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Summary: The Brotherhood fic. Buffy is Chris' younger cousin, instead of going to U.C Sunnydale, she decides to join him at Drake University. But guess who's made an appearance? It seems that Doma Tao Omega and its members have made a comeback. Buffy-Mikhail.

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Disclaimer: I dont own any of the Brotherhood. But I do wish that I owned Mikhail. But sadly, I dont. May be Buffy/Devon or Buffy/Jordan not sure. Takes place about about two years after first movie. second and third, if there are second and third movies, havent happened, and wont. As I haven't seen the second and third.

Sisterhood- chapter 1

Buffy Summers walked through the campus of Drake University, a slight smirk on her lips. Her mom had made her come here, as her cousin Chris was a Junior here and her mom wanted to keep her out of trouble, yeh right.

She spotted her cousin from a mile off, his athletic toned body and shock of sandy coloured hair making him easily visible. She hesitated, her spiders sense tingling.

Turning to the source of her unease, her breath caught in her throat. There he stood, white blond hair styled, white shirt crisp and ironed, the fraternity pin clipped to his pocket.

He was definately a honey, that was for sure. But as soon as she saw him, he was gone, swallowed up by the crowd of students.

She shook her head, approaching her cousin with genuine smile. "Hey, Chris!" she called, smile growing as she saw him trip at the shock of seeing her.

His expression was one of shock. "Buffy? What..what are you doing here?" He asked, eyes searching her face for any untruths.

"Mom made me come here, U.C Sunnydale wan't what it was cracked up to be." she said with a grin. Chris smirked, pulling her into a warm hug.

"What bungalow are you in?" he asked, slinging an arm casually across her shoulder. Buffy shrugged, adjusting her draw string bag on her back.

"Bungalow 7, Girls Stream," She replied, refering to the row of bungalows near the stream on the other side of campus. Chris grinned as the walked over to the fountain.

"Hey, you wanna meet Dan? He's my room mate. A bit like the Xander you described in your letters." He said, grin widening as he saw her light up at the thought of a Xander personality-alike.

As they waked off to Chris' bungalow, neither noticed the four watchers. Their dark glasses obscured their eyes from view and they wore a strange frat pin, that meant the 'Eternal Hunter'.

The guy with white blond had his eyes on Buffy, he especially wanted revenge, after discovering the secret to their spell of immortality. It had a flaw.

If the leader was to be struck by an enemy aided by one of his own bloodbrothers, then the circle would be complete. No more looking for new bodies now. Problem was, you had to be older than a century for it to work, so sadly Meg was still deceased.

They grieved for her, but they had an idea that acted as revenge, and included a new bloodsister. She would be the beginning of the Sisterhood. The circle would be unbroken no longer. Sghe would be the fifth part of the circle.

Authors Note: Voila theres the chapter. Read and Review please
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