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To Meet a Vampyr

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Summary: The Brotherhood fic. Luna Serana is a freshman at Drake University, but a certain Doma Tao Omega member is infatuated with her. Will she find out their secret? Or will he find out hers? COMPLETE

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Chapter 5

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

Chapter 5

Devon stood beside Kali, the room empty as they waited for the arrival of the others. Their arms wrapped around each others waist they stood in companionable silence. He had once believed that they had simply been a myth, but he was wrong. And here he was a vampyr in his arms, one himself even, and the group was approaching.

Barry had arrived first, a knowing grin on his lips. He bowed deeply to the Devon and to his lady love. He kept his eyes respectfully low, giving his leader the space he needed. After all, in his opinion you had to give someone who was five hundred years old complete respect.

Mikhail was the next to arrive, his face passive but his eyes expressive. Luna remained beside him, her white blond hair flowing freely. Their fingers intertwined as they both bowed to Devon and Kali.

Jordan and Bethany were last, eyes bright, their pale white skin making them glow in the light. Each had arrived, meeting here this night. It would be there last night as a group together.

Each was going their own way. Devon and Kali were going to California, Jordan and Bethany were going to take a trip to France before settling in New Orleans and Mikhail and Luna were off to England. Barry was going to take a trip round the world, something that the he had wanted to do since a kid back in the early 1600’s.

They were here to part ways. Somehow nature had dealt them a winning card. Who would have thought that this band of university bound men would end up with three gorgeous girls.

They talked, telling all their plans, always wearing the lapis lazuli necklaces about their necks. Soon the night was beginning to end, the conversation dropping to a comfortable silence. And each went their own way.

Each left, leaving the empty Doma Tao Omega frat house silent. None would ever return, none would need to. After all they were immortal, they had all the time in the world.


The End

You have reached the end of "To Meet a Vampyr". This story is complete.

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