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The Cheerleaders of Triskelion.

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Summary: It's Cheerleader try-outs at Sunnydale High and both Buffy and Cordelia want to be on the squad. After an outbreak of spontaneous, cheerleader, combustion, Buffy saves Cordy from being killed, just before the two girls vanish into thin air.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Original Series(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151852,823012317,04718 Aug 147 Sep 14Yes

Chapter One

The Cheerleaders of Triskelion.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Trek the Original Series. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: This started out as a Xover with the ST:TOS episode 'The Gamesters of Triskelion', but it got hi-jacked somewhere along the way.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: BtVS episode 1.3 'The Witch' and ST:TOS Season Two, 'The Gamesters of Triskelion'.

Words: 18 Chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: Warnings for sexual assault and non-consensual sex (non-graphic).

Summary: It's Cheerleader try-outs at Sunnydale High and both Buffy and Cordelia want to be on the squad. After an outbreak of spontaneous, cheerleader, combustion, Buffy saves Cordy from being killed, just before the two girls vanish into thin air.


Authors Note: When I started to write this story I did fully intend for it to be a ST:TOS xover. However, it sort of got away from me around chapter three and took on a life of its own. I think it would only be fair of me to point out that none of the crew of the USS Enterprise appear in this fic. Sorry for any disappointment caused.


The Library, Sunnydale High School, 1997.

Giles stared at Buffy in growing horror, how could she do such a thing, he asked himself, didn't she realise that the fate of the very world might one day rest on her shoulders?

“What can you have been thinking?” Giles demanded as he faced his slayer, “Were you even thinking because this is madness!” He shook his head unable to comprehend what Buffy was proposing to do, “You are the Slayer, lives depend on you. I make allowances for your age, but I expect a certain amount of responsibility,” Giles started to pace backwards and forwards in front of Buffy, “instead of which you enslave yourself to this...” Giles stopped pacing and gestured in frustration at his slayer, “...this...cult!”

“You don't like the colour?” Buffy asked innocently; she was dressed in her old Hemery High cheerleader's uniform complete with pompoms.

“I...” Giles began to say something but paused after the first 'I'; he took a deep breath and started again, “Do you ignore everything I say?” he asked as he started to tidy books so he wouldn't have to look at Buffy directly, “Hmmm?”

“No,” Buffy held her pompoms up in front of her chest, “I think that's your trick...and any way,” Buffy took a couple of bouncy steps over to where Giles was standing and thrust her pompoms at him, “I told you I was going to try-out for the cheerleading squad.”

“You have a sacred birthright, Buffy,” Giles manfully tried to ignore the pompoms that had been thrust into his face, “You've been chosen to fight the forces of evil and not to....” Giles paused as he found himself staring down at Buffy, fascinated by her pompoms in-spite of himself, “...erm...wave your pompoms at people and as your Watcher, I forbid it.”

In a way Giles could sympathise with Buffy wanting to do some sort of non-slayer related activity, but damn it all, the safety of the world was at stake here.

“And you'll be stopping me how?” Buffy asked as she absently played with her pompoms, making them rustle as she shook them about.

“By, erm, appealing to your common sense,” deep down Giles knew that trying to appeal to the common sense of a sixteen year old girl was pointless, but he thought he'd gave it a try anyway.

“I'll still have time to fight the forces of evil,” Buffy explained as she advanced on Giles still clutching her pompoms tightly in her hands, “I just wanna have a life...” Buffy turned on her best 'downtrodden slayer' look, the one she'd been perfecting these last few weeks, “I wanna do something normal...” standing really close to Giles she pressed her pompoms against his chest again, “...something safe.”


The Gym, later.

“Giles didn't approve, huh?” Willow asked as Buffy, Xander and herself walked into the gym where thirty or so athletic, teenage girls were practising their cheerleading moves.

“No,” Buffy sighed sadly, “he totally wigged out, but as we haven't even seen a vampire in over a week, I'd say he should get a girlfriend if he wasn't like, so old.”

“Don't worry Buffy,” Willow smiled encouragingly, “we're right behind you.”

“People scoff at things like school spirit,” Xander announced only just managing not to trip over his tongue as it was hanging out of his mouth so much, “but look at these girls giving their all, with their pompoms and everything.” Stopping in his journey through cheerleader nirvana, Xander turned to watch one girl doing the splits between two chairs, “Oooooh stretchy!”

Buffy rolled her eyes at her extremely male shaped friend and walked off towards the desk where she could register her intention of trying out for the cheerleader squad.

“Where was I?” Xander asked absently as he continued to watch the girls doing their exercises.

“You were pretending that watching scantily clad girls in revealing poses was a spiritual experience,” Willow replied as she wondered why Xander never saw her like that.

