "Me too I'm just trying to get one job done if I had school I would crack""But you always use to slay and do school" said Sera."Yeah but this is different I look after Dawn now" she replied "Yeah We have exams to do before the break and in the hardest classes too" Said Will.

"Good thing I got an exam in history for Spike can just tell me what I need to know he's been helping me this far" Said Seraphin. "Not without something in it for me" Spike said but Sera didn't stir or blush.

"So is this the end of this meeting?" Said Anya. "I guess It's almost time for my date so we can meet again when the week is over with" Buffy said getting up to check herself in the mirror. Everyone got up and were getting the coats and saying there goodbyes as they walked out the door.

"Will you want to try the spell tommorrow?" Will looked up to Seraphin "Yeah cause right now I'm a little tired and everyone is leaving and so I'm just going to read a book or watch some tv" She said in a I'm lonely and bored tone. "We can stay here if you like the company" She said. "If you want "

Will was sleeping like a baby in her room and she let them sleep in the master bedroom down the hall far away from her room and out of earshot range. They were in bed talking about what they might do for the free weekend they had.

It's been awhile but they were slowly working him away from Buffy. It was hard at first but she kept at it. They didn't go together or even have sex for she was trying to cure him of him problem Buffy has bestowed upon him.

She feed him and listened to him when he need someone to talk to. She was there when he felt lonely and need a body to comfort him in a non-sexual way. Of course Spike tried to shag her many a time but she held strong when she told him that in order to have any relationship with him he needed to be cured of his problem.

They slept in the same bed cause there both adults and knew how to behave as such. Spike was a very needy person when he slept and so that's why Seraphin slept with him to stop the nightmares and doubts he had about anyone else wanting him again.

For a vampire who was very cocky and sure of him self he had a lot of insurities and doubts about his appearence sometimes. Soon they were all sleeping as to not knowing what was to come in the morning when they were to do the harmless clearing of mind spell.

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