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Summary: The Brotherhood fic. Buffy is Chris' younger cousin, instead of going to U.C Sunnydale, she decides to join him at Drake University. But guess who's made an appearance? It seems that Doma Tao Omega and its members have made a comeback. Buffy-Mikhail.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the Brotherhood. But I do wish that I owned Mikhail. But sadly, I dont. May be Buffy/Mikhail or Buffy/Jordan not sure. Takes place about two years after first movie. Second and third, if there are second and third movies, haven’t happened, and wont. As I haven't seen the second and third.

Okies. Explanation about the Brotherhood, here it comes. Chris and Dan are two freshman’s at Drake University, and as they arrived a member of a fraternity called Doma Tao Omega had been found dead on campus. The Doma Tao Omega members have all the girls, get good grades and have the cars. They’re incredibly popular. But they‘re not what they seem. Chris falls for another girl, Megan, and she conveniently has tickets to a Doma Tao Frat Party. Once there, Chris is captivated by their leader Devon, who seems to want him to join, for some unknown reason. He and Jordan, another male member of the fraternity, gets him drunk on ‘Devils Brew’, and he leads the unsuspecting Chris outside.

Using his frat pin, which they call ‘The Eternal Hunter’ Devon takes blood from Chris and then forces him to take blood from himself. Chris wakes up the next morning with one of the pins and is so tired that he stumbles to his bungalow and falls asleep for the rest of the day.

When he wakes up, he is incredibly grouchy, and his roommate Dan makes sure to tell him that. Chris goes back to Doma Tao’s Frat house, and Dan follows behind. In a leather-bound book, Dan finds newspaper clippings and photos of each Doma Tao member, in many different Universities. The strange thing is, they look as if they haven’t aged, strange, no? Devon then takes Chris to another of their parties and proceeds to suck the blood out of an insane girl, who has gone to all of their parties.

The next day Dan tells Megan and they run off to Doma Tao house, as Chris seemed to have disappeared. They meet Mikhail, another of the members who is then killed by Dan with the frat pin as he tried to stop them from entering. Inside, Devon, Jordan and Barry are performing a ritual to transfer Devon’s soul into Chris’s body. It is revealed that they are all vampires that need to change their bodies every hundred years or they die.

Dan and Megan interrupt but it is revealed that Megan is one of them, and that she has been working for Devon for around forty years. She still has Mikhail’s axe, and just as Devon is about to carry on with the ritual, Dan grabs the axe and slashes it across Devon’s chest. And as he is dying, the others die too. Dan and Chris escape, after Chris says that he would never be initiated into a fraternity anyway.

At that point the movie ended and I found myself yelling at the screen that he had been initiated and should be dead. But there you go.

Voila, the explanation is over, on with the fic. And if anyone wants me to send them a pic or tow of any of the Doma Tao Omega members then just ask, and include your email in a review. ^-^

Sisterhood-Chapter 2

Buffy looked around her room, rolling her eyes at how messy it was. She quickly bagged the bed by the window, heaving her heavy suitcases onto the floral covered mattress before unzipping it open.

The sun streamed through the open window, the clear blue sky visible through the long beige curtains. Buffy shook her head, it was too nice a day to stay around indoors.

Placing her long blond hair up into a simple ponytail at the nape of her neck, she grabbed her black satchel, swinging it over her slender shoulder. She’d decided on plain flared jeans and a black t-shirt that had a picture of a cute monkey and the words ‘Cheeky Monkey’. Black strap sandals completed her look, before she took the step out into the campus grounds.

She hadn’t met Dan yet, as he hadn’t been around, so she had left Chris to his studies. She grinned, long nails raking smoothing down any wayward hairs. The hustle and bustle of University life seemed to roll over her in waves and she found herself wandering aimlessly through the campus, looking for anything that seemed to be even remotely interesting.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that she had walked straight into someone.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” She gushed as she helped him up, literally drinking in his appearance. He was incredibly tall, his brown hair was spiked up and smouldering blue eyes gazed at her beneath dark eyebrows. He wore casual black pants and a grey muscle t-shirt, showing off the muscles of his stomach.

