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To Meet a Vampyr

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Summary: The Brotherhood fic. Luna Serana is a freshman at Drake University, but a certain Doma Tao Omega member is infatuated with her. Will she find out their secret? Or will he find out hers? COMPLETE

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To Meet a Vampyr

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone from the movie ‘The Brotherhood.’ Although I wish that I owned Mikhail (played by Donnie Eichar) or Jordan (played by Michael Lutz) ^-^ Yes, I know some of the acting stinks, but I plan to make a good fic out of this, as the setting was pretty good, even if the plot wasn’t. This is set as if the first brotherhood movie never happened, and Megan is not in this. And yes I know that ‘Doma’ isn’t a Greek letter. Don’t complain to me, I didn’t make it up, some one else did.

Chapter 1

Luna Serana was a tall freshman at Drake University. She wore her long white blond hair long and sported thin streaks of light orange and lilac. Her fashion sense was that of subtle Goth style, but not overdoing it, and her eyes were a deep brown.

She walked into her dorm room, a slight smirk set onto her slender, pale skinned face. She stopped, dumped her bags on the nearest bed and adjusted the pendant around her neck.

It was small, with a thin chain. The pendant was a silver pentacle set with a lapis lazuli in the centre. She kept it hidden under the simple silk shirt she wore, with burgundy coloured cords. Her hair was down, reaching her narrow waist, and dark kohl lined her slanted eyes, giving her an exotic look.

The sun shone as she stood outside of her bungalow. Bungalow 3 if she was correct. The chatter of various students were lulling, the heat of the morning already getting to the pale teen. She shook her head, now wasn’t the time to get a migraine. She took a paracetamol and went for a walk around the small campus.

Her walk took her from the cafeteria, to the shaded area, and back to the stone fountain near the middle of campus. Sitting down onto the slightly warm stone she closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air.

But she wasn’t aware of the pair of eyes watching her.

He was a tall, well built member of Doma Tao Omega. His short brown hair spiked up into a vaguely punk style. The pin of his fraternity clipped over his heart, he walked between the crowds of unsuspecting students, head held high, knowing full well that he was respected.

His eyes scanned the rows of people, sometimes resting on someone who looked remotely interesting, but soon his gaze turned to a blond beauty by the fountain. His breath caught in his throat and the former ‘Royal Executioner’ couldn’t help but stare.

Never in his many years of existence had he ever seen a woman like this. He felt her calm soothing aura float around him and he knew that his own aura was reaching out for hers.

As if in silent reply, her eyes looked into his, the brown orbs burning into him, he smiled shakily, and didn’t notice the presence of Devon beside him.

“She’s beautiful.” He heard his leader murmur, before turning back to him. Mikhail looked to Devon, only to see a sly smirk on his face. “She’s too good to be a concubine.” He added, nodding to blond haired girl.

Now, she didn’t notice him. She gave him a smile and turned to walk away, she was lost in the crowds of people.

Mikhail’s breath came out in a sigh, as Devon chuckled under his breath. Jordan smirked at Barry, a silent agreement passing between the two men. Mikhail stared at where the young woman had gone, his thoughts filled with her image. He wanted her, to be with him for ever, and Devon knew this.

Their next party was tomorrow night. They would make sure to invite her.

Authors Note: Voila, the next chapter is up. Review people. And for the people who haven’t seen the movie, I don’t exactly recommend it but I think you should watch it. The acting skills of Donnie Eichar are better than others in the movie. I haven’t seen the sequel so I don’t know what happens much. Devin isn’t exactly my fave character either. I think you can tell who my fave is ^-^. N e wayz, review, tell me wot you think, even if you haven’t seen the movie.
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