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Bad Boys

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Summary: See author's note on last chapter: Buffy, Jenny and Dru are sisters that go to the Hellmouth to seduce Ripper, Angelus, and Spike to the good side.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Multiple PairingsalwaysanangelgurlFR21839,639287,1276 Feb 0415 Aug 07Yes

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Bad Boys

Challenge #17: Bad Boys

Premise: Buffy, Dru, and Jenny are assigned by TPTB to try and bring Angelus, Spike, and Ripper over to fight on the side of the light.

Buffy, Dru, Jenny: sisters, Buffy is the baby of the family so Jenny & Dru are very protective of her.

Angelus, Spike, Ripper (Giles): bad boys , male witches, touched by darkness, when they see something they want they take it, are related to each other.

Kate, Darla, Harmony: female demons who can assume human form, trying to get Angelus, Spike and Ripper to fight for the darkness.

Wesley: works for Buffy, Dru, and Jenny, takes care of their home, unofficial mentor.

Story requirements:

1) First contact: secret admirer, motorcycle race, elegant dinner party, chose one of these for each girl, Buffy, Jenny, and Dru, as a first contact method for the bad boy they are each going after.

2) Blood red rose

3) Buffy planning on using seduction to bring Angelus over to her side without her sisters finding out what she is up to.

4) Harmony chasing/stalking Spike who wants nothing to do with her, she's still a flaky airhead just like on the TV series.

5) Buffy, Dru, Jenny, Angelus, Spike and Ripper are to each have a different abilities/powers.

6) Ripper wears an earring.

7) Buffy telling Angelus that she is still a virgin to stroke his ego, to make him want to be her first lover.

8) Dru, dressing like a prude but wearing various types of sexy undergarments under all of her cloths and using this to tease Spike. Giving him a little peek, making him want to see more.

9) Jenny sending Ripper one of her books, she is a published author, the subject of all of her books is sex and lovemaking.

10) One of girls being put in the hospital by one of the female demons.

11) Optional: Cordelia is a second rate actress who got on the bad side of the female demons and is now stuck being their servant.

12) Rating: R or NC17
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