He grinned, accepting her help graciously. “No problem.” His answer was uncaring, but his grin was pretty genuine and made Buffy’s stomach to tiny back flips. He inclined his head towards her by way of greeting and offered her his hand.

She nervously shook his hand, his grin widening a little more. “I’m Mikhail.” He introduced, playing the chivalrous knight and kissing the back of her hand lightly.

Buffy returned his smile, she was at ease around him for some reason, though she didn’t know why. “I’m Buffy.” She returned, as they began to walk through the mountains of people.

Her sharp eyes noticed his frat pin, curiosity getting the better or her. “Nice pin. What fraternity are you in?”

Mikhail fingered the ‘Eternal Hunter’ pin around his neck, and his voice held slight laughter when he spoke. “Doma Tao Omega. And proud of it too. Perhaps you could come to one of our parties sometime? We have them every Friday. There’s one tonight infact, just to start the year off.”

He handed her an invitation, his fingers brushing hers, sending a shiver down her spine. “Thanks, I’ll try and make it.”

Mikhail met her eyes, the smouldering pools of blue burning into hers. “I’m usually on door duty.” He said, “But I should be able to have a night off, just this once.”

Buffy returned his smile, practically glowing as she walked away. “I’ll see you there.” She said, turning and strode in the opposite direction, and Mikhail watched her, his eyes sharp but the smile still present on his lips.

He wasn’t alone for long, however, as he was soon joined by his blood brothers and his esteemed leader. Devon, Barry and Jordan stood silent for a while, before Devon spoke, his voice low and conversational.

“It is done then?”

Mikhail nodded in affirmation, mind still filled with her image. Barry was the one to break the quiet, his tone blunt and to the point. “You are sure that she is the means to completing the circle?”

Devon sighed in exasperation. “Yes, Barry. She is. Her presence may also be used as a means for revenge.”

Jordan frowned, his dark hair falling limply across his slightly tanned face. “Why?” He asked simply, meeting Devon’s gaze.

“She is related to Chris.”

That was all that was needed. A new blood sister would be good for them, and she was in no way as conniving as Megan. She was powerful, they could all sense it. And Mikhail knew something that the other three didn’t. And he didn’t want to divulge the information.

His blood brothers all knew that Mikhail was a former Royal Executioner, which was why he was so comfortable with weaponry. Especially axes. But what they didn’t know about him was that he had had an encounter with a Slayer before. Fallen in love with her, to be more specific.

His Slayer lover had died, a rogue vampire had killed her. He’d grieved for her, before he met Devon. Or what was Devon in one of his previous bodies. Back then Devon had posed as a nobleman, by the name of Christophe Ver Haldache, a very important spokesperson during that time.

His grief had clouded his senses, and soon he was a blood brother to Christophe. Mikhail hadn’t known what he had gotten into, and he didn’t have the spirit left to fight the enigmatic vampire.

He missed her so. His Amelia. And perhaps that was why he was attracted to Buffy. Perhaps the Slayer Spirit called to him. He was captivated by her, and he almost felt guilty, as if he was betraying Amelia.

A part of him said that Amelia was the past, and to keep it in the past. It told him to embrace the future, embrace his feelings. But still his thoughts drifted to Amelia. To the similarities between his old love and the beauty that he had recently met. The same blond hair, slender frame, charming smile, seemingly unbreakable spirit. But their eyes were different. Amelia’s had been a vivid green. Completely unforgettable. But Buffy’s were blue, flecked with green and grey. A startling contrast. And their personalities were definitely opposites.

Amelia had been tough, all Slayers had to be to survive. But he knew as well as her Watcher did that she was quite shy and meek at social gatherings. But Buffy seemed to be the vivacious type, the sarcastic type. She would be interesting to be around.

He was too lost in his thoughts to notice his blood brothers movement. It wasn’t until Jordan had called him out of his reverie that he had noticed. He shook his head, all these thoughts weren’t good for him.

But those thoughts could be saved for later. They had a party to prepare for.

VOILA! Ooops sorry, caps lock XD I hope you are all enjoying this, and if you haven’t seen ‘The Brotherhood’ I suggest it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sisterhood" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Feb 04.

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