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The Cheerleaders of Triskelion.

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Summary: It's Cheerleader try-outs at Sunnydale High and both Buffy and Cordelia want to be on the squad. After an outbreak of spontaneous, cheerleader, combustion, Buffy saves Cordy from being killed, just before the two girls vanish into thin air.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Original Series(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151852,823012316,99618 Aug 147 Sep 14Yes

Chapter Fifteen.



It was at about nine thirty the following morning when Willow walked up to the front door of Amy's house; the two young women had agreed to meet early because Amy had promised to try and teach Willow some magic. Raising her hand, Willow knocked on the medieval style front door and waited. As she stood there Willow looked up at Amy's house, it wasn't quite as big as her parent's house, plus it sort of reminded her of the house from the old 'Munsters' show, but in a nicer, well cared for way...and without the thunder and lightning or bats. The door opened without any suggestion of squeaking hinges.

“Hello?” said the woman who'd opened the door.

“Hi,” Willow responded suddenly feeling unaccountably nervous, “Mrs Madison?”

“It's 'Ms' actually,” the woman replied, “but yes...can I help you?”

“I'm Willow...” Willow didn't get to finish what she had to say because Ms Madison interrupted.

“Willow Rosenberg, right?” Ms Madison smiled, “Amy said she was expecting someone, come in, come in!”

Willow found herself being ushered into the hall as Ms Madison closed the door behind her. Looking around Willow didn't notice any cobwebs or ancient torture devices...the resemblance to the Munster house was obviously only external.

“Amy said one of her friends was coming around this morning,” Ms Madison looked and sounded very pleased to see Willow; Willow watched the woman suspiciously and started to wonder why.

“Amy dear,” Amy's mom called up the stairs, “your friend Willow's here.”

“Okay Mom,” the sound of Amy's voice floated down from upstairs, followed moments later by the sound of her footsteps.

“Hi Willow!” Amy cried obviously happy to see the red-haired girl, “Come on up,” Amy glanced at her mother, “thanks Mom.”

“Nice to have met you, Willow,” Ms Madison patted Willow on her arm before looking up at her daughter, “now play nice girls and try not to wreck the joint.”

“Mom!” Amy replied sounding a little exasperated with her mother, “We're not five you know?”

“That's what I'm worried about, sweetheart,” Ms Madison called over her shoulder as she walked off into another room.

Climbing the stairs Willow was soon standing next to Amy, she was slightly taken aback when the blonde girl kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh I'm so glad you came,” Amy smiled, “we're going to have so much fun together, come on we'll go to my room.”

“We are?” Willow sounded a little unsure of herself, but soon recovered, “Like, of course we are,” Willow found herself smiling too, “your mom's nice.”

“Yeah,” Amy replied with a shrug, “I suppose she is....” Amy opened the door to her bedroom, “ come on in.”

Leading the way into Amy's bedroom, Willow saw a typical teenage girl's bedroom, but somehow it seemed nicer than her own. There was a big, comfy looking bed, the usual shelves with keepsakes ranked upon them, a desk with a computer and finally a bookcase stuffed with big, old looking books. Drifting over to the bookshelf, Willow cast her eye over the titles, everything seemed to be about witchcraft.

“That's my reference library,” Amy explained when she saw what Willow was looking at, “everything I know about the craft I've learnt from those books.”

“Wow,” Willow gasped, “you must do a lot of reading.”

“Hey,” again Amy shrugged, “when its something you like it's so not a chore.” the girl sighed sadly, “but there's so much more I can't get a handle on just my myself.”

“Oh I can help,” Willow replied brightly, “I'm big with the studying and I'd really like to try out the witch stuff an'all.”

“Cool,” Amy agreed, “but...”

“But?” Willow's face fell at the serious look on Amy's face, maybe she didn't want to try out any magic with her after all.

“Look,” Amy took a deep breath, “I don't want to sound like a bitch or anything, I'll leave that sorta stuff to Cordelia, but...”

“But?” Willow repeated as her mind went through all the worst case scenarios that could possibly explain Amy's sudden hesitation.

“But...” Amy took her courage in both hands, “...that outfit, Willow, do you totally buy your own clothes?”

