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A Matter of Chance

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Summary: Lost Boys Fic. Raene is a 15 year old girl that moves to Santa Carla. There she encounters the Pack and gets involved with a certain lost boy. R'n'R

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Movies > Lost Boys > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesLostGirlFR753,412031,6156 Feb 0412 Feb 04No

A Matter of Chance

Disclaimer: I dont own Lost Boys. I however, own Raene XD

A Matter of Chance- Chapter 1

Raene Valo was a tall fifteen year old girl, who wore her clothes black and her eyeliner darker. Her hair was a chocolate brown colour and her eyes were a grey blue. But what made her different from everyone else was that she was a loner by nature, but seemed to have many friends.

Like she had once said, she could be surrounded by people in a crowd, but still feel alone.

This fifteen year old found herself in Santa Carla, rumoured to be 'The Murder Capital of the World'. She eyed the signpost that said this with distaste.

She wasn't superstitious, so when she arrived she didn't believe the rumours of a nameless horror that patrolled the Boardwalk.

But when she got there, she found herself changing her mind.


Raene blinked as the lights on the makeshift stage flared, the colours making shapes flash before her. She raked a hand through her long brown hair and wandered around the various stalls and rides that dotted the Boardwalk. The crowds rushing between them like flies.

Soon, her wanderings took her to the carousel, the abnormally happy music penetrating her thoughts like an executioners axe to a head.

Her eyes scanned the mass of people on the ride, stopping as they beheld the sight of the most gorgeous looking guy she had ever seen.

Now she didn't usually get like this, but this guy was hot! His hair was a stark white, and he wore a long black duster that floated as he walked between the seated people on the carousel.

She saw him stop, gazing at her particular girl, who in her opinion wasn't that pretty, and proceeded to get kicked off of the carousel. Pity, she thought, he looked like a pretty nice guy.

She leaned up against a stall, eyes flicking to various interesting looking people, but none compared to the guy she had seen on the carousel.

She sighed head tilting back to look at the sky. It was muggy, and slightly cold, so she pulled her leather jacket about her tighter. A deep voice startled her out of her thoughts.

"Did you like what you saw?"

It was a sensually deep voice, and as she turned to answer the speaker, she saw was equipped with the standard smirk.

She smirked slyly, a slender eyebrow raised. "Might have, but I'm not entirely sure that I'm satisfied with the product."

She saw him start, a flash of confusion passing briefly over his calm features. But the look was soon gone, replaced by the smirk. "I like your style," he murmured, giving her once over. The smirk grew then, if it was at all possible. "Do you wanna ride?" He indicated his motorbike beside him.

It was then that she noticed that three guys were with them. But how she could have missed these guys she didn't know. One was tall dark skinned biker, his long brown hair loose. The second looked more like a rock singer than anything. His long blond hair was also loose, but was wavy and his eyes carried a mischievous look.

The last was obviously the baby of the group, his curly blond hair was long, and his jacket was made of intricate patches. Each stood beside his pride and joy: their motorbike.

Raene grinned, running a black gloved hand through her hair, as was her habit. “Why not?” She said, grey eyes sparkling as she quickly assessed each one of the guys she was about to go with. Her conclusion? Safe so far, but her instincts were screaming at her that these were predators, and that if she wasn’t careful she would be the prey. But she ignored this feeling, her feelings weren’t always right, and she simply figured that this was just one of those times.

David smirked, “Why not indeed?” he murmured softly, “The blond beside you is Paul, the silent brooder-Dwayne, and the youngest is Marko.” He nodded to each one, indicating who each one was when he spoke their name.

Raene acknowledged each with a slight nod, Paul grinned at her, Dwayne simply nodded and Marko gave a genuine smile.

David’s smirk grew as he helped her onto the back of his bike. Raene didn’t notice the silent words passed between the four, all she heard was the whoop of the excitement of the ride, the thrill of the speed, as her arms tightened round David’s waist.

The speed made her heart thunder in her ears, the night rushing by in a blur of feeling, thoughts- unspoken and spoken, and the excitement of belonging. Of not feeling like a loner.

The next thing she knew it was morning, and her mother was calling her for breakfast. The only thing to remember the night by was the earring in her previously unpeirced ear, and the blue –stoned ring that now adorned her middle finger.

Authors Note: well, the beginning of Raene;s story. And yes Star will be in this fic, this is set slightly before the movie, though you prolly can’t tell at the beginning, with the security guard an all. Well if you remember in the movie the guard said that he 'told them to stay off the boardwalk' and I put that in this fic. The guard is telling them to keep of the boardwalk for the first time in this fic. Ne way, please read and review ^-^.
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