Well, Willow continued in her mind, to see her like that she'd have to dress in a skimpy outfit and pose in revealing and sexually exciting positions and to do that she'd need to join the cheerleading squad...or at the very least buy a cheerleader's uniform, but doing that would lead to madness and hey, these girls were so much more pretty than she was and she could see how Xander could get all turned on by them and that girl really was majorly stretchy; Willow took a deep mental breath before she passed out.

“Who said I was pretending?” Xander smiled as he continued over to where Buffy was now sitting on the benches at the side of the gym.

“W-what?” Willow shook her head to get the visions of stretchy, topless, cheerleaders having pillow fights out of her head, before following her friend and sitting down next to Buffy.

“Just look at that Amber,” this was from Cordelia who'd walked over to sit down next to Willow.

Flinching away from Cordelia, Willow wondered why the peppy girl was talking to her. Cordy never talked to her unless it was to say something cutting or generally mean; Willow found herself thinking how nice Cordy looked and wondering if she was really stretchy too...and hey Cordy's pompoms looked really big in that outfit she was wearing.

“Who does she think she is?” Cordelia demanded as she turned to look right at Willow, “A Laker Girl or something?”

“I...I heard she turned them down,” Willow replied surprising herself by actually talking to Cordelia.

Before Willow could say anything more, the girl in charge of the try-outs started to speak explaining how everything was going to be organised. Sitting there on the lower level of the spectator's benches, Willow found herself watching Cordelia as she got up and moved gracefully across the floor of the gym. Cordy was always so nicely dressed, Willow sighed to herself, her hair and make-up was always perfect and the way she was playing with her pompoms making them bounce up and down like that, made Willow's heart skip a beat.

Dragging her eyes away from Cordelia, Willow focused on Buffy. Willow had never had a girlfriend quite like Buffy. At first Willow had believed that Buffy only wanted to know her so she could get caught up with her school work. It had taken some time for her to realise that Buffy really liked her for herself and not just because she came top in most of her classes. Watching Buffy standing with the other cheerleaders while the first girl started her individual routine, Willow suddenly realised just how pretty Buffy was, she glanced at Xander who was also staring at Buffy and ignoring the girl who was dancing. So pretty that Xander only had eyes for her, why couldn't he see her like he saw Buffy? It wasn't fair, she'd known Xander since, like, forever, didn't he realise that she'd do anything for him? It was enough to turn a girl gay or something. Turning back to look at the first prospective cheerleader as she came to the end of her routine, Willow frowned, there was something wrong. Like why was there smoke coming from the girl's pompoms?

“Hey,” Willow gasped, “that girl's on fire!”

“Yeah,” Xander agreed, “you can see it too, huh?”

“NO!” Willow cried as she stood up and pointed to where smoke and flames started to consume the dancer's pompoms, “I mean she's really on fire!”

Alerted by Willow's warning, Buffy jumped up and pulled down a banner from the wall of the gym. While everyone else stood around panicking and screaming, Buffy ran towards Amber. Body checking the flaming cheerleader, she knocked her to the ground and threw the banner over the girl's blazing pompoms to stifle the conflagration. Once the fire was out, Buffy hugged the burnt girl and tried to say soothing things, but her words were drowned out by the injured girl's screams of pain. After what felt like an eternity the school nurse finally turned up and shortly after that the paramedics arrived and took the girl away; one thing was for sure, Amber would not be making the cheerleading squad this year.


Revelo Drive, after school.

Having meet up with her friends in the library after the outbreak of spontaneous cheerleader combustion, Buffy had headed home. Willow was hacking into the school computer records trying to find out all she could about Amber, while Xander was going around asking Amber's friends if there was anything upsetting Amber which might make her burst into flames. While Willow and Xander were investigating Amber, Giles was finding out all he could about spontaneous combustion, which left Buffy to do...well, to do not much of anything. With nothing to do Buffy wished her friends good luck and headed for home, after all she did have to patrol tonight. At least that's what she told herself, so the part of her mind that was acting all guilty about leaving her friends doing all the research would shut up and give her some peace. Walking into the kitchen, Buffy found her mother trying to open one of a multitude of wooden crates that were cluttering up the room.

“Hey! Buffy called as she leaned against the door frame; she watched her mom struggle with a crowbar as she tried to open the large wooden crate which was balanced precariously on the breakfast bar.

“Hi!” Buffy's mother replied to the accompaniment of the sound of splintering wood, “How was school?”

“A reverent joy,” Buffy replied as she crossed the kitchen still watching her mother intently as she moved, “What's all this?”

“It's for the tribal art display,” Joyce replied while she continued to struggle with the crate.