“What's wrong with it?” Willow looked down at herself, she was wearing her blue denim dungarees with a red, long-sleeved t-shirt, “My mother buys my stuff.”

“A-ha,” Amy crossed her arms under her breasts, “I see...and your mother has had this problem with you looking like the attractive young woman that you totally are for how long?”

“What do you mean?” Willow replied hesitantly as she realised there was an element of truth in what Amy said.

“Its all baggy and shapeless,” Amy explained as she stepped up to Willow and pulled at her shirtsleeve, “part of being a young witch around town is looking hot an' cool.”

“Hot and cool?” Willow frowned, “Is that even possible?”

Looking at Amy's outfit of short, pale pink skirt that showed off her long, honey coloured legs and her white blouse with red roses printed on it, Willow thought Amy looked cute rather than 'cool', but then again she did think Amy looked surprisingly 'hot'.

“Is it me or is it getting hot in here,” Willow mumbled as she ran her finger around the neck of her shirt.

“Your mom has obviously got some issues where your clothes are concerned,” Amy pointed out.

“She has?” Willow wasn't sure what to say.

“Yeah and I'm going to help you get over them,” Amy stood for a moment looking Willow up and down and seemed to be calculating something in her head as she did so, “Okay...” Amy grinned happily, “...strip off down to your underwear!”

“WHAT!?” Willow clutched her shoulder bag to her chest, “I-I mean why?”

“Hey look,” Amy came to stand next to Willow and gestured to the full length mirror on the wall opposite them, “we're more or less the same size and I'm sure I've got some clothes you can witch should look all dowdy and!”

“No,” Willow agreed quietly, “I don't suppose she should...”

Slowly and just a little reluctantly, Willow put down her bag and started to undress while Amy opened one of her closets and started to look through her clothes. Looking over Amy's shoulder, Willow saw that her new friend had so many more clothes than she did and they all looked so much nicer too.

“Now what have we got?” Amy asked herself, “My mom gives me a clothing allowance on the understanding that she has the final veto on anything she thinks is 'age inappropriate'.”

“That's nice,” Willow stepped out of her dungarees and threw them onto Amy's bed and wished that her own mother would trust her to buy her own clothes.

“Sorry but I've not much to suit your colouring,” Amy turned to face Willow again, “so we'll go with a classic...” Amy held out a pair of jeans and a white blouse to Willow, “ tight jeans and a simple blouse, oh don't worry they're stretchy ones so they're bound to fit.”

“Okay,” Willow reached for the clothes only to be stopped in her tracks when Amy laughed.

“Willow!” Amy cried in surprise, “That bra, how old are you? Twelve?”

“What?” Willow looked down at her bra wondering what was wrong with it, it was like all her underwear, sensible and comfortable.

“That's so not the bra that a witch should be wearing,” Amy turned and opened a drawer, after searching for a moment she turned back to Willow holding out a lacy, underwired, sexy creation of a bra. “Come on, get that training bra off and put this on.”

“You think I should?” Willow found herself reaching for the under garment.

“Oh yeah,” Amy said quietly as she watched Willow's fingertips touch the lacy softness of the bra.

It had been so easy, Amy congratulated herself as she watched Willow take off her bra and put on the new one; she'd not even had to use magic. Willow must be so lonely and lacking in self confidence and love, it almost made Amy want to cry to think of how alone Willow must feel. But that was all over now, she would give Willow all the love and confidence that she needed to become the strong confident woman that Amy knew Willow could be.

“Here let me help you with that,” Amy said as she saw Willow struggle to adjust the bra.

Standing behind Willow as she adjusted the shoulder straps, Amy had to stop herself from running her hands across that flawless white skin and cupping Willow's breasts in her hands.

“You have beautiful hair,” Amy found herself touching Willow's long red hair to her cheek, it was so silky and sensual against her skin that she couldn't help herself and she kissed Willow shoulder. “Oh god!” Amy jumped away from Willow when she realised that she might have over stepped her bounds, “I'm soo sorry!”

“No, no that's alright,” Willow turned to face Amy; she'd been struggling with her own emotions just now and she couldn't seem to keep her eyes off Amy's breasts or her long smooth legs and... Willow took a deep breath of her own before she asked, “Amy, are you gay?”

“Would it frighten you if I said I was?” Amy asked hoping that Willow wouldn't run away.

“Not as much as I thought it might,” Willow admitted.

“Would you like to...” Amy raised and eyebrow and gestured to her bed, “ don't have to if you don't want to.”

“We could try it out I suppose,” Willow agreed slowly, “I mean I'm all in favour of experimentation.”


Downstairs, Amy's mom stopped watching the morning news as she drank her coffee in the kitchen. Using the remote to turn down the TV's sound she listened carefully. Hearing the sound of girlish giggles from upstairs, she smiled to herself and turned the volume back up. She wouldn't interrupt her daughter and her new friend when they seemed to be getting on so well together.


“That was nice,” Willow sighed dreamily as she lay on the bed next to Amy's naked body, “was it nice for you? I mean I feel totally different, you know? Sorta more you feel more real? No I don't suppose you do coz you've probably done it before and do you know that's the first time I've ever had an orgasm while there was someone else in the room but you've probably had loads of orgasms while there was someone else there...I'm talking too much aren't I, should I shut-up now?”

“Only if you want to,” Amy rolled onto her side and let her hand glide over Willow's body, across her breasts, then down over her stomach and down further still until her fingers came to rest in the little tangle of soft red hair between Willow's legs.

“Oh I want to...but...” Willow gasped but then sighed with disappointment, “...but we're supposed to be at Mrs Summers' exhibition at eleven and its gone ten now.”

“Oh shoot,” Amy grumbled, but then she smiled, “you could always come back here afterwards.”

“I could?” Willow asked brightly.

“Yeah,” Amy added with growing excitement, “we can go have something to eat, then come back here and hang out together...maybe do a little magic and then...”

“And then?” Willow asked curious to hear what Amy had in mind.

“Maybe you could sleepover...” Amy asked hopefully, “ mom won't mind.”

“In the same bed?” Willow wanted to know all the time hoping Amy would say 'yes'.

“Well you could use the guest room,” Amy replied straight faced.

“OH!” Willow replied disappointedly as she wondered if she'd gone too far too early in their relationship.

“HA!” Amy laughed, “Totally fooled you! Of course in my bed...” Amy rolled off her bed and started to pick up her clothes, “...I wouldn't want it any other way.”

“Oh thank god for that,” Willow gasped in relief, “I thought...”

“Willow you're always welcome,” Amy explained, “to my house, to my love, my friendship and if you like to my bed.”

“Oh my,” Willow felt a tear run down her cheek, “I don't think anyone's ever said anything so nice to me before.”

“Well its true,” Amy paused as she got dressed, “and Willow...”

“Yeah?” Willow dried her eyes on a tissue taken from the box next to Amy's bed.

“You were my first too,” Amy admitted after a moment.

“You sure?” Willow got up off the bed and started to put on her underwear, “Coz you seemed to totally know what you were doing down there.”

“I read a lot,” Amy admitted with a shrug.

“Ah,” Willow nodded her head wisely, “that's what I like, a girl who does her research before starting on a new project!”


On their walk to the gallery, Willow noticed that guys were checking her out more than they'd ever done before. At first she thought they were checking out Amy, who Willow thought was way prettier than she was, but, she caught several guys giving her admiring glances and it made her feel all sexy and she slipped her arm through Amy's so she could feel Amy's body against her own. Arriving at Mrs Summers' gallery they walked in to find, Giles and Xander had already arrived.

“Hello, Willow,” Giles nodded pleasantly to Amy, “Amy, glad to see you managed to make it down here too.”

“Yeah,” Willow nodded guiltily; if she'd had her way she'd still be lying naked on Amy's bed right now, “where's Ms Summers, I should go say hello.”

“Hi guys!” Xander suddenly burst on the scene a plate of snacks in his hand, “You really should try this finger food or whatever they call it, y'know its got absolutely no 'finger' in it! I feel cheated.” Xander appeared to notice Willow's new outfit for the first time, he looked her up and down admiringly, “Wow, cool new look for you Willow.”