“Cool,” Buffy moved to examine one of the wooden statuettes that her mother had already unpacked, it was definitely tribal, whether it was art or not was open to debate. “We had try-outs today,” Buffy announced trying to engage her mother in conversation; their relationship had been put under strain recently by her parent's divorce and the moving and the vampires, Buffy was doing her best to reconnect.

“Oh great,” Joyce replied absently, “how'd you do?”

“I didn't actually try out,” Buffy explained, “there was an accident...fierce competition though.”

“I know you'll do fine,” Joyce tried slipping the end of the crowbar further under the lid of the crate, perhaps that would give her more leverage. “Keep on plugging,” she turned her head to smile at her daughter, “you just have to get back on the horse...”


“Yes sweetheart?” Joyce pushed down on the crowbar and felt the lid start to move, 'at last!' she thought.

“What was I trying out for?” Buffy picked some grapes from the fruit bowl and ate one.

“Oh...erm...” Joyce stopped struggling with the crate and turned to face Buffy with a frown on her face, “...some activity?” she shook her head and looked apologetically at Buffy, “I have no idea...I'm sorry.”

“That's okay,” despite her words Buffy couldn't help feeling just a little let down my her mother's lack of interest, “Your platitudes are good for all occasions.”

“I'm sorry Buffy,” Joyce repeated, “I'm distracted, I've got a lot of work to do, it's my gallery's first major exhibition,” Joyce went back to trying to open the crate while Buffy carried on eating grapes. “You know,” she gave up on the crate, “it might not kill you if you gave me a hand here.”

Walking over to another crate and checking the invoice on the clipboard that lay there, Joyce didn't notice Buffy rip the lid from the original crate single handed.

“It was cheerleading,” Buffy informed her mother as she turned away from the now opened crate to get some more grapes.

“Oh good,” Joyce looked up from her invoice for a moment, “I'm glad you're taking that up again it'll keep you out of trouble.”

“But I'm not in trouble,” Buffy replied with a heavy teen sigh.

“No, not yet...” Joyce continued not noticing the hurt look on Buffy's face and the silence that had suddenly descended on the room like a heavy, wet blanket; Joyce looked at Buffy again. “I mean, you stopped cheerleading just before all the trouble started, so it's good your going back to it.”

Reaching into the crate that Buffy had just opened, Joyce lifted up the statue it contained and looked at it closely for a moment or two, “Oh dear....”

“What?” Buffy asked as she watched her mother hurriedly replace the statue back into its box and put back the lid.

“Fertility statue,” Joyce explained slightly embarrassed by the size of statue's appendage, “you don't need to see it.”

“You know,” Buffy asked hesitantly, “a lot of the girls practice with there moms.”

“Uh-huh,” Joyce nodded as she continued to check items off on her list, “Sounds to me as if some moms haven't got a lot to earn a living.”

Watching as her mother walked into the dinning room, Buffy rolled her eyes, obviously her mother was too pre-occupied to pick up on what she was hinting. Trying to think charitable thoughts about her mother, Buffy lifted the lid of the crate and looked in at the fertility statue.

“Jeepers!” Buffy said in alarm as she saw the size of the statue's extreme extremity, she slammed the lid shut and walked away fanning her face with her hands as she did so.


Half a galaxy away, vast computers that had remained dormant for uncounted eons slowly came to life as they processed the information from the probe that had long been thought lost. Normally new stock would be taken from nearby planets or spacecraft that passed close to Triskelion. However, the stock that now performed for the Provider's entertainment wasn't of the same quality that it had once been. New blood was needed to keep the Providers entertained. As more banks of computers came to life the cold, analytical, machine-entity that was the heart of Triskelion considered its options.

The information it was receiving from this ancient probe was most intriguing, the subject was young, strong and female. Not only would she perform well in the arena she could also be used to breed a new line of stock that would entertain the Providers for many more hundreds of years to come. If the subject proved successful there was no reason why more of her kind couldn't be taken from this far away planet. Yes the target world was many hundreds of light-years away from the computer's home planet, but Triskelion's transporter technology was capable of taking subjects from distances far in excess of the distance to this primitive world. All the computer needed was power and it had the resources of an entire planet to acquire that power.

Of course it would take some time to charge the capacitors to the level required, but for a machine that dealt in centuries the passing of a few hours or days were as nothing. First it would need more information on the prospective target, then it would need accurate targeting data. It would also need to know everything about the target's physical requirements, its limitations and its abilities. Once it was sure that the target would thrive in with the biosphere of Triskelion it would inform the Providers that it had a new plaything for them.


Receiving new orders that flashed to it almost instantly across the vastness of space, the probe started to scan its surroundings. Drawing more power from the very planet it had landed on all those many hundreds of years ago, the probe increased the power and range of its scans concentrating its computerised mind on the young female whose presence had woken it from its long centuries of electronic slumber.

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