“Hi Xander,” Willow sighed, she was finding she couldn't keep feeling angry at him about Buffy's pubic hairs, perhaps she was softening or maybe it was all the nice orgasms she'd had with Amy that was making her feel more forgiving.

“Hi Mr Giles, Xander...” Amy said distractedly as she looked around the exhibit.

“Something wrong sweetie?” Willow asked in a low voice.

“Hmmm,” Amy pulled a face as if she was confused, “I can feel something...”

“Feel something?” Willow looked at her new found girlfriend in concern, “What do you feel Amy, something bad?”

“Yes,” Giles asked more than a little concerned himself, the girl had gone very pale and there were beads of sweat on her forehead, “are you feeling alright?”

“Its...” Amy's eyes roved the room until they became fixed on the statuette of the 'rude' fertility god standing on its own plinth a few yards away. “It''s that,” Amy pointed.

“That statue?” Giles looked at the primitive totem, “What about it?”

“I can feel the same traces of magic that I did when I was outside Ms Summers' house,” Amy explained as she walked determinedly towards the statue.

“You do?” Giles rushed after Amy followed closely by Willow and Xander.

“Yes definitely,” Amy said with her eyes riveted to the African god.

“Wow!” Xander stopped, a snack frozen half way to his mouth as he saw the size of the rude god's 'member'.

“Jeepers!” Willow said very quietly while she thanked her lucky stars that she was probably gay now and wouldn't have anything like that put inside her, it looked as if it would be way uncomfortable.

“What are you feeling Amy?” Giles asked quietly.

“You mean apart from totally embarrassed and slightly disgusted?” Amy glanced at Giles who nodded, “I feel...”

“Hello Mr Giles,” Joyce's voice drew everyone's eyes away from the African god, “Willow, Xander and...” Joyce looked at Amy, “...I'm sorry dear I don't know your name, are you a friend of Buffy's?”

“Hi I'm Amy,” Amy smiled and held her hand out to Joyce, “I'm a friend of Willow's, I'm sorry but I don't know Buffy more than to say 'hi' to, but I wanted to come and show my support.”

“Oh thank-you Amy,” Joyce took Amy's hand, “That's so sweet of you.”

“Erm, sorry to interrupt, Mrs Summers,” Giles interrupted hesitantly, “but I'm wondering about this statue...its a fertility god, yes?”

“Oh that thing,” Joyce gave a brittle laugh, “I didn't want to put it on display but my partners insisted I's incredibly old...”


The statue was indeed very old. When the alien probe had landed on Earth several thousands of years ago it had been programmed to disguise itself so it would pass unnoticed amongst the primitive, sentient life forms that inhabited the planet. Centuries had passed and the probe had taken on many forms until one day something went wrong and it was stuck in this present form of a 'rude' fertility statue. However it kept scanning trying to find new Thralls for the Providers, it had been particularly unsuccessful until it happen to scan Buffy Summers. For a simple humanoid, female, all Buffy's readings had been off the scale and the probe's systems had been hit by the cybernetic equivalent of a stroke.

This meant it wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders when it scanned the humans that were clustered around it now. The information that the probe was receiving was telling it that it was surrounded by humans who's readings far exceeded even those of Buffy Summers. Quickly the probe contacted Triskelion. Messages flashed between the probe and planet at the speed of thought which far exceeded the speed of mere light. The capacitors that powered the planet's transporters were fully charged, there was more than enough power to transport the five humanoids surrounding the probe back to Triskelion. The probe launched five insect drones that would settle on it's targets and transmit data back to the probe so it could accurately transport the specimens.


Listening with half an ear, Xander took a swipe at the large fly like insect that buzzed around his head. Almost dropping his plate of snacks, he didn't notice the insect when it landed on his shirt. He did however notice the bright flash of light and the unpleasant lurching feeling in the pit of his stomach before he found himself lying on some sort of hard, smooth, blue-grey material. Next he heard several gasps of surprise and sensed the presence of several other bodies lying on the ground next to him, he recognised Ms Summers' voice in amongst the exclamations of surprise.

“What? Where? How?” Joyce Summers gasped; as far as Xander was concerned these where three very good questions so he was surprised to hear the next word to come out of Ms Summers' mouth.


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